Welcome to the discussion. Thank you. Let us discuss about post pregnancy care today. Yeah, right. So why is it important for new moms to focus on their health? See, you know the overall birthing process brings Joy to the mother and the whole family, but then the Women's Health really goes through a major in a physiological changes and the delivery whole process would be really exhausting for her actually. So, you know, it's very important for her and for the family around also to focus on her rather than focusing only the new member. family Okay. So what are the common areas which need care in new moms? So basically the common health concerns which are you know, very commonly seen her like postpartum Hemorrhage like, you know postpartum anemia or constipation or postpartum depression or no. So these are the common challenges health-wise any pregnant. New mom would face actually, if you see irrespective of the mode of the delivery any women who have you know, like lost so much of Bledsoe she would be anemic and she would be fatigue or tired all the time breastfeeding 24/7. So these are the common challenges, you know, what a new mom face. But anyway, we will discuss each in detail. Okay. So now that you spoke about anemia so our house to increase the hemoglobin post-delivery, correct? That's a very good question. So not to land up in postpartum, you know anemia, it's very very important for the women during the pregnancy phase itself to maintain a very good number of healthy range of hemoglobin. So that is first thing which you can do and the second thing is post-delivery. It's very important to focus on iron rich diet, especially, you know, New mother who's breastfeeding and who'd of lost blood irrespective of a normal delivery or a cesarean, you know, she has to eat green leafy vegetables every day. She has to continue her iron supplements as per doctor's advice. She has to include fruits every day. So these are the nutritional advice she can get from a dietitian to buckle up the hemoglobin if she have lost more blood during the delivery process, but definitely the cells will not come overnight. She has to follow it at least for one and after two months to buckle up her hemoglobin, but the challenges there are a lot of myths around this fact, you know people or I know many family members around the new mom says if you eat fruit baby will catch cold, you know all such sort of myth facts deprive the mom big-time of nutrition so which will worsen her health status actually, so it's very very important to get our expert advice on work on the hemoglobin post-delivery. Okay. So nowadays, we come across questions related to postpartum depression also, so is postpartum depression very common nowadays see postpartum depression is quite common, especially in the first seven days after the delivery, but then for certain amount of people it stretches more than that and if they had had a history of depression before delivery, then definitely the impact would be you're right. In fact, you would be knowing more about depression than me. So you know major thing is like, you know, the whole attention of the family moves towards the baby and the mother is, you know, left taken care much harder or you know, she is, you know, 24 hours doing a job of taking care of the baby feeding. So definitely her schedule has changed overnight and you know, so postpartum depression really happens because of hormonal changes and That's why it's very very important for the family to ensure that a new mom is very happy so that way we can really avoid postpartum depression. And if at all she has any symptoms like, you know, people doesn't know what is postpartum depression. So if a new mom is crying for no reasons or she's having a mixer that feeling of love and hatred towards a newborn so it's important to go and talk to a doctor and attend to it rather just ignore it actually, okay. Okay, how easy it is for a new mom to, you know manage lactation baby care and self-care. So definitely it cannot be done by new mom on everything on our own. It's not going to be possible. Okay, so, you know see as as your question is framed even the mother's care comes at the last right? Yeah. Yeah, correct. The first is lactation next is baby Kate and the third is her own care, so Any women after she becomes a mother, you know, she puts herself as a last priority, right? So that should be the situation if the mother is completely healthy only she can give her a hundred person to her baby and to everyone around in the family. So it's very important for her to you know, get a family support first of all because a new bomb will be having hands full of work, you know, everything what the baby doing or also be panicking the new mom, so it's not Easy for her to manage everything all alone actually, so the partner should be supportive. The family should be supportive either. It is parents or in-laws or any family member or friends. Whoever is assisting her should be really very supportive understand their emotions, you know, so too many advisors should not confuse her and they have to really be a helping hand to the new mom than you know, causing negative impact on her. So it's very important for social and family support for a new mom to manage all The second thing is the new moms also should understand that, you know priorities have changed overnight. So they have to reset their priorities, you know, like they have to eat and sleep when the baby sleeps they have to catch up with rest whenever it is possible so that they don't get exhausted feeding all the time. Okay by the police is why these ways they can manage to you know, do all these things in a much better way actually, okay, so when you Is the good time to restart sex life after pregnancy? That is one of the common question. In fact, we also see in our operate like that is a very common doubt people have actually so see it. It purely depends from Individual to individual. It's not same but at least six weeks of rest is definitely recommended for you know, a new mom before she gets into her sexual life again, so, Let it be her normal delivery or a cesarean minimum of six weeks is recommended. But if it is a cesarean then definitely more the period is required for her to recover physically, so it's definitely important to get a go from your doctor and then, you know get into their sexual life. And one more point I would like to tell you here is you know, when a mother is breastfeeding it is always believed to be an unnatural contraception, but then it's not unread person proven. All the time. So even if new parents are getting into sexual life It's always important to have safe sex than unprotected so that they don't land up in another pregnancy very soon. Okay, how about the main areas of getting back to shape after pregnancy? Yeah, right. That is another one, you know like very common worry new moms have actually so as I said as I said you need at least six week of time to get into the sexual life the same with their physical activity and work out depending on the mode of the delivery they had but at least 40 days of rest is told, you know like to for the new mom to get accustomed to the You routine first? Okay, so I have 240 days. Once you're fit enough you can slowly start eating healthy. I'm not saying do dieting but eat healthy, you know avoid the direct carbs and sugars and ladoos, whatever the people are going to give you. So if you avoid these things itself, you know, they can start losing weight and more breastfeeding will ensure you lose weight. In fact, we discussed about it in the in our previous topic also and so slowly slowly then they can start with my and exercise of walking jogging or yoga and all that. But before you do anything, it's very important to get a go from your doctor on your complete recovery status and then do it, you know, even the new the family everybody should understand that she has not put on 15 kgs of weight overnight, right? So yeah pregnancy was a nine months of processors. So if that's the same amount of time it will take you know for any women to get back to shape and definitely she cannot get into our genes. Not right after the babies out, right? So it takes time. It's very important to you know, accept the fact that you know, your body have stretched your skin have expanded so it definitely going to take time to tone down and go back to that level. So, you know, you have to have the patience and you have to know that now that is not the priority but you know taking care of the baby and breastfeeding is priority. Okay? Okay. Thank you sweetie. Thanks. Nice talking to you on this topic. I should nice talking to you.