Hello listeners, good evening, and I am joined with mr. And Edwin Buzz. Ooh, we will be talking about marketing versus sales and Bridging the Gap that is the topic but before starting that open talk, I would like to introduce. Mr. Basu. So miss so I need one has been a sales and marketing professional for the last 14 years with an experience in some of the world's iconic companies. He has held several leadership roles in his career and currently is the Innovation director at one of the biggest food and beverage companies in the world. He is also a start-up mentor and a public speaker mostly involved in business school guest lectures. Welcome to the open Talk an urban. It is my privilege to learn from you in this open talk because obviously you have a lot of experience. So I would I would like you to share the outline of today's open talk. Yeah, thank you so much David Carr first of all for your kind words of introduction and for your warm welcome. So basically what I'm thinking is very very interesting topic. Once again, this is very very connected to what I've done in my career. So as an Line, what I propose is. We will first talk about, you know marketing and sales to Broad disciplines. What are the key differences? Because it's important to understand the nuances. It's important to understand the difference between sales and marketing before we can start discussing. How do we bridge the gap? And how do we bring the two very critical functions in an organization together and and I understand the sentiment behind this because in a lot of organizations how well marketing and sales Combined together as two functions can actually translate into success or failure. So it's an important. It's a very very critical subject that we have chosen for today. Thank you for the choice of subject. So I'll try to share some nuggets from my experience. And again just like all other podcasts. These are just views you could agree with me you could disagree with me. So after the first section which is differences between sales and marketing we can probably open up for a few questions. And then the second section where we talked about how to bring them together. We again have a few pointers and then we can again open up for questions. Yes, definitely that that sounds like a very good we are going to have a very good discussion and as as an admin has stated that after finishing the difference between marketing and sales will open the open the talk for audience questions. So, please please go ahead. What do you think? What is the difference between marketing and sales? Yeah. So first of all, you know, if you go through the internet, you know, and you will find tons and tons. Of links and tons and tons of search results on this if you look for this, but I'll share with you, you know, some of the more practical differences which you can see with your eyes so which will probably help you understand these two very very debated Concepts more simpler manner, right? Yeah, that will help a lot. Yeah. Yes. I'll try my best. So first of all marketing is to me it's storytelling. Okay marketing tells you the story of a brand or a company. It's usually one too many. Okay, it's usually a story told by a brand or story told by a company or an individual or any entity to a large audience. So for example today in a way, you could say that you know, I'm marketing why I'm speaking to X number of people over a podcast and I'm actually marketing my ideas, right? So that's actually marketing, right? Yes. Sales sales is also yes a bit of Storytelling but sales is more connected with a conversion of a lead. It's convert. It's mostly a process to convert or Prospect into a buyer. It's a process which is mostly 1 to 1, right. So whether I am talking so let's say, you know from your wonderful experience when you are budding author and you're talking to a publisher. That's a one-to-one, you know, that's probably More of a sales pitch when I am a start-up, you know, I'm a start-up co-founder of startup founder and I'm going and selling my idea to an angel investor. I'm selling my idea right? I'm not casting it over the internet and saying oh one by have a wonderful start up anybody can come and buy a stake in my startup. I don't do that. Right. So first of all, it's a process of one-to-one, which is sales versus one too many which is usually marketing. Yeah. Very nice. So yes. Go ahead please. No, no, please continue. Yeah. Okay the second one, of course, which came about in the first discussion itself. Is that marketing tells you the stories of the company or the products whether its sales is more about the real business outcome sales is more about either a service or the act of converting prospects into a buyer. Okay. Hmm. Any questions on this one? Yeah, so we have a question from we have an audience question like can marketing and sales be from BS same Department. Should they be same Department? Okay great question. So I'll quickly take this question before I move on to the next difference Marcus as an organization structure can be the same function can be the same function. So in a lot of midscale small scale companies or even large scale. But needs sometimes marketing and sales sits together within one vertical in the organization structure. And that is fine. It can always happen as long as as long as people identify that both have different roles to play one cannot replace the other and they are not interchangeable that's important to understand but can it be done by the same individual of course can so I'll give you an example. It's a in our small size companies. Any order or a midsize company? I am