Maria hey, hello, bro. How are you? I'm fine. How are you? And how are you spending your day today? Yeah, I'm doing well so high listeners today. We have a very special guest Surya and he's very interesting guy and he's very he's a person who always eager to learn about space and the things which are Beyond a common things. So I asham break a jaw make isotopic bad Carnival a Joey Logano video both interesting topic Rye or body touchy topic click on logos pay hardly believe Cartier or he has a topic rajamma shallow. Go Kim, the magma complicated Joy thoughts create her that right? Exactly. It is a Jacuzzi her job. I think topic boo painter or thank you, mr. By the book in the very well. Thank you so much. I've never interviewed second Chisholm up assemblywoman Conway Jessica scientifically Barton occurring here. But since key regarding space key regarding Escobar about the corner chunky. I'm bothering you could you know natural Powers Guevara make which is spiritual and you know do God and the ghost do you believe on them? Exactly exactly thaj Wilkinson caesarea apnea some Bad Karma. Velocity joke about Joe positive. Go beyond the hotel gym, kokum negative power as a negative power beep refer carthay circle of black magic be executable. They could show some discuss. You're Bill Colby cheese or like incident of my life was was in a such a different way that I want to speak in front of you today. Exactly. I really am. Yeah, actually, I'm you know, I'm a very well-educated person. That's absolutely also that's why I don't I don't believe in such kind of thing that God. Really is exist or not or a ghosts really exist or not? Okay. So today let me tell you and I belong from an of the upper City OK from a village. Okay, and at that place Happy actual methodology of a happy family happy pair of corporate manager is a god named or people used to pray at that place and going from a from long distance to there. And you know, they pray they just want it there should not be anything wrong with them ever. They're like as I said normally Hootie Hoo music. So what is there is a half pages. You can make just remember take him into a super believe me Karthik of ever, but again mrs. Are so lucky. Tell him I'm going insane with aqueous a ticket over. Okay, once marugame this a up Nick ebisu Nagasaki Devi devta precatory. Sonic in the DVD of thought TL cool - come very soon away. Thank you India in Kumamoto GRE and Goku your deodorant which is recited as a like that like people might be, you know, making a jokes like such kind of thing. They are they might be shivering their body randomly the according to their body rhythms. Okay the MU as well as you just look up an emergency just to make other people fool they used to do that exactly. Actually Abby Ramirez thoughts which is atrocity that are managed under this cover over the log of Nemours. Has anybody come up here but 1G summoning motivated and they pray them they sing some songs for them, you know, which devotional suit exactly Master compatible Culebra cartel kyookie Surya many BSE boat. Sorry s EJ D QE R. Ja B log man, Loki own calendar to say type key Behavior Hotel. What does little recipe of curtain? When he body language with energy budget year, so a man's acting key a case Associated, okay. Could Greek people experiencing happy? He once made up nigga longer water dust mop you could just see the architecture program with hotd 88 architecture. Okay, we also talked about how you could job surgery Temple te Pou happy sub B log don't know how much ever you are. Someone that it never looks up Queen red Gadget, especially you Hooligans Diwali capacitor or somewhere humble family to key out of state at here, but the brothers were The British May. So how long have a worker just to seek out? I can yoga at that time of place methodology to marry grandfather Uncle. What is it Roger Devi? Devta on kandra? Kandra. I used to say get the other day. Just don't care the Army as a mutiny everyone. Can you hand me a second? boo So once hamara Gourmet simple geometry David are talking about how with the Autobots are a donkey look better with a small couch or so. Ticket holder Logan can show a little mess-ups argue better water or just as a better Betty just I don't know mess up kahua. Lower ability of Kisco DVD of the banana cheeks can achieve okay. I don't believe in such kind of things. Signature look that the slip-ons you go. So this is how it all happened. You may have happy just better water or sorry th ree tee. Koey Devi devta are happy to see the video and they were just so many. Hello. Okay. Well, maybe when he stops talking about our door, which is up near Bhajan children gave DVD or How to get outside or is it reserved for me to put a body shop, which is a pro back to open up. He Matlab shaken allegation. I know use them it needs certain alligator quick sardine Giuliani sakti KR they can disable the beta house key body of not shaken are lucky. Okay, so you I know get a stable Neoga but midriff may have coverage. You got Osama gear map Calhoun - one minute exactly. So memorized a was it was moment baby logic as a coach or a submarine or job pay is based on Monday leaky after a person has a job. Is he a vagina? Okay. At the time the same movement map image that could destroy the only argument the male body of nerve shaken Alexandra. So hot you made a hard left your elbows have willingly shoulders and there's a Main Street Baton apart the couch. What are the time menu system is switching you buy it is Is not the time he met surgical bureaucratic attorney