Hi Luke. Hi, hush. I think we all set for the discussion and I see we have a few people listening also recommended best practices for Calcutta. Sure. Look for audiences to Sana the context. challenges It faces, so that's the reason I chose to speak about this topic. Maybe I'll share some of my experience my alert. All right. One of the things with regards to recruitment with the right hand. Okay, so we can maybe say for example and gamble you really were or we're not face the same challenge that organization like smoother renewed is funded startup or even not not funded startups. So Google and attracting people responses. So it's a different kind of a challenge small and medium sized organization unknown organizations. Say for example, that just has a random example know some other organization that I know of is script box. With face a challenge with attracting people. So when they post a job you may not get that many number of responses. So, how do you how do these organization address those issues are those challenges? So that that's one one of the very important aspect second is when you have for you know, the candidates, how do you go about evaluating a short listing web filtering them? And then you know, how do you finally? Interview and and select them. So these are some of the major issues or challenges that organizations will the space. I like you and I just want to understand of course that we will also get to the to the solution on how to get these things resolved from different perspectives, but just just curious to know and I think it will be useful for someone who is interested in knowing about Recruitment and anything related to it is or so according to you. What makes these problems. Big problems and what about these problems make it big and why should it? Why should if I am a leader of an organization? Why should I be spending time and energy trying to resolve this? How big is this problem? And why why is it a big problem? Okay. So as I mentioned recruitment is he is one of the having having the right team is one of the fundamental requirement of any Ian, I'm sure we all agree with that and once once once the when you have the right team half the battle is won and same with the case if you have a do not have the right team. So we already have a fighting a lost battle. So it's that is why it's very very important. A lot of things get sorted. You know, you know, if you have the right person for the right troll people with the right temperament whether it is whether it is business. Or sports or even the personal life. You see haven't seen success things put things in place of automatically. So so, you know that that is the reason, you know, the hiring becomes one of the key factors for an organization's success. True true. I mean, I I can definitely relate to this along because I mean I I will give you a different example probably button and it'll be an extreme example, but I just to drive the point. That's the whole purpose from what I see is and if I'm going for a war to fight an enemy and not that organizations are fighting enemies per se but if I'm going for a war and if I have if I have to buy fight battles with in my mid within my You know, you know within within my Army and if I recruited bad people then I guess the word becomes doubly difficult for me to win because now I have got two enemies to fight one is internal and one is external. So that's the hospital. I would like to know also when such deserves some some points that this is coming from what you have said is what I what I do understand is recruitment is is normally and that's from my experience normally is one-time process. You recruited someone and they are in right right. Once you've hired them. The last thing that you will think of is firing them. Right? Right, and if the recruitment hasn't been done, right and the only solution is firing that means by the time you come through to the you know through all the process of figuring out how to improve in all that by the time you come to even think about you know, this person may not be the right fit. All you have as an organization, you might have spent a lot of time and energy and that's something that might not be giving you as much of dividends as you would normally have expected from that recruit. Absolutely. So, you know one other thing that I realize that you know hiding and you know, the margin of error is very low and as you know gave an example of you know, when you're fighting a battle the state becomes higher so thankfully in organizations, we are not fighting. Those kind of a battle where our life is life is at stake. We have a life and death kind of a situation but the stakes are high in different ways, you know organizations trying to grow organizing trying to leave their leave their mark on the world. So, you know, the stakes are high from from that perspective. So when we go go wrong, it has an impact it has an organization-wide impact and the margin of error in small organizations organizations businesses and startup is much much higher when it comes to hiring because the impact of an individual or wrong higher or right higher of whatever the decision is can make on a start-up is much higher because of the rows the response the role that that individual plays in a start-up environment. So if you have a team of 10 people and one person is back, is that 10% of your In addition is bad Rex. What happens is that right? So out of 10 people one person that that one individual may be responsible for say all your online presence on online presence your social presence your LinkedIn Pages Facebook page has all of those things that person will be managing and you know what the wrong post we take you back so many ways a person's not not not being a good team player and you know restricting some stuff to their own risk. Constance's doesn't go beyond the rose what is expected and so forth and so on will create a lot of dissatisfaction within the organization. So the point yeah, the what I'm trying to say is that, you know, the margin of error is small set up small and medium sized organization and startup is much much lower because I packed that an individual has again, it creates a lot of heartburn and you know when you're a startup Trying to fix get the business right Kitt the clients to faster. Will you're facing multiple battles. Now, you have it facing another battle of managing that team member who is not, you know connected with your own with your value systems or your cultures and the kind of expectations that you have. So it becomes a lot of time waster in that sense. So that that's that's critical role of Hiring other hiding the right candidate has on the overall businesses true and II think I can so what that does sort of make it no more contextual for me when you say our white is more critical for startups and at that makes makes me think about you know, for