bill Hi, how are you? Hello. Hello. Hi, how are you? What about you? Oh, thanks. Thanks. So today we are going to talk about Maslow hierarchy of needs. Okay, so just waiting listeners to be here. Look a so as a as a beginning you can you tell us what your wanna talk about like Define and slow hurry Ricky needs. Okay, like this is a theory in Psychology field exposes our needs and which is what is the property of our needs and what it is. So he divided it to five sections. And today we are going to talk about the five sections which is psychological needs and safety love and abuse. Belonging and sophistic and finally self-actualization. So this is the theory is a name of a scientist. Yes, okay. Do you know anything about that scientists think you can tell us about okay Maslow hierarchy of needs in the third by. but you put it's like that people are motivated by five basic categories of needs as I mentioned psychological safety love scene and self-actualization. So I will Define what is what is it the word just wait the listeners to be here. Okay. So we can just chat about anything until people come. So why you choose is this subject today to discuss with us? Okay in my sessions, I Lis try to focus on defining yourself and what your purpose is in life. So if you if you know, where what is your What is your basic needs or your priority needs then you will Define yourself. So what I'm gonna tell you today is how to know your needs then how to define yourself to like take control of our needs you mean. No, just take control but know what we need. It's not like just food and water or are so this is a psychological needs but there are also many needs that we are not focusing on it. So today we will focus on it. So any person or any human being is having that needs but he is not like giving a focus on it. Yes, it's about self esteem self actualization and safe. We need to be loved and feel belonging to somebody else. So this is this is neat as well. So when we see someone who's not giving a lot of attention and being in that he is that he or she need love that means that they are just not being much attention on the buoyant, but they are just like any other person they need love. They need to feel belonging to someone and they need all of that, right? Yes, but we are directing people to feel and express their feelings their needs such as feeling love or belonging or accepted. So everybody everybody needs to be loved. Everybody needs to be accepted by somebody else. So but some people don't admit that the that Expressing their needs it's not there. Right? It's it's a mistake or they are feeling shy to express their needs so, okay. Okay. So any person like you said? Okay, actually we will accept your request but give us a few minutes until we will come and we start our our topic. We can accept him because we have eight people on listening so it's okay. Tie a actually, how are you? I'm good. I'm more and thank you or more and I lovers are accepting the request or here. Okay. You're welcome. So introduce yourself tell us about yourself. Yes. I'm actually saying I am working as an English teacher here in India. I live in Gujarat. And yeah, I just got a notification about your This conversation you're having and it's interesting topic. So yeah, there you have it. So what sorry have any idea about what is Maslow hierarchy? Yeah, brah Maslow the famous psychologist. I have seen a lot of videos of him on YouTube. I like when I was studying political science in my college days, then I you know went deeper into his theories and I saw the whole pyramid and even I attended a conference one. Once it was a four-day conference in India, where a senior officer. He was a revenue officer. We discussed a lot about the mass loss and S are our key and I think it's very relevant. It's a very powerful thing because most of the people you will meet they are in a state of chaos because they are not able to identify their needs no people obsessing over things that really don't do. Their attention that leads to chaos. So yeah, it's a good thing. So, do you know your name? Ed's life My needs I identified it. Like I want friends. I mean apart from the basic, you know, the base level food shelter water and intimacy and sorry I'm soaking regardless psychological needs like water and food and sex and so yeah. Yeah, that's a basic and they are not like five levels in Maslow's hierarchy, right? First is revolves around the basic survival thing. Then the second comes it talks about employment Health it is it is also very easy in today's world with government taking care of these things and then come friendship and family that also I have and on the fourth is the you know, the they talk about respect right? So yeah, I mean respect is also good, but The most important thing is fulfilling my truest potential. So early so do you normally your needs? Yeah, I do I do it very often. What about you people? Sorry. What about you guys? Yes, we are trying our best to make our needs but putting to be able to two to accept great and how to know their needs because yeah, everybody know that I need some friends that they they don't know that this is the basic of our needs. This is the right to feel that you want you want to have friends want to love this you right to feel this. Yeah, I agree with you on