We have a very good topic keep learning from everything in conversation with stay human. So hi. Welcome to open. Took. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Yeah, I'm also good. So so we as you know that we had today we have a very good topic people learning from everything and we will be talking on this. So I would like to start this conversation by asking this you the That is it. Like should we learn everything in our life? Whatever is going on around us or are there certain things only which should we learn? It depends on what you want to do in your life means if you ask someone like artist means like a singer or like a painter he will or a doctor in suggest you to go into deeper and deeper and specialize into one thing but on the other hand. And if you ask someone from management or from business Community, he'll say like Richard Branson has said this Q don't need to be expert in a single domain, but you need to know a lot of things about different dominant to be successful in life. So there is not a single way. The the only way there are multiple approaches and they will work just fine for you. You just have to be passionate or you just have to be convinced convinced with the path which Following and keep moving. I guess that's the only criteria. Okay. Well many times. I have heard this thing from many successful people. Like they have very different opinions many successful people some of these say that be expert in any particular field keep learning in that a particular topic only and some of the successful people say that the in this modern era you have to be Be perfect at many different fields at you have to be good at many different top subjects. You may say so what should we consider and what should which path should be follow? See? I don't believe in blacks and whites. I guess graze the thing to do rather than just specializing in a single field on in or in a single job only you Also considered in doing many things but it should not happen that you are Jack of all and master of none. So this should also not be happened. So you have to maintain that balance means you have to develop a core area and you should develop skills around that means I was reading a book about how to win friends and influence people. It's quite a famous novel. And in that Del Carnegie is the author of that book and here is that so he says that in book that if you see any good doctor or if you ask any good doctors so medical knowledge plays hardly 20% of the rule and whatever else is there. It is conversation skills and PR and everything else. So see you cannot be a great doctor without the coal 20% Neither. You can be a great without the other it person so it's okay if you cannot reach towards the 80 At least out 10% in your core knowledge and if you cannot reach towards the 80 at least go for 40 or 50 person so that you have to balance both the things. Right. Now I was watching the video just before we started this fall. So Raju Bajaj the managing director of Bochy was speaking and he was talking to the media and he told media people that many people tell me key. You already are into bikes then why don't you start selling scooters to which he says it is like saying case in Tendulkar plays cricket and it is similar to baseball. So why are we not asking him to play? But because both held by a bat and ball, but that is not the case. So there are multiple ways but on the other hand by that has also launched the chittock recently so you can be firm on a single strand. You have to be here and there and see what's working best for you at the moment. Well, you gave a very beautiful example to make things easy to understand and like it's up to us sometime. Like what what kind of field intron? Yes. Thank you so much. It was very great example, you know and sometimes we you know, there are many fields and areas which interests us to to learn them. So there are many kind of things like for example, if there is a person who wants to be a doctor and besides that he also wants to learn guitar and many different thing which he likes to do. So what? What should he do in order to learn many things like should you focus on one thing or two things only or should he go with his interest whatever he wants to do. I would say first secure your earning and after all pursue your passions is it is something that our parents have also taught this so I am an engineer by profession but a civil engineer by profession, but I also interest in automobiles in computers. Science and everything. So I learned coding. I learned a lot about machines and how they work and all sorts of things. So yeah, it's not necessary that you should be sticking to only one field and rather than that. If you see whatever the greatest Miracles that have ever happened, they are never happened with just a single approach in engineering means in the first year itself in civil engineering so there was a thing. Thing called interdisciplinary approach in civil engineering. Okay. Yeah, so it is not just means a civil engineer constructs a building. But in that building there are cables there is electricity. Sometimes if it's a plant you have to install machines while we construct the road. We have to consider the vehicle Dynamics if we means a number of things are there which are related to this freak. So nothing in life is like you can follow it by learning just a single. Science another example, which I can give you is, you know, Henry Ford is considered to be the father of industrialization or he invented as protection or the assembly line method, you know how he came to it. He once went to a butcher shop and he seen that he has hung the Animals by hook and he used to move that hook means in a similar way that we move the curtain and he used to cut that angle. So he was standing at a Eagle Point another person was loading the animals on the hook and he was just slicing and another person was taking care of the other part. I he found that they are very productive and very efficient and then he applied the same Theory to the manufacturing of cars and the rest is history. So, yeah, actually if you learn different