Hello. Hello. Good afternoon. Hey Mike. Good afternoon. How are you? I'm good Bobby. How are you? I'm doing fine. And I'm really really excited about our topic today is forgiving me too. It's really interesting topic. I think tons of oldest known to be really interested in it. Absolutely would I think Valentine's Day around the corner the big fat vide I think all of us are tapping into you know, the hidden romantic and all of us and tapping into the areas of This is about and that's why I thought today stop make should rightly because P for passion and piece of podcast. Yes, exactly. Great. So I think over the last few weeks that I've been a part of opendoc. It's been really nice then engaging to get the questions from a lot of the listeners and there's a commonality as on most of the questions that a lot of these listeners are asking and that is about podcast one is they want to know what podcast is which I probably you know, always mentioned in the beginning of every episode of mine. So I'm going to say that again today in terms of the podcast actually is so podcast is nothing but it's content which Created for the audio medium and it's presented in a neat clean noise freeway, which is easy to understand easy to consume and very much on the go for most of the listeners and the amazing thing about podcast is it doesn't have any geographical borders so you can be in any part of the country or any part of the world and you can consume this podcast in which might be pretty relevant to what your area of expertise is audio interested in. So another thing about podcast is that it lets you have a voice for your passion. I think that's really key for when you do anything in life. Literally. I think if there's no passion in what you do, whether it's your work whether it's your relationship. It's whether some creative project or part of if you're not passionate about what you're creating as such then I think somewhere down the line. It's not going to be successful whatever you are tempting. So this will be of passion is like super important for me in my life and You also are a book reviewer yourself. So I think you're very very passionate about books. Yes, but we absolutely right. Okay, so I think our foreman passion for whatever it is, you know, can we passion for flavors passion for food passion for photo was passion for anything at all? That really makes us go back to it every day day after day. Some days are like huge successes and some of these are Big failures and then some days it's just and you know big deal it's not making a difference to my life or anyone else. Is so but this passion is a fire that really keeps us going at what if we do and the same thing is true even for contrast true. So my cousin last time we spoke you had a couple of questions in terms of the whole podcasting space. That's not straight. So desperately we have something which we can you don't like take on the go and then I can copy tell you what my experience is that that space should we see before we actually dive into podcasting? I think it will be very beneficial for like myself and listeners if we know a little bit more about how you got into podcasting. How did you discover that you are passionate about podcasting? Well, great. I think I don't ever get tired of telling this story. It's my favorite story. So this is about so literally that I think my entire life has been about storytelling. It's about content creation. I love communication. I think I love to communicate and probably all the I think all the format's that are available whether it's audio video messaging Etc. And I always try to put out some kind of content which you know makes an impact in somebody's life make somebody stop and think or make somebody think That hey, this is possible to win. That's a fantastic. So I think that's how I started with podcasting. I love the audio and visual format. So of, you know consuming either music or content or useful articles audio books. There are so many more things that are happening in the world around us and I thought casting is a perfect format to you know, share your thoughts about a specific subject. Sometimes we invite a subject matter expert because we might not be the experts in every single field. So we call them in and once That I think that it's just easy and great to have them on board as well and you don't just ten curator content which is for a particular specific audience who really enjoy that particular topic and you know, just go ahead from then so that's how I got into podcasting. I love to talk I can that's pretty obvious and I'm hoping that goes to the time of makes sense and also the time the content that I'm providing is of some value to someone so that's how I started podcasting because I had I think a lot to say a different subjects I come from HR Consulting background. I don't a company of my own and now I've become one of India's top podcasters with people who matter what cast so it gave me a great chance to invite a lot of influencers really Senior People for People from the corporate and non-corporate sign the common word and share their thoughts about, you know, different subject areas like marketing Pratt take whether you should take a career risk of joining a start-up. Do you want to become a start-up at the age of 50 or 60 the second half Life or how to her some someone do great Innovation with packaging like we had the symbols the powerpc from ID Fresh Foods who is part of one of our podcast. And today ID is making some great waves and changes in terms of packaging, you know, like from the tender coconut filter coffee, those are successful. So he was telling us give me the artifact aging and how that made his business super successful we had. Mr. Tian Hardy from Big basket was telling us about you know, the last mile approach