How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing good. So, how is your how is the new year treating you New Year is treating good lots of work at audiences and you that's the use of time to get snow somewhere. Yeah. I'm working for an IT company in Hyderabad. Okay, and I as what I am. I am the AT marketing head content strategist. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. So what kind of content and all you take care of their I take care of the social media promotion and corporate communication so basically and as well as I also take care of the website content at the complete digital marketing days CEO and to social media. Okay? Okay. I'm also from that background only very nice a nice to connect. Haha, yeah. So so today's today's open talk is on mental health. So she was an illness. Yeah. So first of all, I would like to tell my tell our listeners is no one minute. I will go live. They become not live still adjust I choked. I was just connecting the the quality of this audio. So you feel have anything I think people are responding. Yeah, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes we are live. Yeah, so what hello. Hello. Good morning to everybody who is joining now. So what I would like to say is that mental health it is it is considered a taboo in the in the Indian Society. We don't talk much about mental health because probably because it is not very evident to understand the symptoms of mental health, but first because Z like in a physical injury the bruises the marks the scars are visible so you can say that you are injured or you have you are not feeding okay physically, but are you do you know when you are not feeling? Okay? Mentally? Yes, that's a true thing many other people don't understand the issues like these days. I see a very common problem from in every age even bi Why child you see the way they behave the way they react if it is one of the very important factors to look at the people to look at everyone if the parent should take care of the people the younger people everyone because I feel that. Hello, Esther. Yes. Yeah, so y-you were saying that what do you feel about mental health? So I feel the reason of mental health issues and unless is because of some of the major reasons which is predominantly existing more in our society is like eating disorders like depression anxiety disorders people have so much of meth lab so much of hopes in life. So ambitious, So at times it happens when they are not able to achieve it. They don't behave it properly Yeah. So basically first I would like to tell you what mental health in illness is so basically what happens is that every person has positive and negative emotions. Okay, but but what happens is when you when you do not when you are not able to create a a balance between positive and negative feelings that is when a mental health issue arises because obviously negative issues will persist but if you can't balance it out with the positives or you are many there is a lack of self-awareness which creates which creates a lot of issues. I think we are getting a request to join from jellyfish will take him on the call. Yes. Yes, we can take him. What is this question? Let me see. He wants to join the call now. Yes. Yes. He hasn't asked. Hello Charlie. How are you doing? Hi. Hi. So we are we are talking about mental health. Let's keep it a coordinated discussion because it will it will give a lot of views viewpoints to our listener. So let's be respectful to each other and let us give coordinates. Let us coordinate the discussion so I would like to learn from you. What do you think about Mental Health? Mental Health Yes. All right. So I think as you mentioned I think it's you who has mentioned right man regarding the scar. Is it is it what your point? No, I want to ask you. What do you think about what what is mental health According To You Right according to me mental health simply means that mentally stable. So how do you say a person is mentally stable? So let's say for example, something goes wrong in external environment. Yeah. It's for example an accident or someone related to him or her passes away. So that doesn't affect him in a much CVO way, right? So this is one aspect of mental stability because there are many aspects of it. They can be two aspects when we talk about mentally because I think when you talk about physically like as you mentioned, I think I don't know. Maybe it's you or the math question. Yeah. Yeah about the sky. I think that sounds somehow very valid point Cause A lot of people really don't understand about the mental consequences and even world really don't Focus much on mental related aspects. We always much focus on the physical aspects of Life. Yes. So I think it's time the world today in India. Our nation specifically is focusing on the world. Yoga day. Yoga itself is a great art that which controls Mental stability. Yes, so I can build. Yeah. Okay remembering or can I continue go ahead go ahead? Okay. So yeah, so that's what I'm saying. So I think the most important thing is that we don't have because we don't have to I think some some of a person I really don't remember his name great eminent person has made a statement. We don't have to give a remote to the public and ask them to control our mind. So so that's what exactly is happening in our nation today because most people you know, someone said this specifically happened in a company or officing office or working area. He told shoulders that's why you get absurd. That's why you get disappointment depressed. One