What up in your matters in life and how should Founders look for a mentor? So my mentors have been apart from my parents my first teacher in my college who really shaped my thought process especially because those of the formative years where you pretty raw, right and you those are the guys who really guide you in the Direction More Than You just career a lot of time people look for mentors who helped them shape the career, but this is I mean your career is just one function of your or one part of your journey as an individual. So that thing as a as an entrepreneur we should look for somebody who really helps you find your purpose of life and kind of helps you grow as a person eventually right in which over Dimensions possible. So my teacher from my school was instrumental in shaping a my thoughts and he keeps reminding me a lot of times. I think one of the thing that he said to me it always kind of rings in my ears. All the time is about we should be like a river right river flows. It doesn't matter what obstacles it hits, right? It encounters numerous things right or wrong and it keeps going towards growth gold right on the way nourishing everything that comes in its way. So that's how we as an individual should be our journey should be more meaningful to people whom we touch and as well as to us, I think when we give we automatically get back so and second is my Chill Guru SRI SRI he has been instrumental in in terms of my spiritual growth thought process. One thing advices. Would you like to share two young Founders who want to deliver excellence in their business? First thing I would like to tell people is to choose the market and the team very very carefully because both things are extremely hard to change later lot of people tend to somehow get friends and families who who they like to talk to a see each other often and they assemble the team and call it a team rather and little later the figure out here. We just guy Cannot get along on the on building something which is so meaningful and it's going to contribute or you know, take away a major chunk of our life. So we need to be extremely critically assessing whom we partner. I know your friend did not be the partner in crime, right? The second thing is going to be about continuously learning. One of my favorite quote is on this direction is about compounding growth, right you compound whatever that you want to achieve you break it down into weeks. Is what I have personally benefited a lot. Let's say you want to onboard 10,000 users. If you keep a goal of such a large or even a hundred thousand users by six months very hard to work on that. But if you say I want to onboard 10 new users every week. It's a lot more doable and suddenly that sets the whole context or the culture around the company when you define one North Star for your company, which is achievable and repeatable with a compounding effect. Right? I think that's something that people should do have seen up to Number of Founders having to your five year vision and if I ask them what I want to achieve in this week and the black you're like, okay, I don't know whatever comes our way. So it's very surprising for me. If that that that's an answer. I strongly advise people to kind of have this kind of thought process and a third one is, you know, a lot of people tend to Brand their experiments or brand there whatever the de tend to do is start up as either failure or success based on certain numbers. I strongly advise against it because there are a lot of things that found those do there. Are they going to be probably 99 failures that you will encounter in terms of the numbers, but those failures are going to be the ones that we hit you to do reach the hundred one, right? You cannot ignore either of them, so don't brand them as a success or a failure any anything that you do keep doing things. They will be things which will work. There will be things many more things which will never work, but the things that don't work are important as well. Thank you so much pressure on it has been wonderful to have Have you on the podcast your in size? Your journey is inspiring to a lot of fun to thank you said that it was it was great to talk to you you questions were very insightful and I hope certain thoughts that I put help some entrepreneurs. Thank you very much. Great talking to you.