in terms of delivery in terms. So making the urban and rural life easy for people by connecting Farmers directly to the market and giving them their fair share of what they produce is. And at the same time consumers you and me can just sit at home and order a kg of potatoes and we don't go to the market downstairs pick it up fantastic mon through we don't care window. We don't care because everything is delivered home for us. So this is the kind of people I was meeting constantly on a daily basis and I was like, wow, I'm so lucky to have access to so many cool people and definitely I mean, Many others do not have this opportunity so I might as well make them feel like they're part of the conversation by starting a podcast. So yeah, that's how it started Mike. Wow. so that's an amazing story about coffee and I think when it comes to like the concept of passion many people they basically assume the passion is solely related to say love and matters of the heart and we're not they're not entirely wrong because that is true to some degree, but I think it's more about how as human beings were capable of feeling these feelings of intense often uncontrollable emotions of which now is definitely one of many and in this passionate could actually take of you click the forms a strong affection for Person or it could be a great enthusiasm for say an idea or cause or in this case. What podcasting is to you or what books are for me? It's like this unquenchable thirst where we repeatedly want to engage ourselves in an activity, which we thoroughly enjoy. Absolutely. I think you hit the nail on the head Mike and just taking it one step further because I know you must be reading Shakespeare as well passion can also be eaten a lot of passionate rage kind of a lot of passionate decisions made in a moment of passion, which you might or might not regret a digital future. Yes. Absolutely. So at one point of time when I started podcasting, I'm not gonna lie to you. It was such a it was such a passion project, right? It drove me to Madness. It will be to the extent of oh my God. Am I even having this nose and who am I putting this content out for and I See them right so there is no validation till I get that data with statistic. She paralytics saying hey, don't worry. You're being heard not only in India, but you're being herded like UK US Dubai Etc. So that was that was a moment where my passion finally saw some validation where I realized that you know, this this line thing that I'm doing for an audience that I cannot see for listeners who can only tweak to me who can write back to me through another format and it's not a life thing. I have no clue how they're consuming the content. Putting up. I don't know how well they even liking what I'm picking up. So this this this Burning Fire of you know wanting to do this really really kept it going. I think somebody's just asked a very interesting question arkasha said what is the downside of passion? Well Mike you want to take that or should I you can take it back away. All right. So Mike sorry Akash as I was standing there telling Mike, you know, very famous authors like Shakespeare like Dante so many of them have to Though down said the fashion has been sometimes fashion doesn't let you see reason it can sometimes be very irrational very illogical and they might be like tell people who might tell you what you're doing is not going to succeed and what you're doing is not good if you want courtesy light and maybe maybe 50% of The Times They are right. Maybe they have your best interests at heart and that's why they tell you that you don't do not take this up because it's just fashion, but it has no real logical reason backing it. But if your ass Shin is backed with fact if your passion is back with research if your passion is back with actual proof of concept, like you've seen others do it and achieve it or you know, you have the capacity to do it and achieve it then I think passion is the best thing that you should probably see and use in your daily lives at work in a business in any kind of winter that you're doing or even an inner in a family like I know so many people who don't necessarily have a full-time conventional career. They either influencers of bloggers or they are staying Home moms and dads and they've chosen that because they're so passionate about you know, bringing up their kids. They're so passionate about their families and that's great because that kind of passion can only result in positive in the very end. So I definitely see that yes passion has a downside but if you can back it up with fact research some amount of you know voice of reason then I think you've got the perfect recipe for a grand success. Well, that's that's my opinion. Very well said by Gary couldn't agree more. Thanks, Mike. So I think sorry go ahead now. Go ahead Bobby. So what I was thinking was you know what last time when I interacted with a few of them on the opendoc is not some really interesting people there. I mean a lot of them were people who have interest in fashion. They have interest in photography. Somebody had an interest in language once so these people are trying to tell me, you know that, you know, I have this interest but I don't know what to do about it. So I want to do you notice check with you in you in your line of work with the people that you check your email when you meet someone who says I'm really passionate about writing what kind of advice You give them because then I can correlate with what I do with podcasting. Well, I'd like to one is I like to know where the when the passion started. How did they discover they were passionate about writing second is many people they confuse what they like doing with what they're passionate about. The thing is when they do something that they do something they