How you manage personal growth? How is killed as a CEO some resources techniques methods anything that you can share? I would say for me personally three things have helped me along one is just having a great quality team. And we don't realize it or at least I never used to realize it earlier. But if you have a great quality team, they can help take away with a lot of responsibility burden work from you. And my definition of great quality team is not people with the relevant experience. If you look at Xiaomi India majority for people that we had early on and even till date do not come from any smartphone background. They come they're smart young passionate and they come from internet tech background. They come from companies like Google Facebook. Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal all tech companies and many many other tech companies, but very few would have come from smartphone background. So one is just hiding smart people second because we had a lot of young people who did not come from relevant background. They would never bogged down by what other people were saying or industry experts were saying and they were willing to take risk and do things differently which even when we hired some of the so-called industry experts. It was a big challenge because they always said this is what how things happen in this industry last 20 years and is how Xiaomi should be doing and that's completely opposite to ours and that's so true for most of the tech startups because you are trying to do things differently from what angel companies are done for last 50-60 hundred years. So if you're looking to disrupt that and do things differently, then you cannot have the same mindset then inherently, you need people who can challenge the status quo at least that helped us a lot. I would just say second told I would say third is fast decision making and it's at least our Founders gave me this confidence and our board and that's what I would like to give to a team that not hundred percent of our decisions were right. If I were to look back I would say maybe 70% decisions were right, but 30% were wrong. And we were okay with that. Hmm we are okay with making mistakes as long as they were two things that we were meeting one day or taking fast decisions second whenever there was a mistake we were fixing it quickly and not repeating the same mistake. There were times when we have made stupid mistakes, which have cost a hundred of crores, but we have always vowed never to repeat the same mistake and which has been perfectly fine in the company. We harder we have a very open culture. We don't have rooms for anybody including me all of us have the same sitting arrangement so that we ensure that everybody is treated equally we huddle we take decisions. We most of our communication happens over chat and sometimes on chat we take this decision, you know, what hundreds of crores and people who come and join company early on especially from work relatively senior people come from other Industries. They get surprised because for them it's a very different view of working. Hmm and you need to have big meetings. You need to have proper proposals. You need to have email exchange. Everything has to be documented. So anything which has to be legally documented our committed former record perspective that goes on email but all the discussion and debate happens over chat, which is much faster and over there. We ensure that we tell everybody that everybody All our employees are equal. In the chat and is something called as obligation to dissent which means even if you're the junior must remember you can go and say that you don't believe in this idea or you think is idea stupid or is wrong and you will be listened to does not mean that you will always agree and we will do what you are saying, right but we will always listen to you. So without feeling anything you can you have a if you believe that you are something is going wrong in the company. You have an obligation to descend you. You have an obligation to say no. And in most of these are cultural codes that are from the parent Xiaomi organization or some of these are in denies door. How is this? Some of them would be from the parent company? Yeah, like fast decision making or the fact that it's okay to make mistakes, but we should not repeat mistake. I made a lot of mistakes in my project board should have fired me five years ago, but the comfort that it's okay to make mistakes just if you're not repeating mistakes and you're fixing them quickly. I believe that is something which came from a parent company the fact that everybody is equal having an open culture no cables and obligation to this end. I would say it is more of our again team culture. Got it and everyone talks about is okay to make mistakes howdy actually showed an action right or how do you make a part of the culture here? Right. So most startups say it's okay Rachel have you so I would say at least in my limited experience. This is misunderstood a little bit because many people think it's okay to make mistakes and okay to make decisions which can cost a lot of money to the company at the end of the day all of us are answerable to the shareholder.Yes We as management of the company, even if you are the founder of the company are answerable to the board answerable to the shareholders or all people invested in the company apart from you. So you are answerable to all of them. So it's okay to make mistakes. As long as it's not going against the interest of the shareholders and you're not making mistakes which are reducing the value of the company or value of the shareholders in our case the way that we think about this is that it is okay to make mistakes. As long as it does not make a huge impact on the overall company on the value of the company and you realize that you're making a mistake and you correct it as soon as possible. If you could if you keep sitting on that mistake all of your time specially in our industry and almost of the tech companies. If you don't correct it that can just balloon up into a much bigger problem at a later point of time. I'll give an example. Four days ago. we launched a phone MI for which was one of our flagship phones and we made a mistake or I would say I made a mistake because I decided to launch a phone a 3gb little bit phone when India was moving towards 4g and we decided to launch a single sim phone when everybody wanted a dual sim phone and we didn't realize that the need of 4g dual sim was so high in India. And we decided to launch a 3G in a single sim phone when everybody was going for 4g and we ordered a huge inventory and you're sitting on it and that led to losses and but we have to our boom was perfectly fine. Is it? Okay you're made a mistake? No problem. Just figure out a way on how we can now quickly finish up this inventory and don't order more current. like don't keep ordering more don't keep producing more because I have to tell factory is how much to produce stop producing now. Try and fix the current situation and let's focus on what are the future launches got it as we came out of the problem to goes few months, but we came out of the problem three years ago when we started off and we made a lot of mistakes. We failed for a year before we came up with this whole different concept two years ago. So again when we made mistakes the way that I showed the confidence that our team was even if the offline team make mistake for a year, we didn't fire anybody or even we didn't scold anybody. We said it's okay if you don't make profit for six months one. year, even if it is the experimentation budget that you have you can continue to fail as long as we believe that we are doing the right things maybe after one or two years we will be and we actually need open. So these no need for us to take a knee jerk reaction and immediately start firing people are making certain changes. That's our team starts thinking at any time something goes wrong because the person was fired. It means it's not okay to make mistakes, even if I make a small mistake, I will be fired or something bad would happen. So having that stability in giving it comfort to the person saying we would be there to give you a question and things go wrong is very important, correct?