April welcome to TV talk today. We are going to review the movie Holiday in the Y. So Mike tell me did you watch this movie? Yes. Apoorva. I watched it last night. Okay. What do you think of this movie? Like, how did you feel after watching it? Well, I think this isn't your typical romantic comedy. I think the movie was very light humorous. It's a very feel-good movie and it has very Engaging storyline and I think what's most important about this movie is the core message because ultimately it's about paying homage to the wildlife conservation efforts worldwide. Yes. So yeah, that was just my take on the movie. Okay. So which part did you feel was the best so I'm in the movie revolves around Wildlife Conservation more specifically elephant. So sometime in the beginning of the event there you can Kate they rescued an orphan elephant because the elephant small most poachers for her tasks. Yes. This elephant was later named or manual and the people managing the elephant orphanage. They said something about how she man who was in shock? Seducing his mom and because of that she was very weak. So after administering treatment. They also mentioned he doesn't respond positively in 24 hours. Then there won't be much hope for him. So I I love the part which came immediately after that when Kate couldn't sleep because she was constantly worried about man you and then she ended up spending the night with man when his enclosure and that probably helped Comfort manner because the next day he woke up and he was a lot better. Yes, and the way you know, man who plays with her like, you know, he figures he's he's very affectionate. That's very cute. So what's your favorite character in the movie? I think my favorite character would be Derek. So he's he's a pilot and also has a very big role to play in the elephant orphanage. And I think the writers did a very great job in the when it came to writing his character because in the beginning when he first meets Kate, he's very aloof and nonchalant with his and I was just his demeanor was very nonchalant and aloof and we don't know. Much about him. He has this enigmatic order about him. But as as the movie progresses, I think the writers did a good job and it came out to the plot development because through the plot we got to see different facets of his personality. We got to see that he's Charming. He's humorous and we also got to learn a little bit more about his backstory his past we learnt that he lost love of his life and after that he's able to let anyone in and that was sponsored by his brother Jonathan. When he was letting Kiddin ya think. Yeah, I think his character is very well-rounded. Yeah, I think even kids character is very nice. Like initially they show her as this You Know Rich lady and then she turns out to be something really different. Yes. Yeah, she appreciates like the Simplicity of life in Africa. Yes, and she's you just I think in the end she just comes to live there something like that. Yes. She she leaves New York and she comes to live with Derek Africa so she can care for the animals and watch man who grew up. Okay. Yeah. So who do you think is the dominating character in this movie? I think the dominating characters would Be Derek can keep it. So Derek. I think he was very well portrayed by the actor Rob Lowe and kids character portrayed by Kristin Davis. I think them did a very good job bringing these characters to life. Yes. That's true. Do you think this really reads A relates with your life any such instance in this movie? Hmm. I mean I think it in a way it's like a wake-up call because I think greed has we have poisoning men's souls and because of that is poaching hunting global warming and tons of environmental issues that are rising up. So I think this is like a wake-up call for all of us to change something about analyzed. Yeah, and you remember this dialogue that it says nobody needs Ivory more than elephants, too. Yes. I really liked that line, and there was another line just For that when he tells Kate the flying over Africa and he tells K2 that the Buffalo is considered the second most dangerous animal in Africa and then Kate asks him which is the first most dangerous and he says we are as a human beings which is so true. Yeah. Yes. That's true. Actually Jane asks us a question. Will this inspire people to protect forests? I think what do you say Mike? I mean, although this movie primarily centered around Wildlife Conservation more specifically like animals, I think indirectly it could also help people be more aware and also want to protect forests as well. We can hope what about you and I think this movie will really inspire people like it inspired me. I mean it did. Okay, so I think it will Okay. Okay, so my I think we've covered all the major points. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for having me apoorva. It was a pleasure talking to you.