or or bilkul Jealous Again, Jessica. Google or a summer job. Can I get your number? Th613 natural tea? Everything was natural many. We as a board see logo similar ones who really is a Kelowna personal Joy incident very soft. Shell Q GJ unnatural or madhavi Bolton icky man-made stories and Imagination are looking guy. mozzarella Get behind you Duties are sitting under Molina the king of Lanka. Okay? Yeah, but yeah the GAO Jumeirah Gamma 1 gamma K Bar on regular basis who do with the commanding generals will give some name. Okay. Yeah, your midi extreme. I've got oh, it's very manga story here. Oh No. George is feel guilty at the time. Okay, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jamie. Are you curious to hear me moaning with your career? But I deal with it also could be spent 30 years old. You can grieve about go. Okay, but stamp eligible Nene's audio guide. I don't know. Uh, but I'm I'm I'm from a poor family Let Me Clear you so how Maria could answer here Gaia Bell, but Grievous Katie body. He camera clicking. Okay, I Malika the oh summer made it pop. I just study. So HTML popping multinational company mean Junior so Kay thank God thanks to God. Thanks for his hard-working. So each is 800 Stampede Imam. Ja Matta but just showed you guys in the or virupaksha or father kaju program. We will pull up a loop exit bardolph is happening here. They are the beach may go away. So how many accounts book Rebellion which ironically Okay, Mom. Just newly married. Tim Cook. Aha Jackie Jo you bukhari beard in co-chair. Akala Ko to marry. Mom just went with them think America Uncle GTA voted him a lesson could be pair of Giotto the abuse Tampa get a Wiki wife Katie or minimum. Newly married suitable be contingent negative or would just walk on just generator bear boqueria up now look hospice charger again Jarrett. The suddenly sorry Bill a bass or Mercury or be okay, or see some are just minimum that the cockpit which mirrored or Husky just opposite side way or beer cup but was part of a joker, dr. Druker. So my mom thought he already paired up with dubaku barricade. so many mom and job Could you carry Malibu to repair here is a black Colour by so many more managers who speak normal QQ. Ho sakta me possible minimum throw or Julia gay Nietzsche the activity or a girl very good. What are you doing? Okay, we need to the rocoto slow hard to live hurok view pay to borrow money. Yuki coffee, but okay don't you just turn the object girls beautiful up each other somewhere or Mambo's not doing anything when because I don't get to Uncle Tom give wife to incur because so many many are but to Uncle Tom goes of course clear so many Margot couch or he here. or when I just encouraged me to let the who Allah will lick each other Heroes keep hearing over here. Do not believe me Creeks are able to dissipate the marital bed guy. Well it sure. Just certainly comes a gap. Will you put her poetry? Only cheese. Yeah, exactly. Surya usually logos heart to favor Logan Get the net during Durga Tallmadge always no psychos pageant kiosk morning would have made a headache or eSATA or major cooling minimum. Number two Tire or just peekaboo Zurich. Eh could see an Abyssal you could forgive me buzzer Cajun kodo a big heart. Or milk number of positions or everybody should work analogy. I suggested DVD of thought and just in a way or ownership. Rosemary vodka tonic dirt track a car to buy quality which is will be instantly password by like I cha Dong Yi Cusco incidents Catalonia focuses on Milo but he under key feelings is six cents a unit under eye area or I think it's a good one. Okay Hazel. Each is America explaining her from when I used this can get site is immersive reality Maria remarque, whiskey could chisel baton to you won't be safe. I'll be able to make a quick story with you banana personal experiences or may not be a shared solution quickly main subjects over believe me Carnival in sauna monastic top LA or So educated person objective is experience karate. Please exit and just cut the umbilical cord. It is a very hard job g- up a gorilla because because he can't see me the cougar ticket it different kind of con Chota her Joshi. She figured it's probably Circle Lake. Ladoga. I knew that it could double double bed Cooper Joey could do backside which is some look, you know, that's like a bad thing you said to me. a double bed crop across a college degree Okay. Hello. Surya is sorry to interrupt you, but can you please check your network? I'm not getting a voice. I think my error will go well with shotgun. Okay now. Adore has just look at them. The negative Vibes are to read click on the show cookie always okay to socity will positive or negative 42 care of job Seeker, too. Exactly or very bad ghost killer ghost killer bod. If God is there or any positive power is there so it is a negative power also. He could lift freaky. First timers are getting new more revenues to read I will face or experience From My Sight. Hello up capacity to reason Exactly Surya well to be honest hermit. Lucky Mary Busby stories have kupatana Glee. They can also buy limit up with etana junga key Matlab. Keep tequila Goku only scientists research career recently earache Pennsylvania to University here Jabba ghost for research or Tia. So studies were happy show Cortina key, Japan Brazil South Africa u.s. India friends. Our Thailand key logo May especially in countries go Logan is of sagada. Yo ghost incidents were scientists at share careers of sagada or wha kill Logan called culture medium until the negative power of positive