Good evening, everybody. Since we are in this car in this moment of lockdown every state is under lockdown and we the business this the business world has a moment to innovate. So we are joined with Annette one Basu an industry expert and Innovative who will talk about Marketing in times of covert 19 and how businesses can build brands. It's in in these times in order to so first I will introduce another speaker. Mr. An urban bus who is has been a sales and marketing professional for the last 14 years with an experience in some of the world's iconic companies. He has held several leadership roles in his career and currently is the Innovation director at one of the biggest food and beverage companies in the world. He has held He has held several leadership roles and his career. And so now I would like to go to the question and and a simple message to all the listeners that once mastani by anirban Basu finishes his stock. Then we will be open to audience questions. So if you have any points to share, please share them in the comment section. So hello an urban, how are you doing? Thank you, baby. Girl. Just a quick audio. Check. I am I audible probably yes, you are. Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much for the invitation tonight. And yeah, I mean it's a very very interesting topic. How does marketing change and what do we do in times of covet 19 and as you rightly said today, we are all in this together. It's a moment of Crisis actually and globally we are looking at how consumer Trends are changing how My slides are changing and hence. Do we require a new way of reaching out to our consumers? Yes, so I would like to ask you what has changed and why is a new way of marketing required now? Yeah, so, you know, if you start seeing this basically from consumer angle today, you know, none of us are marketers anymore. Today. We are all consumers and today we are all sitting at home consuming content and you know, just imagining how to tide over this uncertainty today. If you see it is an unprecedented experience for the Millennials, you know, if you see our large segments, you know in especially in India, we have such a big youth consuming setting segment. We have never stayed at home for so long for in a period of lockdown in our entire consuming lives while we were growing up. We have always heard about, you know, the times of emergency in India or when you know, we had Wars Many many years back in India how some of the big cities were under lockdown, but if you see in our adult lives, we have perhaps not encountered this kind of an experience where everybody you know, we millions and millions of us are sitting at home trying to do business trying to still work in our jobs trying to work from home. So definitely, you know our way of doing things our way of interacting with our colleagues our way of interacting and Family, everything is changing. What does also changed is the way we are interacting with Brands if I'm not going out and if I'm not going out to the mall, if I'm not going on out in Sac season in buses and trains a lot of Brands who reach out to me through these mediums are not able to reach out to me in the conventional sense, right? Correct. Secondly if you see today everybody is everybody is talking about On topic, right? So and there is an overarching discussion Point here in social media as well. Beat Instagram beat Facebook the Twitter bait LinkedIn everybody seems to be talking only about one topic. So how do Brands who have different messages we know which are typically, you know in a normal time brands are talking about their products. They're consuming, you know their stories that they want to put out to Consumers. But today in this city scenario when everybody is worried and everybody's talking about about just one thing how do Brands still communicate what they want to do they even communicate or should they remain silent? So there are many questions which brands marketeers all over the world are still thinking about yeah. Yeah. So I would also like to ask you what is the scope of digital marketing in the current situation? I would say huge even probably more so than what it was a few weeks back because if you see Especially in a market like India where every day we have millions and millions of people coming out of their homes interacting with many different touch points. For example take Billboards or even let's say when I'm in Delhi and I see nice funny advertisements behind autorickshaws or when I'm traveling in a in a metro in Bombay or when I'm traveling in in a metro in Delhi. I see advertisements all around me even when I'm out on the streets. I Go to many many shops and retailers and I see Brands sign images over there. I see posters. I see Banias, you know, so brands are talking to us all the time. They're talking to us in every medium possible. However, when we when we look at what is happening today, we are in a state of lockdown. We are not interacting too much in physical. So we are not going out of our homes. We are staying locked down in our Apartments. We are doing nothing wrong. Skype we are consuming a lot of because we are at home. We are consuming a lot of social media which is much much more than normal times is what I believe so so the scope for digital marketing and social Mark social media marketing right now is absolutely going to the roof and so is TV, I would say, you know marketing marketing on TV was slowly and slowly and steadily losing its shine. I would say and a lot of people were moving their budgets to digital but now people being at home all day. You know how much of Facebook and you end up doing how much of Instagram you can you end up doing? So people are also turning back to TV as well. So suddenly we see the TV worship actually is going up. So while yes, we know some big events like IPL Etc stand to be canceled. But yes, we are still trying to consume any other content, which is available on TV. Yeah. Nice a nice Point made by UNLV and I would also like to I would like to ask you what What is the risk that businesses will run if they continue the same form of marketing and if they don't adapt to this situation quickly? First of all, you know, it's also about