of the point that you had made is expectation. Yes. This is a bigger problem, right? So when we expect more, I think that also lead to a bigger Problem. So my simple point is the most important thing is you need to have a control of your brain. You don't give a remote to others to control your mind. So if you have a statement, yeah, if you have a stable mind you have a stable health because I think if you damage your health, I mean I don't say that you have to damage your body. No, but still correct. Let's say if you if you are some of your parts is being lost still you can Lead a life, but if your mind has been lost, I think it's very hard to live a better life. Very nice. Very nice inputs by a jellyfish. I think Arthur will also agree with this what Jerry said yeah. Yes. It's very important. Yes. Oh, so that's what I want to say because I think again, I need to add one last Point here because a great leader has said that you can leave without food for 40 days and you can leave Without water for seven days, but you cannot leave without a thought for even now even more than a second, correct? Absolutely, right? Thank God. Thank you for your input II just say that it's very important, and it's the right time that we focus much on the mental mental stability and mental. So, thank you ma'am. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. Thanks. Thank you jealous. Thank you. So so What we would see is that. The mental health revolves around your own thoughts your own perception and your own feelings. But what happens is we are we end up having issues because there is a lack of self-awareness. I think boom has made a very good point that it is not about outer environment. It's all about our inner environment because only we know what is our thought process. What is our what? Is making me happy or sad that only I know somebody else looking at you. Can you can have a fake smile on your lips? But you might be feeling very sad inside your heart the internal internally. You might be feeling very sad like so what happens is mental health is all about balancing out the negative with positive with positive. Of feelings that is how you can keep a check on your mental health. We are joined by Nadeem my yeah one second. We are joining. We are connecting with Nadeem now. So Nadeem, can you hear us? Hi? Hi Nadine Nadine, Nadine. Please make your point. Yeah. See actually, it's great to have two speakers on this topic. Thank you for the open top. So what I'd like to say is even the nutrition what you take, I mean when you have when you mention about the physical scars, which are not visible that's also a part of it. But what is important is like the balance in the body basically has also a physical element. Okay. Now there are certain mutations. Like if they are over the prescribed balance below. Even they create a lot of disturbance in the body and leaves the mind to become unstable. You're not hmm. That is important. Yeah, but from question down and all these aspects. Yeah. So what I always say is what I always say is Nadine that they should be a balance in your emotional health like extreme extreme of anything is bad. Okay. Cream being extremely ecstatic or happy or being extremely sad or like becoming lonely. Both are bad in their own sense. Both are bad for you because you are not you are not gaining a balance over your over your emotional health and on your mind because what happens is when we become extremely happy we sometimes go out of control. Yes, so excellent. What I what personally I feel is when's irrespective of the gender. A person's mind is mostly under his control. Okay, it has to be mentored properly by basically the parents or the family second. It's the N1 physical environment. You know, what I said is nutrition, right? Yeah. Now you are certain key elements like which which play a very important role in the development of the brain functioning of it. And the second part is that so external factors. Yes, there should be strong initiative to educate people how to do anger management. Okay, and how to manage emotions how to control them. What are the actions which lead to depression basically so they should be kind of study and unfortunately, you know in the mental health sector very few people are there who are doing Being genuine job, you know it goes the first is the importance of narrative. There is a book. I've read called importance of narrative. Okay buttons on it was narrative versus psychotropic substances, which are heavily being used in the Western countries, which totally block The receptors and you know necessarily using of chemicals which are supposed which are supposedly dangerous in the long run. So, you know talking it out is very important, basically. So good Nadine Nadine. Thank you for making your point private join, so I will have to disconnect. Thank you for your points. Thank you very much. So we are we are joined by. Mr. Chandra, Das who wants to talk on the topic? Hello. Mesh. Can you hear hear us? Yeah, ma'am. Yeah, so so tell me what do you want to talk about? What do you want to discuss about the topic? Well, I talk about mental returnest. That means how to maintain our mind. Yeah. See first of all, I would before For answering your question. I would like to help people understand that there is a lack of self-awareness. We are not evaluating our emotional health. Like what is what is impacting our us what is impact impacting us emotionally and intellectually like okay external external factors will be there. But how do they how do they affect