Man, we love to know more about your journey. I was born and brought up in Delhi and belonged to a home of Engineers and with my dad being a professor getting a good education was a top priority as it is with every teachers kids. So after completing my engineering from IP University, I did my MBA from IIM Calcutta from there. I worked with McKinsey for about five years and then join safe in 2011 and at SEF, I've been investing across multiple sectors are like consumer internet Enterprise software and Healthcare some of the companies that have been involved in and have invested in at self include share chat prop tiger. No broker treebo travel triangle Circle app are black and play Simple games. Well, what made you shift from a mckinsey's traditional consulting job to a very young Venture firm called sex partners back in 2011 safe was not young then safe had been around for about 10 years. But I think your question is still valid from Consulting to investing. So even in Consulting I used to work mostly with technology companies. These were slightly more grown-up technology companies. So I used to serve Telecom operators IT services company is bpos and handset manufacturers. So there was this sort of excitement of being close to technology. If you think about it. These are much larger companies the pace of evolution of technology in those companies is much slower and that that was an itchy. In me that I wanted to be closer to the action what better place to be closer to the action than technology startups. I think the market for technology startups was much smaller back then but I when I looked at my view five years out I said will technology and Technology status become big in India, of course, so that was probably the right time to jump in and that's why I joined Venture investing at SEF. So what's your purpose in life mank? That's that's a very deep question. See, I think at the at the highest level. I want to be part of India's growth journey. I want to contribute to something that's happening in India. We are at the cusp of this tremendous growth that's likely to happen over the next eight ten years. And with the economic growth will come the rise of new businesses. So we are at like $2,000 GDP per capita today. And as we grow from this level the disposable income in consumers Will Rise new businesses will come people will be willing to spend And on new products and services so frankly, there is no better time to be a venture investor than now in India by being a venture investor. I can contribute to new businesses getting built in India. Hopefully that will help become they helped become India a larger economy in the world. So that's I think that's where the my purpose in life to do something for the country and what I feel I'm good at Mary and that's why I see myself doing Venture investing and investing in startups. In closely with them for a very long time to come frankly the more undiscovered the opportunity the more attracted. I am towards it as a VC investor, which markets have been a win for you in the last five years and why I'd say F. We've always invested very early seed series a something that we are most excited about especially seed stage. I have personally spent a lot of time investing at early stages of the companies and so it's not a surprise that the Investments that I'm excited about that have done. Well are both seed stage companies first one is share chat. So we had invested in 2015 in church at four years back and there was no wave of content startups back there. Now there is of course a way of there are many startups that you see especially last year in this year lot of startups have come out in the content space but back then there was no wave I think it was more of a thesis from our side. That when we looked at the growth of data consumption in China, and we said that will India get to that stage over the next three four years. Yes, of course, it will and once data and handsets are more available to the end users to the next now next billion users a big term, but we thought if next 200 300 million users come online, what will they do first? They would like to access some content some entertainment on their phones and that was our thesis that when we invested in church That there is a new wave of users likely to come they would like to use the data to access some entertaining content. And that's where shirts that would fit right in. Now, of course, the users have a vault they want more than entertainment shares that is evolving in that direction and another investment we made in the contents page circle is a hyper local content platform success of both. These is actually proving our thesis right? Of course Geo coming in helped a lot. I think it was the right time. Place for us but we are a very strong thesis to go after the smart and the second one. I feel really happy about is no broker. So if you think about real estate transaction than India, it's about like 10 12 billion dollars of Revenue pool almost entirely captured by Brokers whether it is a rental transaction for your home or it's a buy and sell transaction or even a commercial property transaction whenever you think of finding a place to stay you think of a broker, but there is a Lot of information asymmetry that they were riding on and even for five years back if you would talk to any customer they would say if there is a way to do this transaction without a broker I'll be very happy. So we felt that there is a market there is a set of users who would like to deal directly with similar users without the involvement for broker and a dedicated platform needs to come up for that. And when we met the no broker team as the name suggests it they had the same thesis that this clear idea that we will eliminate Brokers from Some part of the real estate transactions and I think over the last four years the company has proved that yes users are there they would like to do this transaction themselves. They would like to leverage some of the technology platforms that new broker is providing to do this transaction and they're willing to pay good money for it. One of the questions that everybody asked was that yes, it's good, but will people pay to find homes without the help of a broker. I think no broker has proved that that people will be willing to pay if you provide high-quality service. So I think at these two investment, I would say what sort of counterintuitive little bit ahead of their times but we feel happy as an investor. You always feel happy that you visualize the world for five years out and it's almost playing out that way. So I feel very happy about this way. So it's are your or Investments are always teaches driven top to bottom or sometimes. It's also bottom up because of the founders you invested in the market see, I think it's it's a combination of the two. We have a top-down thesis on what's Does we like and what business models we feel could work over here, but frankly, it's always Founders who will also teach us quite often. It happens that you get aware about a market because the founder and a company comes and presents to you and a certain idea. Then you do a top-down. Then you go back and say okay. This sounds like an interesting idea. Let me figure out whether it actually makes sense. Just coming top down from the market point of view. So it's a combination but It's tough like I mean, it's an ocean if we if we just say let's look at everything out there. We can't boil the ocean. So we do have to come top down and that's the way I'd say. If and personally I have always been working. How do you attribute timing? Yes, like you mentioned it was a perfect timing to enter into share chat and circle. How do you predict that? What's the science are behind it? Frankly. There is none. I think you just be not prudent for me to say that investing does not involve luck. Does involve lucky and you have to make the right decision given the set of information available to you sometimes luck favors. You sometimes luck doesn't favor you you can't possibly time the market. What we could have said was that yes, this Market will open up and share chat will become big this Market could have opened up like literally two years after we invested it could have opened up for years after we had invested so there is no way for us to time it for example, one of the Investments that didn't work. Well for us in the content space but invested in a company which shows into video streaming of content, which was on TV. So it was you could say very early version of Hulu but for Indian content, we had invested in them in 2011 by the time the data Revolution came along they had run out of capital and they did not exist when users had started consuming. A lot of video content had they been around today would have done. Well, they had a fair shot but back then when the band It was so constrained and people didn't have mobile phones with high bandwidth. They just couldn't take off. So I think that's an example of where timing didn't work. But the idea was robust as an investor one needs to realize that whether you made the right decision or not. There was an element of luck. Maybe it works for you maybe doesn't work for you. You should not get deterred from taking risky bets and far-reaching beds just because timing didn't work in one case.