writing my own content. I am putting it up on Facebook and on Facebook. Somebody looks at my marketing story likes what I am offering and out of the ten thousand people who are looking at my Facebook post one person approaches me says another one. I'm interested in your product and then I go and meet that person in real life and I start talking about a transaction or what can we offer. How can we convert this into a business deal? Right? So the first Out of profit. Actually, I was marketing when I was talking to many people on the internet. Where is the second part of it is actually a sales process where I'm going to somebody and I'm converting or Prospect into a potential buyer. Hmm. Very nice can be done by the same person. Yes. Okay. Okay. That's a that's a very nice Insight that you have given and I as you come in as you talk about Facebook marketing, so I would also like to know that Facebook marketing is Beneficial for b2c I guess but b 2 B 4 b 2 B is Facebook marketing beneficial slightly off the topic, but I don't mind taking this question. So definitely beneficial because see eventually whether it's v2v or b2c. There are people involved and today wherever they are people involved. Everybody's on Facebook or on Instagram or on Twitter or on LinkedIn, right? So if you are a B2B Our and the person on the other side of the transaction, which is a B2B buyer or a B2B purchaser he or she is also on LinkedIn or on Facebook right? As long as you are reaching to him or her in the right way with the right message at the right time. There is no reason why B2B marketing cannot be done with the same principles of b2c. Marketing messages will be different. Hmm. Okay, that's that's really nice. So we have I've already learned about the differences between marketing and sales. So now we would do more actually there are a few more. Yes, please go ahead. We've covered three of them. I I probably have maybe another maybe two or three. So the third one is you know the for I think we covered three right to the 4/3. Okay fourth one. The fourth one. I would say is you know marketing tends to look after a long a medium to long-term story about a brand. And it builds a narrative it builds a reputation for the brand. Right? Whereas sales will also always be about relationships because it's about people it's about relationships. It's about transactions. It's about building that human connect, right again people may have different views for this is what I have seen in my career it marketing is about building the story from the company too many people. Where are my sales. It's about building your reputation as an individual as a seller with Well buyers over a period of time. Hmm. Okay. Yes, probably the last one that which comes to my mind which is extremely important is marketing is an aggregating function. What marketing is marketing looks at average Trends in the market most often. Okay now and of course digital marketing people also go very very Precision but marketing by and large looks at average large macro Trends in the market and they try to make average sense of the market. The give out stories. Hmm. For example, I say India is a country which loves mangoes. Okay now in such a country a mango drink can be a very good idea or a mango juice can be a very good idea. Okay, correct. That's a very marketing ribbon thought whereas in sales. It's always about the individual and the individuals independent needs. Mmm-hmm. So so when it comes to sales You would not see aggregation that you know this kind of a story works for everyone. It doesn't because every buyer is different you need to understand the trigger point of every buyers purchase decision and accordingly unit till the disc the disc against corruption. Hmm. All right, understood. Yeah. These are very good. These are very good points of differences, which are not one has stated and I don't think so. This any marketing book will tell you about. Yeah. So, thank you. Thank you for sharing these Point inside getting inspired by you or third a weaker than maybe I should write my own book as well. Ha ha definitely because these are these are because these are insights which are which I am a marketing graduate, but I have never read about all this. Yeah. So these are really inside for me also, which will help me advance in my career as well. Wonderful. Yeah. So now if we will we will open the open The talk for audience questions, but before that I would also like to ask you like what are the major problems that occur between like why is there there a difference in sales and marketing? Like why? Why does it fail sometimes? Okay, that's a great question. So we will wait for questions to come in on the first section, which is differences between sales and marketing. And in that time. I will answer this question. So first of all if you ask me Why do differences occur? So first of all, I would say it is because of lack of understanding of the other function as we were discussing the other day on the other podcast often marketing people. Do not understand the life of a salesperson marketing people often. Do not understand the struggles of a salesperson who is going out in the field and making it happen every day. Hmm. They don't have understanding and appreciation of how they're marketing stories. Sometimes are not related. Bill for the sales force to go and tell a compelling story to connect to connect, you know the to connect a conversion of a prospect into a buyer. Hmm. Okay at the same time, there is also I have seen often a lack of appreciation for marketing as a function among sales people, you know. Okay, so our sales guy would