example of bootstrap start up with a very small team if I'm not wrong that the first phase did they are in for any startup is survival. Fees if I have to put it in not simple language so release of fighting for survival, you're out there in the market you have good investment. You have put your all time and energy investment in that and you're really out there fighting for survival. And also another thing so that that definitely makes it important that you have whatever is in our not just the, you know, just the right people because I think startup is also a lot demanding. It may not be like a A big organization well set organization where you can just go and do your part of job and sort of come back because you really have to expand your you know, resourcefulness there. So yeah this that's the survive its first point is that it is definitely a survival mode and that makes it really important because one or two bad people can really make or Mar the entire thing. Also I think and correct me if I'm wrong. You are a lot of times of this is what I've seen heard and experienced not directly but startups are driven initially. If a lot by Superstars like you might have some people who are the really the engine of moving things right? And if you if you if you're not if some of them are not doing good that can be really crucial for in start-up or am I right? Right in understanding that or how would you sort of elaborate on that? Yeah. I'm just getting help. So absolutely size and dimensions will start up when we you know, when the team is is small everyone plays a very, you know, Diversified and multiple roles and you know, there is in many ways. There are no limitation to the responsibilities are so when a person is joining a start-up so some of the things that I'll share as you know, what to expect when you are working in joining a start-up and then we'll come back to our core of you know, how to address there. What are the other hiding challenges and how to address them? So one of the things that you know working in a start-up is that it requires a lot of real hard work. So that includes even the long hours going beyond your own roles and responsibilities not sticking to just you know, one responsible. I know often when we started I worked in the startup in multiple a few startups. So I have open, you know office doors myself close the office. Doors have sat through Saturn the reception they can cause in the reception area. So those kind of work that has happened in the past will deny me know if I come back and say, you know, hey, I am an indoor MBA have done invested so much of money so much of time and all that stuff. So why should I be taking a call setting the reception? Well, I shouldn't have been working in the startup. So so, you know when you're you know startup you should be ready to take up any kind of a work that has What I you know, that's one of the key ingredient or trait for a person who wants to work out with wants to succeed in a start-up and of environment program. Yeah, so that is you know, one of the things so one is, you know willingness to take any kind of a work having a flexibility and adaptability in a because startups are by default is kind of a But his most success formula given success formula for startups now every startup is different. So you are not sure whether it will work or not. So many times you have to keep changing the Status or someone say, you know, as an example if we working on a product and then after three months of development of a product and University know this product is not going to work and we scrapped that and we'll make changes on this product. My my coding team development team program. Say that Halo 3 So for that I have put in it's all gone based are so you know and start scraping and you know complaining about it and gets handle hung up by you know for that hasn't put it and doesn't move forward. Then we have again. We have a problem. It's very important that you know, we move on faster and then you know work with lot of ambiguity uncertainties and willing to make changes quickly. So if someone you know gets hung up to you know, why? Changing the direction so quickly, you know, you know one week earlier you were saying doing something else now you're saying something else. So if you are to reach it becomes very difficult to work in start-up so few of the things, you know to summarize Chaser or attributes. If you are looking to work if any of the listeners are willing or interested to work in a start-up they should see that whether they have it or not or they want to build is one great amount of flexibility great amount of Of of ability to put in hard work Readiness to put in hard work and this includes longer working hours working on sneak and Saturdays and Sundays, you know, it may sound and look very glamorous that you know, having a bean bag and you know where the cool office culture can be aware anything all of those are there but, you know at the back there's a lot of toilet real hard work that goes on ability to you know work with in uncertain environment. I'm and being ready to do any kind of work. So even you know, if you win if you are recording your should be ready to okay open the office and you may be the first person to come to the office and closed off is so all those challenges are there. All those demands are there so you should be you know, ready to adapt to those situations and that that does not that does sound like a demanding demanding workplace or you know, because of course you're fighting the oh, I will so yeah, I'm quite demanding but I think on a positive side because I'm having interacted with people who are working in in and in large organizations and specially cut some kind of personalities and some kind of people after some some point Duke Duke Craven complain about lack of freedom and you know have the complain about having to stick to a very very rigid process of you know, so that's something that's definitely not there in startups you Really have to when the demand is that you have to do more than what your job description might see on paper. Am I right? That's absolute right. That's absolutely positive side. Is that someone who reserved craves for freedom and sort of expand their work, you know, I work area and know what else they can do for them or start up might be good. Of course. The other side is also true. Like you said, you know, a lot of chaos will be there are a lot of different. And we'll be there you can't expect a 9 to 5 and you know, just leaving office at five things may change suddenly and you have to move as fast as the demand is so these are the things that a person who is looking to work in a in a start-up will have to be ready for absolutely absolutely. No doubt. I won I think of someone yep. Yes. Go ahead. Sorry. Yes. I was just thinking that you know big by this might be useful for us for some who is