this. So most of people don't know what is Maslow hierarchy. So let me Define and tell you the definition. So in order to understand what motivates human being muscle point that you will need and be organized just some more trait such as food in wildered more abstract. Such as so government according to muscle with a lower need is met then explain it on the hair. If you become our focus of attention, you can go does this hierarchy always work in the sequence like first level second level third or is it possible that for some people the fourth the fourth level of the Maslow hierarchy comes before the second one like there for them respect is more important than the like friendship or something like that. Okay, so just let me ask somebody. What do you think about this question? What do you think which is of our needs? Sorry. I can you please repeat the question to ask you if you have any idea about you. Sorry, I don't get you. Please repeat the question. Okay, I'm asking. Mr. I wanted to answer your question if he have any idea. And what was the question again? I said that the Maslow has classified the needs in five categories. So does it always have to be in a proper order or some some needs some levels of needs can they should be met before like for some people maybe he you know reaching your truest potential is more important than Gaining friendship and families, of course because people are different courses or needs will different because of their personality is a way they lived the way they grown up. What do you think? I'll do we have in hierarchy we have just the first one is because you can so they this roof. Here to kill these such as drinking 60 readings when hungry according to muscle don't involve our efforts to need for maintaining consistent level in different about Lisa's. For example, maintaining a body temperature of 98 Degrees must be constantly psychological needs the most is concealed. Nikki one knee we are looking to try to be the first for example, if someone is reading three me hungry, it's hard to focus on anything else beside food another example of psychological needs. So you have any other examples that when we have essentially leads that if I am hard or feeling hungry extremely hungry, I wouldn't Focus. On anything is so the priority is for our country and here I think Ghana is raised an important point and which is which Rises to say that essential needs should be met first because a lot of people they get stuck into a web of desires and they forget what their essential needs were. That's a really good point and I would also like to add that when when we talk about Mars. Those are our key. There's a huge divide between the Western societies and the Eastern societies. The Western societies are have easily fulfilled their the lower levels, but due to some isolation and lack of communication and you know, you know, the Friendship culture is not so popular and they are not able to reach their fullest potential because the society is to materialize. And the Eastern Society on other hand is opposite of it. They have good friendships and relationships, but they are not good in the basic aspects of Maslow's hierarchy the foundation level like the physiological needs and the safety needs they are lacking in these. Not to mention psychological and that we need to get a safe and safety to the second one. I'm going to talk about is safety. So we require moments are met Nick Smith arises in a safe environment. Our safety needs are of course me. Even as a children have a need for safe and predictable and movements and typically react right away when these needs are not met Maslow pointed out as adults living in developing nations safety needs can be more appearance in emergency situations be this can also explain why we tend to refer to earlier or white. We do things like application is there insurance and contributing to a saving account that we need else after I suppose you can read we need to feel pain. Yeah, that's true. We aspects and I would love ya. So Allah, which country are you from? I'm from Egypt. Egypt and Omar you Okay, so from Egypt to all right. Yeah, so I mean basically the area all three are from developing countries and if it all were Masters at our kids and yeah, I mean the basic physiological needs and security needs are being met by most of the people in our nation's but the one thing that most of us lack is intimacy, you know, the the relationships before marriage it is a huge who is a true in your ear. Our country Egypt is it sorry. Can you repeat it again pre marital relationship being being in a romantic and intimate relationship with other but it's it right here, you know, yeah. Yeah, because Daddy. Hello. That's all I wanted to say about this thing. Okay. Thanks for your shooting and I'll be reading usually muscle a very key. Okay. Can I can I stay here and listen to you talk or do I need to leave? You know, you can stay and listen Okay, excuse me. We have another again after we accept this Quest and have a good day. Thanks ex-wife or your sharing and we have another Quest you can continue listening to us. Hello. Hello. Can you trace a circle this how are you know politics and how are you? Yeah, so introduce yourself from this. What's your name? And what you do here to speak slowly please. You don't