always be thinking, you know, I'm the one who's going out there and bringing in all the conversions. I'm up. Ford Center means marketing is spending money. They are doing all the big talk big presentations the sitting in the air condition tends to be a lack of understanding and lack of empathy among the two functions. Okay marketing tends to also a lot of times tends to be focused. You know, they would typically be based out of headquarter or a base office and they would have proximity to leadership. They would have sitting next to the, you know, probably the sea. CEO or the sales directors and the marketing directors right clear office-based function what it feels guys are often out in the field. There may be in Regional Offices or in Branch offices and they don't have that kind of proximity to leadership. So sometimes that also did you know creates a symmetry in terms of how information flows and who influences decisions in a company, right? Yes, so that case Yeah, so like I in my career, I have found out that effective questioning helps a lot in devising the marketing strategy. Would you agree in the would you agree to that? Yeah, so which is probably actually getting into the next section. You know, how do we bring them together? So one of them is how do we create cross-functional teams? Yes, and since I don't see any any burning questions coming in, so maybe we can get The second section. Yes, you know often what I have found is there is lack of inspiration. Okay, so people are following their functions day in and day out there doing their jobs day in and day out but there is lack of inspiration. Now, what do I mean by that lack of inspiration is you know in an organization when you ask a sales guy. What is your main mission for your organization this this month or this quarter or this year? Hmm. Often I have found the sales guy will talk about this is my target for the month. Yes. Similarly. If I ask the same question to the marketing person. The marketing question would also say my target is to land this campaign within the next 15 days. Correct. I wish to activate this media plan in the next 15 days. Okay, where is it would probably be a leadership call or a leadership asked to actually bring in commonality of language. Hmm. So for example Once the sales guy starts saying, you know this month my target is to sell X number of you know sell to X number of customers which helps my company become XYZ. Hmm a marketing person. What is your goal for this month? The complete answer probably would be my objective is to land a strong campaign in the next 15 days which helps my company become XYZ. Hmm. It could be It should measure it could be a revenue measure but it's something which is a shared inspiring Big Goal. Hmm. So they know then you have commonality of language and then you see okay. We are talking to each other. They talking the same language. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so there is a there is a request Marcia says that I have just joined in and listen to you guys for a few minutes now. May I ask why the topic is sales versus marketing don't they go hand in hand one doesn't do well without the other. Yes Marcia, you're absolutely correct. And that's exactly the reason why we are spending time today on this very important topic. They don't they go hand-in-hand. Of course, they should go hand in hand. But often what we have found in organizations is either marketing does not have appreciation of sales or sales doesn't have application of marketing or both. Okay? Yes and one does not do well without the other of course, you know, and probably I will go ahead and say this it's slightly controversial statement. I'm going Make now feel can sometimes depending on the product category sales can sometime sustain without marketing? Hmm. But marketing can never sustain without sales because if you don't bring in revenues, you just cannot keep on doing your own marketing correctly, correct? So so depending on product categories if your category is very commoditized. So let's say you are let's say you're dealing with commodities, you know where the only key thing is cost not in quality probably just Cost and you know things like Forex fluctuations Etc, then you don't need a strong marketing story. It's probably just the ability to track the market and be a good sales guy, maybe okay, so I don't know enough about that category, but I'm just I'm just giving you an example. Yeah. Okay, so you would like to discuss the next point because we are we are still waiting for call us to join. So maybe we carry out here Carrie go on and you discuss the next Point perfect. So to me, you know, what I've seen in my career is when sales and marketing they get along very well are usually instances when the teams are diverse. Okay? Okay you Usually if you have very very uni-dimensional teams where you know marketing people are coming from a particular background says people are coming from particular background and they are no cross movement of people among one function to the other found that these problems tend to become even more deep-rooted today. We have a Smart Companies who are constantly moving the top performers in sales into marketing the top performers in marketing into sales and giving them different career opportunities. Lt's okay when that happens you start building appreciation for both the functions on the on a very uniform scale. Okay, that's a very good and that helps to Debbie Cup come back to your earlier question people then tend to ask the right questions. So somebody from a sales background in their first few months or the first few