sort of either looking. Or some who might encounter a situation where they have did they start working on Startup might find it useful. So but you have covered a lot of these girls these attributes that are you are, you know, a start-up right fit might have is desirable from us that started right fit any suggestions anything else apart from this look which you would like to give to a candidate and after this I will come back to the recruitment. Things and looking for the solutions, but any other suggestions for any startup candidate who is going for an interview at a sauna? Sure break that down into two parts one is the people who are refresher what startups typically expect in what, you know, we can expect from the startup and how they can prepare for it. And the second is people who come in a collateral order who are experienced. So this is first of all again vicious. It's very difficult to differentiate between one pressure and the other whether whichever background You come from where are you coming from a tech background? Are you coming from a sales and marketing background or HR background or Finance background? So now when we are in a college more or less, you know, everyone's resume again, there are format also has a different Choice have formats as well. So there is all the reason is look the same on paper or so challenge is how do you differentiate so and does create a startup program look for in a fresher. So if Share about my own experience and what I look for in a you know fresher is that I'll typically look for this person's energy and enthusiasm. Okay. How did you take how enthusiastic is that person about taking up that first job. What is that person how well that person has prepared maybe anything that person might have prepared for either the subject or something, which is extracurricular something of your interests or Hobbies. Can they some talk about it in depth? So, you know one of my favorite questions to pressure is that you know, talk about your own favorite topic for a minute or so or two minutes. I'm that person keep the audience or keep me engaged engaged for two minutes of any topic of their choice that may be any subject may be any extracurricular activity that may be any hobbies interests can be anything. But again, And then you know, what do we evaluate? What do I evaluate from? That is the again the interest How Deeply a person knows about any topic. What is f fashion how the person how much that person is passionate about about that topic what is energy level of that being that candidate and then of and then the communication ability as well. So communication design essentially mean the English language specifically, but the language which is going to be used in the organization. So, okay. It is about that. So that is what noise. Candidate that is one and second is that because of the initial years and I want to know willingness to learn how enthusiastic is this individual about learning new things because he'll initials of of the barrier. as well as initial level of the character career as well as in the startup. We don't have to keep learning new things every day. So are you open to learning? Are you willing to learn every day is very very important and you know other things that I have all mentioned earlier being being flexible being an ability to work hard which includes longer our working ability to work. Minimal supervision or ability to work with ambiguity. So, you know when things are not clear things changes, you know do use as I said earlier. You still get hung up by that or you go on and say, you know and find with these changes are there. I understand that and let's move on. So those are the things that you know, probably I would I definitely look for in a speech in a fresher further publicity with experience again. The depth is very very important. Some of these mention is for freshest exactly equal to 2 people with experience aspect for letter Hattie. That is simply the hard work going beyond their responsibilities from CSS background. So I'll be able to service issue of affordability issue. I won't get into it. That won't work. So so so those things are there and again depth in in in a in a topic is very very important even for a for the natural higher. So to summarize one ability to work hard second ability to work with a lot of uncertainties and the keys. Be nice to continue no ability to learn everyday and willingness to learn every day. Let's see beauty to you know changes of plans when things do not work quickly change hand and with the other thing changes organization, it is change the distribution you are okay with that ha ha so, you know, these are you know II that one more very important to their importance is persistence how long yeah persistence. How long can you keep going? There are many times, you know, you have to keep doing the same thing again and again again and again again again for a really long time and then you know, you will not see a result on day 1 Day 2 Day 3. You may see the result when he owned a ninth, but if you don't do that on, you know till date you won't get a result from the event. They micro it's very important. The process is very important and the last is higher degree of ownership. So when we when I say ownership is the record whatever happens I own that if it works I own it if it doesn't work, I own it and when I own it or is required to make it happen, I will do that. So, you know that is very very very critical and crucial trade for anyone to have their respective of with that person works in the universe more organization larger mention or startup. But if it becomes higher in a start-up kind of a setup the ownership true story, so I yeah like to definitely look for in a candidate when I'm interviewing for any of my clients or form I-20 or The aspect so yeah, I would look into these some of these actually use. All right. Now that's a that was quite detailed. Thanks for that. I look and I do I just just to highlight. I do understand some some of we are getting some questions. What we will do is we will try and answer the questions towards the end if I look has time. So just give us some time to you know cover some of the areas that we really wanted to touch upon. So the last point that you made a local Regarding the ownership. I think I died. I hear a lot about ownership in large organizations also, but when we put ourselves in the context of Demands of startup and the kind of situation that is the situation they are and I think I definitely agree with you that the ownership demand is definitely much higher should be much higher than in a start-up. I mean if I have to put it another way for me from my from my perspective. It looks like if employee in In a start-up if generally when it's just one way of putting it if generally they think they are they are they are the owners of the business if they go with that kind of