Hi guys. Dr. Amy is back with one more topic as I promised. I'll be back immediately with one more topic as I promised. So this is what all about learning English. So let's make learning English a bit fun here. So that is the reason I came up with the topic here Abdul Bari. Hi Abdul Bari. How are you? I hope you're doing great. This is Saturday. I hope you all of you are having a wonderful day here tree. So the topic is about movies to learn English. I'm like, these are the movies which I can suggest you to for by watching those movies you can see Why is language you can speak English at a much better way to develop your English? So let's wait for a couple of layer listeners more so that we can start into the topic so that they don't miss the movie which I am suggesting them right now. So guys if you want to learn English in a different ways, I'm always coming up with some new content you topics every single time. You can join me here and you can be having fine. Thanks very thankful to you for your the motivation. Thank you everybody. That means a lot. Thank you so much Sunny. Hi. Hi, honey. Guys, thank you so much for joining me here for this topic of like my movies to learn by doctor. Any pardon me guys. I'm having a bit of a sore throat. We have a word with Vidya. Not only I hear Hello, how are you? Hello. Hello? Hi what with the Army audible to you? Yes, I'm inaudible to you. Can you listen to me? I am worried about you. I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Okay. So with your body do what? What do you do? I study study in which class that one class. Seventh class. Wow your seventh place and you're using open Talk FM y it is my sister's no lies. And I was I'm just a talking with okay. So it is your sister's mobile to you're just talking with so, what's your name? My name is Adisa a quiche. Yes it is it is. Okay. So here it is. Do you know anything about opened orgasm? Yes. I know we talked with anyone in English. Yeah, that is a but this is like more like Anna FM stereo where you can listen to other people so many people listening to us right now. We are talking 30 which you would like to share about yourself in one school, which is so good and I live in the mock behind 0 and B and what so it is does your sister know that you're using her mobile for open-top? Yes. He's asleep. Beside me. Okay, pretty saying hi. Hi pretty. Okay, there's something about you. Yeah, you want to know about me. So I my English tutor. I'm a motivational speaker and an author of a book. Okay, this type of look well which type of Boca it's off our relationship and family values. Okay. So where do you live? Alright now I'm in Bangalore. So what we should speak now about. What are your home you can say? What are your hobbies? Yeah, my hobbies. My hobbies are reading books painting playing guitar or hiking mountain climbing. Rope climbing my hobbies. Can can I call you back? Yeah. Sure. No problem. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Thank you. Bye. So guys we had this wonderful small chit chat with the hit eesh and her sister with the I think so Abdul Bari. I have gone through a couple of the audios now have dream of talking with you definitely of the body. You can call me anytime you want and you can speak with me shiny. I'm fine and always listen to your recording that's so informative for me to improving my English. Thank you so much, honey. That means a lot to be Hari Krishna. Can you suggest some movies to improve my English Yes Hari, Krishna. I'll be suggesting the movies. That's it Abdul Bari can just connect me with a call. I'm like I can't call you, but you can call me. I hadde. Yeah, thank you, sir. Thank you to attend the MacArthur. Why why do you have to say thank you. Every time I'm like, you're one of a good listener was practicing a lot. In fact, I'm thankful for you to keep learning like this and I want to know sir. What movies we can help you too. Who yeah, we are we are able to get into the topic in deciding the topic in some time. So that the few more listeners can join us. So Casey will discuss about Something about Hyderabad presentation exact because there are you can you can you can you can ask me anything about Hyderabad solve your from Hyderabad only am from Hyderabad. Okay. I am from I am also from either was only Superior neither of us, maybe but maybe Putnam. Yeah, I think I think it's seven kilometers from my house. Where are you? I'm had a brother. Chicken rabbit. Yes. I know II the but I wasn't thinking about one's so suppose we do person Elsa you can meet me once I come to Hyderabad because right now I'm in Bangalore once I come to Hyderabad. I'll start a podcast or a different topics in Hyderabad to at that time. You can connect me and you can repeat you want to Okay, sir. Okay, and so today's topic was not started right now. Yeah, I'm about to start because I don't want my other listeners to lose few of the movie names when I'm studying. Anyway, I'd and I will repeat the names again once again for sure. Okay, so can you tell me about something about Bangladesh so we are not visited till now controlled so when we are trying when we get a chance to meet at Bangalore I know is similar to Hyderabad but more of like it's developed one. You will find ton of opportunities wonderful food, whatever people planet is the thing which I love the most valuable sir. I am the one person up till was asking you to out to how can I knock how to car call you? I don't know how to call you like that. They were asked questions. Please explain him because then you explain him. Yeah. Okay, I can explain to right? Yeah. Okay, sir. I can explain it bro. There is a option. Plus option so you can go to the reception and you can discuss can give some description why you want to talk with dr. Amy brother. So that one brother will accept your call then you can talk with him and you can clear your doubts. He has he has a good motivational speaker and I am