One, my name is nishita aggarwal. and I am your host and your this last session. I want to be very honest with you guys and this one I've been doing counseling and presently mind for quite a long time now and you know on a lot of days I felt different and probably just not nice and Right. Now whoever wherever you are, you can pretty much understand that I'm not as bummed as I usually that's because I feel very tired and rather than going on and on on my day and my fucking myself more. I just decided to talk speak to just be here because II really feel nice when I talk about my feelings when I write about my feelings, that's how I have been my entire life. So if any of you any of you guys are like, oh, why isn't she here with something motivational or something? Very beautiful. Well, this is definitely not a live session view because in this life session, I just wanted to open up about just not feeling well enough for a good enough or motivated enough for fun. so I'm not making it too personal because people tend to stalk you and threaten you at the end of the day, but I can tell you that I've been managing my Like my stuff for a lot of time I would say I've been managing college and I've been managing. Presently mine for a lot of time and it does take a lot of Courage conviction and a lot of other things, you know on some days you just feel like oh why am I supposed to do it today? And one on some days you're just like I don't feel like doing anything today. They do nothing today and it goes on and on. I mean it is a long road success doesn't come easy struggle is real. and all of those things so for anybody who's here and listening to this talk and being like well why? Is she not in the happiest moods today or or why she not really talking straight or why she looking around in circles. Well, that's because that is exactly how I feel right now. I just want to hop on this platform and say that it's completely okay to not feel you're definitely best on every single second every single moment, even when they say that you may live once and you better live it nicely. I'm here to say that live. out and inside of your comfort zone the way you would want to live and on some days you might want to walk out of your comfort zone make magic there and on some days you would want to just go back inside and stay closing. Stay nice. and some days you would just want to breathe. That's it. That's it. I mean easy right sounds easy part. That sounds difficult to so I don't want to confuse you all nothing's here's is really happening. It just one of those days when I'm like mmm. I don't really know what's going on and on but I just wanted to talk and I just wanted to let it out and I just wanted to share with any of you here because all of you have always seen one very pumped motivated side of and it's not often when I share things that happened with me in real life or I'll share this part of me because I'm like, you know, I'm supposed to be in a certain way and it's not a kind of a foundation that any of My people around me I put on me, but it's just one of those things that I put on myself so. just Taking It Forward, I just wanted to see that if you are in one of those moods where you feel pathetic really not good something that isn't really nice or just not good enough Just sleep. I think that is one of the best things you can do with yourself. Just sleep just shut out people just stay with yourself. Just talk. Even if it's talking to the wall because it is so very much nor important to feel your palm just self every single day. It is difficult to be your best self to shout on top of you boys to feel You own it to feel really fantastic. I would say on most days. I feel like I'm a super Power Ranger because that's the kind of feeling I give out. I feel I really imagined myself with but on days like today where I just don't feel like The best self I would say that it's okay and you don't really have to get out of such a state. Now. A lot of you guys are like when they're Siddhartha, isn't it your job to take me out of a state like that and make me feel good and blah blah blah and I would just say that it is very important to just be yourself to the time you want to feel yourself. So for example, I agree. I would just going to share my my my story so I can tell you all of you buddy confidently that today wasn't one of the really best days for me. Not that something tragic happened. Well, if something tragic did happen to I'm really sorry for your loss, but it was just one of those days where you get scolded for something and then your mood. It goes off and you just don't feel like working anything like really drowsy really sleepy and something like that. And I know that I have like classes for 2 to 3 hours more. I have meetings and I have called and have sessions all of those packed again not going to lie. I don't want to lie, but the way I'm going to go forward is by one. I fed myself a good hearty lunch. I had some sugar because I had to had to had to have sugar because sugar really pumps me up. So I eat whatever comes up just don't indulge into alcohol cigarettes or anything like that. But so this fine not if you diabetic, but she was fine and I will just take on the day, you know, just go ahead take on the day. Move ahead. I mean take every task by task. And yeah, but that is how I'm going to go forward because it is so very important for you, too. Be true with yourself. If you're not feeling nice, you don't have to feel you don't have to go fake it, you know, a lot of people say fake it till you make it but I would say that you really have to be honest with your feelings because your feelings really have a lot of power be very be very gentle with them. But at the same time don't let them take you to places. You don't want them to take you and I think that is that I just wanted to share this with all of you here that if you're not feeling well and if you're in a kind of a mood like I am right now, well, it's okay. It's cool Lee. Okay. I just want to tell you that. Nothing else. Nothing really pumpy about today. It is a nice sunny day where I am, but that is that and I would like to end the session here. I'm just going to leave my social theory because all of you guys out with want to know more so I'm on Instagram by the name presently. Mine. It is spelled be res easy en TL y Mi any and the rate presently mine on Instagram. You can find me on LinkedIn I go thing which is understand. On you can find me on YouTube. I the name presently mine, which is p r e SE and tly Emma can find me on Pinterest Snapchat. Tick Tock ahead all of her all of these platforms. So that is that and thank you so much for just tuning in. I hope each of you listeners. Whoever was listening or tuned in definitely found some kind of comfort. I am definitely focusing more on comfortable nice little talks rather than something that doesn't Makes sense or is to out of the league because I'm just a human being too and I'm just trying to do my part pumping you up for a better tomorrow or today or the next second. So I just got a comment here, which says I'm already stalking you at Instagram. Thanks. Well, you're welcome for and of any of the new listeners I can again repeat my socials which is a tree. Presently mine, which is at PR e SE and TL y Mi. Any e on LinkedIn, you can find me I go by the name inertia dollar bottle on YouTube. I go by the name presently mine, and I hope to connect with you. All again. I will be heading for my classes now, so see you guys again, and thank you so much for tuning in. If you have some special special request do DME or just message me. And thank you so much for all of you. Beautiful people just one quick note that I would like to add is that I do not accept requests here because it's a very personal opinion that I gave and I don't really like to share it, you know, like Do like a cork like a collaborator talk because I don't want my audience to you know, just be a part of something that I wouldn't want to share something and you know, so if you do want to do some collaborative talk with me, we can discuss it but don't send in requests while I'm on this platform because it just makes it too messy. And that is that until next time. I will see you guys later. Bye guys, it's presently mine.