entity because you know, imagine in normal times when I am marketing a brand I typically don't care about what's happening in in millions and millions of consumers lives because everybody has a different issue in their lives, right? However, right now there is an overarching worried that everybody has you know, what what is the future looking like, what is this entire covet 19 all about? None of us are experts right so many If what we are seeing from experts is, you know, if you continue marketing the way you used to it can put your brand at risk. So for example, what do I mean? So for example, you know, if you if you see recently a case study came up of KFC chicken, okay of KFC in of KFC has a very very famous tagline saying finger-licking good right and somebody pointed out that you know, this is seen as insensitive why because it does not promote. At a very high genic or healthy practice, right? So so it so suddenly this was seen as you know something which is not being sensitive to the environment and it put the brand at risk a lot of people question. But you know, you should not be doing marketing in times like these in this way, right? So so they had to actually pull back that copy. So so really if brands have a point of view on what is happening today and they can add value to Consumers they can of course talk. Consumers in a different tonality but continue your usual marketing where you're trying too hard sell or brand or you're trying to hard sell a product without worrying about what's happening who out there is the environment you may come across as very very insensitive and people may end up, you know, remembering that once the crisis is over. So you may end up actually eroding consumer equity. Yeah, very very valid points. So before before we go to the audience questions, I have another last question to ask you. What is your advice to the marketers? What are the basic customer touch points that we should as marketers should take care about in this in this time of Crisis see as something which is Basics. What I keep telling in each of my podcast is first of all be very very genuine. Be careful of not making any misleading claims. We saw that very recently in the u.s. Very very big hand sanitizer brand was actually pulled to the consumer court for for allegedly making you know misleading claims. They had a claim saying it kills 99.9% because apparently they don't have substantiated scientifically proven. Games, okay. Hmm. So the first thing one has to do is be very very careful, you know in normal times many Brands make many claims. However in times of Crisis like this, especially if you are a brand where you know, you are you are in the consumer Health Nutrition or any kind of you know health and hygiene kind of segment. You need to be very very careful of the kind of claims. You're making all the kind of implied claims. You're making, you know, sometimes you may not be even making a claim Consumer perception may be that you are making a claim. You know, so choice of words is very very important. That's that's number one second. What I would say is, you know, let the experts speak Brands. You should not try to be experts. If you are not belonging to that category, you know, so for example, you know, what a particular scientific topic maybe a Pharma company can make a post or or discussion, but maybe maybe a company which does not deal in any product or any product category which is to do there is something to do directly with this what we are facing today. They should stay away. They should not try to act as experts. You know that can put your brand at risk. Yeah. What I would say is, you know, do what is there in your control? You know, so if you see there are again wonderful case studies coming out from different companies, you know, so for example Louis Vuitton perfumes, you know, they have just turned around their entire production for It is and they are making hand sanitizers alcohol-based hand sanitizers for French hospitals, you know, so that's they're in control and this is something that you know, no amount of smart marketing can give you you know, this kind of this kind of Goodwill that they will earn because of this kind of actions, which is very very well thought out no amount of smart marketing can give you this kind of Good Will in the long run. So they're really thinking about what they can contribute then I would they also it's about having very very transparent policies because you know, we are at a time of Crisis and a lot of companies are actually talking about what are they doing for their first stakeholders, which is their own employees, correct? So before you do something for the society at large, we order first brand ambassadors and brand Advocates your own people. So, you know when you're in time of Crisis and you know, everybody is struggling to to have business continuity plans how You treating your own employees. Are you having are you having great work from home policies for them? Are you having great insurance cover for them? You know, I'm very very big beverage brand in the US, you know, they actually come to LinkedIn and they talk about you know, how they are thankful to their field Force the sale stuff was still going out in the market and saying foods and beverages because you know, it's essential that they keep the stores, you know, they keep the stores fully supplied. Otherwise, they were the consumer panic. Like, you know, so so people are doing what is there in their control so that they are able to you know again this is that's that's the biggest service you can do for the community out there by doing what's there in your control Yeah. So basically if you see all these examples they are focusing on building long-term value, you know, because you know as they say in digital marketing in Orin Orin contemporary marketing Performance Marketing, which is you know, I do one post and I X amount of sales that are and of marketing is bound to be slow in this times. You know, I give you a coupon and you straight away by my product online that kind of marketing will probably be slow or may be seen as insensitive, right? Yes. Yes and definitely focus on building long-term value rather than