lucky Leon at last. And that to write a small thing that if you want to talk with me, why and then you can cut with the call her English now just hold on for a couple of minutes. Mr. Error wants to sleep with me. Let me have a word with him. Thank you education are so let's so you are trying to connect with mr. Error. Yeah. Hello. I gotta talk to him. I what's your name? Hello. What's your name? Hello. Hello, I'm Audible. Hello. Hello. I'm inaudible to you. Hello. Hello. Hello. So guys, I'm inaudible to you just comment. Yes, if I'm not able to you because mr. Error was unable to hear my voice may be because of the network error inaudible to you guys if he has then comment. Yes. Hello. Hi everybody. How are you? Hang of fine. Thanks. This app is go totally change previous. I was using this app 5 to 6 years back, but now it's changed because of this. I don't know how to communicate how to call others in open talk. So this reason I don't just simply said, I don't know about a how do you connect with someone? So thank you so much for for Teresa or someone. I did mean to press this plus button and I'm very thankful to you. Dr. Amy, sir. I usually have gone through your audio files and I dollop I gained some motivation inner motivation. Just I have hesitation problem. How do I overcome the problem sir? Practice practice practice? Why am I saying practice because of the body our tongue and our brain doesn't have this coordination of speaking a new language. So what you have to do is that whenever you read something you have to read it loudly so that was happy to see that will develop the pronunciation that will develop the vocabulary. So slowly the hesitation will go I'm also from Hyderabad from Old City barkas. Yeah. I'm very happy for that. You're from Eddie Putnam and I'm working in government sector. Just I want to improve my communication skills to teach poor kids and same time. I learn some part-time by part-time jobs in evening whenever I get the opportunity. So there's the reason why I am working on my English but still I have problems with the topic wise discussion. I am going through novels, but I'm not overcome the coming this problem. What do I have to do? Whether that is it you have to read the novel's out. Allowed see when things was you have to practice a lot if you can t stop today today to not be developing you have to practice for so many days. They only slowly slowly you will lose this agitation and you will get the command over collisions like practice makes perfect. So I have to read novels loudly what I previously or what I was doing just reading novel. We're simply without any know what I mean without any wise why? Yes If you really want to read a novel you can read it quietly, but you are not trying to learn a language. If you try to learn a language, then you have to use your tongue or lat. That is the reason I'm telling you to read it out loud so that you will be hearing your voice will be repeating those words and you will be reading it out loud that will make much practice. Thank you so much sir. And just I'm much more interested to learn more about English. So please let me know. What movies. Are better for me. So it would be better for me. And is Abdul Bari about to start the topic and you stay online and listen to all the movie. These blue movies are like a simple bottle. You can find them on YouTube last question, sir. Say yes more interested to learn more about the stock market. So do you have any books first suggestion? I'll be coming up with the in future podcasts and be coming up with the Overstock marketing to you can listen to my podcast there, too. Okay. Thank you. So Master I'll be waiting and listening to your audio clip. Yeah. Sure. Sure up the body. Thank you so much for connecting with me. Thank you so much. So guys if you are listening to my podcast right now and if you are loving this then do hit the heart icon which you can see in you you're texting column that will be really good for me to watch TV shows. Yes. Mr. Are watching TV shows also will be helpful. So come on. Let's dive into the topic. So the movies learning And the movies has a very deep connection itself. So how can we do that learning a language is much easier when you are enjoying yourself and what's Okay, then what's better way to pass the time than watching movies with tub of popcorn in Hand. Of course. I love it. But do Blockbusters use bad English or Indie movies too complicated and used too many strange words to help you. So that is the reason I came here to help you with the list of the movies that can. Help you ineffective entertainment and help you to learn English too. So the first movie all of her us have gone through this movie many times and it was our childhood favorite movie. This was about diagnosis and the first movie came out in a 1993. So the movie is Jurassic Park Okay. So everyone already has seen this movie. If not, then guys, you should have at least a solid you see this movie Once It e is the perfect movie for learning some slightly complicated scientific words in a thoroughly entertaining context. It also happens to be my favorite films ever. Call me biased if you want to but still but when you go through this movies to make sure that you turn on the subtitles you turn on the subtitles, you have to go to the subtitles and the dialogues together. Then only will be having a grasp of that thing. So the second movie which I would like to suggest to you. Is that Notting Hill Nothing, you know the movie I think it was released maybe in. Yeah 99 maybe 1999. I'm not sure about that but still 1999. So if you're not sure whether to learn British or American English this movie offers both in one perfect comedy package set in London. It follows a nerdy book shop owner who falls in love with an American movie star the ending will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. That's a wonderful movie to go with or Along with It's a Wonderful