us? How are we perceiving their? But what is our thought process? What is our there is a lot of self-exploration that needs to be done in order to keep mental health in a check. You have to review your priorities and objectives of life and put things into perspective like whether you are thinking in the right way to achieve your life's objectives. And this is this is something which will help and like you said, why are we first of all I would like to Tell you that we are very scared to express ourselves freely because we fear because we fear that we will be judged. Why do we care so much about what people other people will say? Yes, they are external factors their Viewpoint matters, but you have a certain Viewpoint. You have a certain you have a certain perception about yourself, right? You know what you want. In life are correct. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Yes, tell me a message always you can't not motivation are not easy work ma'am. See I understand I understand motivational talk will not help you every time but you should also you should also realize you should also rain lies at what is making you sad. Are you working or is it only because of the people external factors that you are taking stress? Us or is it something that you are not doing? What should you do? What should you do as a person to overcome that stress, but now we know Vector is due to external factors external factor. I am the problem facing that problem. But how do over come this think see external factors are not external factors are not under your control, but what impact they will have. Is the impact that external factors will have on your life that is under your control you are what happens is we we we should understand that stress is good if it motivates us, but it is but if it demotivates or pulls you down, okay so far, are you trippin expecting more and more? That's why people are accept a one second. Once again, people are expecting. What is your Expectation from yourself. What do you expect? What do you want to do in need in January suppose suppose? I would yeah. Yeah, you're right ma'am, but when he always try to speak about that topic, I we have to not concerned about that much we have inner confident, but when someone telling about that, how do our work is gone how to you something like I owe you feel the he criticized me. see listen, why do you why does why does is others opinion much import much more important than what you think about yourself. Not other opinion will say it's our family he will be rolling in a know just like external factor. I feel like that have you have you ever and have you ever tried to explain to yourself? Have you ever tried to explain to your family what you want to do? Yeah, but our family member is not educated room. That's why we don't have any want to do something. You want to do hear something. What is Your priority in life you have decided already. You want something one second do not interrupt you want to do something in your life, but you want to do but are you taking enough risks? Are you taking enough risks? Are you are you making efforts to to achieve what you want to do? Yeah. I'm putting much more effort. But when I am thinking about that the how to achieve and that's all about that we have Depressed sometimes not all the time. First of all, first of all a major reason for stress is confused thinking first of all, you have to you have to get your thought process, right? You have to I am not asking you to go against your family or be a rebel or something, but you have to keep your priority in mind. You have to balance it out. You have to balance it out. How will you balance out? Your family's expectations and your own expectations. That is something you have to internalise. You have to introspect and come up with a solution. Nobody else can give you the solution. Because it is it is it is very frustrating when when somebody else talks to you. Sometimes you might feel sometimes you might feel that. Okay. These all are these all are worthless talks. We will not have it. Why why do you feel worthless? Because you want a ready-made solution for it. You have to find out internalized and find a solution for this. How will you how will you you said your family is uneducated your family is Not that well educated and all what do you want to do in life? What is your priority? Mmm, because our planet remember don't we can go to any school or any clinician? What what is your priority in life? I want to be a math teacher. You want to be a teacher. What what steps are you taking to become a teacher? First of all, I am completed my graduation. Okay, then I am. Did your family go against you when you were studying not Agnes tree me what he always try to be try to be but you still there any other I've done on the internet about the teaching exam at okay, but you still gave the exam but you are still studying you have still completed the graduation, correct? Yeah recent recent aiming to 2019. I am 20 years old ma'am. Yeah. Go ahead. Then. I want to be to Preparing. I want to be preparing for teaching exam. Our family want to be another job like Ray Lewis OC or others job. Someone tells my father to any job where new job as her religion that my father tried to be sad to hear another job and getting her on meds of that's my problem ma'am. Okay, so that is that is so you should you can if you Are preparing for exams you can prepare for both the competitive exams. I don't comfortable with competitive exam the other competitive exam. Okay, you are not comfortable