You seem to have started an e-commerce company or e-commerce solution Jazzybox. So we had started that in middle of 2012 only what were you doing? So we were trying to experiment with such subscription-based e-commerce where if you're paying a monthly fee you will get a curated makeup box kind of play. But at that time we realized first. We didn't know much about e-commerce. So digital marketing was a real big mystery for us. So, you know, we didn't really know what to do there. And the second thing was at that time payments was a big issue. So it's especially if you want same payments every month. There was no system even via credit card for it. Yeah recurring payments. Yeah. So both of them became a challenge for us. Also the whole cosmetic business in India is also controlled by few players. Which were monopolistic in nature. So again having curated box and bringing surprises every month would have become more and more difficult as the as we graduated year on year. So all those things look like a challenge was we tried it for 3-4 months and realize that it would be a difficult play right now in 2012, but maybe somewhere down in 2015-16 would make more sense. So That's why where we did you get this idea from curated a makeup box. I mean you are in your part of a waste management company and it seems like a totally different stream all together. Yeah, so we kept discussing a lot of ideas and at that time we thought this made sense. We also thought that you know, we didn't really need to have a woman perspective for makeup because if we run it as a business it will all make sense, but and that was the hindsight and I think you really need to be passionate about something which you're doing if I'm not passionate about makeup. Then at one point of time. The business will not make sense. Yeah. Absolutely. You need to be passionate about what you're doing. Yeah. So what happened after that you came back to Reglobe again its so did you buy it back? So no at the end of of 2012 we sold off all the assets the company but not the brand name and the private limited entity. So which is the factory machinery workers the sellers and the buyer will be sold at all of us, but not the whole entity and then that's when we started 2013 and after that experience from Jazzy box. We came back to that question that hey, what do we really know? And realize we really know BuyBacks. We really know electronic waste and can we help the consumer instead of just working for the oems? Can we build a system where we can directly hand help even a single consumers. So even in 2013, there were thousands and thousands of entity would help big organization dispose of their old electronics, but if you talk about a single individual, There is none. So our whole Focus was that hey, how can I help if I want to sell it off? How can I help me? And that's how we started ReGlobe.in the e-commerce site. Wow, that's awesome idea ReGlobe. So for anyone who is listening play on your friends, ask yourself. What do you know? That's what Nakul did. Awesome. So did you guys where did you get the money from the start in ReGlobe again? Is it from the yeah, so we sold off the old plan and it was a quite profitable deal. So that's where our seed money came from for e-commerce especially for any young entrepreneur who's thinking to get into especially internet consumer play they will always have to remember That initial seed capital becomes very critical and that's why for say 2013 and 14. We were not even looking at funding or source of income and which really helped us because we it may allowed us to make a lot of mistakes from which we learned and pivoted our business. Initial seed funding becomes very critical awesome great advice again. So Nakul you said something about partnering with companies for buybacks of laptops or mobile phones or devices, right? So tell us who was they who was your first client? How did you make your first sale with a ReGlobe again? So I don't actually remember who was the first client. So the first pilot we did was we bought about 25-50 laptops from one of the respected dealers who was already working on second-hand laptops and try to sell it to or community around so friends and family just to get what is the, you know requirement does the market? have requirement of second hand gadgets so just to ascertain the demand side of the market and you won't believe it those 50 or laptop disappeared in a week. So we realize there is a strong demand side in the market, but there are not enough people to fulfill the demand and one reason is there is no aggregator who could help people sale of their old gadgets and then distribute it to these. to this big Distributors who could further fullfill that gap. So yeah, so once you bought the old gadgets from people like myself, do you do any work on them or you just resell them? So in the current status? We are at hundred percent marketplace. So what we do is that we have partners across cities who are in the business of second-hand. Right. So these are your guys who have a small shop and they're trying to sell secondhand gadgets through it. Usually they bundle their own warranty with it. You have to realize that in secondhand the trust of a local guy matters more because when you walk into a shop, he gives you a feel and the look of the gadget as well and then you can always walk in back to him with the gadget that trust right now. So the market is not mature enough where we can replace right now that trust with maybe a national warranty or something like that right now awesome. So we said that we want to work with these local guys and their biggest problem was how to get more material. So they already had walk-ins to their shop where people would walk in and sell their old gadgets, but that's it. That walk-in was not consistent. It may happen one month may not happen one month and then there was a limit to those walk-ins. We said hey, you don't have to think about your sourcing will become your sourcing partner. You just have to follow or SLS. Make sure that the consumer gets the best service and I will provide you all the gadgets you require. And so we have about about 500 partners across India right now. So when you wish to sell your old phone or laptop, we find the closest partner to you and he would pick it up at that price. That's how model works great wait and then You make commission of it or yep. So we make commission of it, but that's not the end of story. We also help so we also provide them guidelines and training to help him refurbish it in the best way and we also help him sell those gadgets on the road down upstairs. So which could be online as well as offline? Okay. Yeah trust is most important. Make sure you establish a Trust a great advice again. So moving on from there Nakul you said make sure you have passion about what you're doing. Right? So tell us what drives you to do what you're doing now. So that's a very difficult question and we asked this question. So the hope is a whole core team and ReGlobe and we keep asking this question that hey, what do you what does drive you and everybody has the same vision right now where we want to be a single stop solution for the Indian consumer right now for them to provide an easy way of selling the their old gadget are so now we look in the future and say hey just one touch click and that's it. It's sold. You don't have to think about it with the SLA of say two words to your doorstep with cash payment. That's the kind of service level we want to achieve and that's what we what keeps driving us to say. Hey, how can we improve better? So we started with the four day pickup now we are at 48 Hours pick up and soon will be a 24-hour pick up. So that's what we are trying to achieve awesome. So what kind of strategy you use. What's your best growth hack to achieve that? So partnerships have been critical for us till now if we would have set out to find that consumer or educate that consumer ourselves where we tell them that hey this kind of service is available for you. It would have become very costly because there's so many online e-commerce startups already out there and to catch intention of the consumer through them, even if we have a totally separate different. unique offering becomes very difficult. So we partnered with people like say amazon snapdeal who already have a customer base and we said hey, can we help you grow more customers through our service? So a lot of them a lot of their customers come up to them say hey, I want to buy a new one, but I cannot afford to buy the new one till I sell the old one. So we integrated our service through their portal making affordability easy for end consumer in which then we also got a user for our services and they get more sales. This growth has hack has worked beautifully for us and we always try to see hey which partner can benefit from our services and how can we help them grow? Which will in turn make us grow.