days or first few years in a marketing job can actually be a very good bouncing board for the rest of the marketing team. This person can end up asking all their sales relevant questions when a marketing campaign is being prepared. Hmm, correct? Correct. We can do the same the same sales function. It's very good. That is that is a very nice great Point made by you and I had one though. So I would like to understand like many people consider the duration of time spent on a particular role for these guys. Cost function and switches. So what is the ideal time period what do you think? What have you experienced? Like, what is the ideal time period for the cross-functional switches My answer to that would be the typical MB answer which is it depends. Why does it depend because the organization it's also the individuals that they take these chances upon right? Ha ha ha these organizations. You know, I have typically seen somebody doing sales less than a year getting into marketing and being a very successful Market here. I have seen the examples when I see people who have done Daniel's of sales going to marketing and again done very well in marketing at the same time. I had seen somebody who's done only five years of sales got gets into marketing and is a terrible failure. Okay, or maybe doesn't enjoy the role as much so I think it depends on the individual not just organization on Truth key things one is how the organization supports these cross functional movements and is patient about the talent which will further to find their footing in a new function the same time it also Depends a lot on the individual may be maybe more on the individual. Yeah on the learning agility because what health care when you tend to be in a function for long and you do well, you also find your comfort zone and suddenly when you move to the other side and you move into sales or you know from sales to marketing you tend to have in the surrounding around you very very unusual. It's a different world. You have to start from scratch. You have to be humble. You have to be in learning mode. You could be a rock star since guy. You walk into a head office sitting in a marketing function life is different. Hmm. So it depends a lot on how individuals can remain humble can stay in learning mode and can reinvent themselves in a new function. It's almost like changing companies and almost like, you know get it to a new job. Hmm. Very nice. Very nice Point made by you. I I might try this try this tip in my in my role. I will try definitely yeah. So audience do you have a listeners? Do you have any questions or will we tell proceed further? Actually, I don't mind if somebody wants to join through a call as well. Definitely any any requests if you want to talk to an Airborne, please please send a request to join the call and you can directly talk to him. So till we wait till we wait for a for a caller to join in. I would like you to Enlighten us with some more points about this difference and how to bring them together. Perfect. So maybe I have two three more points brought points about broad principles that companies can do to bring their sales and marketing functions together. So the next one I would say is, you know communication, you know, it's extremely important a lot of companies, you know date. In to take only sales related information or sales rep sales related reporting periodically from the same function and marketing related communication marketing related reporting from their marketing functions and both usually don't know what's happening in the other guys function. Okay, so see visibility of What's happening? Hmm But the mid senior and the junior people are not having any visibility of what's happening in the other function at all. So it does not tend to bother them. They are very happy in their comfort zones. What it does is it does not build appreciation for the other function. Correct? A lot of good organizations that I've seen what they end up doing is we create these cross-functional forums where senior or even not so senior individuals can come and Are updates about their function which is attended by people of the same seniority, but from other functions. Okay. So communication is extremely important. And as I said, if you have common company goals because eventually sales and marketing are all focusing on the same final outcome. Yes, there needs to be dashboards that needs to be reports which are publicly available within the company. Hmm, which talk about both sales and marketing. Kpi use. Hmm. Hmm. What does it mean if I'm a marketing person sitting in a head office? I should have a dashboard in front of me which tells me against my agreed activities for a campaign. How much as marketing delivered. Hmm at the same time what had sales promised and what have they delivered. Mmm-hmm on one sheet. Similarly the salesperson also sitting in another part of the country can see okay. I was expected to do my sales job and out of hundred probably have done 80 and Marketing team was also supposed to deliver. Hmm XYZ number of campaigns XYZ number of Impressions these many number of events. And this is what they have delivered. So these common Mis again. It does not build too much of knowledge. It does not Bend to much of functional expertise. But what it does is it gives you a symbol it gives you a signal from the top that there is only one agenda. There is only one end goal and everyone is working towards At one end goal. Otherwise you may end up having functions only talking about what they are responsible for directly. Correct, correct? I think that I think that is what happens in in