know. Okay, he asking about your name. And what do you do? I had to wait a good apartment redecorating some years ago bills. Okay, so what do you what do you know about? Sorry, sorry. Okay today we are talking about smash slowly working with our needs so we have any idea about the what we are talking about. Lauren can I get you? I don't know. What is that? Okay. So we are talking about our needs in this life. So like when you all hang you need food when you are thirsty little water and so on with our dreams when we all win we need to achieve something so we need okay. So do you have any other ideas you want to? Are you a psychologist? Okay, we we are from Egypt. No, I cannot hear your voice. Okay, I think okay A little star think we lost his connection. Okay, you can continue other so start like your topic and give us more details about this topic and maybe be able after that. We'll start to request us and they will understand what we are talking about it with you. So let me say again. I was talking about safety needs. So once people psychological requirements as I have mentioned our mad scientist need that arises in a safe environment. Our safety needs are appearance even early in a childhood as a children have a need for a safe and predictable in vitamins and typically react with fear and anxiety when these needs are not met. Maslow pointed out that and adults living in developing nations safety needs can be more appearance in emergency situation for example war and disasters but this need can also explain why we tend to prefer the familiar or why we do things like as I said insurance and contributing to a saving account. So it's not an inner feeling we have to feel safe even we are. Are blending to our future we have to put our money in the in the bank to feel safe. We have to we have to ensure we worry about our future with with our partner and we worry about what we are gonna do. So we are searching or we need to feel safe in our comfort zone for example, so the second one Or the third one is to as to be loved and feel belonging. So according to Maslow the next need in the hierarchy involves feeling loved and accepted. So this need includes post traumatic relationship and will as and as well as dies to our friends and family member it also includes our needs to feel that we belong to a social group importantly. The this neat pose feeling love and feeling love toward others. So this is the third needs in Maslow hierarchy since Muslims time researchers have continued to explore how love and belonging needs impact well-being. For example, having a social connection is related to Bitter physical health and conversely or feeling isolated having unmet belonging needs. Has negative consequences for health and will be if your needs are not met or unmet so you will feel unhealthy in your physical health. Well, I think Allah we have a request. Okay. Kai Aslam you are you are already did that he requested us to join us can hear us into right now. Please video. Okay. Take your time. Okay. Did we lose the last connection a lot? I think. Yes, we can hear you. Okay. I'm over here from Egypt on the alert from Asia to do so. It's your first time in this application. Okay. It's like I said, I'm comments. It's like broadcasting people come with like with subject or topics and their start talking about it like a Red Shadow and you can request to join any topic or literally just listen to any topic you want to listen about so some people start discussing some mailbox and some people are just talking about songs and Cerise movies things like that. So we today here talking about psychology Theory. So this is not necessary in a psychological field. Psychology is the study of human behavior memory and emotions feelings and so on. Okay. So do you have any other questions? Can you talk? Can I talk about this field too? except more information about the skin Okay. Okay. Let me just tell you what is psychology. As I have mentioned psychology is the study of human behavior like how you act and how you behave in some situation then I analyze it as a psychologist then tell you what to do. So we aren't today talking about our needs like when you are feeling hungry you you need food and when you are thirsty you need water this. We are talking about but not our psychological needs only. We are talking about that in your you need to achieve something in your life. You need to have friends. You need to be loved by someone. You need to feel safe. This is unit. So that is what we are talking about. Thank you. Here you are. Okay by watching movies and write down what you are learning like you have a notebook and write every words. You have learned it then practice it for example in this application. If you read an article about some topic you can come here and initiate protocol is our live broadcast and start discussing it with people here. In this application they are also trying to learn English. So it will be much easier if you practice what you are learning not just learning. Yes. Almost how can I how can I in about accessibility is this conversation you can if you are if you can talk in English. Shit, we will come in in language. So it's okay to talk in Arabic. Thanks. Thank you. We have another question or he he would talk in Arabic. So if you have any other question, let's say