with agar competitive exams, obviously because he your parents will be concerned about the or person it is it is very easy to say that other people are other people the are the cause of stress, but the fact is you yourself are not so strong leader. The men that you want to do teaching you want to become a teacher? Yeah, I'm sorry to say but this is this is the fact you have to be strongly prepared and mentally prepared that any let anybody say anything. I will die will give the teaching exam. Yeah, you have to be mentally strong and think about that. Because this because this is just now right now parents. Our parents are the external Factor if we get started giving chances to everybody that everybody can influence our decision then it is it is a very big problem. You have to decide for yourself. You have to see what are the risks and what will be the consequence of it. What will be the consequence when the consequence of Your Action and you have to take full responsibility. You cannot say that your parents told you to do this or your teachers told you to do this or your friends told you to do this? It is very easy. It is very easy to tell that it is a very easy excuse to give that okay. Somebody else told me so I did it. Why don't you have known what I have interests that so I can do you have test eating well, so let anybody say anything let anybody say anything you have to give the teaching exam and prove to them that you were right ma'am is what you want to do. Yeah. Are you understanding? Are you understanding what I'm your mom? So be determined be determined that you want to give the teaching exam you will you your goal is teaching exam you will not you will not list. You will listen to everybody but everybody is advise you cannot follow you will do what you want to do. Okay. Well, I'm dying to be motivated all one all time. But sometimes I can it is okay it is okay to so it is a very great. It is a very difficult thing to to to do your own thing. It is not an easy thing to be yourself being yourself is not easy. So you accept the challenge and don't blame others in the for what for what they are doing. Let them do their thing you be determined and Say that your aim your goal is to become a teacher you will do that was. Let everybody say anything because what will happen is once you do what you feel is right for you and you have some objective for yourself priority for yourself. And if once you achieve that you will be the happiest person and they will also feel happy when you are happy. Yeah. Correct. Yeah, ma'am. Thank you so much for all I will come with my talk. If you have any other questions you may have please comment on the please leave your comment. I will answer during my talk. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, ma'am your kind eyes. There is someone Amis also he also wants to join. Okay, I think I disconnected on my chest. Call one second. Okay? Hi, Miss. Please give your supporting arguments. Hello. Hello a mess. I think he's not here. Yeah, so let's let's reject his request it. Yes. He's here I guess so we will require we'll take our GRE and into the coal. Yeah. Hello RJ RI on it's nice. You have you want to join our call on Mental Health? Okay, Mark for you're too smart for your nice to talk to you, but I don't think so. Thank you very much for giving me consenting. Thereby come alive, but costume talk to you. Thank you. So are you other about Mental Health? Sorry, can't get your you think you repeat, please. Please please make what do you want to do is you know, we want a moment ago. Hello. Hello. Can you hear us mental health issues unless you have course. Yeah, there is a lot of reason. GetGo lot of maintenance on your like brain pathology. Yes. Hello. I think he has a bad intent poor internet. Asta what should we do? So hook we have a lot of listeners. We have a lot of listeners now and I would like to say that mental health is an mental health is an impact of a person's thoughts perceptions feelings behaviors. It affects our relationships be it social be it interpersonal it effects our Relationships obviously there are many data there or disturbance in the mental health or if You observe you need to be empathetic to observe a person who is suffering from Mental Health. Because the because the symptoms the symptoms are not visible like physical injuries. So how is the person behaving if you if you observe If You observe any unusual behavior don't don't just say a Republican hika or paga Theory a to pagal a try to understand why the person is why is there a change why is A change in the person's Behavior. If you are really a good friend of if you are really a good friend, you must if you are really good good friend, then you must say understand and be empathetic to your friend. Hasta, do you have any specific question? Yes there we can have a question. I see. Mainly they say this days that I stay in an apartment or I've been to many places I see there is a common problem in people of like middle class or upper middle classes. I see when their children born from the birth itself. Their little mental development is not proper. Can you tell me what is the reason behind because before the pregnancy itself? At a many things like many ultrasound or test a female goes under but why this happens or they don't come to know about all this. Do you have any specific cancer for this? See? Sometimes we like you mentioned about Urban middle class and upper middle class. What happens is our lifestyle has changed a lot. We ourselves are not aware about