things you can integrate that into your work and make it bit exactly fantastic. You said very well like we can learn from others and Can add those things in our in our area as which we are working on so that we can modify them and we can shape them in a better and as you said that he learned from the butcher shop and he applied all those thing in his industry to go get the work better. So so I would like to ask like in our daily life things are happening around us. Little little things like sure in order to live a better life. How can we learn to live a better life from learning from the surroundings the things which are happening with others like, you know, usually people say learn from other Miss others mistake. So, how can we learn like this? If for example, I am a I'm and I'm an engineer and is a person who is my friend who has having a some other. Passion and he is doing some mistakes. So are there any chances that we can learn from his mistakes or somebody else mistakes? Yeah, actually you can learn from someone else's mistakes rather than following the successful people or taking advice from successful people. If you take advice from a person who has failed, I guess he has more wisdom to give it to you because a person who is successful he what their by doing what he knows and he rarely consider is the other circumstances which were happening around him at the time when things happen. Whereas a person who like for example, if Talk to someone who has just met accident. He'll tell you everything that how they are was and what was on the right and what was on the left and how he met with the accident. Where as you asked to see if you ask someone who just reach to your place with a safe Community. He will not be able to describe all those details because he has not paid attention to them. So in that way, yeah, they are much more to tell much more to share with you. And if you analyze that and if you avoid the mistakes, which he has been nothing great, but again one should not be able to do his own Mystic since we should learn to we should learn to or we should not be afraid to have our own mistakes or we should not be afraid of taking risks. That's what I Exactly. Exactly. And so have you heard the speech once it was delivered by Steve Jobs. He was talking about connecting the dots. Have you heard about like he was It was talking like what I read where he has mentioned. This is famous quote work. Like it's your last day. Yeah. Yeah, that was also also his famous quote but he was once even saying that in your life, it doesn't matter what you are learning matters were the most is it should interest you that you should have some interest in that particular field or the world. Yeah. I guess he mentioned the example of Calligraphy which we heal, which will allow exactly the same what I was talking about. Hmm. No, and yes, absolutely. I mean with a friend of mine who's a lawyer by profession about course, which I wanted to do, which is about to study the legal aspect of civil engineering. So I asked him is course helpful or is this course Gordon? He told me that nothing that you learns Goes West some day or the other you're useful so Yeah, and I prefer that if you want to what you can say improve your skill set you should start looking the people around you what they do for you and you should try to do as many jobs or you should at least try to acquire the skills, which they have to offer you that service means like if you have a sweeper at your place and if he does not come I guess you should be able to do that or when a plumber visits your place so you should learn. What he is doing and at least have that skill with you some day or the other when that person is not available. That thing is going to help you. Exactly. Well said you like we should observe the things the people are doing around us. Whenever you get the time or you are free just start observing the thing and automatically you will learn from them whatever they are doing and instead of wasting the time. If you are getting any chance to learn anything just grab the chance and learn and somehow in future you you may have chance to use that skill That You observe from other. Yeah, but I think that's kind of stressful lives that we are living. We should not always be in a serious mood or in a learning mode at times. We should be able to put our brains to side and enjoy the brainless comedy or the music rather and if we go deep and try to analyze it on the academic parameters, we might be able to lose the core of that entertainment. So I guess Inner peace is also equivalently important. So if once means you should try to balance the this personal and work profile. And then so have some place for yourself is that is very important and very less is discussed Topic in our society. Exactly, very, you know, you said very well like we should take our life sometime lightly. We should note. We should note take ourselves too much serious about anything because sometimes our mind also get too much pressured because of no lots of work are there to do so I would ask you that as you are talking very well about this question. What what like what should we do in order to you? Make our mind lighten or to refresh our mind whenever we get time. Yes, it is a highly personalized question and no generalize exactly and for anyone because everyone has their own way of relaxing. So okay. It's support ourselves to find that what Sue this is and we should follow that maybe anything. Okay, whatever you feel satisfied confirm status from yeah. Okay it all about that whatever you are doing. It should provide you some comfort and use it should make you feel that you are doing some interesting thing that you are feeling very light with it. Yeah. Yeah, that's K that hmm. Okay, that was very nice that you also raised a point about that also a whenever we get time just relax and make your you know, mind free and refreshed so that your mind also get some relax and rest so that it can let us not just about being relaxed or something like that. If you see if you are means I guess. Did this research that they all find their