mindset then that's great for any of the leaders in the starter because that's good. That's the kind of ownership ownership. You do require things go wrong and it's not a my team's problem or my organizations problem. I'll have to step in and sort of try and Do the best to make sure that things go right or in in in the in a very chaotic environment? So that's that's something that I do feel is extremely important. Absolutely. Absolutely one of my team members, so I'll give you an example. Abruptly to prepare Broken Arrow the testing that works and we said, you know, we need a test engineer to to keep testing on an ongoing basis and then he did a wonderful job of that. He created a document automated testing process so far. So on however after after we know few months, we were developing another product and we said, you know, we need a person we need a python developer and this guy showed an interest. I just check with him behave and would you like to Learn Python and reaching a new part of that is it you know, so ever I would I would be good to learn so he's self-taught fighting. you know, he already did the initial level of understanding of how python works the coding in Python and so forth and so on and when completed that initial level of learning, we also sponsored his you know full-time course Paris, I never paid course so of coaching the glasses and he learned by than any three months time he was putting and he in fact the default the product comes A Chinese owned entirely. So that's amazing and I need to know is that there's an amazing example, and I know one of the team members that I am very proud of and then you know, wherever I go, you know go and talk and share this example. So that's a transformation that we went to and that's the willingness to learn a willingness to change to come. Is not working. Let me tell them that we cover. That's great. I think to be honest that that sounds like a perfect mindset that you will require any startup would expect of again. I'm generalizing but that's the perfect mindset anyone would expect from a employee nanus in a start-up because the district the entire ecosystem is like that the the situation business situation is like that and you you really need someone who can step up and say And I try right absolutely because of everyone with you. I like you said that you went on went ahead and sort of sponsored his learning. So as long as you have the urge to try something and you know you and that's how it is built. So someone goes out stick their neck out and say let me do it and then people join in and then sort of help and that that sounds like a perfect example of a kind of mindset that we would expect in a start-up scenario, especially Lee so I now honestly speaking that sounds like a really good discussion, but what I will do is because we are I will just try to sort of because that's like that's something that I would probably like to again if that's possible. We would like to do another or talk on that with respect to the candidates and the kind of things because these stories also are quite helpful. I think we for be some people who might be interested in. So just to come back to the rig It meant better. I was a bit curious. We did talk about that the kind of challenges and all that. So I just wanted to see with dominant second answer for this. So according to you from your experience. I look what kind of recruitment practices that are like prevalent that give rise to the the child challenges of not getting the right person, especially in startups. So I'll put this question, you know slightly in a different Manner and put it like, you know, what the different practices that our organization in startups can practice. So to to inaudible better higher. Okay. So let's just do to my advantage. What are the practices that you should you should follow in order to get a better higher? So one is It's also fun some of the things and another reverse is also true because these are not done. That's why we we get up or hiring distribute make to a high position. So one is is having a help when you're creating a looking to hire a candidate the hiring manager. The person must have a clear visual of what kind of a person this person that you are looking for the hiring manager for visualize, you know. What this person would be doing what kind of experience is person will have all kind of a behavior creates this person should show and I know when this person is working how they will work. That one gets the team members to roll in your in your mind visualizing that very clearly so many of the organizations and and you know, I have seen all kinds of a Judy's that is there out there. On on LinkedIn on Mochrie and other job sites, no just mentions David upload developer with two years of experience or CS6. You know, people will say sales B2B sales with three years of experience now it is this is an advertisement you are said you're selling your organization. So, you know, you have to be more careful with that so job description is like your egg is man. You won't see any advertisement coming from our organization of from a brand like physique. All right, like Unilever of our brand like category and so forth and so on. So so you have to give a do it justice to job description. So you have to be very very clear and as far as possible and operate as to what exactly roll means what what will happen or what does this person does on a day-to-day basis one? What are you going to evaluate that this person? You know, obviously this person has done a good job. When you are that person what kind of us kids incompetency this person this person must have skills may include say for example of advanced Excel skills, or you know, hypothetically, you know, Java skills or biking skills or PHP PHP scripts. These are the hard skills that you are you may be looking for all skill skill It's so these new marketing skills SEO skills, whatever. It may be either the hard skills or competencies that were talking about and then we talked about the softer skills, you know. So again in in start up some of those soft skills are common that you know that we already spoken about persistence ownership winningest learn flexibility working with him ambiguity so-and-so from hard work so forth and so on and you know, if you are looking for experienced person to what kind of experience actually are looking for how many years of experience Sales experiences sales experience. If you say three years of sales experience selling to home in what kind of environment what kind of a country what kind of a job coffee as far as possible. We could elaborate and very very precise. So job is very important to note. When you're hiding an attempt to do is to spend a good amount of time there. I would suggest and you know do a just description one many other nations I have, you know. Work with and I've heard people saying that can