behavior. Be most welcome or is it is more negative or her spirit negative news exactly or disable other a logo is everybody GE couch or proof Certo University of Cambridge. Yogi is me International has scientist ski team. We have a micro bun physics experiment u.s. Mitchell ratha yatra recently. Particle Pia Gap article disabled. They knew neutrino School whose neutrino particles go as a ghost particle, but I a guy who's both deep. Study or yellow house a lucky man at keyboard or scientist named microboom physics experiment with the unknown aepi Agatha as if a ghost particle School named the Agave or scientific name a bullet is a neutrino to appear like a low worldwide does many universities and scientific scientist who are working on this study and they are researching about ghosts and the world Beyond, you know a case of world, so marysol. Skipper you gotta do exist that those very search Authority. Yeah exactly, you know still I don't believe in such kind of things because I believe in science even if some of my you know School faculties our College faculty is they have just informed me about this thing later when the people get there. Okay. We usually we see usual ways we can see at, you know full moon day that we see that or Mobis see us. Okay Dark Moon night. So on that is kind of movement. The people say that we have seen goes because Dark Moon is something like they are moving if the people who get die. They're buried in under the ground. Okay, and when they just look at that place or they move nearby from that place. So this there are some chemicals or there isn't some kind of chemical reaction take place under the under the ground and some kind of like, you know Flores. Send kind of thing is evaporated from that place to Sky and be assume it as a ghost that really happens that people say these are the goals because we have seen that such kind of things fluorescent white sparkling like something it flag and people say that there isn't a couple Stones. So here is such kind of thing mop it goes they come by many. This is such and of words. It's absolutely jota but but I don't beat the I am also not sure gig Which is a major incident. We also have 50% month on Quixote are 50% of Eva Catherine key shed sensor exactly Surya. He bottom Asia ladybug Mirotic complicated model of cheering gkh is a exist Cartesian a table to come into joke experience and I think are related to each is a demonic doubt created curtisha a germane uneducated person joke. Eh Village boiler jota to I would have believed on this kind of God and spirits and as you know this kind of things but it educated bundle unique in North America, which is 14e. Hekia. She's a hottie bumi but George is racially kitchen wrong half and half. Is he reason give us a Cookie? It is immersive who hear the game body of now shiver niggas acting other shiver curries are the greatest birthday. What's it - Aunty we exactly unknown Lima very very sure how it can be possible man. I cannot stop at my stop grinning which the now I am pulling my pulling my head down and just try to hold my hand and should not shiver If U Love midget they cry on command me eat out of a case could be TV. They've taught me hot tight caregiver, toe other webinar titled the shoulders shake until I get the Shoulder cut out to me repeat shaken allegory. This cannot be happened actually. At that moment so that how it is possible or cancel work can say Hirata? He explained girboro but science baggage rookie Skipper expression. There's a clear or you choose me as a Taj P regular neurotic attempt a mariachi body sugar tea. Sometimes you use thin hamare to pull the apology number of get a boost in South. Why art within America Pooja Giratina, bra trauma? Okay. So on that day May I've never paid to Telegraph office Ninja. It's going to say it's the science or what was another way Southward and art within Peggy. Okay, that is very different and unique the thing you just told us to Ria and also if people are you know, so too much interested in this they can also search or they can Google as a thing called neutrino other up Google Pacers cartoon. Neutrino Kumasi Bachata John Kerry. Milegi, Kick-Ass a Cambridge University scientists, whisper research career over my last a question at the key. Will not believe until you experience that thing experienced by your own exactly. So Surya it was a great and very informative conversation with you. It was very lovely having you on this chat. Yeah, exactly. It was really good for good talking with you and poop in there is some day somehow I will also going to get some more stories about something else rather than this this do you believe in God or not? It's a topic of today. So I will bring you some more new topics for you so that we can talk on that kind of good topics. Exactly Surya. I'm you know, I'm I have become a fan of you after going through this because The board is is you will orgasm both camote Joe in subsequent restricting your study Curtis of somebody with year or agar in future plans. Will that definitely I will conduct the one more interview and conversation with you cocky logo or interesting bata bata jelly or hum, couch overnight topics or facts quesada died. Well Corporal Cole, I am always with you man upcoming movie in right GG. I will be there for you with a new topic with a new energy with a new stories and everything else. Exactly Surya and it was so lovely, and I will analogy attic and rotation with you. Thank you so much and take care and bye. Bye for this time. You have a great day. Thank you. Thank you.