enjoy a lot of the time sometimes the motivation to do that activity sort of Fizzles out. But if it's something you're truly passionate passionate about I believe that you not only enjoy doing it but it also contributes a great degree of meaning to your life. You don't really need motivation to get out of bed in the morning and do it spend your time doing it because that a sort of becomes like your pop is what that's your calling in life. So if it's something that you need more because motivation in the end, it's a depletable resource. So the end if you don't really need more action to actually to get you out of bed in the morning and do that particular activity, then I believe Have truly found out they're passionate about absolutely you know, Mike it's so good that you said that so I come from a hedgehog business point of view, right? So a lot of times I have people literally telling me I hate my job. I hate what I'm doing. I don't want to get up in the morning and if I get up in the morning, I can't you know, it's have you seen that Locker you.com add where there's one part of you that's dragging the other part of you to work and you don't think literally it's like, you know, it's like, you know, you're constantly fighting with yourself and that certainly schools that there's something wrong either. Go with your career choice or there's something wrong with your situation at home, which is not allowing your true passion to come out all of us each and every individual every human being every animal every existing creature has this kind of direction that life gives us and that direction sometimes is solely motivated by your passion. So I think for some people also the good thing is passion is not limited you can have multiple passions. For example, I'm very passionate about my - I'm very passionate about being an entrepreneur at the same time. I'm very passionate about being a podcaster and I love that and I love the fact that I can have two passions and I'm equally passionate about my family my husband. I'm really really passionate about that space as well. So I am glad that you know, we have the capacity to have more than one passion. So same goes with the listeners as well. If you guys are people who are you know, thinking that you have a full-time corporate job, or if you have a cool thing steady income steady. Any job and at the same time to also a passionate about music you love to Moonlight as a band in safe, you know playing different gigs across the city or playing in hotels playing and you know, public and private functions, then you know, what if the passion is don't interfere with each other and if they can coexist and you think you can give equal amount of time to Port then please go ahead because there's nothing absolutely wrong in using yourself to your full potential because I mean, I think I'm a prime example of that. I do multiple activities So part of running a business and having a podcast. I'm also a creative writer for online content. So I try to provide content for Ott platforms or web series and things like that. So that's another area of passion. I love content in general. That's my passion area so that led me to become passionate about podcasts. So that's led me to write stuff as well, you know for bigger bigger pieces to you know cases. So this kind of motivates me further to be better at my craft. I read more I watch more I listen to me. Or people I hang out with some really good people and I think that helps me to become a really better version of myself and hold my passions so somebody again, I think it's Akash was asked is it? Can you explain why passionate workplace can be dangerous? Well, you know what our cash passion anywhere can be dangerous, right? I mean anything in excess can be dangerous. It can be from your consumption of a cup of coffee if you have like 25 30 cups of coffee a day, then that's extremely dangerous. If you are, you know, if you're somebody who's wanting to do everything under the sun then sometimes that can be dangerous too. So passion is just like that. It's not it's not exclusive of any other Philip right extreme love can be dangerous extreme weight can be dangerous extreme laziness can be dangerous. So everything in moderation is perfect for living a good life same thing with passion a passion, which is moderated with reason which packed with logic even at work. You should be passionate about your work, but remember you Have a balance between a work and probably a social life or a family life or you know, try to pursue other things as well to make you a balanced human being you can't just be I think you can't just be a machine. You can't just compete with AI + ml all the time. You probably have to go and you know, sometimes just stare at the Starry Sky, you need to lie down and really green fresh grass need to smell the smell of paperback book. You need to have a hot cup of coffee these things make you feel Life, right. So I think what I'm trying to say here is anything in excess is is dangerous and same thing with passionate work as well. So I think that's something that you can answer. Yes passion is debatable is another personal cost equals come. They're very true passion is debatable extremely true. But I think the passion that I'm talking about here is a do something productive which takes time away from your routine and regular activities. So I know a lot of my friends Who are Avid Runners right there are Runners for life and these guys have made a commitment to get up every morning at 4:00 4:30 p.m. And Come Rain Come Sunshine. Come winter come everything else. These guys are at on the tracks along the roads doesn't matter how bad or good the roads are. They just committed to the fact that they passionate about running. They participate in all the half marathons and full