He who reads the job description in my experience people who are bottle hire other people who have read the job description. Okay, and the reverse is also true of people who have not read. The job description is not your ideal candidate. I would never hire a candidate to do not know about my organization about the role and had just walked in until unless I am very desperate and you know, I'm willing to take anyone and that person, you know does really very easy. Shouldn't is not even experiences as shown some real great great expertise or behavioral trait. So but again that is very very rare in general practice it so, you know, so be elaborate or the job description people will read and those who read other people who you want to have in your team. That's another thing is this is what happens to the in the organizations that hiding under root for want to have Moon want to have moon in the in the candidate. They want all you know that the Superhuman looking for us to put everything that you know, can this don't desirable from a perfect candidate or perfect individually will be there. So, you know, someone who say for example who have built a product called, you know who have already created Facebook. I want a person who is already created Facebook where Facebook is hiding for that so well. That's what you're looking for that really created. So that person will always literally looking the device. You need to be a requirement of your requirements are getting wet. It's more than enough as they say higher for actually boosts or behavior and pain for a skills. So if behavior and traits are attributes are, you know are there and intact I think we you know, people can be changed for. 54 they will need type give them that opportunity given the time and they will scale up. So be reasonable with the requirement be realistic with environment. That's my third point is you know, many of the time organizations do not have a plan as to how to evaluate candidates. So, you know, if you are looking for a person who is expert in Excel and you know, you do not take a test for Excel and you asked Question how good are you Excel? Well, if they were going to say that oh, hey, I'm not good at certainly say I'm you know, damn good in Excel and best in Excel. So do you appreciate getting yourself up for failure? Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, what what your ear at what you are evaluating. What is the mechanism you have to evaluate that if you are evaluating say someone's writing ability. You need to ask them to write a piece of you know, 200 words of a It's as simple as that because asking for someone to that is why you know many organizations are start to have started conducting hackathons for further livable Community, right? Yes, the real real real skills there and then you happy to test so so there has to be a very clear-cut mechanism one. There is a you know what you're evaluating and then you have a weekend. ISM to evaluate that okay. So that's the two steps are like, you know, you have to be absolutely certain and that that's not you mentioned. You should go in the job descriptions. It should not be General be very specific that that gives you a very filtered candidates the Rival, you know, those who are in the rice Zone and once you're very clear about your job job description, not only know what you want. But you also have to be think through how are you going to measure that are you just going to ask? Whether you're good at Excel or not, or are you going to lie really put them into a situation where you will be able to see it right there, whether they they of fill in the shoes that you're like looking them to aphelion. Am I right? Absolutely one of the things which you know, I have have heard from both the sides is what the size. I mean with the organization and from the candidates also that candidate when there is An aptitude test candidate say that hey, this is a waste of our time. Anyway, have you have cleared our engineering and you know, the last time I have done the aptitude test is was working on for four year ago when preparing for engineering entrance or or whatever. Okay, is this the best filtering technique? I don't know. I am you know, I'm not very sure but it is one of the three two, one of the techniques it works. You know, that is why you have no Entrance Test for 4je or any other you know, like je or any other Ivy Leaguer issues, you have a filtering, you know within test or exam tests. So that's my suggestion would be be open. For it be ready for it. And again show your attitude by not giving that sounds and frog the suggestion should be obedient as to what kind of you know, if you're looking for a as an example, if you're looking for a Content writer. Do you really want to have a aptitude test or you you'll have a written English written written English test? So be you know reasonable with kind of a test that you are conducting. So this so if I have to break it down what you're saying is that of course, you will have a lot of different tests you do you measure them your interview being one of them, but if you really have like a lot of people know sort of applying for it. You have to be very clear what your there is - it has to be a filtering mechanism and it should not be just generally that, you know, just just throw in aptitude test recruitment team should think through it. What will be the best way to you know filter in any candidate. Substitute X will be just one of them if there could be some better for certain words, correct? And that is basically generality is you know, just going with what has been done before or what is being done by other organizations is in a way if I have to sort of really put it next week can be the devil which is destroying you know, which is making it difficult to get the right kind of absolutely absolutely so no continuing and then you know, the last point that I will mention is no having a value how we are evaluating so test and the last one is included. So how strong is your you know, how good is the interviewing panel mounting to be individuals are now what kind of equations that are you asking? So any question that you asked against part of the evaluation, right? So any question that you asked must serve a purpose and it cannot be any generic know, you know, just because you know if it's a fad or you know, you have to It's somewhere after questions and female something like, you know, tell me something which is not in your resume. Well, what purpose are you referring to that question solving right? You know what animal I have happiness panel where people have asked this kind of question, you know, which animal or I have seen or heard the story that you know, which animal that you most closely related to if again, if that there is a purpose attached to it fine, but if not then no, don't try to be a psychologist when you are not So I will definitely