employees to work only for four days in a week and they found out that the productivity was enhanced because if you are continuously doing something you lose your brain from it, and if you really want to do some out-of-the-box thinking you have to be in your own Zone then only this can be happy. So like Kit Kats is a Kit Kat break buncha. He has exactly that was very, you know, very informative thing. You said that break the weren't exactly that we should keep taking the breaks in between the work so that we are mind can get some relaxation and some rest so that it can be ready for the next time. Yeah, exactly. That was very fantastic point you added in that thing. Like as a to be honest. I almost forgot the point that I should have added that we should keep taking the breaks in order to get unwind lighter. Yeah, exactly. And so there was a point that I was making brainstorm in my mind they did in you know, there are so many Who are just you know, keep talking about that keep working hard and hard in order to achieve success and some people who are keep saying nowadays. I have seen many entrepreneurs. They keep saying that do smart work. Don't do hard work. If you do smart work your mind will note take you know too much pressure on it. And if you are doing so much hard work, then definitely you are not going to be so much productive. So do you agree with that thing? Well, it entirely depends on the situation and the requirement of the moment. If you are in a field which is ready to be harvested you cannot just wait there and thinking about the ways to how to do this thing with minimum efforts and wait for us smart way to do that thing. You'll have to get it down into the field and start cutting the crop but at the same time on the back of your You should be able to think and while when you are done with it, and you have free time, you can think over it again, so smart work cannot be a substitute for hard work, I guess both go hand in hand. And as you improve the amount of hard work reduces an amount of smite where it gets added. So they go hand in hand one cannot be a replacement for the other exactly. So now I would like to To you know, get a rapid fire going for you because I have some interesting questions. Really I wanted to you know, ask you the question from a long time because as you the things you added in that conversation was also out of my mind. I forgot to edit the things which you said that we should keep taking the brakes. So the question I'm going to ask will the questions are going to make this conversation. So interesting. So are you ready for that? Okay. Okay. That sounds cool. Very easy are ready. Okay, the so my questions will be going now, okay. Who do you admire the most? That's the tough question. But yeah, if I have to be a single person it will be chatrapati. Shivaji Maharaj. Okay, that's very fantastic. Okay, if you could buy any type for food right now, what would you buy? Goodbye. Fresh fruit soda mostly. Okay, that would be a some lunch. So that's cool. Okay. What is one one of the things you would put on your bucket list? Well, I have means my lifetime dream build the biggest Hospital in the entire world. That's so amazing. Really that sounds so great. Yeah, okay, if you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go to? right now I guess I would be New York New York. So may I know the like why would even the New York right now? I don't know. But okay, that's your view shows today. Not just wish because that's the one place which I have not been to and which I have seen. I really wanted to explore at the New York things. And if you know there is this song by Alicia Keys called the Empire. Of my in that she says concrete Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do now. You're in New York that the okay. Okay. Okay. That song made you to go there. Yeah, go get your favorite hobby. Mmm, well it will be interacting with people. That's that's what you are. Exactly. That's their favorite of we are right now doing okay the strangest thing you have ever eaten. Well, I'm a foodie. Yes. Okay. I said Ian it was a lot harder than many ways things but What to say I have actually tried a quite different things but you know, there used to be a chocolate called Time Bomb is it's manufactured in you a yourself time bomb. Yeah. So if you eat that it is sort of the strangest flavor which you can get over here come here with and after that the sweet core is delivered to you. Okay. Is it still available in Market? If I search yeah, it is available, I guess. You can still find it in crosswords or even online has quite a nice toes. Definitely I would go and search for that the strangest thing here told me okay describe yourself into words realistic dreamer. Oh, that sounds very cool. Okay first thing you do when you get up in the morning. Check my phone. Okay. Okay. Bye everybody mostly people are doing this thing to be honest and okay your biggest addiction. I guess it is a fault in my personality that I am sort of a control freak many people have accused me of this thing. But somehow I like I am quite reluctant in giving away the Chargin like to be in the driving seat most of the time so that's the biggest addiction I have or the biggest weakness that I have like I cannot our work I am. Unable to what you can say give you away the power that is the thing, okay. Things you are most afraid of anything. Getting my reputation spoiled is the one okay, that's the mostly people are, you know, most afraid of like they love their you know reputation. Exactly. Okay first thing you observe about any person first time. And there is nothing in particular means if it's a delivery guy or observe what he's bringing if he's a person say why he's coming to me and what is the purpose? It was very interesting answer by the way life. That is the first thing I hoped, you know after after a long time. I have got a very very different answer. Otherwise usual answer I get to this question is like their appearance their be Yeah, this is the first unique answer I ever got means if he's your well driver or he is your employer. Hmm what you have to do with his appearance or whatever exactly exactly a life. That is the most important thing exactly. You said very well. Okay your favorite book. It doesn't means it keeps on changing. But right now it is a book called localization got its miraculous. Look it's also available in English and the other title of on my terms. It is written by a sheriff power the chief of NCP and our Former Defense Minister. It is his biography and he's experienced you. Okay, how many languages can you speak? 