marathons. They travel the country to different phases to you know, run in these marathons as well and the supremely passionate about what they do. So I'm talking about this kind of passion which you know, It's you to do something beyond the Call of Duty. It's not just a passion at work or passion for your family. But it's the kind of passion that Nate motivates you to do other activities first, you are the talents and maybe if you're passionate enough, then you can see it through to become a successful Venture a successful product a successful convention, whatever you may call it. Yes, so yes Mike. So what else I think somebody wants to join in the call. I think it's kaushik and he wanted to just talk about this. Should we get him on board? Well chivalry. Yes. Okay. So I think he's coming on board the rest of the business. We've got something called Kasich who wants who's dialed in because he's finding it time-consuming to like my gosh Eric. Oh my God, I was up to I mean, I'm a man. Yes. I think your last line caught our attention. You said typing is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. I think that was pretty fun. And so yeah, go ahead exactly. Hi Mike. I thought Mike is not there and I get an opportunity to speak on behalf of my so that line was basically my only excuse because most of the time when I go to worship people just keep on typing and it is where my typing system. So on the side means that sentence. So anyways, I was trying to say was that I was trying to debate on that question verse so you must assume that Margie's I'm sorry, you'll have to repeat that kaushik. There was a film called as in marching and exact they had shown that there is one guy. He's East Village guy and there are no proper medical facilities and her name is wife just passed a bill because the doctors were not available understood mangy, right the man who broke through the mountain to get to the other side was passionate and he could it has yes social life, but the passionate love to to get that mountain down and to favor for the The Villages. So first connect with getting out of the passion and somebody me appreciate it and somebody will think okay. We should be activities for all these things along with the families when but somebody things that I just need for the passion. So I mean, how are you going to pursue your passion that or having basically gas? Yeah, speaking the language comfortable for you. Cosmic its kind will translate that. Actually. I am weird just to improve my language. So okay. I'm into how the way you look at it depending upon that order without what hospital have. So that might do you want to take that? Oh nobody you go ahead. All right, so Cosmic. Yeah. Can you hear this project? Because your line is Disturbed. Are you there? Okay, I think God is lines a little Disturbed but I got what he's saying. So how do you decide or determine whether this fashion is good or bad? I just picked up one thing which Kasich said he said he's on the open dog platform to improve his English, right? Yeah. Okay. Now we've got him is connected. Right? So I think the fact that he's on the platform to improve his English during the work day. He's taking some time off his life and trying to listen to different kind of I think open talks that are happening which are going live. And if you like the subject then he's going ahead of listening to it. That is fashion. That is actually going beyond the Call of Duty taking some time off from your regular routine life and making space for something you're passionate about. So, I'm sure he'll caustics case. He's passionate about improving his English. So he is going to do everything possible. He's going to watch the news. He's going to read the magazines. He's going to listen to open talks and podcasts and probably this is I think this is what is helping him, you know improves in the area that he wants to improve. So similarly, we are the people who matter podcast series we do that the idea of why I'm so passionate about that podcast series is because that particular podcast for these people who matter talks to people who want to get into startups people want to become entrepreneurs people who want to give you the business space in life and today with the Indian market with most people getting laid off of jobs. I think the market is ripe and ready for more people to become entrepreneurs for more people to become employers become job. Give us then Job Seekers, so I think that is the that is the area. I'm passionate about and to give you valuable lessons from people who've already had successful startups or from people who had failed startups and they'll share their Journeys their failures there, you know, tell you what you should watch out for in the market or if you're an employee. You just finished graduating out of college and you looking to join a very cool and happening company and you don't know much about this that explains your parents are very scared about the fact that you going to join the risky space which is like the startup see so if they can just hear it Sort of my podcast. They will understand what kind of people are in it. What kind of support people get in the podcast in the startup and entrepreneurial journey and take it forward from there. So I've seen that my listener base increase from a 50,000 to a 2 million in one and a half years only because the content I was providing that I'm super passionate about the podcast is actually making sense to people and if you want to listen to this podcast the people who matter series if you're somebody wants to become a start-up want to know more about Startup want to know about entrepreneurial journey is you can catch up people who matter on Apple podcast Google podcast Spotify Alexa and Eurozone use YouTube as a video. So you can please go and