entertainment zone is a wonderful movie and it has a ton of English to learn from so the third movie which I would like to suggest you is clueless and this movie was also from the 90s so you can be able at 95 96. I'm not sure about which with the 90s Revival in full swing the best way to brush you upon. Your retro team slime is with clueless the movie Clueless set in a Los Angeles high school and featuring some of the most iconic Fashions of 93. That is it baby. Fun fact it based on the novel Emma and it was written by Jane Austen. That's a wonderful novel. I have been to the novel to and I have been to the movie to that's a wonderful movies guide. These are the few movies which I am listing here. If you know any of the movies which are helpful for us to learn English can do then it quickly and do let our listeners know about those movies too. So I'll be telling you about the next movies. Just give me a couple of seconds. I need to have a glass of water. So the next movie which I would like to suggest to you is The Hunger Games, I think most of us know about The Hunger Games 2012 easy to understand American accent check Jennifer Lawrence check handsome male leads check tension-filled fight scenes Mega check. If you are a fan of sci-fi adventures with some and post a couple of apocalyptic Paul. Makes thrown in for good measure get watching this movie for sure guys. We have here netaji college. So let's have a word with netaji Kali. Ron I think clueless is was released in 95. Hi Anita G. How are you? I'm fine. I know what I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. So so where are you from? Hello, I'm from Maharashtra. I'm from I was born in Maharashtra, but I was brought up in Hyderabad. What would you like to ask me? Actually I speak in English like a broken. So tell me how to improve my English. Wow. So now they don't let me do one thing. Right right. We are doing a podcast on movies to learn English by dr. Amy. So I have done some other podcast to on like how to learn English. Once you disconnect the call. You can just click onto my image there and you can find Podcast in the below. Okay there you can find the recorded versions of everything every topic is given there. You can just open those podcast and you can listen to those. I have given a ton of tips on turn off tricks and turn off methods to learn English in a fluid way. Okay. Yeah, I do follow me on open Talk FM and the do keep the heart icon which you can see in here. You are. What do you say that texting column where you see that the messaging column? You see a heart symbol click that if you like my podcast which one is saying the King. Speech Yes. We shall that's a wonderful one. I have paid to the King speech and number of times. That's a wonderful one nice addition by Vishal to anything else which you would like to ask. Netaji. Nothing. Nothing just is just one question to ask you. Yes. This is question. I how to improve how to improve my English. Yeah you first of all I would like to suggest you you can go through my podcast. I have suggested few books there and you can read those books, and that books will help you build your vocabulary to but you have to read them out loud so that you are talking also can get practiced about pronouncing these words, and then you can mirror practice. I have already suggested malpractice in the previous podcast. You can see that how can we do the mirror practice and these things you have to do every day to improve your English slowly. Okay. Thank you. How many books you have suggested like what the books there? how I have suggested I have suggested 20 big books in my previous podcast. Okay? Okay, so I will take it. Yeah sure anything else? Netaji? No. No. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much netaji for connecting with me. Have a wonderful day. So guys, let's continue after Hunger Games. What would be the next one as I think visual has? suggested as What is it the King speech I think speech. I think King's Speech was in like 2009 10 maybe. I think so. Maybe I'm not sure about that one. So King speech is also a one of the wonderful movies, which we can go through to learn English. It's all it's all about entertaining but there's actually a whole pronunciation lesson in there to thank you very much. Thank you so much for coming up with those ideas Men In Black all series. Also Titanic a big toe. Yeah, that's that's that's true one. That's true one. And yes my list that's can contain many black to the next move which I would like to suggest you with the queen from It's keeping the Royal theme you can learn some seriously refined British English accent in this movie based on the UK Royal Family's reaction to the death of Princess Diana full of drama expensive sets and actress Helen Mirren doing her best impression of the queen. Well guys, that's an awesome movie. You should have a look at that movie for entertainment for knowledge it for learning is to then there. Is this one of the next movie which I would like to suggest to you if you have played the more game Temple run you can suggest you can read this one with that The Wizard of Oz Mustafa Abdul fattah very just have a lot of more names of movies learning is definitely most of all just give me one minute. I can't beat you. So the next move which I will be like suggesting you is The Wizard of the also from 1939. Not the new one the one which we had at 90 degrees and a very old one. One of the world's most famous and iconic films The Wizard of Oz is one of the most movies you can say you have never seen the story photos are gold dark a transported to a magical world. Which it is that I is which was destined to save so there are at all also songs, which is always nice, isn't it guys? So let's have a word with most of our here because he's saying he have a lot of moving in to learn English crown. Yeah connecting with Mustafa. Run, I think that's so retro. Yes Rana that is retro, but everything