So we are live now. I hope so we are life. Yes. Yeah your life. So hello guys. Have a wonderful day today today. I am here with ashrae and share here is with me. Dr. Amy and today our topic is about positive and negative thinking and attitude to so before we get into the topic. We have to wait for a couple of listeners, then we'll see. What are you going to do about it? So Shrek, what do you think about positive thinking? Yeah, so in my opinion I think apple is a person who like if it is talk about the positive attitude of a person then I would like to say that the person who has like who should about himself and assured and confident and his mind to succeed regardless of old All Odds like that. Okay. No, what about this negative thinking so I would like to determine the negative thinking. So the person who is like who's who have something doubt confused and unsure his mind to succeed and is very easily switched by changing stimuli. Okay. So I think this type of people are like a negative attitude in herself. Who are not confident about themselves that they're doing the right thing or the wrong thing and they just always have a fear of failure. Okay, so I recover you okay, because yep, I give a full person now if you want to speak about positive attitude, then Eric is a wonderful example here is a perfect everything in a positive attitude. He teach many people many pupils. It is like a what do you say that any society so that they can be educated nonprofit. He doesn't take any money from anyone and he does artwork. He plays guitar. He sings wonderful songs. So so Eric you should join us. Better to me. I hope you are afraid that you're still here. Yeah, so I think Eric should join us and share his views about any topic if he's still here. He would have been tempted request by now. As he says in his request. So we are connecting But Eric. Hello. Hello link. Yeah, we are good. How are you? Eric? Okay, that's so fantastic. The hi Eric first of all hayakawa you how are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? I can see that nowadays. I can't see you online lately. I can only see in comment section. What is going on, huh? Yeah, I actually what I do nowadays I try to listen and I try to take one thing and I'm just writing I am for that I have made one copy. So whatever the things I like because my prospective depends on my prospective like if I think that that person is saying correct and I feel good about that. So I usually note that point that what I am liking and in what prospective so usually I I'm making some notes regarding that because every person has some quality and the like today's topic is about attitude. So it's just I am noting these all things in my copy and in are trying to follow that accordingly. Wow, that's wonderful Eric. See you can see that straight As I said, he's a person who comes up with like solution for every problem and we have hi Julia. Hi Sonia. I have a price on you. Estonia I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. I hope you're also doing good. I think I know you. If I'm not wrong anyway, just to get a little theorem topic. So Eric what I doing is this. These days actually I was quite busy in my work and apart from that. I want to improve my English. That's another point of view that I'm working on that but the thing is that I have made everything because whenever negative thinking we have to understand that y- thing Prevail in our mind when we don't have anything to do like if we are totally focused towards what we want to become in our life, then we cannot be mislead by Any of the Temptation and in that case I have decided like I will only adopt those things and I will not be mislead by any other Temptation like my basketball player. I will totally focus on my fitness and the good things and the diet portion. That's why things cannot come to me for the nuclei what I think yeah. Yeah. But yeah, I really cool right and I think And a negative attitude can be changed and developed in a positive attitude. And at any time it if a person is willing to do so, then he can change his negativity to to positive attitude. Right? Right, right exactly. But I was listening to some another podcast just a few minutes back and he was just quoting those things which are already written in the Veda other some. Yes. It is that he'll think what do yeah, is it a good thing that we use such courts to motivate some other purpose and like they say in Vedas it is written that if you wear your What do you want you breaking and now it's okay. Yeah now it's online. Hello? Yes. Okay. So yeah Eric. So everywhere every person has a different shape and different perspective and thinking so if you ask me, what's my thinking about that so I would say that in by saying that today's today's generation. We should buy going to listen others and we should listen others obviously, but we should we should be a self-motivated person. Us if we can we motivate ourselves then we can we can never be a we can never have a negative attitude and everything negative thinking right? Okay, how can we were to hear how is it possible that someone can motivate himself only? Okay. Yeah, so, okay. So how yeah, so see because sometimes what happens, you know, why are you would like to say that why a people becomes in a negative? Thinking my pickle because in the negative side because at because it's not it's not a hardened first rule that there is like if we say many people see many people there are guys who are not guided properly but not guided properly. So they are being like they are staying in with some negative people. Okay, so they are not motivating them. Okay, so he has become like those And so will the negative well, I will become one of them, but you can yeah, but it's your thinking is that if you want to the if you want if we want to change our self then no one can like to stop us to change ourselves. No one can like decorate our deteriorate hours as self. Okay, if you if we want its depend on our salaries depend on everyone's thinking so it's the it's the The like that thinking should become from us from our heart that I should I should I have to do and I have to better myself with together by gathering more knowledge. Okay, so I will die. I don't do for my opinion. I didn't believe in so much of spiritual but I yeah, but I believe in in the like the modern not just modern the what you can like like the which is women like in today's if you see like what dr. Image like you can see very many of the podcast. Dr. Adam. He's just saying the the the what we have we should do if these we should we have these types of things bad attitude or like do some to motivate us. Okay, so we should follow the recent recent topics. Okay? Okay, is it all out the thinking that we think good in ourselves, then we can stay positive. Say I would like to add about here. So anyway, what should what we are discussing here today is about a positive and negative thinking