what make when are we under stress or not? And they say they say that a mother a pregnant lady she's a pregnant woman should be happy and have the right food have the right food so that the won't the baby developing in the womb should be nourished properly nourished because he it is just like it is just like growing a plant a child is like growing a plant if you have if you give the proper food water nutrition, In proper menu or then what will happen is the plant will grow well, but if you don't give the proper nutrition and you don't keep a check on your own mental health it is very it is very possible. It is possible that your the child is the child is born with some mental disorder and nowadays one. Sorry to interrupt. I know I saw it in I know two three people, they're not very close to me. But I have saw them. They were very careful during that time, but I see it in their kids. There is a developmental delay. Okay means I really don't understand the reason of this which is I think which is very much prevalent in middle and upper-middle class. Yeah, so many people first of all don't don't know in these kind of situations. I I want to be able to I won't be able to point out any specific reason why it happens because I'm not a clinical psychologist and I have not studied the subject of psychology, but I would I would like I have not taken academic. What do you say coaching for this subject? But what I would say is if you observe If You observe any unnatural unnatural behavior in your child it is it is the right time to consult Khan seek medical help because what happens with sometimes what happens is we are we don't observe the these signs and we we are not aware about aware about these signs or symptoms and we might delay we might deal it might cause a delay which have which happens which might lead to further consequences. Okay. Okay. So one second, so I again RJ Orion has requested. Yes, yes. Hello. Hello Aryan. Hello Ian. I think there's some disturbance in the network from his side. He's not able to connect this. Yeah. So I and if you have any question, you can please send type your question and send it in the comment section. So like I said, there is a difference between the term stress and depression stress is something which makes you feel stress is something which make stress comes because of fear. But sometimes it is good if it motivate you to become stronger. And it is bad if it if it D motive with you. Yes. Yes. Yes. So what happens is so what happens is so there are many but clinical depression is like long-term sadness long term such as star sadness or instability in your natural behavior many a times what happens is if we if we suppose someone passes away is if we see a death enough I'm ready. If someone close to us passes away now see I agree that you will be you will feel sad for you will feel sad for few days. But if it is a long-term sadness. If it is if it is a long-term Sadness the agreed to your point, then I think you need help and see every time you don't need to go to a psychologist. There are different there are different levels of psychology as well. Whew in the initial level in the initial level a counselor is able to help you but the practice of counseling is not very popular in it. Yeah, of course the basic problem we are again if you don't mind, can I add something to your conversation? Yeah. Yes, definitely definitely because I think I think as a practice in India. We we if we have cold or cough if we have cold or cough. We advise go to see us a general physician, correct, but when we are when we face when we Face the future health issues. We don't even vote. Of course, I guess that's why that's so I'ma go with you and that's always really basic problem of what Even though we have a lot of stress with you, I do like just it with our friends and and and then a moment was for get all the stress, when we'll fix it. Our friends are always big enough company, but later when will solve all my work. I'll be there. We again something this type of habit. You don't know if that's just like and temporarily your dad. Okay, and as your provider Proposed that the too much better for our us. Okay, and thank you. They are. I'm sorry, but I don't want a problem with me. I've talked a lot of so I'm so sorry. No. No, that's absolutely fine. There is a there is a statistic that is a statistic that I would like to share with our listeners. It is like on 10th October 2019. That is the world. I'm new here, too. So I'm aware about the you. Users, but if you don't mind, can I have no you're bleeding to death soon to get know about the like that who are you into? What are you? Okay, so you want to know about me so I am I am working for an IT company and I am an author or I'm an author and a poet and a theater Artist as well and I have recently published my title the mind game which talks about emotional intelligence. It has become a best-seller. And I the subject of mental health is very close to my heart. I have been reading about human behavior from a very for my very young age. And that is why this topic I want to make people aware that mental health is something which is under our control and if we take the necessary necessary steps we can we can take care of a mental health ourselves and we can also avoid mental. Health issues like depression or acute acute chronic depressions. Yeah. Yeah, of course. That's why so you like to read it. And so I get your subject. I like to I like to read a lot of different Caillou. I love reading but yes psychology human behavior and