most of the companies in India because maybe maybe the top the top companies do not face this problem. But at least the smes and the middle level mid-level Enterprises are facing this problem and the I.T. I.T. I have worked in the it sector for the last nine years. I see this problem happening in the IT services sector. I totally empathize with that. You know, in fact I have worked in fmcg all my life and be more specific in food and beverages all my life and I have seen this happening in the best of the best companies. I have seen leadership coming in leadership changing and also maybe you know changing some of these cultures in an organization. Hmm. I think I think that vision from the leadership needs to be more effective in order to in order to bridge this Gap. Yeah. I think we are getting a call request. There we go. Yeah, so Marshall wants to join the call one second. I'll just connect. Hello. Hello, Masha. Hello. Hi. Yes. Hi. Hi to both of you. I was listening to you guys for a while. Hello, Masha Hi, how are you guys? Absolutely fine. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. Thank you. It is a very interesting topic. It got me hooked my head for a lot of things that you said sharing mr. On a bun. Yes, what is your question Masha? I don't have a question as such. I just wanted to share that. I have been both in sales and marketing and I completely understand. You know, when I was in sales. I did not understand how marketing work as in of course. We understand. What is there, you know, what is their goal and everything but the kind of intensity that they were like salespeople always work for short of goal of achieving their target. No big in closing the deal and one thing people always work on a goal of they see the bigger picture, you know, they campaigns and all their marketing strategies is for a bigger goal, you know? Yeah, so I have been involved. I mean for the initial first two years, I was impaled and then the next video Thank you. Thank you. Yes, please. Go ahead. Hello, Masha. She dropped. Yeah, let's go ahead. Hello Ranjit. How are you doing? How are you? I'm fine. Yeah, both go ahead and maybe that question maybe that does not suits into the into the market equation, but somehow I have some confusion. So that's why I just joined the call. Yeah, I mean you are from marketing field and you are from business school. So I want to know something about the six. They all shoot is back. I heard a news that a Mumbai catabolic got a Six Sigma rating and his case study is going to be a study in Howard. So I was just thinking that I mean, what is the meaning of Six Sigma if somebody will get Six Sigma in some Venture? So what what does it take different kind of importance? If you have some information, can you please reveal me that? Yes sure when you say so of course this topic as you rightly saying it's not connected to our topic today. So Six Sigma what I understand dressing. I'm not subject matter expert on this topic. But Six Sigma is an operational efficiency certification. Okay. It's a it's a set of principles which help you to make your operations even more and more efficient and less number of Errors. The Mumbai dabbawalas have actually I think yes, you're right. I think this is an old case study you can About the case study in Howard online. It is already available. So this is already done and I would suggest you can probably read up a little bit more on this on Google. So Six Sigma is basically an efficiency building tool. It's a set of principles which help you to become more efficient and lesser cost and you know less number of errors. That I hope so if some company or if some Venture have Six Sigma rating, it means that their product and their service is going to be the defect free. It is just saying that their operations are prone to make less errors. That's all it will be more efficient. Yeah. Okay some Smart Companies can use it in their marketing Communications as well to bring in more customers and more clients. So as a customer if some if some brand or if some company does not have Six Sigma as a rating a value. So as a customer, can I believe that on that trust on that ground as a consumer? No, not necessarily. I mean Six Sigma is not necessary for building efficiency. It is one of the ways of ensuring efficiency. Yeah. It is really an operations topic. I would suggest you read more about this online to get more enlightened. But yes it having it is good not having is Having it. It does not necessarily mean bad. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that. So. So the listener is just a request to you. Please stick to the topic as we are we are discussing a very important issue and I would I would like you to ask questions related to the topic so that more people can get valuable information. So we have we have a caller on line Prashant. Hello. Hello. Hi Prashant. Hello. Yeah, sorry sorry for asking. But what is your name? My name is my name is Erica. Okay, because so how are you? I'm fine. But another one is the is the speaker today. So I am just the moderator. So he will be he will be answering your question. Do do you have any questions related to the topic of marketing versus Tails? Yes. I do have so many mysterious guy. So first, I just want to know why you have chosen such a topic. Do you do you think it is an important topic to discuss or not? Anyway, yeah, so that's why that's so we have been discussing about the agenda. Agenda is we are he's an expert he is an industry expert we are just asking we are just asking that everyone who has experienced. What else what has he learned about how to bridge the