or the adjectives would like positive attitude. It could be like a negative attitude. Why are we having this? I'm not saying that we can get this positive or did we can get this negative attitude? We already have this attitude see inside as well. You better when you're with a friend when you are with a close one you have this positive feelings towards them that you have a smile on your face. You have a glow in your eyes, but you did feel that because it is about out the understanding with the person you already know him. But if you are in some tough situation, you will be feeling negative. Oh my God, something might be wrong happening wrong with his lungs. If you're trying to learn something like programming. Oh my God. What if I do some wrong programming? My program will crash if you had a new job. Oh my God, what will happen if I do something wrong, but as the time goes on see you're not doing anything here as the time goes on you'll get habituated with the office with the colleagues and you become friendly with them and you'll feel ease while working. It was same with the new people. So the thing is We have already this positive attitude inside us. But because of our non conscious thinking not the subconscious conscious thinking we are having an attitude like that am in a protective Zone myself. So that is when negativity comes out. This is where I was unconscious Works in a negative. Do you want to say like a fair is another kind of negative negative attitude? No. Yeah. Obviously there is not a negative attitude fear isn't word product attitude. Why do we fear we have the fear of falling because we might get hurt. We have the fear of doing something wrong because you might suffer from it. But here the fear is our subconscious mind alarm clock for us that it might be wrong for you if he's trying to protect us, but our subconscious mind does he know that I am doing this it will be helpful mean future. So it is depends upon us how we are good doing going to do that because till the conscious mind is under your control the funds under your control once you get complete. Until you subconscious mind my dear friend Eric. I'm clearly saying positive and negative attitude with beyond the thinking you'll be much more applicable at that thing. Why am I saying this because you have your subconscious mind to your control which can do whatever you want it to do you can turn into a positive attitude into positivity and enter quality is a big test levels. So till the time we can read through that controlling of subconscious mind. We have to be conscious enough to think in a positive way that the things are going to be better in upcoming days. That is it was positive. It is not that we don't have Negative X. We are as human beings. We have many negative things in our life, but still holding on to the hope that a day will come when I will solve all this a day will come that smile again that is positive attitude. Yes after me one point. I want to say here like for example, there are so many people who are better than me. And if I am in my mind that cannot be happened like if I will go in that field I cannot do good in Better than that because they are already master. And since they are almost in that field they are working for two hours assadi two years or four years. So don't you think that if I will think like I'm just starting my career in that particular corporate world, and I cannot do that can that cannot be categorized as negative thoughts negative attitude that is a negative attitude because see I always told you and I think the I told this to you in the first place in the first time that this is again, I clearly told you this one thing right that never judge your first chapter with someone else's 28th chapter if he's at the 20th chapter that means he has worked hard for it. Now. It's your turn to work for towards - have those chapters so that you can reach to that level. It should be a positive term. It depends upon your conscious at have you are thinking that whether you're taking it in a positive way that yeah. This is a challenge for me. I have to reach to his level or like this II could take it to the negative. Oh my God, he's already at the top level. I can't reach him. If I think like I can't reach him. I will never reach him. I will never reach anywhere. But if I start doing that at least I read somewhere that someone will take us to the next level. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. I got it. I got it. Yes. Hello. Yeah, an attorney we can points. Yeah. So we can I at some point. Oh, yeah. So Eric, can you I am asking a question. Can you tell me that why a cop if you are asking about the company, so can you tell me that why a company take a fresher but and make an age limit but by not taking like a more experienced like 40 years or forty five year person. Did you know that sorry. Can you elaborate your question? I haven't got a point. I accompany higher pressure. Okay. Yes. Without hiring more number of experienced people who are at the age of 45 or like like 40. Yes, they hire more of it and they has made an age limit like 28 years. You do know. Yes, according to my I think that why they hire because if every every expert is once a beginner and if you will not give any the chance to order another person that person cannot be expert in any any of the segments. So what I believe that if the terms he will not Pride give priority to the pressure the company will not grow in that case because no idea. Yeah, even I disagree with the question here also by companies tend to get the new people. You're the only two reasons. First of all, they have to pay less to the fresher II think they're young and energetic and they can be molded into any shape as for company's requirements. Yeah, because yeah, totally me has just said of rain into something course the freezers are there the Learners okay. They're just they're flexible to Nature if you if you send them anywhere that That you have to transfer them. They can go they didn't depend on their family because they are freshers. They have not married and all be so they're ready to go anywhere and like they have their quick learner when their faces if you are when you're getting the fear first, you are the quick learner, then the the the experience because you can you know, now that the young age have the more energy to learn new things new skills, right? Yeah, so hello. So if you're saying that the experience people can do but we cannot do you can do because you should think that why he went to that stage because he has taken every challenges that has been given by by the by the life. He has taken the every challenge as he want to take challenges. He has a patient's okay. She wants to learn more and more there. Is he she has to learn more gain more knowledge. So if you have a This day forever dude, then if you don't feel any fear, and you will feel that I can do you should have a can-do