see that you have an understanding of what I'm talking about when I say I'm super passionate because I've been doing this one and a half years in the podcast apart from running a company and other Ventures. So yeah, I mean if that doesn't passion, I don't know what is so that is probably my take on how passion is debatable and how it can really save you and your life. So, yes, we are happy with the we're very happy with more questions coming in guys. So please feel free and go ahead and add your questions. And even if we are not taking your calls directly, please do forgive us for that because sometimes the lines are not clear and for the benefit of our other listeners, it's easier to just read the question and answer it so Cosmic thank you for being a part of that question. But sorry you had to get this connected. So yeah, I mean, yes, go ahead Mike if you have more questions who let me know I think another Another question should be beneficial for our listeners is how does one go about finding what they're passionate about like as I said something they enjoy which contributes to Great degree of meaning to their lives something that makes them lose track of time or something they could talk about for our they light up and they speak about it. How does one go about finding that passion? Fantastic, I think great great assessment Mike. I think you've kind of answered it yourself in the way you were singing that when your eyes light up when you talk about a subject. That's definitely fashion. I read a very interesting quote to the morning advances social media platforms. It is Cheryl. I really really admire Shilpa. So she said that you know, this is something called the 21 by 90 rui that people are following now. So 21 days it takes for something to become a habit. And it takes 90 days for that thing to become a part of your culture a part of your ethos. So if for example, I want to start on a keto diet for example, so if you take it 21 days to struggle and struggle and struggle and finally accepting. Okay Quito is good for me or you know what to become a runner. It'll be 21 days to get up every morning at that particular time. And then finally I get a to do it. But if I'm following a diligently for 90 days, then it becomes part of my culture. I'll stay I'll strike one. I'll just say one thing. Aside if if something is the thoughts that you think of when you go to sleep or a thought that you wake up with then definitely it's a thought you should work about because it's fashion and these these things usually come to you. But the time of rest when your body is going to go to rest you usually think of other things they're not related to any person the usually not related to your family or other situations at work and things like that. It's just, you know, the things that make you think as a person Exactly, you know one day you realize that. Oh my God, it's amazing how electric vehicles work. It's just a thought. Right? But if this thought constantly keeps playing in my mind repeatedly and repeatedly and then I start making lifestyle choices and changes to accommodate that thought in then it's a passion for me podcasting came like that because I wanted to do something in the audio space for the longest time and before podcast I was arguing and international travel show for a French company, which is called social mob. These guys are an international music station. So while I was arguing it and realized it's no fun talking about countries that I have visited but people really have no clue about plus. I can't see the people while I'm telling them about I'm painting a picture with my voice I'm saying, oh my God, you know those beautiful streams and that means sky and you know something else. I'm trying to paint a picture for people. I didn't even know how people are reacting to it. I didn't know if I didn't know if they are understanding it they are following in or whatever else but when I Podcasting I realized that with people's interactions through social media people's questions through social media. I was able to provide exact answers to them and that was a value addition that I was that's when I felt my passion was in the right direction. This is to answer somebody's question was saying, how do you know for passion is a good thing? Well, if you're passionate value addition to you or someone else, I think that's a great passion to have it's not just for you you're benefiting Society with your passion. So that's a great passion to have so I think that's something that should you should think about So for example, a lot of my friends are musicians, I like to sing occasionally. So if you feel that at the end of a workday your voice or your guitar or drums is distressing somebody else and that's a great Passion follow and if you like to do this repeatedly, so passion is consistent fashion is being repeated. It can't be one day. I like round and the next day. I like radiata playing it can't be done. It has to be every day. I listen to this or every day. I read this book or every other time I listen to this kind of They called I paint in a particular way that is fashion. It has to be consistent. That's how you identify your passion about something or not today liking something tomorrow hitting something is not passion passion has to be consistent with you over a period of time judge yourself for at least four to six months. If the thought is constant constantly. There's an inner voice saying do that do that do that do that for the next four months starting today. Take take an oath today that I will think about what I like and if tomorrow you have the same. Thought and then one week later. You have the same thought one month later. You have sent out at the end of four months. You have the same thought then I think it's great. That is the fashion