Common reasons where you see the companies who have raised a seed round shutting down. So most mostly the common reason is because they're unable to achieve the numbers at the think as I mentioned earlier raising the first capital or even the family fools friends around it's easier maybe can raise 50 lakhs or a car or but then after that what like lot of people don't have a Clarity beyond that point. So this program to get either the product Market fit or as I fondly call it as a founder market fit because early on hustling is fine. Probably you do it for your half and then you Lay's probably you're not able to grow this in this market or there are things that you have not understood then it gets even harder because you have gone through one cycle of funding and now you need to justify what happened to the front like wondering. How did you use it what what are the things that you have gone wrong or right about and how can you correct it now and in that Journey if you haven't found a meaningful answers, it's even harder. Now coming on to more personal side of yours. What's your daily routine like? So my daily routine typically I get a by about 5:30. So I I do yoga and meditation for an hour and a half till about 8:00 a.m. So eight eight to nine family name breakfast daily course and then we kind of get going on the work mostly I should use my internal activities in terms of where I need to spend time myself directly a'ight. I showed you that in the first half. The day second half is typically allotted to conversations with lot of Founders. My partner's colleagues and I keep my evening free to meet at least one or two entrepreneurs or I try to average it out over a week by about seven to five to seven entrepreneurs week. I try to meet in person talk to them. Even if I funding them or not is secondary. I would like to just keep meeting different entrepreneurs to learn from them. What books have you read recently and which books have saved your life the most recent book I picked up was one of my favorite one and I've read it twice already. It's Born to Run. It's very interesting book about and philosophy of how do you be how to be happy and yet achieve your purpose of life and go about it. The second book that I have read is about shoe dog about the Nike Founders Johnny and it The so hard eating it's when you start reading these autobiographies you really connect with them on a personal note, you know, sometimes we think those very well-established entrepreneurs are something totally different. But when you start reading it, you see that they have done the mistake that you yourself have done. You just start relating with them and certainly the possibility is, you know, our infinite for you yourself and you learn from them so much and the third book that I really loved was the autobiography of Ava it's very interesting. I've been a trend sports fan. So I really love reading about him how he has gone about how he has built his mental toughness. And how does he see, you know kind of growing himself in the direction. At what point in your life you first lost and what help you recover from it? So my down point was when I had to kind of make a decision to shut down my first startup. It was very very hard because it was the first startup was out of the barn out of my passion. So it was very very hard to detach myself. I just couldn't sleep for many many days and I'm not sure if I call it as a state of depression lawn, but I was super low right I kind of with you and No went in the hole literally personal life. I just couldn't take it for many months. I was very very down. I couldn't I like I it I took it as a personal failure because I wanted to really make it big so it is very very hard and I it was a lesson that I learned really learned that you need to really detach yourself from bodybuilding because only when you detach you can really see it from a different dimension and probably help it grow a lot bigger and assess the things that you're doing wrong. I swear I didn't do it really the right way. So that was my real your personal low point and I how I recovered from it is basically I just talked to more and more Founders who have gone through feel you Johnny themselves. So when I met them, we kind of had long conversations in how they took the decision to shut down the company even it was very surprising because I thought people shut down the company's only when the companies are really really in a bad State. I have met Founders who have shut down the companies which look like doing really well. But when you talk to them you kind of see that some of them either have lost the purpose of building what they're doing and they it doesn't resonate with what they want to do repetitive time. They started with some thought process some Theses and then eventually it just evolved and did you don't want to continue anymore the suddenly kind of open to me that you know shutting down is not bad. So that was a relief for me that okay. I shut down is fine. It's okay and people accept you it's not a failure, but it's something that you can take forward in the second Journey forward and definitely helped me a lot. Not too kind of assemble myself again and get going as entrepreneur.