gap between sales? And actually I'm also See this guy and I'm very much interested than what I can actually learn from you guys. So yeah, priest if you have a if you have some specific questions, please ask. Yeah, uh-huh, welcome to the call. So if you are new to the platform, I would suggest that you can listen to the entire session. If you have a very specific question that you want to ask then you can come on call later on. Okay, look look look look. Look look my dear. I just want to know that how do you are you guys competitive? painting marketing with sales or No, we are not comparing we are just talking about how the two are different and how the two of them uniquely come together how the two of them came for a company to be successful. We are not comparing most of them. Actually, I think in a way no other things are same because their objective is same because both the market marketing and the sales aims to you know to get the customer the company fighting so informal probably miss. My suggestion to you would be listened to the first part of our discussion today. Okay. Yeah, what are the find differences between the two and the two of them actually two work together. So maybe I would I would encourage you to listen to her first amby amby in marketing and human resource management. And then after right now I'm working with the tire company very renowned brand as in senior sales engineer and I look for here. I look for TB and TBR segment. And which stands for this bias in turquoise, we have a question. Sorry there a lot of questions. Okay. Okay, then we'll have to So we had to be back on the call. Yes. Yes. We are getting Marcia back on the phone. So good that we're getting these questions. I still had a couple of more points how to bring sales and marketing together. That's not a problem at all. So yeah. Can you hear us? Yes. Yes. I'm really sorry that the previous call got disconnected. No problem. It happens to the best of us. Go ahead. So I wanted to speak from the sales perspective. I totally understand how important it is to bridge the gap between marketing and sales department because it's very very much necessary the marketing people put in a lot of effort to you know popularize. Or like they do have an agenda to like they work on certain strategies to promote something and then on the other hand if the sales people are not able to deliver or bring in close more deals for the kind of support that the marketing people put then it doesn't match the same way a lot of struggles and some cases has changed voice is breaking. Can you can you go Can you go to a an area where network is clear writing is something with the headphone or something? Go ahead Michelle? Okay. We'll try to focus on what much I think okay. Okay. I'm so sorry about that. All right. So like you mentioned before usually the marketing team sits with a corporate of which is probably in Delhi or wherever it is set up and the the salespeople are in multiple cities. I'm talking about bigger companies. So for bigger companies, so the some Market at the sales team is in every other City wherever the company wherever the branch is located and the local the the sales for the local Regional areas required a very customized type of marketing which doesn't work from the corporates point of view. So for example, like when you talk about a Telugu Community or a thermal Community, they're very attached. They are emotionally attached to a lot of different sentiments that is attached to their Isshin, so marketing tactus which has a touch of the regional. I don't know how to say maybe ideas which is this has a little bit of the regional touch would attract the customers more and it would eventually drive more sales in that particular region. For example, if you are now marketing where we are huge on social media marketing if you're going to do something static throughout Deal it doesn't work for a lot of lot of regional places. Maybe we'll consider the market. Yeah, right. So I think this is where it is very important to listen now to the sales team and it is important for the marketing people to listen to every other sales team from different regions instead of just having like a common feedback like it can't be like Salesforce is Market able to be yes, wonderful. My question is how to bridge this Gap because it is not so because today I'm sure you know, you will find a lot of value when you dial back. Okay, so Masha has asked a very very important. You know, so she of course give examples from her own from our own experience of our own career and and absolutely true. You know, this is exactly what we are discussing today. The first and foremost thing is, you know, what I explained in another podcast is marketing should start spending more time with Field Force with the sales functions. It could be a market visit. It could be an interaction. It could even be a WebEx. Okay, but most often I would say visiting Phills team being with them when they're making sales calls being with them and then making a sales call over the phone or when they're going to a shop floor that makes all the difference you start building appreciation of the local nuances. You also start building appreciation for sales sales team struggles and what they go through every day at the same time also dial back to what we said sometime back that, you know teams need to be diverse. Hmm just because we have a head office in Delhi does not mean In all the marketing people will be will be from Delhi gurgaon ghaziabad. Right? Correct. We can also have marketing people who are based in Google but probably they understand the South Indian