How has monetizing getting better in the last two three years of the startup ecosystem? Yeah, I think monetization has has been very difficult. Right? I think for quite some time India's really about a user growth story on the b2c side. Now, we're specifically talking about our Tech startups and you know within Tech startups are be to see you to see startups. I think that is changing right? It's changing because of a couple of reasons one if you look at existing markets today, you know, they're not huge but they're quite sizable, you know. We got a 30 billion dollar e-commerce Market. You got to write a lie Market that's quite large and so on and so forth, but really one of the reasons it's actually changed is payments. Right? UPI has been the biggest Boon that's happened to the Indian startup ecosystem because now you have you know, over a hundred million Indians that actually transact online and the fact that you can actually pay not just a thousand or 1500 rupees, but you can very simply pay, you know, 10 or 20 or 30 or hundred rupees. So I think monetization is improving. It's still very early days, but the fact that you know, A juice has 1.5 million paying users. Right? And these are really it's really a subscription business. If you think about it, they are quite a number of companies that now have you know, ten fifteen twenty hundred thousand a subscribing user. So whether it's Commerce with transaction driven activity with it subscriptions, and then lastly, you know, I think advertising is the overall Market is you know, getting to be quite sizable. It's a couple of billion dollars and I think now what we are seeing is e-commerce companies, you know, flipcard Amazon. Nike are companies like that beginning to monetize through Performance-based advertising so I would say it's a lot better than what it was two years ago, and I'm actually very encouraged by the science that we're seeing on on monetization.