Perhaps we would love to know more about your journey. Yeah, so that I have been an entrepreneur for about nine years before that. I spent about a decade in working for larger Menses in different Tech and product rules as an entrepreneur in the journey has been more fulfilling. I've founded bootstrapped multiple startup series Angel funding for them. And as well as I think I have been active in the startup ecosystem primarily because in the peer-to-peer learning is something that really fascinated me. So my journey has been filled with a lot of ups and downs as an entrepreneur typical life is So let's start your journey right from the you first start up towards the current start up your email. So I think the first startup as most of the entrepreneurs typically pick up they pick up something that they really really passionate about. So I started working on an idea that I had with my colleague about sports app. So that was purely in passion-driven start up and we started in about 2009. We were walking while we're still being employed we trying to Find out 90s to implement it in the executed we did struggle a little bit early on and then we got in touch with some gear from Morpheus and who really shaped our thought process in terms of going about building. It is very early days in ecosystem where they were not much of an not much of a resources available in terms of what can you do what can what you should avoid. So we ended up doing a lot of mistakes ourselves, but thankfully those Journeys where we stumbled upon lot many struggles early on has shaped my life. And shape my thought process as an entrepreneur as an angel investor now prefer. What's your purpose in life? It's very deep question. My purpose in life is to contribute to the life of a common man by improving certain things that he could do simply your certain things where he can make his life more meaningful. Probably this could mean that I would contribute as a tech entrepreneur I call I would contribute by building. Done tools or tag or certain products or certain Services where I can make that meaningful impact in the life of a common man. So let's come on board on investing site. How did you form Eagleton Ventures? So Eagleton Ventures is a journey was very very interesting. I was working as I mentioned to you earlier. I was with corporate earlier and my colleague my co-founder promote his from Citrix. So we had a bunch of people who already exploring Angel investment and we kind of had discussion. So they did the first investment before we could formally structure it and Eagleton Ventures was born out of the experiment that they wanted to conduct by contributing to the startups as a tech Senior Management professionals, and that's why we join hands because we have we found a purpose where we could marry our Rich domain experience in Tech leadership roles and the needs of a Founder with an early stage funding and specially the mentorship and Guidance with could give as a group. So what's your typical check size at Eagleton Venture and at which stage of the company you come in? So we typically come in as a first external seed Capital. That's what we prefer the check size. Typically varies between 1 to 3 C are our sweet spot being to see our and we typically have about six to ten investors who joined around as Angel and we also try to ensure that we bring in the investors who would be To add the significant value to the startup by the virtue of the experience that they have gathered in the ecos in the leadership roles. They have been by virtue of being in different geographies where the market access could be easier for found out with the investors on table as well as the set of investors who have been serial entrepreneur themselves with their experience and of founding companies and building large organization helps the founder. We'll start up still now. Have you invested in in the last one and a half years? So we've invested into five companies in one and half year. We've invested in twos astral, which was a pretty serious year round. We've invested into pie beam the most recent one was by beam, which is an electric vehicle company from IIT Madras. We've invested into mate Labs. It's an exciting day. I start up which is coming up in machine learning space. We've invested into travel spice, which is just like Priceline in u.s. Basically three of us wooden platform in India for hotel booking. We've invested internet analytics as well. And what are the sectors you are preferring to invest in and which are the sectors you stay away from. Typically we would really love to be sector agnostic as we believe we want to be part of a journey of a Founder who is building something very exciting in the tech space. So Tech has to be main gameplay because we believe we are from Tech background. Most of our investors are senior. Management professionals from this experience. So we want to be part of meaningful Journeys where attack is the significantly as well as something that can scale up a lot faster is going to be a tech gameplay, right? So when Eagleton Venture comes in we want to kind of take the startup 10x. So that's what 10 in Eagleton stands for. So if you want to take startups 10x with our Capital as well as our guidance and mentoring when Eagleton Ventures is formed it was formed as a fund of funds. What are the typical challenges or differences between a fund of funds and a Single Seed investor the challenge is a plenty, I believe just because the decision makers are more the amount of time taken to evaluate to get a yes or no or go-ahead from each investor who's interested in participation. So it has its own pros and cons the challenges as I mentioned the time taken to invest easily. It's not less than a month and a half where an individual angel. Buster would be able to take quicker bets in terms of time second. We as a early stage investment family. We've really believe in collaboration in terms of evaluation as well as the investing and the third part is co mentoring so we really want to kind of bring in right set of investors for a particular startup. So that kind of collaboration does take its own time, but given this challenges the the beauty of having a diverse set of domain experts from the technology world for a founder of Plenty where you have an access to different geographies where our investors are we have a significant investor presence from Middle East to u.s. To Europe to India. So it does help the founder who has a little bit of product validation by customer customer acceptance. If he's making only revenues we will be able to take the startup Way Forward in different geographies help them with our Network connects. It's easier. We've already seen the validation in terms of Startup companies made Labs as well as the three which ones were startups have grown five to eight X in the last one and half period where you have invested in a so, we have a very closer to grow to that in at analytics as well as in terms of Travels by so we've seen a growth of more than 5 x in both these companies.