I'm fine, ma'am, and you yo, can you be a little louder? Yeah, is it? Okay. Yes now it is fine. So we are starting now. So hello yesterday with Abhishek based. I took took a session on a personality development. And today I will be answering all your questions related to personality development. I was just on a session with the come. Mesh and I read a very good discussion about personalities. So if I am pronouncing your name, right it is Munna Munna Curry, right? Yeah. It says her name ma'am. You can call me Jagdish. I can call you Jagdish. Yeah, right you can come. Okay. Hijack be so so could you please give me a brief description of your profile? What do you do? And where do you come onto? Yeah. I'm an engineer man. I'm from Hyderabad. I recently completed my engineering in 2018. And after that I plan for my higher studies. I went forget coaching. So I unfortunately did not qualify that Entrance Test. So then I change my plans and I want to study a master's in UK. So I'm planning for my higher education in that way. Okay? Yeah, this is so what could what is your query about personality development Jagdish? Yeah, Mama. I really hate many many places of personality development, but I didn't get any clarity about that. What is Personal development is the I don't know exactly so I want to clarify that doubt with you ma'am. That's why I sent you a question Yeah. So basically personality is what personality is. Basically I'll give you a I'll give you a what do you say I'll give you that. Definition first of all, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay personality is that pattern of characteristic thoughts feelings and behaviors that distinguish one person from another and that persists over time and situations. So basically we our Behavior our behavior is not the same every time correct? Yeah, right a lot of factors a lot of factors depend upon shaping her. Which in turn develops our personality now, there are theories psychologists have said different types of people. Okay. So but there are the categories of people can be divided into four broad types. One is one is those who are decision makers open excited to act Okay, or do they interact with the world? How do they take in information? How do they organize their activities? So these are the broader heads like many people say you are an introvert or an extrovert? Okay. So what does this mean introvert means you have observant? You don't talk you are a little reserved kind. It okay. Don't mix around with people much extroverts are like they are they they go about they are very excited about life. They will be very you will be seeing them. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay, listen lady so the factors which determine personality our first it is your evidence the confidence in which you speak the in which you behave with other other people the Contemporary cultural center and then obviously when you when you talk confidently a person the person who is listening to you will say that That you are that you are confident and bold correct? Yeah, right, right. Yeah. This next is your attire. What do you wear like suppose if you are if you are attending a business meeting you where you are attending a business meeting and you wear a business suit. What is the impression that is created on the appearance. Also, it involves. Okay personal development. Okay by appearance. We should be neat. I think we need to and neat and presentable correct, according to the situation dress according to the occasion because obviously you can't wear a party dress and go for a business meeting. Similarly can't wear a business suit and go to a club or a pub. Correct? Yeah, exactly. Please has a Designated attire. Yes, right, right, then it also depends on how you behave with others that also tells your personality. So when you are focusing on personality development, you have to first check out who are the people you are hanging out with. Okay. Basically, what is the impression that you create about yourself? See you have some you have unique strengths weaknesses do a sloth SWOT analysis of yourself find out what is your strength weakness opportunity and threat. Okay. Okay, then what will happen is then once you once you realize these factors about your own self, you will know what kind of a person you are. What kind of act one one question that can answer your query is. That what kind of activities do you like to do? activities means I live to I also broadcast in is app three or four. I think this is allow to this activities like you love to talk to people talk to people new people and motivate them and and share my experience and share my knowledge and I want to know about their opinions. This is really interesting. Okay, Bill Burr wants to join the call. I will accept his request. Okay, one second. Definitely. Hi Bill, Burr. Hello? Hello, how are you? Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah. Hello. I go topic is very good ma'am. Thank you. So, what is your question Wilbur? I have problem. I am I getting problem with communication. Can you suggest me some Division II take classes and also at a compliant class, but I do not speak like I do not have word to to tell you. Okay, so be a my personality development so I can you suggest me. Okay, so your problem is communicating in English, correct? Yeah, yeah. Okay. My problem is you feel if anybody in my front I do II forget all the thing if you like you I remember all the things so my problem is this huh? So you get basically coins you become conscious when you are talking to somebody somebody else. Yeah. So you want your seed in my front? I forget all the thing if he don't want anything or any Would you like to answer? Yeah, I already know the Wilbur. He asked me many times. I when I broadcast something about some topics, I already I already explained myself. I know I think he wants to know about your in your words. Okay. So communication see communication is a process of Of putting across your Viewpoint to somebody else that is communication. Okay. What is your which language? Are you comfortable in Hindi? I live in West Village so I