agree on that. I have no hopes. I've heard it from a lot of people questions like these and so just just just just to share something. I think what you're also saying is and I will completely agree with this is I don't know what your question is. But as long as you have in your mind a strong link between the question and the purpose it's going to serve. That's a good question. Right? Yeah, absolutely. That's that's that's great. Yeah, just so to summarize some of the point. So, you know the from your first thing that the earlier question that you ask the real question that good at answering that, you know, what are the practices that you know makes it difficult to hire I can negate or I was to sharing that you know, what are the packages that you can follow to make it make your hiring better is one is no having a very clear. And then concrete job description one very clearly an Indian elaborate manner right about the roles responsibilities skills and the competencies that you're looking for experience that you're looking for the cable appears that you're looking for how you're going to evaluate the candidate Susan and how you're going to know say a candidate has General person you can join has done a good job. So they don't know on your job description is Nimble with your expectations. flexible with your expectations, you know, don't ask for Moon and you know, super super nanny in your candidate heard is you know, how system identifies system for evaluating Canada and different manners are different based graduate candidates, whether it is a true test also hackathons or two, you know, written presentations additional two positions, whatever it may be so that is Is have a method to evaluate candidates and the other is when you are you tripping again, this part of the evaluation is said what kind of a question is what questions why are you asking those questions? And what exactly are you trying to evaluate? So that question has to be very so these are some of the things if we do it do basic to well, I think you know, we would have covered all the ground and in our will be doing making more better hiring decisions than Wrong hiding stations so true because some other thing I'll share another use is very important. Yes to you know, understand that, you know the fit that you have talking about know right fit and not not the right fit is do understand or know which which is part of the behavioral assessment or you know, evaluating a considering candidate from the behavioral perspective, huh? So so, you know that that is about the from the culture so every organization have a different different Location from the candidate and the environment that is there. So evaluate understand, you know, your organization's environment and see whether that can you get to fit into those environment or not? So so say some some people say that, you know, we are very casual informal organization, you know, I come from a call from a college. I want to I want to work in an environment where I prefer to wear, you know formal dressing. I want to wear tie in place. That's something some kind of we have that kind of expectation goes into an environment where the shorts are all allowed or the promote that the person will be feeling out of place. So how bad did that and show that you know what we work in such cases. So it's very important to be valid although software aspects as well. So yeah, these are the New Wealth have a plan. I think we will we'll be able to hire better. We I have also coming from from our listeners, right? So would you like to take those harsh and how do we go about it? So probably I'll just say I think one last question, I think Sanjeev demon wanted to ask a question Sanjeev. Is it? Okay. If you can type your question, we will probably answer your question and in the y in the meantime, if son, you still there I mean time question from Which says that can you explain how these days series are evaluated? That's the yeah, if we can take out this one is how the all these days series re-evaluate and second is expectation or dress code totally locksmith. Okay. So we'll true address both of those things. The first is how series are evaluated. So as I mentioned in the earlier depending upon if your pressure is very difficult different organization will have different parameters to look a look at the city's if you have pleasure in or some other things. That out you definitely want to see is some extent your academics if we are good you put it there. You highlight them if you're not going to economics. No problem. What is what is that? You are good at highlight that particular good at your co-curricular extracurricular your interests or Hobbies right over that if you are done some projects talk about that. You know, how you made a difference? How did you come out come about went about going doing that those projects highlight those things if you are experienced, One of the suggest my suggestions would be keep the resume a maximum to two pages. Even if you having 15 years of experience or 20 years of experience your resume shouldn't be more than 22 Pages. No one want to read people's resumes which are five pages or seven pages long and if you're not able to put highlight all those things in into Pages, unless are you still have not gotten it right? So So essentially keep it keep it, you know, not more than two pages long highlight the achievements then the list of tasks that you have that you have a list of tasks that you have done you have done so responsible for say for example responsible for Server maintenance. Well, how many servers what exactly did you do? How do you maintain that servers just just as an example. I am stating so and what happened if it is not working. Like to share about the achievements more time than than listing of the tasks for the activities. And also I have a sort of a suggestion and you can correct me. So especially when you're looking at, you know, getting hired in a startup startup. So I think it's good thing that you have to do before you send this resume, you know, you have to know what is one or two or three things that the team organization is looking. from me And if that that's to somewhere else you can find that out. When I do some research look at the job description if and find out what exactly are they looking for. I think that also goes a long way in designing the whole of resume. So absolutely absolutely very good chance to be a focused mission is looking for and what do you have and of course don't fake that Make that up, you know what what experience that you have and how do you connect it with the job the requirement sector which is mentioned in the job description or probably what you have found out, you know, when you are doing your research when you're applying for that organization and it absolutely specific to that. So generally, well my suggestion is that you know, we