you know, short-term sales right now because we are in the moment of Crisis, right? Correct, and another another question that I have that the few major. Major industries that will that can gain this gain benefit from this opportunity. Okay, so I think all kinds of consume. I mean all kinds of segments which require consumers to step out and and and you know interact with their brands or their interfaces physically me suffer. So for example, if I'm operating a small food stall at a bus stop or at a railway station, I may I will definitely you know, I'll have to endure some some losses in the short term right? However, there are this is which can be operated or can can actually encash on this when consumers are at home or when they're in front of their smartphones are in front of the TV is already so for example, you see many e-commerce, you know, Supply businesses are going through the roof, you know, you know, I am now encountered with many people who never bought groceries online but today because of the social distancing they are now buying groceries online, you know, so this kind of These are of course making making a lot of short-term gains. Even I would say food take allowed Services, you know, so all the companies who are all the even restaurants Etc, you know, who deliver food online. They would be definitely looking at this as an opportunity. But again, you know, this is this is important that you know, this is also a form of service they have a product they have a service which can be beneficial for And That's essential because you know, people are staying in you know, sometimes there are a lot of single Bachelors were staying in far away from their families in different towns, and they don't even have you know, maybe they depend on different service and their different Services shut down and they have to fall back on these food delivery services, you know. So yes, I mean all kinds of these businesses can add value to our consumers live at this point in Christ is so key listeners. We have around a hundred and ten people listening to us currently, so we are open for audience questions now, so if you if you want to ask on Urban anything about how to expand your business or how to manage your business in this crisis times, please do connect and send requests to join the call and more. Priest would be pleased all welcome to join on the call only if you have a genuine question on this topic. Yes, definitely so we can we can take two to three questions and then we will We Shall end the call. So if anybody is interested, please send please send the request to join and I have got I have learnt a lot during this session and I would I would like today only prime minister chief minister of Municipal. Stirs of all, the states have announced lockdown about 75 districts in India or under log block down. And I think this is this is the time when we need to cooperate with each other and help each other fight this virus and fight this crisis so we have bhavani Shankar. Joining the call. Hello bhavani. What is your question? Hello. Hello? Hello. Yeah question. Yeah. Yeah, my appleson is actually working with armor and your voice breaking. Going to go to an area weather. Yeah, just yeah, I was walking in automobile sector, which was mostly in last two months. Not to mention last one year. I just left that sector and I have joined Insurance sector, you know? Hello. Yes intron sector and I'm going institution sector just presently I have a set up a what office in my hometown and I was I'm selling insurance and it's good. But we can't hear slow. Can you come to our area where your internet is better? It's good. I think I've met enough and okay, so can you advise me? How can I develop this business through online marketing? Yeah, if you don't mind, we'll put your column hold and we'll answer the question so that the call Quality is better sure. Why not? Thank you. Okay. So Bonnie has asked an interesting question. He has recently started Insurance business and and he wishes to understand. How can he use online marketing to to to be more to be more profitable or maybe to reach out to more consumers? Yeah, so definitely so I would say so it's actually not a very small question. It's a long question is asking me a full social media strategy. So what I would advise Bunny get in touch with a social media marketing agency or an online digital marketing agency in your hometown. There are many many small agencies who are doing great work for all kinds of pocket sizes. So you should be going to them with a very strong in grief. Your brief should have elements. Like what is your message? How many people you want to reach out to? What is your business objective? What kind of conversions are you? Going for and what kind of marketing setup do you have? Can you give them messages and you ask the media agency to buy media for you or you wish to have an agency which will be doing creative work also for you and putting out messages on your behalf to the community at large. Right? So I would suggest you get in touch with the social media marketing agency but to give you a broader answer through the internet through usage of search. Optimization you can reach out to lot of perspective clients who are looking to buy insurance online. And from there. You can narrow down your prospects and then you can have your own stuff or have your field teams to reach out to them and convert those leads. Yes. Yes, very very valid point. SEO marketing is also where is powerful in these times and it can act as a very good tool. So if anybody Who else has any question please? Send it. Please send a request to join the call or we will go ahead and I'll request an urban to give the closing comments. Yeah, so what we can do baby girl while we are waiting for more calls, I'll cover of couple of more points killed related to you know, some of the good examples that I'm seeing around us and some of them not so good example that I'm seeing around us in these times of social media and largely over Marketing in times of Corbett 19-year. Yes, then definitely that would be ready until the point of doing what is there in our control, you know, and and you know, I was going through this document