let's just focus on our topic today and we may have another. Conversation about the English language to continue collections. We welcome any requests and questions. So let's talk about our need of love and the building belonging sorry. So since I must first time researchers have continued to explore how love and belonging needs and backed our Infecting our building for example, as I have said and mentioned having social connections is related to video psychological and physical health and conversely feeling isolated having a mid to belonging needs have negative consequences for health and will be so what do you think about that? Mr. Hamid if you are feeling for But if you are feeling depressed or having any negative feeling that it will impact your physical health you agree with that and how its it happened. Because it gets normal search if we are not feeling okay from inside of our feeling or emotion or we are just broken or feeling good abrasion or socialism. Usually people feel time that they want to just sleep and just doing nothing and things like that so you can tell us more about how to just overcome that field. Okay, I was Saying that if you are if you are feeling that you are unloved or you are not accepted by the someone you love then you will feel sad and negative feeling and it will affect your physical health and like you heart you have a headache and you maybe stomach because you are thinking in some a negative feeling with as I have. Mentioned so how to express your needs help. How do you express your needs in love and belonging at aspect? So this is what we are I'm talking about right now it you have the right to feel that you won't love you have the right to love someone else. So this is the basic and the third basic need of muscle. Here are two key. So you're just a like asking me about how to find love in our life. If you are not feeling that we have that enough feeling of La. No, I'm just saying that if you have that feeling which is love to someone so don't feel shy of this feeling. This is your right. This is your basic need you have to feel loved and as well to to be loved by someone else. So this is your life your needs and Right in this life. So and muscle was talking about was talking about that. Our basic needs is to be loved and to feel loved. That's it. So the second one is to self-esteem. So what else is assisting me? So I always think needs involves the desire to feel good about ourselves. According to Maslow. Steve needs include two components the first First involves feeling self confidence and feeling good about oneself the second component involves feeling valued by others that is feeling that our achievements and contributions have been recognized by other people when people's esteem needs are met they feel confident and so and see their contributions and achievements as valuable and important. However, when there seemed needs are not met They may experience what I call it. Well what psychologists afraid and they're called feeling of inferiority. So what I was saying is how like if you tended to do something and you fail to do this, then you feel you will feel upset. So we have to avoid this feeling why achieving and working ourselves to to met our self esteem needs. So what you mean that it's it's normal that we feel we need that feeling that we achieved something and we needs a feeling that we are like doing something about our life. And if we didn t feel that if we didn't have that feel that will make us feel down or the wrist. Yes. It will affect us badly Even in our physical health. So if he were your self-esteem is not met you will feel upset and made and even you may experience depression. For example Example, so let us continue. So the first or the the the final one is self-actualization. So self-actualization refers to feeling fulfilled or feeling that we are living up to our potential one unique feature of self-actualization and that it looks different for everyone for one person self-actualization might involve helping others for another bird. And it might involve achievements in an artistic or and creative field essentially self-actualization means feeling that we are doing what we feel we are meant to do according to muscle achieving self-actualization is relatively rare and his example of famous self-actualized individuals include Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa. So the final one was self-actualization so it differ from some one to another so you may like you need to help others another one need to achieve something even it was a small thing in his life that we his actualization or self-actualization will be met. You get it? Okay. I will continue talking about how people will get throw the hierarchy of needs Maslow. Yes, sir. I just had to go. Okay. It's okay. I'm going to in you. You asked me a question earlier. Yes, I was asking you do you agree or do you have any idea about self-actualization or what does it mean for from your perspective? Can you define it for me first? Okay. Okay, so the actualization refers to feeling fulfilled or feeling that we are living up to our potential. Like you are what did you do energy have a request from mr. Ashwin. Okay. Hello. Hi is that I'm audible toy X - 1. Hi Omar. Hi Ella. How are you guys friends things perfect. So this topic is very