nuances. Yes, that's another way of building proximity okay to bring diversity and diversity. Of course, as you would know is one of the key topics today incorporates for exactly the same reason. Yes, when you have diverse teams you tend to ask a diversity of questions you end up having more challenges and builds and you come Quitter better answer to the overall Corporate Challenge. Hmm. Yeah, the third thing would be as exactly as much as I said in my career. I've seen successful campaigns are always thought about in The Boardroom. But before they are rolled out to the field, they're always checked and they are always communicated in advance to feel teams to the sales teams and their feedback is start. You know that you know, this is the feedback. You know, what is your feedback? This is the campaign we are thinking about this is The film we are thinking of shooting. These are the kind of Facebook post. We're thinking of putting out for your Market. Do you think this is capturing the local ones? Do you think the language is correct? A lot of sensitivity, you know and I can tell you it just not only brings about a very good marketing story. It also protects your company against crisis, correct you will you know, if you take out a lot of case studies you will actually see a company has done a campaign which one will just fantastically. Well, let's say in Delhi, but the same campaign Seen as culturally insensitive when done in South India Korea brand into trouble. Okay. Hmm obvious reasons. I will not name these Brands but you can take this on the internet and this is a this is a this is a fantastic case study of you know, how a simple check with the with a local sales team in South in ahead of the campaign that you know, this is what we have thought about a simple check would have protected the company against the big crisis, right? So some very good points Marshall. Thanks for adding to our conversation. Sorry the for I was not so great. But thanks. Thanks for all the points made. Yes. Marcia has really made our conversation very meaningful. And I would like to I would like you to continue your discussion and continue with your points where we left from Yeah. So basically you were talking about how how do the both how to bring both teams together? Yep, so we spoke about a few ideas. Already and then we support communication and communication. Of course, it was further elaborated, you know how with its to the field and you know, having cross-functional meetings always helps. Yeah, and then I would say most importantly is Too close too close the information Loop. Okay. Hmm because the information no to share success. So for example, you know, I successful companies. What I've seen is marketing people nominating a sales person who did a great job since people nominating a marketing person who did a great job. Okay. So in companies where you have multiple Brands, you know the sales team and again, you don't need to make this very very efficient and very very formal, you know, the sales team voting for a particular brand which they thought Did the best job in this last one here similarly for a marketing team? There are so many markets that they serve which sales team. Did they think did the best job out of their Campaign which which sales team did the best job of activating their campaigns at the marketplace so you can come up with is fun activities and close the information Loop so that you start appreciating the value brought in by different functions in the organization very tight. Yeah, so just to summarize I would say, you know, I would say important to select a diverse team, you know, you need to have people who have different points of opinion and diverse is does not mean geography diversity is not only mean gender diversity doesn't only mean experience and no past work experience diversity means all of this. It also means an indicator of a person is the profile of a person somebody is reserved somebody's extrovert. So, you know, when you build diverse teams, you have very very powerful outcomes. Yeah, II would be to communicate and how do you communicate, you know breakthrough your silos go visit the market if you are a salesperson, nobody stops you from writing a nice polite email to somebody sitting in marketing and saying sir, Madam or anybody, you know, can I have a 10 minute discussion with you over the phone? I have a few thoughts about this last campaign. It's not clear to me. It's not clear to me how it adds value to My Life as a sales guy in this particular Market. Nobody stops you from doing that. But we are so sometimes, you know, we are not empowered by our organizations. We feel scared to reach out to another person in another function we end up not doing it one. Another example would be in a lot of large companies. They have these annual conventions. Correct, right. They have these big events where they go to a nice 5 Star Party team Games Etc, but you will have many of the mid senior and the and the Not So senior sales guys or the marketing guys, they will hang out with their Group correctly in in the informal in the informal session you mean the evening when the DJ is playing Etc? Okay. Yeah. Yeah, and that's the perfect time. You know, this is where all of you are together how many sales guys, you know, do they go beyond their comfort zone and say hello to a marketing person. You know, how many of you would you would you would you go beyond your comfort zone and say hello to our sales guy who's coming from Kerala and understand. You know what that market is like so these things actually are important. And sometimes leadership can play a role