has something to learn some right. Okay, so demystify tried to contain with you do check your internet connection once if it is proper and steady, then we can have over toward otherwise, it will get discounted automatically. I don't discount any of my business calls. So guys, let's continue as we shall has suggested Men In Black that is also in my list from 1997. If I'm not wrong not only the English in Men In Black really easy to understand age also reliable as far as secret agents hunting aliens goes some actions of Huge big laser guns. Yeah, most of all the thing is that it was not connecting do check your internet connection and send me requests. Once again, I would love to hear from the movie names which you want to suggest. So, who was this Tower in that Men In Black? If you know, it's Will Smith stars as a lead using languages that are clear but also totally hip and pool because you know, his wills with guys his Will Smith. So the next movie which I would like to suggest you with that babadook. Mustafa I'm trying to say that I'm unable to connect you maybe because of some internet connection. So what a book is like a scary movie guys, if you want to take this one out of the list you can but still this is a scary one. So if you're not a horror movie fan, probably best to give this one amazed a woman and her young son finds a creepy book about a monsters called the babadook. Then weird things start happening in their houses on the plus side. It's all an Australian accent one. According to me they destroyed the series with my before. Yes. You are right Runner. You're right. So let's try to find with most of our once again. It's correcting most of our see I have attended the call. I'm still trying to connect with you if the network is not stable. It will be getting disconnected. We are still unable to connect with most of our most of our please. Please do check your interconnection. Once I would love to listen to movies games, which you want to suggest to us to learn English. So the next movie which I would like to suggest you is Black Sheep, if you know, I think Rana can delete this one with black sheep. It was in maybe like 2005-2006. Maybe New Zealand is known for its horror comedies. And this is one of the best guys a movie about variables except instead of both. The monsters are sheeps. Viewed I know it's weird. But not only will you refine your New Zealand accent? You'll also learn about the country's farming culture. So I think I have gone through like maybe 10 movies not sure about that one, but we'll try to have some more movies here. They are again trying to connect with most of our so we'll go with some more movies guys before we end into this conversation of movies and the talks. Yep. We are still trying to connect with most of our Mustafa, please my dear friend check you interconnection once it's not connecting. Let me try with JD here once Hello. Hello. Hi JD. How are you? Fine? What about you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? Gujarat Gujarat. Wow, and yes, I am from Hyderabad. So dirty, would you do you know any movies using which we can learn English? How long have you been using open top? Hello. Hello. Yes, I'm saying how long have you been using this open Talk? Before one week I scolded this app. Okay using this very very less because I don't have a time to use him. Oh then preparing and preparing for IAS exam. Okay, then you should use this app a lot because there are so many potential creators who create so much good content on English and IELTS. Yes that I know but I have to go classes for and I can learn better at classes. Then in this app. It's about perspective. It's about four Spectre JD. If you feel that you are learning better classes, then you should stick your stick yourself to the glasses. But whenever you feel free time, then I you can kind of come here for like better practice to yes. Yeah, I I agree to you because yes, thank you. Anything else which would like to share JD? I'm watching the series of friends. Come again. Sorry, I didn't understand what you said any repeat. I am voting series friends. Oh, you're watching these friends. They are that's also a very good one friend say that's really good. Are you cannot even Patricio nourishment laughter sometimes and also care we can learn many things like different phrases or idioms. Also we can increase our vocabulary. Mmm, and I I suggest some suggested that people should not watch with the subtitles because of most of them they watch with us at SideReel subtitle. Then they focus only on our sub papers are subtitles. Yeah, but this is for beginner. I propose would fly. You have to understand the language to because you know Foreign Accents the use of word is completely different when compared to the use of force, which you do in our nine native language. So they need subtitles in the beginning so that they can understand. What is the word the actor is saying if there's no subtitles they will get confused about what is the word he was using there and they might get confused with some different work. So subtitles in the beginners level is mandatory in later levels levels also used to it and we'll use the Using a daily, but if they don't understand the word, how can they? Sorry, if they don't understand the word. How can they go to the next level? OK Jean is asking is my first time in your broadcast. I want to join but I have no topic Jean to connect with me. You don't need to have any topic. You can connect me just like that. No big deal. You can talk on anything. It's a free world. Yes Judy. Dr. Amy. I'm facing a very cool difficulties. I can talk about that. Yes, definitely many times. I whenever I am appearing for the speaking test. I A come-along Posey's also sometime I feel I hesitated mode. Yeah, do you know why this happens because of lack of Consciousness why I am saying this because our brain goes blank when you are speaking with someone because we