area. You should follow and then try to do something productive with it, like find out talk to people brainstorm with people find out different challenges of you know, doing something about that area of fashion. Got it. But I think there are more questions coming in Greece. So the new DA Mahadev has asked is it possible to handle the job and passion together? Well, why not? Why not? If even there are some passions that contribute towards doing a good job as well, like for example of talking about distressing after work right. Now if your passion can help you de-stress like if you if you love to paint you love to cook you'll have to put up a YouTube channel of you know recipes that you're making and you're doing this after coming back from Office. You are at home. And that time between say 6 to 8 p.m. Is not I'm in the kitchen and you and I have so many food bloggers could influences have a full-time it job. They come back home. They have this channel once a week the record and they are beautifully plate up that piece of food and then put up a YouTube video. They'll put up Instagram posts about it. That's their passion and that makes them happy. So and that happiness the next day results in having a really good day at work. So no matter what is thrown at work for you. You'll be able to enjoy it because you had a good-sized spine release of passion. So I think that's fantastic. I mean, they can totally go together some passions like for example a UI ux person and designer in general likes design and everything. They see so if they see an automobile a car, they would love to see the design of that particular car if they see you know, Prince if you're somebody in to you know design and you're also into clothes and fashion and things like that, you beloved really nice neat cut and a cot symmetrical. Asymmetrical things like that. You would really enjoy so that passion of you know, looking at design outside your area of work also enhances how good your design is at work? So I've seen a lot of correlation between passion and job, they don't need to be different from each other. They can be supporting each other. Sometimes they are the exact same thing. So, yeah. I hope that answered your question because our all right, so we have three hours to cook. Build on that previously during the call. You also mentioned that as long as your passion your job don't interfere with each other. It should be fine. And you also mentioned the now created a new mention the people being laid off. There's more discontentment in like in the workspace and everything. Sometimes people may be something that they're not passionate about professionally and they may be just about what they are passionate about. So I think a good way for them to say discover their passion. Is to imagine for a second that they're in a world where they're wealthy they're financially independent and secure as in they no longer dependent on say working a nine-to-five for a salaried income and then they have to or how if they're free to pursue anything. They want to pursue what would that be because once you take out the extrinsic motivator which in this case is money, then you're actually free to introspect look within yourself and so Venture on a journey of self-discovery so to say Find those activities that are rather inspired by intrinsic motivators. It could be acquired new skills like cooking or maybe it's achieving Mastery over an existing skill or could be teaching others or inspiring this like what you do with the people who matter podcast inspiring other people to become the best versions of themselves. So I think that that could be useful for people trying to discover what they're passionate about as well. Absolutely, great Point great point and thank you so much for you know, liking the show. And yes, that's definitely that's the motivation of you know, making people feel better about themselves be the best versions of themselves at work. And in life is super important for me because I work with people who are disgruntled with their job. They people who are not happy in their personal life. So I work with these nine people on a daily basis. So I think a positive reminder of why you are doing what you're doing or the So that you have to achieve something better than what you're doing right now is what I really strive for because guys I mean we have one life right? You should really try to be the best version of yourself and try to use whatever talents that God has bestowed on you whatever you have learned and developed on your own try to pick a channel and outlet for those because it's just one life you have I mean I this is this is amazing poet that. I used to follow John Milton and you stronger Paradise Lost lost and Paradise speaking. So I'm sure you might be familiar with the work like so he you know, this is one line which one coat which is like the life and line for me. I mean, that's my motivation my go to court. So he says doc God deny day laborer light denied. So what happens is in this particular poem of this is basically talking about the fact that Milton goes blind when he's about to create his biggest masterpiece. And that is when he's writing one of his longest pieces of work. So he was actually a prose writer not a poet. And and in those days, I think this was the 1500 because of some disease he loses eyesight which used to happen very commonly, but we used to make fun of your hearing. You know, those early 70s 80s the movies where for no Rhyme or Reason they hero hero. I know somebody's mother would lose their vision and then if you know somehow magically to get restored, so this is one of the situations where he lost his sight. 