spirit always. Okay, you want to say whenever may I say that if I will if I am going to work I will see as myself as an artist when I go to work every day now, you know, obviously so guys let me put some points in this direction here. There is a negative point and in a positive point in hiring new people because if you're hiring new people, they will having this aggressive nature in them the energy which they can produce while doing the pretty work. They can't The patients were doing some important books so you can always see the company that at some higher position. There is a person who is experienced. Well because he has experienced many things in his life. That is the reason he's in that position and the the one who knew he has his attitude of learning growing within at least in nature because he's young and dynamic. So these are the things it has considered by the time he reached to that person's age. He will also be having that kind of experience if it focused towards his career. Yes, yes, it can also be referred here as positive for thinking the positive attitude because he's sticking to his plan. He's working towards his future his growing. Why not? What are the next day? He will be there. If not possible. It is having a negative mindset. He will be like a off of the job. Maybe like you won't continue it in such case. Now, let's keep the jobs aside and think about the startups nowadays. You can see that there are tons of saddam's why are these startups are possible? Even to the ideas seem like completely impractical they are still successful. The reason is because they have believed in their idea the positive mindset and positive attitude the work towards it. This positive attitude will help them to focus on Lock and make the impossible possible. So that is it why it depends upon our nature our conscious thinking that what are we going to do the next day? And sometimes you don't find ourselves getting this motivation. So that is a time when we need a person who can guide us through the way of positive that is the method of the positivity and negativity. There's nothing else according to be there is no such thing as negative thinking it is only that the positive thinking didn't start yet. Yes. Yeah, right exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you should always think big like I am giving giving his example. Okay, so you create New variety of chocolate. Okay, and you sell their in your Colony. So someone takes your recipe and opens 25,000 retail outlets all over the world. Okay. Can you also think it can you also think big it's all in the attitude, isn't it? Yes, right. Yeah there isn't so you have always you have to think big. It's my thinking. Okay. That's the kind of like somebody's selling that what I was selling any he is again something like you said. Yeah, you have created a new variety and someone sailed in the colony and someone takes your recipe and see his shield to a little too in 25,000. Can you also think big than that? Yes, yes apps. So yeah, but it's all it's all depend on the attitude that what attitude you have you have, you know, we should have a big attitude. So believing in yourself only. It will be called as positive attitude. Like if I'm believing that whatever I am going to start it will be run. It will run. It's not like that that person have a positive attitude or negative attitude at the age of 14. There is no age limit. Okay, so our attitudes are formed very early in life some Even in our infancy and then through the childhood or adolescence and onwards into the adulthood and maturity is depends. Okay. Japan's on yes. Absolutely. Right your doctor image of ones that don't but don't ya think that less negative don't you think that if I am not having a negative attitude? Like I cannot do such kind of things and if I will think that I can able to do that and it shows I will be sure about it but still I think that if negative thinking coming in my mind, then I will think that I may get Phil and after that I Work hard for it. Like if somebody can may get after me and I may get fail in my business Eric in yes. Let me tell you one thing. If you are thinking that I cannot do it. I don't feel that as a negative thinking I feel it as a beginning of the positive thinking. Do you know why because if you're thinking I cannot do it that is the zero point of starting of something. Okay. Now the next point will be like, why can't I do it? It if you take the journey from I cannot do it to why can't I do it that is the change in the shift of attitude from negative to positive. Yes, sir. That's why it was that you should have a can-do spirit. Okay, send it to me. Yes, you're right. 3B tray everything tell us your full name. I just want to pray for myself as and called as archaic only yrk only arguments is in short. My name is our key only and the title I have used for myself only so that people will get to know only arcade - there is no such a reason about it. Yeah, the same bed doctoral me. The doctor is like of no reason it just my nickname guys. Yeah and Eric chill of the Ghana or guys. Let's have a positive song for the positive attitude a positive people if you're releasing him, okay, but song I don't want to sing right now because you know, I'm not in that mood actually like what happening. I will think on another day fix is Paula no problem. But what happened? Okay, I actually just because I have do have many attended so many things and today I'm quite you know, I'm a little bit tired or you know, not in the mood to sing right now. Okay, if it is only tired the no problem getting some other day. No big deal. Yes, yes. Yes sure. Pretty pretty some other problem. If you feel you can share this share with us. We'll try to have a word with on it. For sure. Yeah, Derek. You can also request dr. Image. Yeah, not gastric problems, but still life issue. Actually, I was quite busy today's schedule was very busy for me. So I got the time to do my practice and follow my passion and that's why I feel you know today the day was very hectic and I okay. Here we go. Now I have a question for you. Yes, dear. Did you understand? I think you already know the difference between positive I drew negative I did. Now I would like to ask you one thing tell the names of the people who you find positive like a positive attitude having a copepod casters here, you know better. Okay. Okay, firstly I do have many lists like Jacob first the in my list Jacob the first one who is very positive person and I listened him a lot. And another one is dr. Amy. Okay, and third one is Gora Gora Gotham because it's not that in that kind because he teaches me very good things and the kind of person he is very humble and he has soft skills also, so that's why I his quality is that he talks with the people very humbly. You don't even ignore someone for something like that. All right. He's a pot. He has a pot is Attitude? Okay and and fourth one. That's a top three that I that I have kept in my life. I didn't ask for top three for me. There is no such thing as top three. I just asked the names of the people who you feel a positive attitude for me. There is no ranking. Asia is there because I don't follow many of the people and one more is there why haven't I am not getting the proper name? I have forgotten the name, but it's his name starts from our He's a kind of dance instructor or something. Also there who has a positive attitude in the morning only after 3:30 or 3 3 a.m. I know whenever I wake up and I do see the broadcast that is going on. So I just listen, okay. So okay, we can see that there are many people still online. So thank you so much for your time. We'll be having a bird with Hari Krishna then with arsenic. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Very have a wonderful day. Yeah. Thank you very much for joining. So let's connect with Hari, Krishna. Hi Ma. First of all, I am too high and then we have Selma. Hello. Yeah, then we have first other Krishna then bugs. Archana. Then psycho, Mark negative thoughts leads to positive. It's like Mario, right? I hurry. How are you? I'm finally me. And really I like this topic very much. So I want to discuss with something. Definitely you share your point of view. Yeah. If you have passed you think you can deliver yourself, if you if you believe yourself you will get such ooh, you can achieve your goals within a short time and you will never be motivated more. Most of the main thing is you will ever divide demotivated. Mystery deep depression in your life. If you are a positive person, you will not get depression in your life. Then how to be a positive person how to be a positive person. That means you believe yourself only then only you will become a pastor person. What should I do after I start believing in myself? What should I do after? Yeah. No, I'm not getting your answering me. Yeah harikrishna, you know the answer but you are unable to put it properly. That is the reason I'm asking you because I believe you are the one of the most positive persons here in open talking to me. You're just confusing me. I think I'm not getting the question. I'm not confusing you. Oh, sorry. I'm just having a straightforward question. You're saying that believing in yourself is that is the right answer, but what should you do next when you believe in yourself? Yeah, you'd think just to move in your you don't think about any other person what they are thinking about you what they are talking about you you don't depend not enough. The other person is you just do differently what would become a pastor person you will become your life. Okay, and then what should we do? Next Once I came to understand that I shouldn't be depending on other people's. So if you what I'm not getting question the first of all I asked you what should a positive person have you said that we have to believe in ourselves. That's excellent and second thing you share that we shouldn't be dependent and we should be having about on ourselves so that we can be positive. Yeah, that is true in what should I do next situation move in your thoughts only you just to do hard work for your Also, so you will be successful in your life. Okay, so so yeah. Sorry. What is the definition of attitude for you additude? Yeah. What is the definition of our thinking for you attitude attitude make his case. I'm not interested. I mean, I think I've been thinking for you. That is character. But what about attitude attitude is I in my opinion attitude is a person standpoint. Okay, or you can say viewpoints which leads to some responses. Okay, like like attitude can be developed at any stage of life. Hip okay, and you're going to be changing a develop any stage of life. You should accept the change of the Viewpoint for better result. Okay, so character means okay. Are you listening to me for me? According to be archana attitude equal to La Jolla. Archana you are right attitude is Rabbi. Yeah, but here we are trying to explain that. What is the differentiation between attitude and the characterization of a person so for me is attitude is the approach which you bring towards other people. Okay. How is my Approach towards other people? How is my Approach towards real Wilma brochures Hari Krishna, if I hurry Krishna is approaching me for some help then I'm like, I'm trying to give only the basic font which are necessary and I'm ignoring him then that time I'll be doing an attitude of a proud guy ego guy if I'm trying to much as possible, then I have a humble attitude if I'm literally ignoring you to the code then I have the worst attitude. So this is like what I say is approach towards the people that you have it it's completely We're going to beat you up having Insight when it comes to the character the dependency of the behavior, which you earn from your experiences. Yeah, this is depend on his Viewpoint. Give you pain is your standpoint. What you thinking about? Yeah, it's right in your like if you if you think that you are a negative attitude. Then you have to change the Viewpoint. If you have to change your Viewpoint for better result, if you change your view points that you have like if you if you thinking at that you have a some- you have some bad and Viewpoint then you have to change it. So I will ask you one question now SRI you are said 131 beautiful point. So my question is how I know it. Is it the negative thinking or is it is the pastor thinking now? I will test it is a need to think they are pastors looking for me supposed. So how can I know it is a positive or 10 you to thinking? Okay, so that the thinking which is just a feeling you'd like doubtful. You're feeling that if you're feeling like doubtful for that thing or you're confused. Are you okay? Very simple Harry is thinking which holds you back is negative thinking that thinking which push you forward to do. The thing is positive thinking. Yes, sometimes when we are doing any negative also, it is also pushed refuses into in France Ami sometimes so what how how will they know about that? Is that is the past you are 1082 thinking. No, you don't exactly what I'm saying. Is that if I like to do something if I'm sorry if I'm the car looking forward to do some arts and my thoughts of like negativity. Maybe I can't do the art very well. Maybe I can't learn it. So these are the thoughts which are holding me back from doing the art. But if I push myself in like okay, these art I think I should practice a lot. Yeah, I can do that maybe in a month maybe in a year, maybe like two years. I will learn it. So this is also thinking the thinking which is holding you from doing something is negative thinking and the thinking which is pushing you to do the achievable that is positive thinking as simple as that is yeah. I know I will tell you I will add one point here Ami if you given me permission, so what will you do if I don't give you the permission? I don't