Hello. Hey Mike. Hi everyone. Welcome to TV talk. So today we're going to review this movie called marriage story. It's a 2019 American drama film. So Mike tell us a bit more about the movie. You watched it, right? Yes apoorva. So I think it's a great movie. Although it kind of drags on in some places. It's a little slow. So it's not for everyone. But personally I think it was very well written and very well acted. So the two main the two main actors are Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. So they they play the roles of the coal and Charlie respectively a couple going through going through a very tough divorce and what I like most about the movie is its we can actually watch how this relationship starts off for something very beautiful, but then it disintegrates and we watch both the characters grow in their own unique ways under severe severe duress. Yeah, that's true. And I think that the director Noah baumbach. He traveled the story very well because he actually he really brings the pain of divorce onto the screen in this drama. Yes. Yeah, so what's the best part about the movie according to you? Okay, I think my favorite part of the movie would be towards the end of the movie. Okay, before I get to that do you remember in the beginning of the movie? They are both of them? That's Nicole and Charlie. They're asked to write down the things they like about one another. Yeah. Yeah, I do and why they fell in love in the first place. So Nicole decided that she can't read her list out for whatever reason and Just leaves. Yeah at the end of the film after like we've gone through the whole story and we've seen how vicious their divorce was and the custody battle has been held trade and the divorce has finally been approved actually visits Nicole and Henry and his Nicole that he's got a job in Los Angeles. Yeah and Henry's reading reading something in his room and Charlie actually goes and sits next to him. And then he sees that that's the Note which appoints? Yeah, that was the assignment which they had and which you refuse to read. So in the end Hindi reads it aloud and then Charlie reads the other half of this note aloud and while reading it he starts crying and Nicole also Nicole was no different room were in the middle of them reading this Nicole walks in and she's watching them read this from over his shoulder. Hmm. And you can actually see that even though they've been through so much together, even though they've been through divorce and like overheated custody battle. They stood ready care for each other. Yeah, I'm gonna create okay fine you go on even after all that the intimacy just doesn't vanish. It's actually a moment of most intense conflict right where there's a thin line between love and hate between Charlie. And Nicole Nicole Still calls Charlie honey. Yeah, and this still residue of the sweetness between them which you know offers. Hope for the viewers exactly. Yeah, and this some I think limits the damage that the divorce does. Yeah. So my don't you think it's harder on Charlie than on Nicole the film? Oh, yes. I completely agree with that. So Alice had Bombeck has done a very different very great job writing this film and crafting it in this way most films that deal with divorce. They actually cost one person as the good spouse and the other person was the bad spouse, but Bombeck didn't do that. In fact, we start sympathizing with both the characters and We see that he although we do sympathize with both characters. We realize that he is a lot harder on Charlie then he is on Nicole because if you throughout the movie Charlie's blindsided pretty often on numerous occasions in the beginning the: child they decide to like get separated amicably without the help of lawyers. But once Nicole goes to LA to shoot her pilot, then she decided to get legal representation and she got a bulldog. Dog named Nora and Nora. She's like a really great lawyer. She's good at her job. And she wants what's best for a client and she's willing to go through any lens necessary to get what's best for our client and in doing so Nicole also had to speak to Major divorce attorneys throughout LA and this limited junkies options. Rick came to his choice of divorce attorney because since they've been contacted by Nicole its it basically bar. Them from working with Charlie. And you can actually struggle he go through to find a good legal representation representative in Los Angeles to happen when the custody battle over Asylum. Yes and Charlie shown as the center of between the film. I mean, yes, I completely agree assigned to some of the consequences of his own behavior a key cheats on a member of the theater company, so he is blind to his own mistakes sometimes. Excuse. Yeah, so what do you recommend this movie to your friends or family? Would you recommend it to people? I think I would recommend it as I says very well written and well acted like Scarlett Johansson's acting and Adam drivers acting it really brings the film to life. But as I said before it's slow and dragging I think it's a one-time watch and it's best enjoyed alone. I don't think you could watch it together with your friends or your family. Embers what makes you say that what I think it can sometimes be very emotionally overwhelming like the struggle the custody battle and all of that and that isn't necessarily something you'd like to share with someone else like a friend or a family member at least not when you're watching a movie and the whole purpose of watching movies to either learn get inspired or to be entertained. Yeah, I think people who have been through something. This can connect very well with the story. Definitely. Yeah, if you like if you parents didn't get divorced or if you haven't been like a child of divorce, even if you're just just married or you're about to get murdered. I think this film can actually make you see that any relationship. It's not always sunshine and rainbows. You have a good times when you have your bad times and what most is your willingness to get through the bad times together. Yes, it's not just about the happy moments. Exactly happy moments are very less when it comes to being in relationships. I feel I think it's it's so it's balanced out. Yeah, I don't think you have fewer Happy Wellness and you have like tough traumatic moments, but I think it's balanced out. It's like yin and yang. Yeah one can't exist without the other they exist in a very delicate balance. Yes, I feel the same and okay last question. How much would you rate this movie on a scale of one to ten with one being the lowest score? Hmm. I think I'd give this probably a seven or an eight on then. Okay big is it based on something? Oh, yes, but I said I'll reel of the reacting and I really like the emotional complexity of both the characters Charlie and Nicole I think both a cup is a very well written and there were enough opportunities throughout the film to learn more about these characters and watch them grow as the plot develops. Yeah, I think that's that's true. Okay. My do have anything else apart from this to tell us about the movie? No pull over. I think that's about it. Okay. Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. Thank you for having me apoorva, and thank you so much to everyone who is listening and who will listen. We'll see you soon. Thank you.