think that we might say something wrong. So that is the reason of a brain don't shows The Words which we need to speak. So what we have to do here is we have to practice a lot practice a lot about speaking about random topics. You can even speak inside your brain when you're traveling you can even just throw a read the sign boards around the road. You can just describe the market while you're moving in a bus. You can do a ton of things. You have to think in English to overcome this problem. You have to think in English not in our native language if I'm traveling in a bus and I would be like, yeah, so the next turn will be I'll be finding a fruit market there are ton of roads, which I can buy from like in the next Market some shopping shops where I can go for some shopping mall. So I know you have to think in English, we have to speak think in English think in English first thing then yeah. First of all, you have to make your brain habituated with thinking in English. Because when we speak in English with think first and with then we speak but if you don't have the habit of thinking in English, then your brain will not be happy to waited with thinking in English. I think I think in English but where I can speak of with a lots of areas as it is time, it will take some time to get ready to take some time. First of all, you have to make it habit you waited to your brain to think in English second thing you have to speak a lot whenever you get the opportunity. If you don't get the opportunity then create an opportunity to speak. If you don't find anyone to speak you can speak on Open Door, even if you don't want to speak on opened up you can just simply go in front of mirror and speak with yourself on any topic. But I feel like that kind of activity is really boring. See if you want to learn if you want to practice. Yes, which will make you more enthusiastic. It's not about boring. It's about learning. We're not doing this for fun, right we are doing this to learn something to gain something so we should be focused towards it. We have to make things interesting then go to a park then describe the entire park if kids are playing if Elder peoples are walking around the avoid you seen the nature try to explain those things to yourself in English speak with yourself. If you don't speak, how are you going to practice if you're not going to practice and how is your brain going to be happy to agree with the language if it is not have it you waited and how are you going to present yourself in a in the speaking test? Okay, I will Implement that. Yeah idea sure sure sure of you. Thank you, Jody. Thank you for commenting with us. I hope the pair tips were like but helpful to you and you want to add anything here then you can definitely if you want to tell something to our listeners about any movie, which you want to learn. Then that would be wonderful, too. Nice to talk with you. Thank you for yes. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Have a wonderful day JD. Have a wonderful day. Ron I saying I'm in park okay another do the same thing, which I've been doing right now try to explain the entire scenario in the park to yourself try to do that. Okay. So guys the next story which are sorry and I'm saying about the show you the next move which I would like to suggest you is the social network many of us know. Yes. Yeni. We care you can join too. I have this one more request here, but I cannot see the request properly. The person who sent me the request, can you send me the request once again because the request is not visible maybe because of a glitch you can just cancel any questions send me back again yesterday any you can join me too. So the social network if we all know Facebook, isn't it? Mark Zuckerberg the legend he created Facebook, you know Tori he's not imagine his still life. So he created the Facebook the movie is all about how he created the Facebook. So what is the story of The Social Network Facebook? Yes, Rana, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes so want to know the history behind the invention of Facebook this story tells the story of young Mark Zuckerberg geeky Harvard student who wants to revolutionize the way we communicate with other people? Story shows how Mark Zuckerberg accidentally finds Fame and becomes a multi-millionaire but there's a price when you of his friends and people he connected with over the years want him to fail Mark Zuckerberg shows us how he's got everything in terms of material things, but very little in terms of friends Mark Zuckerberg friends himself in a court finds himself in a code the number of times and movie questions whether it was really Mark Zuckerberg or not who first created the world I just social network. We term as Facebook. Let's have a word with visual here before we continue to the next movie, which I'm going to suggest you to learn English. Hi, we shall hello. Hi. Hi. It's once again. I'm here. Yeah, you are. Yeah, so it's a very interesting topic that you are talking on I feel because there are many here who want to learn English but one point I want to keep your is many of us are too much. You know, they are so much eager to learn English main idea. So what what you know what happens to a brain it it becomes like I have put so much time in English. I'm not learning anything so it becomes frustrating a bit and we start losing hope that's what I feel happens with most of us using this app or trying somewhere else what I tell to every listener he to me when they listen to me see when you plant a seed and you try to gush it with buckets of water. The seed die, isn't it? Yes, you'll have water the seed slowly at time to time. And you have give the time so that the seed can Sprout into a plant and the plant into a tree then you can gush it with the buckets of water to make it more healthy and more step. Yeah, that's very true. Like so so deep that was so deep and so does example which yeah is