care if they often I just I tell you my in my point of view in me. I will try I will say one thing if you win you're thinking suppose. We are in a Dynamo. It is a positive thinking or it is you need to thinking at that time to just think about your heart. Yes. You are you're thinking I use this to ask to your heart Artemis is so basically he was a direction. It is sometimes positive sometimes negative but heart will not give you any NATO Direction. I think it is, correct. I don't know exactly first of all I had in Krishna does had really give you the direction just under percent. I mean you if you think in front in your heart for exactly you can understand. What is the it is good or bad hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah, honey. I would like to some degree to some point. Okay? Okay, so see what the function of brain is to think. Okay, you have to decide right? Right. And what is the function of heart is to feel and understand and help. Yeah, you feel it. Now. Who so if we did yeah, if we did he said with our heart emotionally without any reason my point. Okay, if you think from our heart emotionally without any reason develops to negative attitudes and habits. You can use your heart but there's must be some reasons using the you see of to use some reasons about early. Yeah, it's not like a guy I disagree with you say here. Let me tell you what I'm thinking about keeping with hard doesn't mean that girl literally using the muscle heart inside our high in the inside of our chests thinking with Hodgins. We are using no you're not using the logical point, but we're using the point which seems to be correct to us. We're not yeah, I'm sitting down. Yeah, I'm saying only that that we are here. Hard just used to think emotionally. Okay, so there must be some logic about the today about the thinking right? Yeah, the TV says this thing that so there is some be some reasons to do that. I am like I if I am I am thinking of my heart I should I should I should say I can I can sing so I mean maybe a big singer but there must be the reason for there is some logic that is therein is there is any like it is like we like can do or is it is my I think what is yeah, hurry, and after we met I like to say that, you know SWOT analysis right the term me come again. So what analysis okay. So, you know, no no, I don't know. So what certainly is about thus the meaning of what is the s for strength W for weakness? Oh for opportunity and three four traits. So what happened our strength gives us opportunity and the weakness give us two traits, okay? Okay, so so we have to we have sometimes we have just mess up with our we have just missed our like our negative thinking and just finished our negative thinking and weaknesses weaknesses. Are they different and negative thinking is different. So it's always strange. We always provide you the opportunity, right? And so So I want to say that that you should first understand your week. What's your weaknesses are and you should overcome overcome that. So, how can we know what our weakness is? So, yeah, so yeah, so if you want to know our weaknesses, then we should ask our self that that that what like in which areas we need to improve like communication or our attitude or thinking or like what do you avoid doing? Which which we should do. How can I know that like, I'm breaking communication? I'm breaking this one and I'm picking learning this one. How can I know that I will tell you? Our self that did we in which areas we need to improve will I find anything that that their maximum of people are there who has just came to learn English, right? So they understand their areas that they have to they need to improve their English right now. So when you are here to learn a new language, most of them are here to develop the language, which they are peak in most of the people are only 10% of a car apart from that 80% They're learning something from sir. Some reason some not because they want to use a learn something new but does that doesn't that consider that it is still a pain and we can and we can and what people are and we should and also we can ask different people that what they see and what they feel that this is a oh no. No, no MM. No, I will not agree with your point. I will ask you one question. Now my will have one point here actually if when you will know your weaknesses when you teach which texture Suppose I am learning. So when I when I know about my mistakes, they know they are filled it is a weakness. Okay, then I can easily adjust it is when I can easily correct them. So I will get mistake mistake is not weakness. Yeah, Miss. Mystic is not weakness weakness is what that I am. Like I am asking myself that I am not good at my English. Okay. I need to improve what we knew which areas we need to improve. Okay, so there is the weakness. So we Should know our weakness and we can convert it to strength. Yeah, stay what I am asking you suppose. My weakness is suppose when I'm speaking with any person. I feel something shy that is my weakness. So now I am trying to speak with a person in that manner. What should I what should I do first? First of all, what is my mistake in my younger days? I don't know. I don't know English. So I want to learn English for lesser. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You both know the answer is very simple. But the thing we have which you're trying to portray is completely different from each other's point of view. It is experiential learning we learn from our past experiences that what is our weakness. And what is our strength that simple as that? Yeah. It's experiential learning experience harikrishna without experience. How do you come to know that you are weak in communicating? Yeah, Ami what I'm saying experience means we are done some mistakes in our a future in our mouth. So it's not if they if I am going to talk with the person am I unable to talk? Is that a mistake? No, let me tell me experiencing that. Okay, I'm unable to communicate. This is my this if I'm going to a computer course and I'm briquette learning that and I'm very slow when compared to others. Is that a mistake? No, they're I understand that bike my grass work. The computer running is bit low. I have to work harder because that learning experience sure how to recognize a weakness. Mistakes are not the things. Yeah, it's particularly certain cases. You can turn mistakes for learning through but it's not always the mistake is the experiences we should learn from. Yeah, so yeah mistakes is not the weakness here. Chris are occasional. So I said that's why I said that the areas you need to improve like, you know, every you know that thing but you need to improve more. Yeah. Okay. It's not the mistakes mistakes are like, mr. Seth. You have sing like the your that you have done something wrong. But something wrong is there is no improved that no, there is nothing nothing to take you with yourself that