8 and he was trying to complete his life's work and he then go he's so frustrated in that moment because he's so passionate about writing and creating something for the people to enjoy. He says, how can God deny eyesight and expect me to fulfill my potential my talent. How is this possible? So this has become the line of my life because I feel if God has bestowed me with so many talents. I have no choice, but to me them useful to make that full potential being felt into a into a something larger than myself. It has to be more than the money I make or the amount that get to my bank or the next new purchase. I make on any of the platforms. It has to be more than that. It has to be a smile on somebody's face. It has to be a life that has changed. It has to be somebody who's made a better career choice someone who's happier today than what they were yesterday or happier after hopefully listening to this open talk after they were or before they were you know before the tuned it Has to be something more than that. That is what I'm passionate about busted about creating content motivating. You may be triggering something in your mind in a direction which gives value to your life. I think that's really really important for me. And that's what I think like you rightly said for for you somebody to go above and beyond the Call of Duty for somebody to just add a little more value to their life. So yeah, that's what I feel. Okay? All right. There's some great. Earns about my I think both are combined accents diction English. Thank you very much guys, very sweet. It's just I don't know we were just in those schools that we were and the families we were in but okay. So all this money improve your English guys read books books are amazing micro tell you more about it and you should follow him to buy books are amazing. Thanks Barbie and it's absolutely true. It's a Surefire way to improve your English reading. Absolutely and I think nowadays. Guys, I mean, you know when we were younger they used to tell us watch news like there used to be only one English news telecast that point of time back and do that Sharon days and then cable TV came and things changed. But today you have so much content right you can you can choose who you like and you can just type their name and they will be multiple videos about you know them speaking and just go follow listen to them. See what they doing. See how well they speak how well they articulate their thoughts and I have to say this I don't I think Mike will agree. None of us are perfect in our English. None of us are perfect in our language and it was a professional writing or reading right? It's work in progress. Every day is an improvement like every day. I'm I'm learning and improving. I'm reading I find a new word. I really like and I try to like put that so it's not hard and don't think you're alone in this Learning Journey and don't think everybody else is perfect. Everyone is learning like maybe my English is better than my native language, which is Tamil and I feel terrible about it, but I am always trying to improve that as long as and try to improve this so see. It has drawbacks and everybody has something that they are weakened and something that they're strong in and just try to make sure that whatever you're we can you work harder at it. Like I'm going to start in on like caramel and stumble. So yeah, these are these are small small improvements you can probably do and yet there's so many subject areas are also interested in so I just try to do better and being little more humble that really helps and don't ever think for a loan. If you think you're not good in speaking or writing or reading. There's definitely something else. It was super talented in which somebody else might not be so don't ever think less of yourself always think of yourself as a as being exactly right. He said common rightly second everybody starts with a exactly I mean taking nothing away from the man great. I mean his talking helps him sell his books, right? So he's a smart marketing person. So he talks the way he writes his books and there's an audience advices books as well when I'm with you not everybody has to be like him as well, but just be like yourself. You can be like that would be like my you like someone and you can be like all the others were tired and just be the best version of yourself find an area of passion. Trust me guys passion is something you know, what was you drove with her? Right? It keeps you alive. It keeps you motivated. It gives you something Beyond. This is something beyond your everyday chores your everyday workout schedule. Jerry did some people are passionate about Fitness, right? It's a great area of passion. They'll eat right they asleep at the right time the drink The correct amount of milk, they are very careful about how much it would take off whatever they do and I don't think we should be making funnel them either because I used to be one of them who promptly laugh at my friends were so I used to think you're married to the gym, right? That's what I used to call him. But I realize that's what they're passionate about. Mike is my area. So yeah, you are. Okay. So somebody Joy has said where can we listen to both of you? Well, Mike will tell you about his habits for me Joe and the others you can catch me on my podcast which come out every second Thursday. Like there's one releasing today guys is one wheezing at six o'clock today. It will be dropping any on the podcast app the podcast YouTube Alexa forever Spotify. Yes, and my question was called people who matter you can see my photo there and it will be the same as my profile picture here. So you'll know it's me and to tune in to listen to it in proper line of comment on my Twitter handle at Advantage 886. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and harder to be swarming from Lincoln the Lincoln Tenley. I think we put your connections are giving few on the on my go to talk profile. So, please feel free to go ahead connect with me drop me a line drop it. I can help you in any particular way. I definitely will try my very best. So that's great anymore questions guys bit on the last I think two minutes to five minutes of our show. So any more questions are welcome Mike. Yes, please share your handles as well to them. Oh shit. So at the moment, I'm just don't open talk. So you can just follow me after this calls over but as I make my hands I should update my open job profile. Thank you. Great. Great. I think Mike's youryour listened with increasing to so you better start being active on social media them you have to yeah, right people also talks about how to develop the habit of reading. I think my advice to them would be to start small like for me my aim is to read one book per week, but that could be a very daunting task especially if you're just developing the reading habit. So just aim for one or maybe two pages a day gradually after a couple of months you could increase it to say Chapter a day or probably a book a week, but that you can start off with those goals. So I think in the beginning just start off with one or two pages and then you can build momentum as you progress. Sure. I think that's great advice same goes for I think somebody winnetou had asked some time back. She was saying, you know, some people are very scared to pursue their passion that fear in people right to pursue a passion. What's your suggestion? I think exactly what Mike said about reading start small you're ready. A fashion just test it out. See if you're still passionate about it tomorrow morning. See if we going to be passionate about it. One months down the line and start doing something in that direction. Just thinking about your passion and feeling happy. Well if that is enough for you then great, but I believe in actions apart from just thoughts. So I try to actually put down my thoughts into a diary. I am somebody asked me earlier hug. You try to hug, you multitask you have an app or software or calendar management Etc. Well, I think - well, the only thing I have is Mike the life successfully compartmentalize food. So I have this compartment which is my company, which is exactly operation. The Hedgehog I have an apartment is my podcast speaking about a podcast have a department for my personal. I have an apartment from using books and things I'm really really happy to be with you. So I think it helps I think it really helps to do that and then start pursuing the area that you think You can't stop thinking about and do something small about it write about it. Make a make a plan because one week plan start with that like today. If I do this tomorrow, I'll do that. For example, if you make a plan of reading one page today with two pages tomorrow for Pages the next day and by the end of the week, you're done with the chapter. So think of it like that stuff small slowly slowly slowly slowly. I think that should be fine the minute you you take small baby steps you should Find don't jump right into it. Nobody. I think the more patients coming about reading. Okay, so then Muhammad asked if he's blind, how could you read? I mean, it could read a book in Braille, but the alternative is audio books audiobooks are increasing popularity. I definitely recommend Amazon audible. That's what I use for all my audio books and it's especially useful during your commute. Especially if you're in a city like Bangalore with crazy traffic conditions. Sure. Absolutely. I think commute is just a global problem. I coming obviously Tunisia and ask and the traffic was Water would was just terrible in Jakarta. I had to just go I think in Indian measurements units of measurements quickly. Like I just hope 500 meters it took us 45 minutes to cross and no one not across 500 meters and it eventually I'm the second day. I think I realized what the route exactly was. So I just told the taxi guy. It's drop me right there and I just booked it. I walked it at each my hotel. I was like and I'm like, okay, thank so. You know, there's this things that you you, you know pick up on. Mute is a great way to open a dog audiobooks. Yes. Somebody rightly said it's a great platform to advertise. All right, you're not smart. Maybe you should do something in terms of advertising whoever wrote that so fast. So these are amazing places for you to read in pick up. I think this is in your jobs your work as well work spaces. They don't expect you to you know, the line ask the it also cannot spend it at work. They don't constantly expect you to be married to your laptop. Sometimes it's okay to take some type of listen to Then close your eyes and just pay attention to that because probably it increases the efficiency and productivity as well. So I think with this as well and they pretty encouraging about it, so I don't think it should be problem anymore for you to listen to these kind of things at work as well. So it should be fine. Great. So I think with that thank you guys. Thank you all for joining us and we're very very happy that today's open Talk was again did so well, it's a little of a week Dale. It's not even a Friday and so many people children when they were listening to it and some very very interesting questions. I really hope we were able to answer all of them and to all those were chatting with each other on the chat platform. Please go ahead and take it outside book. So to talks over so thank you very much guys. And yeah, I'm going to catch you again next week. To thank you everyone for tuning in and thank you bhargavi. It was a pleasure talking to you Harvey. Absolutely. Absolutely my pleasure to meet you. So yes, Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. And yes as a make yourself your Valentine and find out what your true passion is. So go ahead. Hi guys.