Take us to your personal story. So I basically was a diplobrat because my dad was in the foreign service. So I grew up all over the world in Lebanon Bulgaria Germany Ivory Coast Somalia. And when I was 17, he retired so I came back to India for six years. I became a backup dancer for sukhbir accidentally. Then I moved to Bombay enjoyed MTV in the digital space as part of the first.com bubble bursting in 2003 where everyone shut down their websites that I became a radio DJ for about nine years when I started writing a column for Midday and While I was doing that I joined channel V2 became to become their digital content head and I started the blog alongside as a hobby in 2008 and in 2011. I just jumped into it full time because I was enjoying it so much and social media had taken off. So there was a lot of response to the blog and here we are now. Wow, so you have taken up only in 2011 as a full-time job in that's a blog. That's right. Well, for some reason I was thinking you have taken up earlier and for know it's a hobby all the way from for the longest time. It was just something I did on the side. Wow for just five years. That's a tremendous amount of traction you got. Thank you very much million two three to four million unique 6 million unique visitors six million. Yes, right. You're killing it what you're eating for breakfast. I should be eating the same. So tell us what does the blog do, we know little bits and pieces of it, but give us a quick overview. So basically the blog is about bollywood fashion lifestyle anything that interests the internet millennial generation, you know, I like to think of my audiences, you know, the girl or guy who danced to their favorite bollywood song at their best friend's wedding, but also loves travel in luxury and interesting things that are happening around the world, especially when it comes to you know, our in fashion and design and cool things like that. And I feel like growing up all over the world people just didn't know much about India the fact that there's so much young enterprise and unfortunately, they would always see the discovery channel and watch you know, villages and slumdog millionaire which do exist. But there's a whole other side to India that people don't know about. So I think that was sort of my purpose to show people. What young millennial India's about. I mean, there's going to be half a billion Indians online in the next two years and 70% of those are under the age of 35. So we really are taking over the world. Wow. Awesome. Awesome. So how did you bump into the idea of blogging though? It was just a hobby. You know what I was doing like all up in. Midday. I used to have a lot of content and you know in newspapers you have limited space. So I would tell my friends that I eat. I wish I had more time to write I love writing and so a friend actually suggested it on a trip to Dubai. In fact saying that hey, why don't you start a blog in 2008 and I didn't even know what a blog was it he said it's like a diary on the internet and I said who reads it because don't worry. that just started and he actually created my wordpress account and send it to me and I used to just document at the really enjoyed, you know, because I'd learned photoshop and all these things through my different jobs that I just enjoyed putting stuff up and I guess people you know is the right time and you know internationally it already become big business and it started to cross over to India. Do you still in touch with the friend who suggested? Yeah, that's these very good friend of mine. He's equity holder, of course in the company. Oh is he? Okay, that's awesome. That's great. Good. So at what point did you decide? Well, I think it's time. It's time to go full time. So by husband at that time, we were dating and he went to Harvard Business School and when he came back, he sort of said, you know, this is really big business in the US and I was still doing this as a hobby and then we both decided that you know, he's going to you know, he was working at Nomura and finance. He said, okay, why don't you quit your job and I'll support us for the year and see how it goes and give it a year and he encouraged me to sort of do it. That's how I took off of that in. 2012 he actually quit his job and became my CEO. Wow, awesome. So now you both work together. I guess that's right. Wow, so you how do you share the responsibilities between you two obviously he is the CEO. So what do you do? Yeah, so I'm more creative and he handles a lot of the business. I would say boring stuff. He does a lot of you know the team management and you know, of course strategy and things like that and my job is more the creative. Content side so it works really well is it? Hahaha. Do you find it working with your husband? It's great. I think it's you know people sometimes say that how could you work together if you know are married. It's very tough. I'm like, I guess the nature of what we do is very different right and we get to travel the world together we get to do such a drastic things. No two days are alike. So I think that's what makes it work. And you know, we don't have set hours. We you know get to do really unique groundbreaking new things and that's very exciting. Yeah, absolutely the nature of your business does help for you and your husband to work together, right? Absolutely. So I was going to ask you something earlier you mentioned while you're working at like other ventures BBC Radio 1. Midday. It was still as a hobby. What are you making some money from your hobby? I was a little more than making money. It was more like barters. So people would invite me to things or they would send me products to review. One of my first ones. I remember they had invited me. They will be down to Delhi to experience this levi's lodge and made me a custom pair of jeans. So things like that. It wasn't really financial like it. Was it cash buddy, but it was gated different ways. Waah, so you're getting famous. You're getting the media and I just was getting attention and you are enjoying the attention. Of course. Awesome. Awesome. So did you did you always want To be an entrepreneur. I had no such plans absolutely not I like being sort of a radio jockey and creative and I had no desire to run a business because I was taught that be very boring. I just never even occurred to me that I could do something like that. So it was all sort of organic the way it progressed now looking back all the different jobs. I had I feel that mean to this place at the top build the skills to do what I do today. Okay, and it just happened. Wow. What would you say though certain people like myself who are working in full-time jobs they want to do they have dreams. They want to do something on their own but they have fears or fear of failure fear of their consistent income and all that sort of stuff. What would you tell them? I also grew up with a family that was very a stickler for the fact that you know, do what you love but, you know get a job that's you know going to pay the bills and that you know you could rely on and you know, so I think it's really good for people like how you said that you're doing a regular job and doing what you love for a passion of the side and I always tell people who ask me. You know, how do I become a famous blogger? I said, let's taste take a step back and you know close your eyes and think about the one thing you would do for the rest of your life. If no one paid you to do it and start doing that at as you do that every day, you'll realize that because you have so much passion for that. You have no choice but to succeed at it. Everybody will come Wow, one thing you would do for the rest of your life. If no one would pay for it. Do that money will follow.