can prepare the Hindi language. Yes. I will Hindi Hindi Hindi. Because man, I know dilbar he when I take a live class. Yes. He actually asked many times but I don't know Hindi that's why I can't explain him clearly properly. Yeah this time he will definitely know because you know Hindi right so you can explain it will understand easily. I think sure sure rival away. I will definitely Aqua Aqua trust in here. Wilbur Wright go at the bottom and my Hindi movies about naked but now the he may have seeped up up eugenic eco-chic EG P up. Co-op knee jacket. Do they have a mess? Leash at the Heigh Ho up on case amazed or separately the key of course of the Gap renunciation are there are challenges to our become PG. Rosca Rose Creek practice. When I see our part headlines are field line. He said part head lineup of negative Maliki tk- malike Orozco. As for it take it easy or acquire going up the middle of the Gobi underline key G TK underline Kirk a Oscar. What does it mean who stopped the car shop combat love your hair dictionary sake don't eh kalka Hindi to English dictionary with milty. Hey Hannah. That allow any book but a digital came up short cut. English for negiah English web at Carnegie. Yeah English John Nagy because they care up Hindi but once a of Hindi me, but Korea he dropped the Hindi bharathi held up looking up or not. I don't know John there but up, but you cannot only English Lit class. Hi to up cockers at the hey open talk is very of logos a logo name Mahal Agra hockey up open talk is really about logos a vodka bar boys hot. Summer Gina. I speak Cornejo kaha Hai karate chop submerged and I was speaker. Okay. So basically basically I if you want I can take open Talk sessions every every week once in a week. If you have them a aikbar me after class Lasik the who owes me a map Corps basic sentence because of the TK open Talk. / he open Talk / he hum hum a conquering a homemaker. Nehemiah troops a homonym a troop said the summer summer Institute curling just Mayhem English boarding it up quickly assemble a hookah Han jihun message my type cartoon. He teaches English classes humble. Shook our sector TK. Okay, the please I want to know how I make it not downtown, please you tell me some question. I want to explain you. So I would like to know gradual. What are your what are your likes and dislikes? I like Emily music football Cricket reading books and honest people. In the minute, he very good before I dislike like like dishonest people and many things I dislike. Okay some bad thing. I dislike. Okay. So the here are two basic approaches how much you do know the basics of Co poisoning. How many open talks have you attended? It I attended all Marshall two or three days. I attend almost 10 to 12 hours in open-top. Very good. Very good. This is a very good practice after the issue not I have no knowledge knowledge or not in open-toe. So I such thing is so much like you I searching some teachers Jagdish. Do you want to say in something really fun? Say something but you are keep going so I am silent. Sorry. Sorry for that. Yeah, it's okay. My my one first die. Please some include introduction. I take your introduction. So I you want to take introduction about yourself or you are mmmm. I want you want to know about ma'am. Okay, okay there by many times. I told you there is no nothing. It is easy to learn English language or any language by birth. We can't get by language. We can't be a good speaker. So first thing you learn some Basics then after may have to try. How to make a sentence? Hello ma'am. Yes, ma'am. I want to Note 3 person are connected in one. How is it possible? I connector only one person but in this time three percent click about foretold subash Kumar is actually he wants to join this conversation ma'am. Yeah, so check me she just get these will you answer they'll burn over message will take the The will cause join will accept subash Kumar's request. Yeah, I will accept accept this to wash my request. Can I have this little bar call? Yeah, thank you. The maps map gets hot message my body. I'm connecting to subash come on David. Sure. Sure. Yeah Wilbur I already told you. So first you learn some basics of grammar. Then you make try to send it has left the conversation, but he okay. That's okay. So I'm connecting to Sebastian but unfortunately disconnected map. So yeah, right they will bar. I my salvation is only this. Yeah, Kenny wants to join this column. Can I hear sure sure, okay. Hard Alberto, so you don't mind. I wonder how many are connected in this app. So collect at a time in one session three people can talk three people can talk to really I think very very based app. I think if he talked to are talking and one are searching what is wrong with him. No, so too are talking and one is listening that is that is the purpose of the app. There will be two Because and one person from the audience will join who will have any I'm going to tell me some anger like you can you suggest me. I follow him and I take it. He's listening. Anchor as in like if it's baked you some good speaker in English and Hindi also, I check this is a good speaker Abhishek is a good speaker. No, ma'am. Actually, I don't know Hindi but sometimes I think he wants to learn English. So you are a good English speaker. I want to member know about any experience a degree some no experience, I think. Also beginner I am also being an ER so I improve myself and the dish also improve your outside it this is a not matching. So I wanted to show some Talent he wants more man actually. Okay? No. No, I please do not mind my word. So They got shot. It's okay. It's okay. Okay, please carry on. Go ahead. eat up Teakettle Hindi Kali. He is skinny little guy Scalia to Hong Kong tourism. Research. Karna padega my of course research carcass rule button geeky Corner click on that car. So he cannot remember my mom. Moose about keyboard the telegraph or a slightly later than many of us join Kia Ora. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you first I listen your voice then I talk to you in future. Thank you. I got up got cookie since the Since this is a question answer session. I would like you to ask some question. If you don't have any questions any other questions develop gamer other listeners some personality. Phi V 1 at the high water we get 70 hair up historic abortive cartagia a peevish who share their cultural background they came yesterday cheesy effect personality, but you got my dog named a continuous process of knee up knee. Personality Inhibitors. It is an ongoing thing. You can't change your personality in us. It is an it is a continuous Improvement. Okay, ma'am. Okay, so my future. Thank you. So Jagdish you had some questions Shadow says very nice topic. Thank you so much. Okay. Yeah, so we have ended we have the number so you can ask your questions. I think I you haven't asked any till now. Yeah, I just how doubt in this particular topic on it. So that's why I ask you first. What is personal development? I heard many times in many situations, but I didn't get any clarity about that. So that's why okay, it's clear now. Thank you very much. Thank you. Do we have do we have anybody else who wants to ask any question Shadow Nadeem? Yeah. I think the just only fire listen. Yeah soup. I yesterday also I took I took a session on personality development. I spoke about what people should do how to build your personality and what all factors should you focus on basically it is it is your attitude. Attitude what is the attitude that you must have heard a quote thing where your attitude? So what kind of an impression do you want people to get when they look at you that is that is the answer to your personality like hi Prince. So what I would like to what I would also like to say is see, okay, Prince your Club wants to join. We are connecting with Prince. Yeah. Okay. So what I was saying was that there is a certain like they say impression first. Your first impression is the last impression. Hello not lasting pressure. Your first impression is the best impression idea here. That's it. Yeah, so that is why they say you should put your best foot forward. Yes, right right now yapping supplies us with evening. No prints. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just Vince you k you are on the on the live talk now you can talk. Yes Jack if you're please check if your mic is on mute or not. Can you hear him jugdish? Yeah, I can hear you man. So what is the his question? No, I didn't hear him. I can hear you. He's actually I think he's outside. There is some noises coming from in his side. Okay, okay. I don't know I again dilber is wants to join in this conversation. So charity shop Jagdish as far as your question is concerned. Obviously, OK Wilbur want to ask some question one second. Yeah. Heidelberg a bully Upper-class join cursor to him he go get my mom. Yeah be done. I don't do people join heavy Optical pay for my Johnny Cash a joint application. Yay. Thank you Dilbert. I'm doing well Prince. How are you? I think Yeah, check this you made the so as a coming back to your question on how to develop a personality or what is personality development. See many many a times many a times we look at others and we say we want to be like that person, correct? Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. So what do we what are the what are the features or what are the factors that we see in others that we want to that we want to like we want our There's also that we should also exhibit those characteristics or traits like there is a there is a certain level if you want to if you want to prove that you are confident. What will you do? Tell me? In my words, I think confidence will come from the practice when we practice on one thing. We'll definitely how more confidence I think correct. Actually I didn't like like these topics, but I want to know about this. Okay, like General topics normal, so, okay. Okay. So what is what is your personality? What are the traits there is a certain term called great trait is basically the behavior that you show. Okay. So there are many characteristics characteristics or like typical behavior. That is only unique to you. Correct? So each first has different personality. So what happens is what happens is like suppose Behavior can be categorized into various types. Like you can be kind you can be humble. There are a lot of adjectives right if I go into the list it is a long list, correct. So what kind of a person are you that you need to analyze and and learn about yourself that what kind of a person are you like do you? Do what if support if support? Yeah. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So suppose you have to meet suppose. You meet a person of your kind. What will that person be? I think the thing I want to be in a higher position like manager because I want to but we'll say okay, so to be a so-so to become a man. Hello. Yeah. Definitely. It is a leadership quality. We have to require. Yeah and how to plan to run any any business or any company, correct? I think these two qualities and we have to attract the like customers and in the same thing and the same him say how how to be a team player. Yeah. Player work in a team. Yeah, right, right. Okay got it working the team how to communicate effectively see communication is a two-way process communication means you say something and the other person should understand exactly the way you have said so like like you you you you told me that you could not communicate effectively with this bar because of Language problem, correct, correct. So now when I spoke to him in Hindi, he could understand everything. Yes, right is the best so so it is a very good example. You have got a real real life example of what what are the communication barriers? Correct? Yes, ma'am. Actually I am I worrying about my internet is dying limit is why and Regarding the whole also comes down to 2% I don't know when it is Switched Off. So I we we shall tell end we shall end. Today's open talk. Okay, and we shall we shall resume whenever you want to connect next you put these resent me a request. I would definitely thank you for accepting my request first thing and thank you saying you valuable Lords am with me. Thank you. No. Thank you. how nice