have to sort of get out of the traditional way of you know, there's you met this has to go on top and this has to go on bottom of Of course there has to be a structure to it. It should be easy to the eyes untidy resume. I don't think no one's going to look at it because people are too busy so it should be structured but it should it's not about like Alex said that you know, you just mentioned everything that you have done. A real is resume is answering a problem is almost like, you know targeted way of sending a resume. And generally we also suggest that you should not have same resumes and 200 organization. I do understand that this time constraint, but if I'm Relief, if I really feel and that also shows a lot of attitude if I really feel this is the organization there where I can I can fit in really good and I can do good work. Then. You should really Target do some such as go through the job description find out different things about the organization or anything available on LinkedIn any other social media go through the website know what specifically they are looking for. And then if you think that you have that because you can't fake it if you have that then design the whole Resume in a manner that it's answering to one or two or even one or two is great. One two or three problems that the the organization may be looking to get answered from you and when they hire you absolutely absolutely bang on that is true. So that's how it must be. Yeah, so we have to get out of that traditional way of you know, resuming you have to be put this a be Italian extend it out. You that yeah, absolutely. Don't don't do a carpet bombing and send your resume is to you know, exactly what you're looking for. That's the only thing that you're looking for. That is your highest priority. So do it. Well, that is the hard work that yeah, so I'm not understood by others who make you know, 50 or 70 ization. I want to the carpet bombing other I will choose 10 my first 10 or so verse 20 organization that I really want to be in and I will kill her my resume for those organizations quick time consuming. It's hard work. Work but well there is a shortcut for that. Yeah, you really want great to have and so it should be designed. It should be really designer. Like you said carpet bombing on in sales. This is pray and pray. So you spray everywhere in your praying someone will accept that. Yeah, all that is of you know, sort of that is not good service to your brand as you all of us are a brand in ourselves. That's not a good service. So put a effort design your resume asks show interest and even if you do that when you are most of the people Reading your resume is our experience one so they can actually see that effort in the resume that really already gives you a lot of weight Edge because you know, if I see a resume that looks like it is just copy paste it from somewhere. I already have you know a perception which may not serve you so if someone has a really put effort in mentioning things and you may not be always getting it right but, you know, if you put some effort because there's so much of information available on social media and websites and every other way and you might be talking to Some people before you come for interviews. Are you really interested? I have you are you really invested in getting that job or not shows in your resume and all the things that you do before organization. So that's still a thing that allows for to so a case has putted one question that these degrees will be selected based on keywords must buy API, then I shall read the natural rate in the most of the big organization. That is true. So, what do you throw about it? So to answer it? It's a question of and so it is no the one of the point that you have mentioned Hirsch is that if the JD is oppression your resume is an answer. So no, are you no, are you no, are you no, are you able to customize your resume as per the job description or the requirements of the organization of not and again? Yes it is because it is nowadays you organization use applicant tracking system of 80s through bars. It gets selected or rejected use just difficult just if justifiable. The right keywords just putting it not of universe also is not going to help you do some research there, you know, how you know what's work a lot of Articles materials, which is there will be probably we can do a another often on that subject. But yeah, you can do a recession you can do is some some reading on that and how do you bypass 80s or the boss how to make sure that your boss go past you. So it is Japan is did they are challenges only way is to go through the challenges. So I think that that that that's that's why one we have deal with it. Well, yeah, so that's a practical real-life challenge can't say that that's not that that it doesn't exist. It does exist and we just have to find a way out of it. So and show how people are doing that. So I think there's a question about Dresses are coming true or not. So is it okay if I uh, if I ask a question sure. I was just thinking if you vary from the audience or the from the listeners who have any Christmas if equation if there is anyone on the call then or as we can you can also ask the question. Did we take the dress code question? Oh, yeah, so sorry I missed that expectation or dress code quickly. So I don't know what exactly a case question was is what the point I was trying to point. I was making there is that safe if I'm a fresher coming out of college I say that you know so far but two years three or three years or four years if we are doing engineering then a second of four years. I mean wearing a casual WordPress or a certain kind of addressed now if I want to go to an organization I want to formally, you know, I have seen people business magnets, you know other professionals wearing wearing uniform address the suit and the tie and all this kind of dressing. So I also want to give that now if and then that's something that you want to do. Now you apply and you get into an organization where the dress code is is casual or formal. People can wear whatever they would feed they feel comfortable with and then you get into that organization. And you say hey, I want to wear this kind of a dress but and get you know, I am I cannot wear this in this environment now, so what do I do? So what happens is after sometimes person because of even for dress I have and I know individuals and organization, you know individuals who have that organizations and organizations have asked people to go because of you know, the consistent Around pressing problem. So that is that's what I meant by, you know, having a dress code or a mismatch of expectations crude when I seen the reverse of it. So there's someone who I knew who was doing worked with me and he left another organization just because the dress code was very casual. So okay now I know this is a small