interesting. So in fact today there was already an open Talk going on which was talking about the life and Works of art teacher Maslow the person who wrote Maslow's hierarchy of needs. So it's fascinating that you guys are talking about it. Please continue. I would love to ask a few questions. But please continue thought Al I think you were talking about the self-actualization need. Yes. As I have mentioned that self-actualization referred to feeling fulfilled or feeling that we are living up to our potentials. So when we need feature of self-actualization is that it looks different from from one to another. for example for another person it might involve achievements achievements in an artistic or creative field. So if you are interested in some artistic field, so you were self-actualization will be made in this field. A mother one will would meet his self-realization in another field or another interest. So it's about as a fields that someone is interesting like someone like me civil engineer. So it's like that I want to achieve something about civil engineering like a job or or having a company or for civil engineer or something like that. Correct? Exactly. All right in my opinion self-actualization would be where you're doing something where your motivations are lot more. Think in what you are doing. So so for example, it's a massless hierarchy of needs starts with very basic needs for person to fulfill their physiological and then the needs for safety the need for love and and then comes to self-exploration it is when the needs are when the needs do not serve serve a purpose themselves. You're doing something for this for the sake of doing that the for example, for example, if I am passionate Passionate about collecting stamps then then that's the passion. So that's something I'm doing for the fun of it for the passion of it or for the for with with no with no particular goals or or any intrinsic motivation that maybe I learn something from collecting stamps. But but yeah, this is cool self-actualization. That's why he said that it's differs from one to another right? Absolutely. So what is the next Point? Mr. Ibrahim was saying about this is here. Okay, we have that we have mentioned five stages of Maslow hierarchy. It's so the first one was psychology and we have mentioned that like we are hangry we needs food when we have their see we need water something like that and safety safe and we are searching to feel Serenity inside and we are staging for feel safe in the future. For example, as I have mentioned that we are contributing money for future and getting married to give that to have a family. So this is say And we have to do we need to be locked and feel belonging to somebody so badly share family and sit a great little relationship with friends. Even with a partner. This is our need we have to have to be met and we have also talked about self-esteem. We have meat involved with the desire to feel good about ourselves and The last one with was self-actualization that we have discussed this right now. So I have just I want to talk about how people progress through the hierarchy of needs is so how we if we have met our psychological need then we have to go to the another another for the next living which is self esteem. For example Do I continue or do you have any idea or any no continuously? I was more details. Yeah, please continue either. Okay, so muscle but still you did that. There were several free questions is to meet these needs for example having freedom of speech and freedom of expression or living in a just and fair Society aren't a specifically mentioned within the hierarchy of needs. However, Maslow believed that having these things make it easier for people to achieve their needs in addition to these needs monthly also believe that we I need to learn a new information and to better understand the world around us. This is particularly because learning more about our environment help us meet our other needs for example learning more about the world can help us feel safer and developing a better understanding of what topic one is passionate about gay and contribute to self-actualization. However muscle also believe that this call to understand the world around us it in an innate and eat as well. So you might have a need which is not which is not in the muscle hierarchy such as learning a new net language or want to learn about the world around us. This is not any but he considering is a self-actualization or as in our in his hierarchy. So it's all I have a question. So how does a individual how does a person grow through these needs? You know so so let's say if I am at a level 3 or level 2 need where I'm just thinking about my safety or I'm just thinking about food, you know, or that's my need. How do I progress in this hierarchy? How do I you know reach a state where I'm where I'm not What a door. I'm not I don't have needs which are which are lower down in the hierarchy, but rather I reached that stage of self-actualization. So what is how does an individual grow in this needs hierarchy? So the first thing is to meet your psychological needs for example, if you if you are extremely hungry, you won't consider concentrate in any other needs or any other thing for it, even if you are if you want to sleep, then you will not focus on