that Ogilvy has actually put out in the public domain and I encourage all of the listeners to have a look at that document. You can search for this document online and it's a PDF and it's got some great tips on what to do in terms of marketing in times of Kovac 19, you know, and Over there I read in a very very interesting example of how Chris Martin who is the lead singer for this brand called Coldplay, you know how encouraged his listeners all his viewers all his fans and followers on Instagram to stay at home and he actually live streamed a concert for all his followers on Instagram and he was actually absolutely so, you know as Brands, you know, he understood what is this value? He understands that you know what his entertainment quotient is. That fans are digging and he was promoting people being safe indoors in their homes in the comfort of their homes, but still being able to enjoy a Coldplay concert. So that's something that Brands can really take inspiration from in the same document. You know, you will again see examples of fitness trainers, you know all teachers, you know, even for my daughter we are also all in lockdown and most schools have started online classes for children right many of these teachers. Has are using Zoom called they're using Skype calls to yeah build value and they're coming across with lots of innovative solutions to still go about their business. Okay, at the end of you know, after two months or three months whenever I hope the crisis finishes, you know, the guy we had seen the end of this crisis. This will definitely lead to Brand value because you know, now I know that the, you know, if for example my daughter's school, you know in my eyes, it's really creating. Strong brand value for that school because even during a kind time of Crisis. They just in shut down the school. They are also providing value alternatively. Yes, definitely it is and we that is that is what is needed now, we in these times we need to be Innovative and we need to keep the customer at the Forefront and think how how best we can address the customer issues without without putting them into any risk. Absolutely. Absolutely and if you see to your earlier question around touch points, yeah. I think we are having a call we can make this call and I can continue later. Yeah, we'll take the call once. But okay, let's see if he has any relevant question. Hello there mender. We are talking about marketing during covet 19. So what is your question? I think the call has dropped. Okay. Yeah, so you can continue on a bun and yeah, never mind. Never mind. So so anyway, so I was I was I was just yeah, we were just talking about you know, what are the touch points? Do you earlier question won't touch points should people be looking at so you don't to me. Of course, we were in the lead up to what is the most exciting marketing event of easiest calendar. That is the IPL IPL. Yeah. I feel getting delayed or getting cancer looks I'm not following the news but mostly looks like it will be cancelled out, right so so to me anything to do with sports or events or Outdoors, you know, which is which requires people to step out which requires people to to to really be To really be part of any large Gathering, you know, those kind of touch points need to be looked at because for the foreseeable future of the next two, three, two, three months. It's not advisable. It may actually come across so insensitive on the other hand if your if your brand can focus on social media can focus on TV online, then it can definitely help us, you know, or even things like a podcast, you know. Ants can you know put a brand ambassador or a famous celebrity and talk sensibly line on you know things to do while you're at home, etc. Etc. Of course, the messaging needs to be very very correct the messaging cannot be insensitive or even you know, as one of the Ogilvy as one of the Ogilvy recommendations are that you can even get into gaming, you know, imagine if Brands develop nice funny games that you can that you can enjoy at the comfort of your couch. Sitting on the sitting at home, you know so that both those are kind of interfaces that one can one can think about where you still keep your brand relevance. And at the same time you don't put your consumers at risk and finally, you know, as I was saying earlier do what is there in your control start with your employees? They are the ones who first speak about what is being done for them and they are the ones who are your first brand ambassadors the other you know, if you're having company of 500 people booze. Your most important stakeholders at this point in time ensure. They are safe inshallah being taken care of in sure they feel engaged. We are all working from home. We have not experienced something like this in the in the past in none of our adult lives. So how do companies keep them engaged? How do they keep them motivated and still be in touch with them? Keep them in high energy High engagement that will be extremely important and it's not just a marketing question. I think it's a larger corporate question. Yes, definitely. We because Brands need to go Brands need to build a certain kind of ecosystem. Now where they where they work together and keeping keeping the customer at the Forefront. They still fulfill their social responsibility as well. That's all. Yeah. So thank you so much and it won't wash myself because I don't think I know your question is no we are not getting we are not getting any requests and even my question. Have been answered. So I think it has been a very fulfilling talk people have learned a lot and around 148 people are listening to us currently, so it is a good number to achieve even even though people are in lockdown situation. Yeah. I hope over the next few weeks over the Phoenix few days, you know, as we all stay indoors, some people will also listen to this recording as well. So yeah, I hope that's not a very long Time period so guys stay safe stay indoors. Yeah, all of you on LinkedIn, and if you want to shoot out questions to me on LinkedIn, that's most welcome. So, thank you. Thank you for such a wonderful toe and have a good night. Thank you. Thank you, baby girl. This is good night.