the example which I give to all my listeners if you want to learn English immediately, you can't do that. It will literally destroy the interest of learning English. You have to take it in peace slow and steady always wins. There it is when you are learning a language. Yeah, and what the only thing we that we can make ourselves like easy for ourselves. We can make it interesting. Right? So the right thing you are doing you are suggesting movie names, but what I feel in my case, you know even my English was not that good. There's one more app called bodytalk which we use right data. Yeah, so so on that app that app helped me a lot first of all and And along along with that I what I did was I started listening to English songs My English wasn't this good initially it isn't that good now but motivational right now if we wish on your voice is breaking. Okay, isn't it coming clear? Aha. So I feel listening to music and there is a website called Samuel to Maldives Samuel to Maldives. Do one thing we all do comment that website in the comment section so that it doesn't understand they will just can read it out now. Yeah, I've already copied it for the same reason after this call ends. I'll paste it here. I've already copied it. So. On some songs. What I did was my first song was shape of you, right? So she probably children. Yeah, so I started listening to that song and what I did was I was learning English on bodytalk at that time. So I started what I thought I will I will remember the lat. I'll try to remember the lyrics and sing the whole song. So I just mugging up. I just started mugging many songs. It was interesting. I felt music very nice. I felt I enjoyed it. So it happened and I used to sing continuously there many songs and what the other thing that I did is I used I used to reading and I read I reading so it has different approach towards learning something new. So YouTube music as a learning path. That's a wonderful thing. It's an individual approach. And yeah, that's what I did. I made it interesting is what I feel. Yeah. Yes, you did. Definitely you did and many of Some suggested to read books, but it was so boring for me to read books to be honest. So this website Samuel the Maldives, it has some summary of all the books and it is given in very lucid way and very compressed so you can go through the book in like a day if you take if you understand all the points and you can finish it by buying our if you want so this diet forward. I still remember the contents of that book it is so amazing. Think I'm suggesting that website because it helped me a lot. So what I used to do is I used to remember the book. Literally I have to remember the lines from there and used to speak in front of the mirror. So that's what malpractice is what he says to all my listeners here to every single day. That's good. That's really good. Yeah, and I also Mark the things which is not right I feel but it is also helpful in a way. I think that is because we get used to them. Words, we we we make out the meaning of that. Yeah. Yeah. So these are the two things that I wanted to add to this podcast that helped me honestly, so that's why I told this thank you so much Rachel that's wonderful points, which you have suggested here and do drop in the comment box the link which were chatting about the website that will be helping our listeners a lot too. So, mr. And mr. Eric here on the line. So let me have a what with official thank you so much. I really appreciate your contribution towards people in English. That's really great. Love you man, Larry. Thanks. So let's have a word with mr. Error here. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hi. Thank you for accepting. What's your name? First of all, my name is apps open capsule. Okay, I have sir. Yeah, so Yeah, I actually first first of all, I need to know one thing. How do you get the like one star is the right like the verified icon? How do you get that? Let me tell you about this one. This is very funny. So I started this podcast like maybe like 13 days ago, maybe like two weeks. So when I started the podcast in a couple of days I was doing on different content like how to be happy. Like how do we have a fruitful life and everything literally one so I got connected with Georgia for icky. Then she's under podcast and she was like, yeah. Dr. Amy. You gotta start on your profile. I was like, what was that? I don't know what a star then once the podcast was done. I went to the program check and evil star or my profile. Okay, is it basically listeners and all know the let me complete. So what happened was that later? I got a notification from open Talk saying that 80 of the Open Talk notifications have been suggested mind as to be a popular one. So they have made this one like a featured featured podcaster. Okay, nice. So then I came to know that this podcast the what are the podcast we do it is being revealed by the open talk and that depending on that. They will be giving you the star I think so, okay. Topsail anything which would you like to add the movies in our list to learn English like previously have mentioned right? The TV series are good to improve the like it even grow in English. So for me the Narco like few series other like first one is Friends. Okay. Yeah, that is very good series and in our course is the the Tableau Escobar City. Yeah, so that narcos is very good TV show. Yes. Yeah, so it's I think better like watching TV shows up better than movies because it's like a it's not a continuous one. Right? So like if you are watching a TV show then we will be like cardiac to napkins are not sure the TV show is that getting connected with the TV show because having a different type of movies and generous then we can choose a niche which we feel much comfortable with. except for that idea So absolutely I would like to add to our topic here or you cannot discuss anything else which would like to talk with me like so I actually