500 let's party in the Sanskrit and Spanish. Oh my God, that's very interesting of you. You know as we I am just going ahead and asking the question so many things are good options good, but I can manage that all you can manage that's good. That's good. As you know Sanskrit language is not the you know up piece of cake. Yeah, and actually I understand. The fourth one Punjabi has so that's very nice. Formerly might learn that while reading or while observing. Okay, like songs in Punjabi and languages you can hear and understand easily. Yeah, and I also started and so started to intentionally learn Urdu because see, I'm from Maharashtra. So our Hindi is not that good. So in order to improve and polish my Hindi I had to learn over the words. It's so wonderful like this many few people know that it's not a foreign language. It's a language that is born in India. Okay. Yeah, most of the people consider that the foreign Invader sell bought this language to India, but that is not the case. It is homegroup. It was the language of their ages. Okay. Okay. Do you have any pet? I had and I wish to have but right now I don't have it. I had a math called Tony then I had two Pomeranians named chiloe and domdom. Okay, the names are very cool, you know, okay, so it's your visual. So that's a of list in the bucket. You may say yeah. Okay. Okay the things which you push yourself to do. Going to the gym. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I'll get that the thing also, you know people always push themselves to do work out exactly. Okay, if you could teach any subject, what would it be? Hmm depends, but I would I would just love to discuss philosophy with people rather than teaching that I or if it has to do with teaching then I guess I would be very interested to teach people about automobiles tools. Okay, that's very cool. Because and also it's hard to find the people who can you know, elaborate and teach about philosophy in India specially. Yeah, okay considered teacher. Yeah means we can just speak on our conversation. So yeah you thing is a woman and you know talking and discussing on the topic of philosophy that much more language. You will come to learn, okay? One food. You would not want to give up. Coca-Cola, oh, okay. So and you know as you are doing more so you So as you are doing gym, and so do you ever wish to even give up or think in your mind that I shouldn't go take a color? Yeah, I have been just to prove that I can I had given it up for like a year like six months like two months were multiple incidents, but I just don't want to give it up forever. Okay, that's very good. Okay, do you cook at home rarely? Okay. Okay. Okay, so you're not a person who likes to cook? Okay, I like it. But but okay. What is Most interesting place you have visited our in India. Yeah, I would say it's a place called Chang Gulick and most hundred kilometers hundred or hundred fifty kilometers north bound to Second. Yeah, it's on the China border. It's the pristine thing means I have traveled a fair bit of world, but it was a very Scenic Place with a very what you can say. It was a Heavenly atmosphere even I've been to Switzerland. I have been to the most picturesque you places on the but somehow I like that place the based. Okay, very nice. Okay, do you watch TV or YouTube? And then if you watch then what do you watch the mostly time on TV? It has to be like guy watched erect meta then I watch that ndtv's Primetime with rubbish Kumar especially so that what Jesus did Orange is pretty lot of the time send to get my local server Channel called a BP Masa which is the maratti news channel from ABB group. Okay YouTube there are multiple things many automobile channels many musical things like the covers and the instrumental versions of the songs and things like that then many documentary sort of videos from various sources. And stand up comedy. Also. I have a taste for that. Okay, okay. Okay. What was your favorite cartoon show Growing Up? It has to be Scooby-Doo. Okay, that was very interesting Gardens of either. Okay. We I will I would like to end up this Rapid Fire by asking you the last question. Do you believe in God and is there any incident that you want to share that has happened ever with you that fruit that the existence of God is there? no, I'm a dentist that I've been really deeply incidences when Destiny worked in my favor, but I would not acknowledge that or I would not try to relate it to the existence of God because if I do that then I guess I'm sort of shortening my thinking spectrum and so whenever something which is unreasonable or which is something which is So I'll tend to leave that up to the core which I don't want to for that reason. I'm an atheist. Okay, that's very nice. It was amazing knowing about your experiences your choices and about your life really is very inspiring and I have personally very learned many things from your choices and that that conversation right now. We are having and every time like I have you on this conversation, I learn a lot of things and Inspire inspiration I get from you to keep you know, having conversation with people like you to share the knowledge with people. Thank you so much. Thank you. It was nice. It was a pleasure talking to you by yeah, and if if I get another chance, definitely I would like to invite you again. Yeah sure. We'll speak again. And also I would request the people if they are interested to talk about any topic then definitely they can send requests to miss really and exactly and if we find our you know their request interesting definitely we would accept their request to talk about Thank you. Thank you so much.