is happened and go on so the air That you know the things you know that you can speak in English. You can speak English, right? So you need to improve you have a you have a good attitude, but you need to improve your attitude and thinking more there is no no, there is no limit of growing yourself getting your knowledge. So there's the there's the thing. So if you want if you want like if you want to know your strengths, so you have to if you have here you have to ask yourself that what special skills I have but what better skills. I have got that that my friend doesn't doesn't have and sometimes you can also use your weakness as a as a strength sometimes. Yeah, it is also correct. So his views can you give any suggestions? Yeah, there is nothing much to suggest here. Anyway, because of Sri has put the point of in a very beautiful manner, but I would like to say one thing which is very clear guys. And that is that a mistakes are the Stepping Stones towards success and mistakes are Thing but a minut former of failure and failure should be your best friend without failure. There is no success and without success you can you can't achieve success and you can't fail until unless you have a positive attitude if I stop myself if I'm failing ones. That means I won't be able to go to the success if Hari Krishna you are stopping to learn English just because someone laughed at you that means you are stopping yourself from learning something new. That means you that is the endpoint of your positive thinking that is the endpoint of your positive attitude, but even if you keep on Owing to the next Point. Okay. This is my mistake. So next time I will not repeat it next time. I'll keep that in my mind. I will practice at that area much much harder. I just focused a lot then you can go to the next level that is it how you take a turn around the so that you can reach to the next level that is it what all positivity is about. It's quite simple here mistakes failure success is a completely different thing but the approach we are taking towards them is the attitude which we have inside us. Yes. Yeah, some people takes failures as the as the end but there are some people who takes their failure as a learning right? Hurry hurry. Yeah, it's not not like it's not a rule that then you okay. It's a I got failures there are but there are some people that okay. I am failure so I can learn more thing. Then II need to do more failures. It's not a dare you to go for it. if failures happen don't don't just go for the genre man about that. Just let the think that okay. I have learned something then also, I would remind you on my mind and I will do and taking that room and I will do some better next time. Yeah, you're right and what you see are both depression when we people into again turns into depression kindergarten. What is depression according to you? Depression means our failures that solve this what our failure failure just when you are into when you are in a when you are entering into any depression which you are failed at the point. Sorry. This is the example of negative thinking. Yeah. The pressure is when we will get get interested to depression tell me should I know diffusion is diffusion is not like that. It's not failure you feel depression when you are not confident about yourself when Not sure what you are doing right now. Okay, let me put it like this depression is never about failure guys. Let me tell you one thing if I am doing something and I'm not satisfied about it in that is it what will take a toll on me and it will make me feel sad and that sadness will increase day after day day after day day after day to thinking of negativity and that will literally to the depression. Yeah, depression is over understood. Yeah. Yeah. That is it. It's not about failure. See if a person is failing doesn't mean that he has to go into depression. If a student is failing that it doesn't mean that he has to go into depression if he's thinking again and again about that examination. He's thinking again looking sad about the examination that sadness accumulate inside himself making him feel destitute. And that's what whether this depression starts to grow. It's not about failure. It's about Have you are taking the things which are happening in your life. Is it in a positive way is e to the negative X if you keep on taking taking the things in a negative way without having a positive path for yourself, then there is a chance that you might be taking yourself to depression and you don't even have to fail to go into depression. Yeah. Yeah, you just you just make your vision as make your vision a concrete just plan a plan a thing and just take your to plan a thing and just take that action. It'll take the action. Thank you, even with his permission also if you don't you the permission. Did you ask once again that I need permission then I won't give you okay. Okay. Sorry for that. You're using sorry. You're abusing me with no. No, what do I say about Tori again? You're saying the wrong word? What did I say about negative words usage of the negative words instead you can you could have said that like a thank you, sir. Thank you Imran. I understood and I will not use the permission once I get into anyone's call. I will put my point and I learned something else knew, but what do you say? Thanks, Ari and you are saying I was wrong. Yes, you're just Something happened. Yeah, I want to learn from that thing. Jerry's don't think that okay. I have said previously I have some I have understand some wrong thing or I have done some Miss don't think about that. Just think that okay. I have learned some new things. Don't do you motivate yourself? Yeah, bro. I am also doing the same but I am just a confusion with because of him you hours. So that's why I'm not getting that water was so Yeah, and always try to learn it. Like am I what I know it's not the last thing I know just like I am taking I am also taking some knowledge from doctoral me how to like like I am I know everything anything but I cannot like like put it in a in a in the same way in a balanced manner that doctor we can do. But yeah, he was also more to you are also given me a very good. Action brother now I speak only boosting some good things there and I know the same thing but you are not able to put in a balanced Manner and I can do Hare Krishna. Okay, we have our base here on the call. Let me have a word with her. You can join back. Once again, thank you. And yeah, yeah, and if I am wrong NE, please just tell me now. Okay, right. Now I said something about being wrong. What are you doing? Why are you doing this again? No, I just said that if if there is anything please tell me you're doing wonderful if there is a need anything. I would definitely tell you. Even you even before you ask. Yeah. No, yeah. No. Yeah. I wish hello. Welcome to our podcast. Hi, baby, how are you? I'm good. Thank you. How are