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Gloria and Elena and that is I must say one thing to all of you guys. You must create a podcast and open Talk other you are learning or other your speaker. You must create a open Talk broadcast why I am saying all these things. You must know one thing that opendoc is a great platform which gives you an opportunity to interact beautifully with all the listeners and with speaker. So if a speaker join open talk and he will be able to entertain the audience he able to encourage the audience to speak and learn more and if Learner in join the podcast they will be able to get confidence that how to speak and they will be able to create the surroundings and the environment for them to learn English because most of the people what they say they say they don't have they don't even find A single moment in their life where they can learn English at because nobody around Dennis speaking English as because nobody have an emergency or speaking English. You have to understand this understand this threat. Everybody will be speak English, but maybe not because they don't find any kind of emergency. But for you as you want to learn English faster and smoother, you have to join open talk because open-top is such a great platform which will be giving you an opportunity to in. Enhance your confidence will be given an opportunity to encourage people to learn more. This is something that is will be going to put and take advantage to your life. Why there's a lot of Institute. They are Lourdes University still a lot of academics who are going to charge a lot more. UT Market, I appreciate your comment more man. I love your feedback this kind of feeds back. I really appreciate it because really motivate me to speak more and encouraged me to say what I feel like I was saying I was given a one advice for all the English speaker and Learners as I said the speaker must and speaker and Learners must be on open top platform as because it creates and it's fill the Gap in between. Speaker and a learner, right good words speaker one speaker wants a listener speaker wants a listener and a listener want a speaker. This is the gap in between which most of the people does not able to get as because they charge a lot of money. I appreciate open-top Founders and their co-workers are because they have created such an amazing platform, which does not even charge a single money and give you an huge operation opportunity to learn faster and as you want and to interact with all the live audience in the live and real-time movement, this is the main thing the real time interaction the beautiful interaction the smooth way. There's a no app others available in the platform the market which provide you such a beautiful interaction. You must follow this and why are saying this you must send and share this app to everybody even though they don't I want to speak English just share them because they will find the area of Interest themselves because open Turk has so many things to be there as because it's not just an English-speaking platform. It's packed with all the things all the stuff that is really essential crucial for the development and the beneficial of someone's in the survival of their life. You would have to understand these things that open talk is not just a platform. It's an opportunity and this is all upon you that who all you want to share this opportunity with you have to with the declare mindset that if you are sharing open Talk, you are sharing opportunity with the someone because will - will that person will be finding his area of interest in this open talk and will be beneficial to out there live and be thankful for you to be shared this platform to him or her as because they will learn going they will be going to learn a lot more from this platform. Like I'm a speaker and a does not speak just English. I share even in the podcast even a motivational Stephen business ideas, even a lot more even scientific. So as they are lot or they are lot more certified podcaster. I must say they are a lot more certified podcaster which will be providing and enhancing all the information that you have in your head in the mood. Mood and positive that will really really be crimp an official throughout your life. So these are the something that I would like to tell all the speakers and all the Learners. This was the my advice for all you guys. Please do these things. This will really initiate and appreciate everybody this saying event for informative talk. I appreciate that man. Thanks for commenting. I really loved all the people who are committing and please if you you really love enjoying my listening my podcast you can like it so that it really inspired me a lot. So this was a thing that this was a gap which I would like to fill and I thought I in completed my work as because I said and expresses think that is really really really important for you to understand it. And this was if you if you want to learn you have to grow as before learning is under One man is calling so let's pick up his call Dharmendra. Hello. Hello, thank you for calling the remainder the remainder your voice is not clear there man. Can you speak louder? Yeah now getting I'm in the problem. So what you want to ask them their men? Yeah. Well you were topics you have mentioned that how to speak in English well, but that this is the topic I want to know. The how to do improve the communication skills idea to talk about this because this is which I was telling I was given an advice to all the speakers and all the Learners in the podcast so that they can they can be initiated and they can create a and the Learners can join them to learn English better even not just English. They can learn everything that is required or the they have a purpose in their life. Right? So question is how to learn English fluently. Yeah an effective way, right? So I was on the way to tell you all these things. So let's begin this. Yeah. I cannot hear that. I just came I just called the that's why I'm asking the what is the mean thing? So just tomorrow it will be better. If you tell me the only states are required for improvement plan asking the only one selling on the street. Okay? Okay. Okay. I will do that for you. So the basic thing is if you want to learn English, so you have to find Grew for you? Okay. Did you get I got my bad. If you have to have some role modeling in your head that how you want to become to whom like you want to become right? Okay. So what I mean to say, you can watch a YouTube videos or even the podcast in the open talk to whom you like to speak? Okay. So first of all, you have to think in that way and the second thing I'm doing this from last two months. Oh, but you are doing this so yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I am saying the lots of videos onto YouTube and so see the movie of okay, so let me clarify. This thing's so next thing what you have to do if you want to speak fluently. So the topic is you want to feel speak fluently right or anything else. Yeah, so, okay. So if you want to speak fluently and you can speak as you want as because the only the one solution is there, you have to practice speeches. You have to create a debate for yourself what I mean from this you have to take a copy and pain you have to note down all the words that you you have to write a speech to the people. So we have to work at the private company and all that. We don't have the proper time. Should we do