What's your learning from being in family business and you had earlier shared with me that in 2012. There was an acquisition offer in your family business. Yeah, what was the acquisition offer like and why it couldn't happen. Yeah. So in two thousand twelve two thousand ten eleven twelve were our Peak years. I was pretty much clear that we are reaching a level which will be tougher to sustain because the competition was getting stronger. And the market was getting more commoditized. So in order to go on and build from here, we needed a lot of investment in the infrastructure in in in sales network and everything else that have to go with it. So the the the way was to either get a strategic partner into the business or we somehow put in a lot of money from ours our own sources, which we could have done. However, I was keen on Strategic investment. So I started talking to some of the companies and there was a lot of interest in India because India, you know McDonald's at that time was growing at hundred stores a year and other chains were also growing so they were a lot of American companies which were looking looking at India to invest in and grow their businesses here. So one of those companies had approached us For investment but later on they actually gave us an offer for acquisition. So I sort of was very excited about it because the offer was pretty good. However, the reason why did not happen was pretty much emotional on the hindsight. I mean at that time also a new that emotions would come into the picture because this business was a very old business and Like a baby for for the family the family did not want to get get out of it. Let go but I was very clear that this was not going to go any further. So either we get the partner in or we move on or at least I move on so reason why did not happen was pretty much emotional. I would say that and acquisition offer was somewhere around 400 Cruz. No, it wasn't that much. It was more on a beta then on the then on the Run rate. So it was it was about twelve twelve x a betta for a manufacturing company, which is pretty much getting into commoditized thing. It was a fantastic offer but was it phone records? So you're learning from that is, you know building emotion into a business can be fatal. Absolutely. Oh, I think that was I knew that was a mistake at that time, but I could not stop it. I think businesses have to be built with without emotions. I think so emotions are important but emotions about passion or important but emotions about like almost making it a child of yours is wrong emotion to have for a business. I I stopped having those kind of emotions long time back and I think that has served me well. So what happens is that I think one of the biggest mistakes a lot of entrepreneurs which I've seen in my life I have done is that they just can't let go. There is a time when an entrepreneurs passion cannot grow the business anymore. You need either professionals to come and run your business. So you need to take a back step. You should be ready to do that. I think the old mentality of building a Legacy auto business is any way over so one should basically look at business as creating something which is generating some value for the society and hence you make money out of that. And the minute you are not adding that much value to the business. You have to step out. So I'm pretty clear on that. Absolutely. But how would you say to an entrepreneur because it said that, you know without passion you cannot build business and if you are passionate about seeing things you get attached to him and then this attachment cycle is very difficult to break. It is difficult, right? So that's why you need to do it. I would actually so I actually like to learn a lot of things from movies and books more real life stories and I always quote a dialogue from a movie called, Cinderella Man. This is a movie with Russell Crowe is the is the main actor in that and he's playing a role of a boxer who was nicknamed Cinderella - Cinderella Man in the 40s. So his stories are on the Great Depression when he was a great boxer, but the depression happened and he he lost a lot of money. He became very poor and have money to feed his kids and whatever. He's another friend who was helping him was also very So they both went to the guy who was who made a lot of money through them. So he was a big business man or whatever. He was shown in a negative way, but I think I learnt and line which he said because these guys complain to him that you know, you made so much money out of us. Now we are in trouble you got to help us you don't have any emotions and things like that and he said a line we sort of stuck with me and helped me a lot and making business decision. And he said my emotions are from for my family I do business. for money I think a businessman got to think like that. I'm not saying we motionless are not saying be that guy you got to do good stuff. You got to help people. I'm not denying all of that. But I think somewhere making your business your family or like a family member that is wrong. And and that's where I would draw a line. So you do not fall in love with something that you cannot detach from Somewhere a line line has to be drawn and I sort of have learned that it's a tough thing to learn sometimes a bad experience teaches you that I guess but you got to learn it. So do you always the same for the startups you invest in to the entrepreneur? Absolutely.