you? How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. We are good. I wish so, where are you from? I'm from Pakistan. Okay. Nice to have you are these are should I let me tell you one thing what our Bishop she's a psychologist and she's clearing for art and she's taking care of her home things and after that again, she's coming on open talk to do some podcast. Okay, it's a it's a it's a love you have lots of energy than our base. Thank you for joining and you spending your time with us? Thank you so much for coming. Actually I didn't listen you about Karen, but actually it's the whole day. I'm talking about a positive or negative thinking when I see the topic it's checked me and I just want to you know, put some my point of view about positive thinking and its effect on life experience. Definitely. The base that is the reason I took you call immediately so that you can put your points here, too. Yeah, give me first of all, I would like to say that both of them does not mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignore lifeless play them situation post it in just after you approach and pleasantness in a more positive and productive way. You think the opacity is going to happen. Not the worst. Okay, actually, I believe that positive no often start with self-talk certain. The endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through your head and these automatic thoughts can be positive or negative. Okay, I will show you there. Hello, Ibiza, is it Audible? I think it's network is poor. Yeah. Because the timing is timer is going on 0 0 and then 2.20 follow it it happens. It happens. So it's okay. Okay. Yeah, it happened to all the callers. I wish I were there. I was thinking I want to ask you questions to our base, but maybe I will then load network is not supporting. So there is no one to try Okay doctor away. You can even tell like mentioned some points then yeah, as I said I can just put one more word. What are be sure said here. So for me positivity is only like if I am in a position where everything is happening not good with me, but still I'm hoping for things will be better the next day the coming month the coming year. That is it what or positivity is reputable. Nothing else. Yeah, you're right vocabulary. So many words so many different things here. It is white people to understand if I'm still having a hope that the coming day the coming son will be bringing me some happiness some joy and some smile on my face that is active attitude. This is supposed to it. So guys I'm running low on my mobile charge and there is no power here and I'm literally sorry for that. I'm at 6% 6% Yeah, I still came here because I gave my word that we'll be having a podcast today, right? So, dr. Nieman like to ask some one question sure. What do you think about personality development personality development? Like first of all, tell me what is personality according to you for me? It's a liability. The person to develop and like it said development of our ability of a person for me personality is what have you portray yourself in front of the society how you portray yourself in front of your family. Have you reported you yourself in infant in a professional and a personal situation? So personality development when it comes to development like in what area you want to develop yourself firstly development could be done both in your personal life that I'll be going to have a happy relation with my family members or like I'm going to do a better in my professional career. So these are the two things which take at all. I'm a beginner here. Could I talk with dr. Amy? Yes, Rocky. You can talk with me, please. Send your request will be have your word the creamy. Yeah, I would like to have a word with our brush first. I need to connect with our brush. Why is Network so weak? So it's a growth in a personal personal nature or growth in a personal character for you write to me. It's a growth in understanding about what people are expecting from me and how I can keep them happy and keeping myself happy too. And also yeah and also personality development is needed is like that that how should you put your you should because many of the people doesn't have no they're good. What is their aim and what is their goals? The first of all everyone has this what do you say that II believe it? I call it as like tendency of the growth so the circumstances in which you grew and the place which you grow and the things are the situations which are surrounding you builds up the personality who you are today. But once you come to know that what real world is then is the time when you take a chance when you take a choice to change your personality according to your desire that it makes you perfect it makes you better sorry not Perfect. Actually be using the word perfect. It makes you a better person. Yeah, because yeah there because there are people who make things happen and there are people who watch things happen and were and there are people who ask what happened. Hmm, I think am I I'm just to describe the types of people if I want to describe the types of personality and I will say that they are people who want to say one two, that's thing happen Okay, and there are such type of people who there are people who watch things happen and there are people who ask what happened. Yeah, so for me, there are only two types of people one who is learning the other who is about to start learning. Yeah. It's as simple as that. Yes. So yeah now I'm just yeah, dr. Me I'm just started like Yahoo's amid ponding interesting talk. Okay. Yeah, so so it because many people just thought I have just gone for conversation. And he said that that goal or aim is limited. He said the table or M is limited. So I share My Views that because I think goal is goal and a miss. New limited we should know what is the goal is not that I want to be a teacher. It's not a goal or it's not a game that I want to be a I want to be a doctor it I think goal. Is that like I want to learn 25,000. It's a goal or aim. Okay, right. What do you think? So for me learning 25,000 or like getting a the first rank in school or college or maybe like achieving the gold medal in running? He's just a Target point for you to go reach your goal as if you have time getting a gold medal. It's okay. Yeah is you're right. It's a it's a it's a Target. I am saying that goal must be that just that which is a heavy cesare and like I want to be the CEO of this company. I have this type of like I have this type of Merit and I will and I will I am sure that I will the CEO of the company. That's the goal. Okay. So so the I had it's for my opinion that is the goal. the AIM like we can if you'd if you go on to describe as a goal, like I think don't it's a don't limit if you see football food. It's in a bar code. There's there should be there is the the bar go the goal post is the am right the ball if the if you put the ball in the goal post the wall can't go and go to the audience, right? It should be on the goalposts on the net. Hmm. The goal should be like is such a thing that that debt has a end like I want. Like I want to kiss you. I want to be the prime minister of the of the of the infamous tour of the India. So you're not thinking about that. There's as for me, so that's the goal the end the what you want to be. Mmm. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. So for me goal dream aim Target all of the colors single purpose of the focus. Yeah. So why do I say think that we human beings have this tendency of thinking at liking and loving a thing because well maybe when you come to this Humanity we are the only the only creatures in the entire planet Earth who has his understanding of humanity who has understanding of empathy who has understanding of Thing about the coming next day coming future. So what I believe about the goal is that it is a dream which we build inside ourselves in such a way that we have to achieve that one day. But now tell me one thing ocean bolt has a goal of like a has a dream of as a goal of has a target of has an aim of becoming the fastest person in the world. What is his goal? Was it is good? Yes, it was now we achieved a goal. But did he stop there? They're worth I can get you see Russia and board had a dream of like Arana and he's a runner. He's an athlete but not tell me one thing if it was his goal of like becoming fastest person on the planet. Okay, he walked and now he became the flower fastest person on the planet all of that it now let me that now that he has achieved his goal. Does that mean that has to stop that? That means that his goal is I No, no. No, he doesn't have to stop. Now we know now if my goal is called my his goal is to be the fastest person now he have to take challenges in life. Like light ii-if like she should take a perception. Okay, the intellectual process. Yeah perception. We should have a perception towards our goal. But what I'm asking in the my my question is simply here. I'll show you now you want to be the best singer? Okay, the next singer in India in Bollywood. Now, you have been working or days your nights. That is a journey towards your goal. That is a journey towards your journey towards your dream. Now, once you have that place now, once you have became the the music in Indian industry, that means achieved your goal. Yes. No, no, I have not achieve your goal because to be a singer is not my mind. Not my goal. It's because being a single it's not the end of the part. No, I already gave you the destination here like a gave the day into a ocean balls example. I am giving a destination to you here now that I am saying that they see as you said, okay, let's take the example of the CEO which you said. Okay now that I've become the CEO of like Apple company and I'm working toward and the developing my skills my communication my grip over. Technology and my group of my employees my personal development my leadership skills development my understanding skills. I'm doing all these things and finally after like a 10 years of my struggle and my efforts towards in the focusing towards my goal. I become the CEO of the company started to become the CEO of the Apple company after 10 years of continuous and rigorous effort. I became the CEO of the company. Does that mean the I have achieved my goal? You have achieved your goal. Yeah, you have achieved your goal, but there is no but you have you didn't have to stop at at the Tempe. Okay, I have achieved my goal then and now I have to stop it's not like that you have achieved your goal why you have to you have to say you have we said goal why to to move purpose to push out or power mind puts if you set a goal or mild wind mind will always choose to do that thing that that's why we set a goal. See this is the achiever we should not stop. This is the reason the doubt has been raised in Ocean bolt to he has a dream of running and he used to run from his home to school and from school to home just to reach early and that is the reason he made him ocean bolt. And the do you know what he said once he becomes a world fast. Remember? Yeah what to do with my life now. Yeah, it's yeah, it's yeah, if you if you just listen to it some of the speeches that I go if you go to the Google you'll find this now this is what Wanting a life is but these that make him to stop now. He knows he has achieved but did he stop? No, he again started to whose Illness. But even if you achieved your goal then also you have to stay have to run. Okay tapani saying guys take calls at least. Yes the fun why not? We are having a sparingly here. So let's have a word with as pearly then we'll have a word with the pan after after you goal. What you are getting what you are getting is your achievements. Yes, now you're on the right track. Yeah. Now the whole is what we take as a serving point and we do get our achievement. Then we go to the next point that is it was because people were in a single term though. We are considering serial position as a goal here. It is. Just what achievement before you go to the next one. Yeah, because our mind always need us such type of things which will push ourself which will motivate us to work up our curly and to do this that thing. Consume it soon as we set a goal. Anyway guys share. My bad is about to die. I don't know. It's a one-person so guys your time and I'm sorry for this. There's no power at my place here so I can charge my mobile and that is the reason and I still came here so that I can have a word with stray here 503 people listening. That's a wonderful thing guys do support say he's a wonderful person a wonderful singer and sure before I leave. I would like to pass through sing a song for me. Yeah, hi. I'm Lee is doing that how much you enjoyed with meet up with this by discussing this stuff's of topic. I had my excellent time today. You made my day to day SRI. It's a wonderful time having a conversation with you. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much doctor to me. Okay, so then I'm singing. On yeah, my favorite one. Yeah, yeah. Okay, I'm guess it's I'm just singing a song I did it to the topic. Okay. I just need to listen this song every day to like just myself. Hmm. Yeah. Hi, Julia. Hi. Dr. Amy. Hi sweetie. Yeah, hi, Julia. Yeah, hi. You have just given right now. No, I'm just adding another video. I just go for my dinner. I'm listening. So yes, I'm just like just going to sing a song just with a okay. It's a different song from all day. Come on share started. I'm Lord battery. I don't know went on out till chill abou to be jaw nationalism. Kalkajaka, so tuna up to credit credit car. Ttohi hegarty. Aha Dakota great ready to fight. Oh, oh, oh get ready to fight. Yeah, that's the song which has been just isolated to that topic. Well, it's really nice. I think you don't have a time doctor and me. We don't have some other day. Yeah. It's a wonderful song. um guys dr. Evil