the damn how much time is required for that? We have been doing this type of acne. How much time you used to sleep? How much time you require to sleep? Yeah, six six hours per day, but it's in compulsory process now. We don't mean how can we the things with scientific knowledge five hour per day is approximately good for health. No, the fire is not to go not only not not appropriate not some of the wife has said that fireworks is not a sufficient second. No, I agree because of the workload you I live as far societies working on the physical version. How can he manage it? But that was the problem. That was say what we adults is sufficient for level that I am as a students to the people around the world. Most of the people around the world who work harder they sleep approximately four to six seven in between four to six hour. Okay, but the topic of interest is this not I was saying you have to find out the time Gap in which you are lacking. You must not be utilizing all the 24-hour accurately. So if you want to learn only two minutes or even hours will be sufficient for that. Not just one hour, even if 18 minutes is sufficient. Only 15 minutes per day per day 15 minutes and you will sing Improvement every week. And how is this? Let me tell you have to just find out speech from Google and just note it and start practicing it just some first of all just memorize the words memorize the sentence and whole speech and then start practicing it in front of mirror just for 1588, even it will not going to take 15 it less than 5 minutes. It will be going to take and in that file. That you will be learning English and how you will be learning how to find out the word something phrase something word. No and extremely limited. You have to just copy down a speech most of it only you have to copy down the speech in your in your notebook or anywhere you want to and then memorize it memorize whole the thing. You're not going to learn anything. You just going to memorize it understand the word understand the thing just mmmm. Or is it because you want a long time now, you know one more day we are taking one word science. How can I remember I got? Okay. Let me give you a simple example. What is it area of your interest? Look, maybe a person will be interest in the area of Technology. Maybe the person you are interested in politics. Maybe the person it is anywhere, right? Yeah. I know whether any of you interested in in the niche. You have to select the topic from your Niche from your ears open because if you select the topic of your interest of topic of your Niche, you will be speaking a lot more if you're a have interest in politics or area of interest in Technology or somewhere you will be speaking hours and hours in that particular topic. Okay. Okay what my friend so you have to do that if you have a of interest in technology, just go and search about tech technology speech and yeah the most of the people solids from our yeah because as you said you don't have the fluency you want to learn fluent fluency in English, so If you want to learn English fluency in English, you have to command that thing and in order to come and you have you have less time as you said so you don't have time to practice in those things in those areas. Don't command all fit, right? So in order to all things you have to practice you already have command in and vegetables you have command you have those command in the area of interest in the area of interest of your interest rate in which you have it. But maybe I'm politicizes said so if you have a political interest so you can just go and Google it type political speech or a speech in the particular political topic like in technology. Do you have a topic of read me AI artificial intelligence e right but my point so artificial intelligence is speech and you will be getting a lot more than thousands and thousands speech just select one for that suits you best and just copy. Down it even if you're not copying down to just save it in your phone as well and just learn it memorize it and just speak it loudly because whenever you are practicing it with the that same face, you will be able to understand the in which you are lacking, right? Yeah. I understand you mean that only practice is very hard in your teachers. I'm not telling you to practice English. I'm telling you to practice speech so you will. You internally build a confidence level that yes, I can speak continuously for three minutes and that is peach length will be increased time by time. It will not be you will be able to speak even even in the area of Interest hours and hours. This will take time. And this will initiate and this is how I started the mask on wonder questions are how long how long how long would it will take time to get up those all up on you the scientific and research? Just says approximately ten thousands are is required for any kind of expertise in any kind of field. If you are want to learn any kind of expertise any kind of skill set. You are required to spend approximately 10,000 hours on this is the key success of all the ups parent or the cbse crackers or I-80 Jam what I mean to say because you have you might be watching in the TVs that they study for 15s are or In our 10 hours per day continuously from to two years or three years, right? So what this mean this whole count as 10 hours ten thousands of hours. And this is the key success, which is been served by US Agencies, right? So they have confirmed that 10,000 hours required approximately, but this is required for the expertise level if you want to achieve in the minimum and as fluent as you want to be approximately 1000 to 5000 in between 1 and 1000 to 5000 hours So you can practice your writing five minutes per day. So you have to practice with dedication. If you are completing your work with a dedication with a villain inside to outside from willing from inside to your heart. If you're practicing with dedication, you will be able to achieve your target goal even faster. But if you are just Catholic just without any interest it's lacking somewhere. So will you not be able to even achieve this in a few months? Are you able to court? Yeah start today. You learn even a one year it will take about two years or even six months of five months. You will be able to learn English as fast as you want and speak either. You want to learn English British or speak English American Jew will be if speaking, but the common thing is that how fast you want to learn and how dedicated you are. Yeah, speech is very important as a got your point this work requires. I write agree. Yeah, I agree. Thank you very much for your kind information. I have to go to the office right now. Chris is there. Okay. Thank you for calling. Thank you. Okay, great. Thanks the cars for you valuable feedback. That's really motivating a lot. So guys I would like to end this podcast right here. So if anybody even better vendor or anybody else who want to learn English so they can't follow me. They can like my podcast they can comment and if they were on learn even anything that they want to learn even English or when the stratus ideas or anything that they want to share with the person experienced anything kind anything. That they want to learn or give somebody else. So for all the things just click on Vicki create a profile follow me right there and request me a call after Follow You Follow Me request me a call so that we can talk personally. So till then have a good day and bye. Bye.