to break down these structures to help, you know people who are who are younger in their careers to go beyond and reach out to other functions? Hmm. Very nice. Very very good. It is to have common dashboards used to have a common big ambitious goal have common dashboards and in the common dashboard all functions are represented of what is their contribution in that overall big ambitious goal. And finally, you know close the close the loop by getting people to cross nominate and having a point of view on each other's functions as well and do it in a sporting window in a Blame Game way, but do it in a sporting way. Yes that that is very essential. So we also had we also had a question in the comments that we are advice for a for a small business. How do they because small businesses? I think they have the same person doing sales and marketing. So how do you align align those functions then? You know, I would say do it any look look at any many multitasking person. Okay, I would say look at a successful woman. Okay, a successful woman is probably you know, she's she's managing things or on all different fronts for example from Individual for that matter, right? So it's all about how you focus on the job at hand while you're having are you really marketing and why you're all set Sails are you doing a Job, what are you trying to the to? Okay, you had one caller earlier who was also talking about your he said he knows everything about sales and marketing and he thinks both on the rest. I tell you I don't entirely agree with him, but I agree with impartially and why do I say this? You know, of course, the two of them are focused upon common objectives, no doubt about it, but you need to understand the nuances between marketing and sales. Hmm sharing in my previous podcast marketing is about the medium to long-term story lines. It is also about shrunk some short-term storylines and some tactics which helped you build imagery about a product or a brand or a service correct selling or salesmanship is about the ability to translate those stories into an articulated story and convert a prospect into a purchase. Hmm. So I am a sales person in a car showroom. I know I have been given all the literature by my fantastic marketing piece of what this car is about, you know, this car weighs comes from a company in Italy, etc, etc. But my ability to deliver that message in a simple way to a prospective client sending in front of me who wants to gift a new car, you know to her daughter. Okay. Hmm, how am I able to understand that emotional need and deliver? Awful message. That is salesman. That is not muscular. But this but the backend story that this is a this is a car and this is what it does for you. This is what the features are. This is what emotionally does so you etc etc. Those storylines are crafted by marketing. Hmm coming back to the question in a small company. How can one do both first of all understand the two concepts differently in a while your marketing something build a powerful build a powerful. Message which you think will evoke a response or evoke a change of behavior from a white silk audiences and then you propagate about it and you probably did, you know, put it on the internet put it on TV Etc pretty on print. Why did I start getting responses then the salesman in you should stick out take over the salesperson in you should take over and then you should start focusing about okay. I shared my message with 10,000 people a hundred of them have actually shown interest. Can I convert at? Ten out of these hundred into a potential purchase hmm then or one-to-one selling or you know, this kind of discussions in start, you know, you go and meet the prospective client and you understand they are in need and then you cut start your storytelling so understand the two concepts very very broadly. Yes, of course one cannot stay without the other of course and you know, I always keep saying sales the profit function brings in bringing all the revenue for the company marketing, of course. It is a long-term future for our company makes the brand sustainable, huh? So we have had a very insightful discussion with a knit one bustle about marketing versus sales and how how both of them can co-exist and co-function could function together in order to profit like make profit for the company. So I think do you have any other points to share another one or can we it has been a long day? Russian it's already can do and more than one more than hundred. Twenty. People are already listening. So any closing comments for you? No, I think not really closing comments because this is a very very vast topic. And yes topic. I'm still learning. Hmm and people have very strong views about this. My only closing comment would be we need to stay humble and we need to stay close to the ground and understand the realities of each function and only then can we understand? You know, where are the nuances where another difference is like and what can we as corporate individuals as as professionals? In our individual capacity to bridge the gap there is no one right answer. But directly my my parting shot would be, you know, we should we should definitely be humble about it because it's a very very vast topic and you know, no book on the Internet or no book in the library will probably give you a definitive answer topic, correct? Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and for sharing your experience and educating the listeners today. Hope you hope you all have had a wonderful session and wish you a very happy weekend. Thank you so much. Happy weekend to you all. Thank you so much. Thank you.