am I need to improve my writing skill a lot riding Skyline writing. Okay. Hello Absol. Absolutely. Your voice is breaking. Hello. Hello. Sorry guys. I think we got this country with the Absurd because maybe have some network issues. So let's continue with our next movie which I would like to suggest you. He's Hangar word. Yes, not someone Khan's movie not I'm not talking about cake. I'm talking about the movie Hangover, which was came into life or 2009. So just let me give a brief about this story of the plot of the story of The Hangover movie which was released in 2009 for male female friends. Go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party for a couple of days before the Friend's Wedding, it follows their while adventures and then they find themselves in a lot of troubles. They find themselves in so much trouble again shows whether they are going to make it back in time for the wedding or not. So that was one heck of a hilarious movie which you can have a watch worth and you can learn a lot from it. Is that for sure definitely have a have a watcher this Hangover movie? That's one heck of an Entertainer. That's for sure. And then the next thing which would I would like to suggest you is Toy Story. One of my favorite animated movies toy store is awesome guys Buzz Lightyear, Woody. Mr. Rags, I mean like these are some wonderful characters, which I would love to have anyway. There's a king guys. Sorry 47 guys. I had text messages. So I was like trying to cancel that one. So Toy Story is an animated movie that follows a young boy called Andy and loves playing in his room with his dolls is especially loves to play with this action figures called as then when and he disappears The Toy comes to life and his mom's gave him a new toy for his birthday, which is called Buzz that your which becomes and his new favorite toy to play with what he feels hot. Jealous of all the attention which is not getting and Buzz that it is receiving from Andy and he gives his new toys as a result. He tries to get rid of him. However as the two toys begin to fight they get lost the story follows the adventure and is full of action and a lot of loves to achieve. You didn't watch this movie Toy Story. So definitely do watched all Story Toy Story 2, those movies are wonderful and a very good pack or two for English to learn the drum. So guys, let's continue the next movie, which would I would like to suggest you is Castaway? I don't remember when it was released. But I do remember Tom Hanks was leading in it. So let us see. Yes Cast Away. It's an American Adventure drama kind of thing following like Chuck Noland and the Tom Hanks a system analyst who has to travel around the world fixing problems at the FedEx centers Chuck is called up at Christmas time to go to Malaysia on business and I supposed to leave his Kelly here behind his flame hits a terrible storm and it crashes somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Explain and holds onto a little draft. Maybe the cold sea. Wow, that's that's a ton of adventure action there guys, eventually he washes up to a deserted island the next day. The story follows Chuck and his Survival on the island and focus on a ball that he calls his Wilson. He has a ball. I mean like I saw that movie is it's really interesting. He doesn't have any friends there. So he calls up like a ball as a Wilson. May I know what you say stayed? Did too I may have you watched notebook. You're going to share my yes. I did watch notebook for sure. That's a that's a good one too, but I was not much into it. But it was it was a good one. It was a good one. So I shouldn't be discussing a any of the kind of the movies we have seen here. So let's have a word with Muhammad Shah Rukh here before we can then I'll be having a word with G2 nice guy, then we'll continue with the list of the movies which were having here. Hello. Hello Hi, how are you? You asked me about the notebook which is about to be released the Bollywood one or you asking about the notebook which was a previous one. I'm not sure about it. I shall recover you. Hello Aslam o alaikum alaikum. As-salaam. I'm great. How are you doctor? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking Al hamdulillah. So shut up. Yeah. Yeah what what I have been doing lately on this opendoc effect. Hey, I'm just being out of my work for and I just opened up on top I spent fortunately I got you on this. Is it? Yeah, thank you. Thank you. I'm on live every single day. It's not like that. I'm not like I'm live every single day. I'm trying to bring up the as much as content possible to my listeners, but I actually know I don't know the exact time when you know get on this so normally I come online after 7 p.m. But Saturday Sunday and I say aye. As I was a quality for me, so it was fun for me to do all day podcast. That's great. So you are talking about a movie cast away. Yeah, I was talking about the movie Castaway. That's a wonderful day. Actually. I haven't seen But the movie contains a great actor Tom Hanks. Yeah. Yes it does and that's really a good movie. I was in a movie but I know domains he's and you know Oscar award guy. Yes it is. Yes. Yes, he is late actor. I've seen a lot of movies of like silly and you know, you know, there was movie Terminal. All those movies, you know, Tom Hanks worked in those movies. Have you seen termina? No, it's a great movie. You should watch it. Yeah, definitely. I will run by Tom Hanks. Everyone is also great and there's a special movie. Maybe it's been released 27:17. It's called silly. Have you seen the movie come again slowly slowly? Oh, you're talking about Julie? Yeah, have you seen the movie? Yes, I did but I was like, I only watched half of the movie. That's a great movie. Actually, it was based on the you know, actual event that happened in New York in Hudson River. Have you heard about you might have heard about you? You're a doctor. I am sure you read about this