What's your story from childhood up? So I grew up in a small town called Meerut, which is in UP and I come from a very unique family a family. where second cousins third cousins all of them stay in the same community which a community which was built by my great-grandfather. We have a family trust family Temple and many other things. So when I was growing up, I never because I grew up with so many cousin brothers and sisters. I never realized that they were not my brothers, but in school if somebody would ask me my teacher. How many bothers and sisters do i have.My answer I would - I would be more than 50. I thought all these brothers and sisters that my brother in system. Yeah and over there. It was me a trader community where the biggest aspiration that people would have is that you open a shop. You were considered successful in life. If you open a big shop and bigger the shop the more successful you are so you're very successful as by now. I am not successful. Online shop So that was that's when I grew up when I was growing up. I didn't know much about the world outside Meerut. I didn't know much about education system outside Meerut. I didn't know what IITs were when I was in 12th. I'd not even fill IIT forms because I didn't know what IITs were and I accidentally ended up filling up a form which was for you UP engineering colleges, which are got through without studying anything and when I reach over there, I got a computer science seat in a government college is when people ask me started asking me why did he go to IIT? And then I realized something called an IIT that is significantly better than but I was sure so I decided to drop off which was a big thing for my dad when because he thought I just got lucky by getting a new government college and I was making a stupid mistake of leaving that second. He had no hopes that I would ever get into IITs because I was very mediocre student throughout my life third. It was a big Financial loss for us because I came from a lower middle class family and then letting go get fees will be But I did I dropped off worked very hard for one year probably the hardest I've ever worked in my life and then got into IIT and that's where I believe a lot of things changed for me. I started believing in myself that I can achieve anything which IIT did you go and which branch mechanical engineering because I didn't even though I can say I love mechanical engineering and automobiles and everything, but I didn't choose it my rank decided I should choose. Yeah, and I went for mechanical. Then I worked in a tech startup for two years and then went into my MBA then work at McKinsey for five years. Then co-founded a company called Jabong, which is fashion commerce run it for two years then exit to the company and then for six months, I was not doing anything before I decided to join. Xiaomi and start showing his business in India. Great.