philosophy to say that you all like to read about the books which included in our like mind connections and depression. These are like like you want you want to read about over at the tutors and like you know, what there's a lot of like separations of a psychology book. So I think you should have to region brain pathology. Look that's too important for you and maybe pee help you to like there's a lot of pollution to get more from stress and depression or so. I recommend you used to have to read when pathology but it's some sort. Of course. You're a psychologist knowledge, okay. Okay. Okay, I'll do that. Maybe this could be your help you to like complete that you like to like depression situations and like elsevier. All the circumstances has relevance to your mind. And your you like this job great of works. So give it time are you definitely you're married? I'm right no single. Okay. So what's your future plan? I think I think we are. Everything from the topic, let's discuss on mental health because a lot of listeners want to join so I think we'll catch up later. Excuse me. There's not be questioned. Okay, do you think there is no bigger shoes and snob egoism. So as a journal accustomed like talk to you then it's all up to you if you don't want to reveal your secrets and it's all right. I'm not married. Sorry. I'm not reminded of it is easy the but I think you are you're getting it wrong. I and II do I would just appreciate that. We maybe Go baby go look at this week everything positivity. Okay, so it's all run by few into character everything to the negative thoughts and you it's around about Anjali negative health effects. Okay, so you have to take everything as a positive. Okay. Hmm. I think you got angry, maybe no no, I'm not saying I'm not I'm not getting angry. I'm just saying that I want to I want to stick to the topic of mental health issue and not engage in personal conversation. Yeah, of course, of course and for your kind information as you are perhaps you guys you sooner but I knew her I'm just three days ago or months or happened go to happy to be here and all the split. It's all around the world and Good way and get opportunity to make a conversation with around the world people and you know what's of mirror and then I can't imagine the helmet I go to waiting from the dead because I'll find around the world people here and even that I've live at the last night and our God will firstly 3 + 300 + like weakness or my broadcast and just one horse blustering. Okay, okay. I asked her. Do you have any questions for you? Artist has busy now at the moment. But I still can you Harold? After can you hear us? Well, they become I am our last question for you. There are say goodbye to all of you and then I cannot II beg your pardon you prefer. Okay, you ready for your after all different strengths to others? Okay. Seriously, if someone in the Press nor anything won't you help seriously you have them I I take counseling sessions on Instagram through Instagram. That and I talk to them I talk to them. I have I have offered help. I have offered help and be and being a listener on Instagram handle mines Instagram handle is at the rate or third a weaker. You may connect with me on Instagram. And whenever you feel that you want to share your problem with me or you are stuck or you feel your life is stuck. And you want to get out you you may have met you may feel free and I will chat with you on Instagram. Oh, yeah through our field. Oh, I think to go there until Leo case. We may need you can swing without any other so well have difficulties real nice to talk to you. I think that was a to good conversations for both of us and for all those who listen now at the moment and like you say one word. I'm sorry, so it will end from why you're being so I'm so sorry. Yeah, or maybe have a good day. Have a good day. Have a good night. Actually, I'm your I started with okay, so take care of the video. It's real nice to talk to you and ask them what you saw and seriously, I really want to talk to you, but I don't love you why you don't like to talk to goodnight. Goodnight. Okay. Take care. Take care. Okay, Richard, we have another caller. Hello Richard, so I was talking about the statistic that I wanted to share. So 7.5% of the of India is affected with mental health issue. That is a statistic released by The Who on 10th October 2019, but the sad part is that we have less than 4,000 experts. There are now as I was telling Telling few of my listeners who join the call is why do we why don't we why do mental health issues occur? First of all, but first is that we are not we don't find anybody to talk openly without fear. Yes. Yes, Astra. Hello, Astra. Your voice is not Audible. Hi, Oscar. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Now your voice is Richard is here. Pardon. Richard is here because I can't see him. I can't hear him. I know Richard Richard drop the curl. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I was as I was saying that it has been predicted that in the coming future around 20% of India will suffer from mental health if we don't there is a another statistic which is like I would say is that the suicide rate has increased in India, there are and the worst part is it the age group which has affected his 15 to 29, which is a very sad statistic because it is that time of the year it is direct that time of your life when you can actually make a worthy living of your life, but you are so much under pressure. And you are so you are not even aware that you are suffering from any mental health disorder. So it goes undiagnosed and and you don't speak about it. You don't eat not much pressure on their kids on the studies and all not only academic sometimes like you said burden of expectations. I think that there is the real cause yes, it is not only parents expectations. It is also your own expectations from your abilities if that's true. That's true. Sometimes what happens is we try to Imitate someone and we try to live somebody else's life. Yes, and one problem in India is this because it's a ever-growing population here in India. The population is growing by Leaps and Bounds every year and every where the competition is too tough and everyone wants to be a have a good carrier ahead and want to be a toy at the very top position. So it's very difficult. Everyone can't beat a top position as the population is too much in the country itself. You know what you know. What success is a the this game of all this game of success and fame is all very very big. What do you say it is it is like an imagination because we don't know what the successful people have done. We don't know how they reach that level of success. How what kind of challenges they faced. Yes, and they have also faced many failures in life to reach that success to reach that level. Yes. Italy definitely nobody what I see is until and unless you take risks in life. You will not attain success. But how many but how many people are courageous enough brave enough to take that risk? Yes many people don't have the risk taking ability only yes percent of the people are tuned in today in today's world if you see see that is because that is because some somewhere or the other somewhere or the other there is also What would I say the kind of an environment that we are brought up in right from my childhood? We are told that okay. You should do this you should do that. But when we become an adult we are we are trapped in a vicious circle. We are strong we are trapped in a vicious circle where it is where it is very difficult for us to get out of the the burden of expectation and analyze our life on our own principles If I say that if I say that your your family believes in something your family wants you to become an IAS officer, but you believe you want to view want to become something else. That means you have to put in that extra effort to develop that courage to go against your family and show your worth. But I already enough to take that risk is my question see sometimes parents should also understand the capability not only parents everyone should understand their own capabilities also at times your capabilities are also little less to achieve to that position or you should work hard that much to reach that level. So some of the people they Aspire high they Aspire very high, but they don't put their efforts or they don't want to sacrifice to get that level. And also one of the reason yes, and one more reason what I say is you are not having realistic expectations you you can there is nothing there is no it is not bad to dream. It is not bad to dream but have realistic expectations just do a SWOT analysis or what are the opportunities available for you and and try to make the best of those opportunities. Isn't it true? Okay, we'll have our last caller for today because I have another open talk in 10 minutes. So I will I will take the last call and we'll end the discussion for today. Yes. Yes. Hello, Yassin. Sorry for accepting your request too late. Yeah, hello. Hey. What is your question? I can't hear you. Hello, can you speak loudly? Hello, can you hear me? I think you have a weak internet connection. I will change it. Hello. I will change my change my we are not portable eocene. Yeah, she has a point that he is new to this subject. Okay? Okay, and after that his voice is not very clear. What do you want to know about this? I feel I feel everybody everybody wants to know about his or her like how to how to be aware about your mental health. I will first say make a list of things that you want to achieve in life secondly make a list of things that we could be happy. Are you doing everything is your life is your less comprise? It makes you happy. What are you doing what to achieve that level of her? Can you hear me right now? Yes, I can hear you. Yes. Can you come up with what you want to say? Okay, we have five minutes. Okay, what's about the religion? in like an ass biscuit Hello yassine de because discussing about mental health issues. And unless the topic is little deviating. It's not she's not talking about religion here. No, like a prospect rocks prospective. You know, please be a little specific what you want to know because I'm not getting you. Okay, maybe mental health has a crucial crucial realization really relations with religions. Yes to have a good mental health one has to put a good effort on that means a person has to be very clear with his Ambitions in his or her life what he wants to achieve what he doesn't want to achieve and it should be very clear why this stress is happening in him or her it. He himself is responsible for all the stress. No one else is responsible. I guess obviously it is your own responsibility. You are accountable for your life. You can't blame anybody else. Yes true. Thank you. Y'all say thank you to all the listeners who have joined. I will preparing for my next open talk. I hope you follow me on Instagram at the rate of the America and you will you will get more opportunities to connect to thank you so much. Thank the record was nice talking to you. Thank you master.