that was an accident and you know, tired of anger. First of all, I'm not a doctor of medically I'm a doctor of Life issues. That's great. But I thought you have seen the movie. Yeah, I do watch many of the movies but most of the time I do I get the covered up with my book. So most of the times I don't watch movies too, but still whenever I get the time I just go through it and I do watch movies. That's really great. That's a good yeah. So, is there any particle movie that we have seen? I mean there must be a single common movie that you have seen and I have seen. Now, I'm not sure about that one. But still we are discussing with the topics. Like what are the movies which can be helpful to develop English. So we have this Cast Away then what about the days of summer by the final days of summer then what about Twilight Twilight isn't also great movie. Yeah The Break-Up Robert Pattinson in the movie Come Again wrong again, Robert Pattinson. Just a second. Just a second. Rana. Understanding women is easy what Rana that's the title of my book and the author of that book. It's a freak. Hello. saru Sorry guys. It's a disconnection. I think there is some network issues. So as I was saying we can't even talk about while I do so Twilight is also I don't know if most of you would like to call it or not. But tell Bella Swan a teenager's has always been different from other teenagers. She never cared about being a part of the tool group of girls where her mom remarries, but I choose to live with her dad in a small town in Washington. Maybe I think it's Washington. The boring rainy day and nothing investing over to happen when she meets a mysterious in a very good-looking guy called as Edward Cullen the vampire. So the story is All About vampire love story and everything guys, so you can have a watch try energy to Twilight Saga. That's a wonderful monocle and you are finished yes to do. How are you? I am fine. You're a doctor. I'm a doctor of Life issues not of medical issues. So you have a PhD on that now, I don't It's a nickname. Okay, okay. Okay. Sorry. Sorry, you shouldn't be sorry. Okay. Have a great day. What's your name is your name to do that's my nickname if y'all go with nicknames, yes. Okay. So what do you do? I'm a student. I'm studying for Bachelor of Commerce right now passion of Commerce become ball. Good. Can you? I'm from the state called Kerala. Yeah. Wow, that's a beautiful state. Thank you. Thank you again. Heard a lot about Kerala. And in fact, I had this opportunity to visit Kochi which unfortunately, I don't know not sure about that one, but I got an opportunity to observe opportunity there but still I chose to come to Bangalore because at that time I didn't have enough time to get into it. So I lost opportunity to come to Kerala. Okay? Okay. No problem. Yeah. So what are your hobbies to do? I love watching movies. That's why I came to this podcast because you talked about a movie called castaway. Our study is a very good movie why it is the really wonderful movie. Yes, because I have you seen Tom Hanks one movie called Green Mile come again Green Mile reading my law you have to wash that doctor because it is actually super movie. Oh, is it then definitely I'll watch it tonight. Okay. Because I'm more active at night times and a day times. Okay, dr. Than have you seen the movie called Joker Joker. Hey Joker. I did do you like it? That's an awesome movie. Yes, it's awesome. It's a piece of art. Definitely that's a wonderful movie acting of walking Phoenix is actually out of the world. It's amazing. Yeah. No one no one can replace him for that character. No one is Because when I showed it to him Dark Knight that moist Joker was also good. But in this film Joaquin Phoenix actually exceeded that role because he actually he just the character. He literally Justified the character. Yes, right. So what is what are your hobbies doctor? What is your hobbies - Hobbies painting writing an author of a book called as understanding Gomez easy that lately. Thank you. Okay. Because I think again, yeah, because to understand it woman is very tough. So so if I buy this book, can I understand them better? Yes, you can okay. Okay. Nice nice. So how can I buy this book? You can buy it from Amazon so you can buy it from Flipkart Oak yoga. Should I buy it? I'll buy it. Okay, thank you. Okay, welcome anything else which would like to share with us to do anything else? Like I love movies. I love watching very good condition movies like Joker like like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Inception Inception is one of my favorite Inception Interstellar, then momento Prestige that movies are all Extraordinary films. It's still awesome films. Have you watched Angels and Demons if you fire worst Yeah, that one is also like an awesome movie. Yes. It's awesome Philip. Yeah. Anyway, you do thank you so much. We have one more talker here waiting in the list. So I have to let you go now. You can tell me down. Once again. Thank you so much. And after connectivity, they will be adding this podcast maybe like two minutes. Hi there. How are you? Hello. Hi Dave. How are you? Sorry guys, it was disconnected. Maybe some network issues from babe guys. Thank you so much for being a part of the podcast here movies to learn English. Goodbye. Dr. Amy. I have given you a list of view movies from which you can learn English make sure that you use the subtitles. If you are the beginners level if you are immediate level try to pronounce the dialogues along with chemical help you develop your pronunciation and your vocabulary to thank you so much guys for being here. It's a wonderful time. I'll be coming up again till today. Itself it one more Topic in after some time so that I can get refreshed have some snacks some tea. Maybe then I'll be back with one more topic for sure. Thank you guys. Love you so much. Take care. And thank you for being part of my podcast signing off sayonara. Dr. Damon.