anything else. But if you are if you are in psychological needs are met then you will. Focus and think about other stage which is which is self esteem that you will search for yourself and identify yourself. What do you need from this life? Then you will set your goals after that. Will you even find you will search for a partner and try to set a family then in according according to this and why you are doing this you are meeting these needs you will think about Next Level, which is self-actualization. So while you are searching for a partner when you will experience many situations, which will lead you to how to define yourself and reach your self actualization. So I am talking with people right now. So I'm just practicing my my English. So throw this. I I just find that I have a and learning new things. So I will consider it at a self-actualization then working on it to to meet and feel satisfied about myself. Understood. Thank you so much for answering this. You're welcome. So thanks for your sharing and we were happy to have you here in this conversation. Thank you. Thank you, please continue. Thank you. We have another request we might accept it. Yes, please. Go ahead. Okay, we have to accept. Hello. How are you? Okay. So today you guys are talking about Maslow need higher kachori, right? Hmm. It's in our slavers and I've been studying it I guess two or three days ago. And yeah, the topic is good. Yeah, it's also practical at the same time. Sorry, are you betray me? I'm inaudible. Yes. Okay, so I was saying you guys are talking about Maslow's need higher kachori. And yeah, I know about this topic very well. I was studying it two days ago goes. So yeah, that's great. And also it is practical at the same time. So yes. Hello. Hello. Yes what you have said, please. No, I'm a voice is breaking but I think good thing is. I think we have lost all the requests. So do we have another request I will talk about deficiency needs versus growth need the 5 stage model can be divided into deficiency needs and growth need. The first four levels are often referred to as deficiency needs the needs and the top level is known as growth. Or being needs P. So the features need arises due to the abbreviation and our say to motivate people when they are on MIT. Also the motivation to fulfill such needs will become stronger the longer the duration they are denied. For example, the longer a person goes without food the more hungry. They will become muscle initially stated that individuals must satisfy lowered liver. A deficiency needs before progressing on to meet higher level crows needs. However, he later clarified that satisfaction of a need is not an all our own on phenomenon. So admitting that his earlier statements have may have given the false impression that I need must be satisfied 10% before the next need images. So this concept Is is not accepted in Maslow hierarchy. So when at officience needs has been more or less satisfied it will go away and our activities become habitually directed towards meeting the it's of me that we work with you again. Mr. Hirsch it so I'm already well now I think yes your will. Ok. So hello everybody. So today we were talking. Talking about today. We are talking about Maslow need hierarchy Theory and it's very related to my subject as I'm a student of Commerce. So it's a practical topic so we can use it in our life also. Okay, let's discuss so actually motivation is psychological phenomena and the need of employee play very important role in motivation to understand the needs of human being we must learn mashrou Nero. Cotillion think so so I think Maslow theory is very important. So there are five stage. I guess if I remember psychological first, and then we have Safety and Security and safety or security contains two minutes that is physical security and economical security. And then the third step is social need and belongingness need and forth. We have esteem needs and at the last we have salad. I think we lost. Mr. Hirsch it again. So gross need um Steve for a lake of something but rather from a design your own person, once this grows needs have been responsibility satisfied one may be able to reach the Heights and they will called self-actualization. Every person is compatible and has the desire to move up the hierarchy or the little old self actualization unfortunately asleep. People often distributed by absolute limit the word level needs life experience including divorce and loss of a job may cause an individual to Black to fluctuate between older who are working there for like one will know that you are a manner but may move back and forth between the different types of needs. So we might discuss and I have enjoyed discussing this I have. Knowledge with what information so thanks for your shading and think for a final. Thanks very much. And you added a lot to me and to our listeners. It was a very interesting topic and maybe we will talk about it again and more details and maybe we'll would like to search about it and know more about it before we start talking about it again. So the Might have more questions next time and they would like to share more resin X-Type wish you at home. What about that environment like this on an exam some workers you doing that one the whole place just become bright hot about that in water.