thing. But but these are these issues do come up and when you know when you meet people different people have different expectations, so these issues do come in and at point and you know again, Depending on where you working how difficult different your the dress code is and how different the culture is if I would just generalize it because then there could be many other aspects to the culture and sometimes people do fit to do not fit into a different culture and there could be various reasons for that. Sure. So we have almost covered in our surgeon very last question. I looking after this we'll probably close and I'm and say sorry to those whose answer questions. You could not answer and I think I've got a fever a lot of at least two three different ideas about a few more Topic open talks that we can do. But the last question that I would have for you is so from a different perspective from an organizational perspective. So if I have to say that lets say I'm running an organization. It's a small it's a start-up and I did identify that recruitment is an issue. We are not getting the right people. I completely understand that I have to because it's a start-up I have to act fast and have to get this sorted as quickly as possible. Bill, because that's that's that's crucial. What can or what should I do as a leader to reduce or you know to to reduce the impacts or to make sure that tomorrow's are better. Okay Hotshot will help me understand the question better. So what is the challenge This legal is facing, you know, you can be creative. So the challenge is the challenge is that we are not recruiting the right people so I can Amendment. What comes to my mind is that? I have to somehow get the recruitment team, right? All right, how how would you what would you suggest because we are getting the wrong people in our we have got some wrong people. Right? So one is a prop wrong and the other problem is we are actually hiring wrong people. So tomorrow's also are not good. Yeah, so where where you have already hired wrong people think that you can do is Is it all set up with that that individual and you know do our analysis as to know why why this person is not behaving properly. Is that a real behavioral issue? Is there something else if it is a behavioral issue is it cannot be corrected? Can this is this portal open to feedback and open to improve and then he would give a timeframe to that A month's time or three months time or two months time. Whatever is whatever works for you much. We agreed time anything. One two three months is this good enough time and see if things are changing and if you see that okay seems is not changing, you know, the faster and the sooner you cut that cord the better it is and do it very very clinically. There is shouldn't be any Bloodshed. They shouldn't be right there sir. Now, you know heart burns about it be clear and transparent about communicating. You know, why you're asking them to go. What is not working and please come if you hiding has gone wrong now, let me just what what you can do. You know to see that, you know, you're hiding cannot go wrong is again get your is dotted and T's crossed as they say do the basics and the fundamentals right have a clear job description be reasonable with your wrong with your job description. Don't ask for superhuman eval know how evaluation technique and have the right questions and and you know, and and evi Rector as closely as possible the candidate the right question. good amount of time in evaluating the candidates will help asking, you know, multiple individuals few more other team members also to evaluate a candidate interview that candidate will also give you multiple perspective and you know, you can share notes afterwards and then it has some of the ways and methods in which you can strengthen your hiring and of mind, you know whilst giving all these Gannett doesn't mean that I have never done a half around hiding and that's great and that's why I'm able to You know where the hiding can go wrong and then it's not - I will not hire wrong in the future. I am sure I will do that as long as I'm hiding and I make the wrong decision hiring, but my my my decision on hiring the wrong is lesser than my, you know ability to hire right? So that happens with the same amount of experience amount of practice some of amount of knowledge and weeks of all of it. That sounds great. So yeah, one of the things that did strike a chord with me to get with me was something that you said sometime back was about and I've seen because I've seen in a people getting it wrong there because oh what you did say as if I do remember is that hire them for the behavior and mindset and not just a skill can be trained and I see places where these people have been hired with purely based on. The written exams and they just really broke down when I went in the situation. So that's a big takeaway for me. And of course not you can't really find a superhuman go just putting a generic your job description just confuse you is confuses your the people who are coming for interview because you are not even getting the right people to come for interview. So your job becomes very difficult. You have to invest more time interviewing more people and all that. All right, I'll look I have we have found more than an hour. Thank you very much for the time. I Think of we have answered all the questions for some questions that we haven't been able to answer. Please leave it in comments. We will try and answer as many questions comments as many questions as possible on comments because but we do have a limitation because it's you know, it's a written format and it is not it will may not be able to we may not be able to answer all the questions but we will try and as answer as much as possible. Thank you for listening. Hope it was good use of all the everyone who's listening could use your free of your time and again apologies for not being able to answer all the questions. Thanks a look. Thank you. First up here pleasure having you I think we'll continue to have these kind of conversations and share it with your with with the listeners here that we will be talking on a few others so subjects topics as well how to prepare for the interviews, you know how to, you know, take feedback how to improve our you're on the coast feedbacks and those kind of a topic that I will be sharing right harsh and that's right as you mentioned. I love them other question that we As well as possible or through text here, and then probably maybe other top. So thanks for listening Fletcher know being being on. Thanks everybody. And yeah, if you want to connect with us, we are available on on LinkedIn and dull it might be different medium. But again, we we can we can answer some questions there. So you can also we can also connect their. All right. Thank you everybody. Thanks a look. Goodbye. Thank you. Thank you.