Let's talk about your blogging. You said you started as a hobby and you took it as a full-time job in 2011. How did you reach out to your listeners? What strategies did you use? So I feel social media played a big part for me because I was always active on Facebook and Twitter fairly early on that. I had an account from 2008. So I felt it that was where people were, you know coming from like a largest about of our traffic would still come from Facebook. So I feel social media had a really key role to play. Okay, so is it Facebook majority, I guess. Yeah Facebook. Definitely. Yeah, okay. Again, how do you actually make money from blogging? So it's ad so everybody wants to know that it's advertorial content. So the thing is that we have an audience, right and they're of a certain demographic. So 18 to 35 P. Belle skewed highly educated maybe no kids so they have money disposable income and that's an audience. That's very attractive to all brands whether it's fashion beauty travel anything. So since we have the audience the brands for instance of maybelline or a gucci or someone will come to us. Say can you create content for us to make us relevant in the digital space gone are the days where you just put up a billboard? You know now you want people to engage with your brand. So we'll do something fun. So we'll create content video content how to's stuff like that. For instance. I've even now in Dubai right now experiencing really cool fabulous the Dubai weekend where I'm going to brunch and I'll go to VT concert and sort of showing people how you can have fun on a quick weekend getaway to the Dubai it in a way that they will encourage other people to follow you. So it's really about creating content that then involves the brand but it doesn't feel so in your face and it's kind of you to know, it's still interesting and engaging to watch. Wah creating the content and it doesn't really feel like it's in your face. It's a great way to do it again. So I have a question about your brand Malini. Yeah. It's obviously your name. Miss Malini which is I guess is now changed. Yeah, everybody loves to say that but it's I think Miss Malini started off as my name because the alliteration the M&M worked but you know, this Malini is much more than me. It's that little Adam a that icon one. She's gonna age a lot better than I will and two. She now doesn't just represent me Malini Agarwal. I am a person but I want this brand to outlive me like whether it's a Nike or a Barbie. It's beyond the one creator or disney for example, but miss Malini is the identity that represents the global millennial, you know that person that is traveling the world the young Indian that's really kicking ass and doing amazing thing. So miss Malini now represents that individual Okay, the my question was yeah, you kind of answer my question already. But did you the initial stages? Did you have any issues having your own name as a brand like bringing other people on the list because I never started this as a business or brand I started it as a hobby. So I didn't really think about any of these things. Right, and then you never had to think again. No it just sort of evolved and then, you know people like the idea of an identity and that it just stuck. Okay, great. So again, I'm sure you must have brought your employees for your brand. And yeah, actually one of my first employees actually he's one of my key management Mike Mellie was with the first person to join with me and he started before I even quit my jobs and he was you know, he had moved here from the US and he basically offered to help me because I would get so much incoming email interest to cover things and write about stuff. So he was helping me as a friend and said, let's just see what happens with it. He was the first one who joined me probably in 2010. Then slowly people would start writing for me as guest writers and I didn't even have a proper office set up. My office was my sofa really and then over the years more and more people have joined did now we were like a company that's got 25 employees. We have a sort of a digital virtual office in Delhi now in Dubai as well. How do you recruit people? What do you look for when you when you're recruiting for someone.So it's kind of a new sort of way of looking at things. I don't really care. about your resume. I care about your passion and what you love to do. So if you really love bollywood or you love fashion and you know, obviously you do have to have some skills in it. So if you're going to write about fashion, I would like to know that you have some background in it or have experienced it if you love bollywood, it's kind of different right because you have a passion for bollywood. It's very easy to write. I'm not looking for you know, major high-end critics because the kind of content we do is much more fun and young. So I'm really looking for people who love their contents I've actually recruited most of my people off Twitter believe it or not. I've put out somebody tweet say I'm looking for someone who's going to write for me leave a comment on this blog and that's how a lot of my team came together. So it's really about people who are you know, unique have an interesting voice and that's why I don't file everything under my name. Whoever wrote it. They get the author credit. Wow, people who has passion who has simply as you awesome great. way to recuit I'm When you lived in different countries moved to Bombay at 21, right and you lived in a house with a pigeon, so it's been a few years. Its been few years you're in the business to tell us what is the one toughest moment for you. What would one worse entrepreneurial experience so far actually haven't touchwood had any, you know bad entrepreneurial experiences. It's been amazing and in fact even You know people always say it was a tough as a woman. I'm like absolutely not it was almost easier because while they would all be these, you know guys with big cameras pushing and shoving they would always let the little girl with her a little flip camera go with pop in front because they didn't really see me as competition or anything at all. So I've never really found it challenging. I mean obviously everything is hard work. There's late nights where you're sitting and editing video all by yourself and you want to sleep but I've been pretty happy. I love all that stuff. Did you ever think you would give up? No never I because I never really was doing something with that. Agenda. I was just really enjoying what I was doing and I've always been sort of a the creative feel so I never had a desk job. So, you know, whether I was doing a radio show or dad seeing or doing digital content. It was always sort of things that engaged me mentally so it never really felt like work. Well enjoy what you were doing great.