Okay, guys, I want a happy meeting Anna by happy Sunday to one and all and I hope you are all doing well. The I'm your host. Dr. Amy here to host your ghost your friend. You can call me. What do we want to I'm here with the police topic relationship values. And yeah. what is this relationship value and I'm pretty much not sure that what I'm going to speak about this as you thought to come up with the topic. So I won't be getting Philistines to join up. Anyway, I'll be getting into the topic ASAP. So this is something which we have to be very clear about money. Can't buy you love. Please understand this money can't buy you love and for matters. Neither can like what do you say that hot looks or any amazing job or any kind of outside materials that all these things can't buy you love we all know this but what are the things that are more important than looks in a relationship? So that is it what I'm going to discuss here the to these are the things which are mainly discussed by relationship exports psychotherapist dating counselors life coach, maybe like a what you see that clinical hypnotherapist. These are the people who used to discuss this to tell them that what they hold to be much more vital than relationships and the way a person looks at the number of their Bank Investments or statements they have so I'm literally had I had this like relationship anxiety with me. So first off I spoke with experts and nearly all of them had a completely different take on a question. In fact, I would like to say this that there was only one thing that was echoed by three different experts values. Many different experts put the same thing in my head when I was suffering from this relationship anxieties. It it seems as though the way you of our partners see the things like the region families tax money as well as a way to see the world is essential to a happy healthy. What do you say that the compatible sympatico relationship? These are the things which I think we should have to maintain a good values in relationship. Do I have a good relationship values the first important thing which plays a prominent role is relationship itself? When the entity relationship we think it only involves two people, isn't it as or our partner? But yeah. How to say this year it might sound a little weird at first, but don't forget that relationship themselves Take On Life's for their own. So what there is another saying was that relationship itself says this third be needs love and support as much as we do as individuals. In the third, which I'm referring to here is the relationship itself. Think about it. If you have like five years history with someone a relationship you share is no longer just about you and them. It's also because about your Mutual experience everything from inside jokes to make strange the fights to reconciliations the birthdays going on the list. I don't know how to put it very clearly but and and that becoming something of like collected common even presented force. It is vitally important it am referring here is relationship itself. He has guys Beauty Fades money comes and goes what doesn't change is the commitment to the third beam commitment to the relationship. Yeah, we never has that been by honoring her partner. No matter what he or she is going through. You can't get oranges from an orange tree that you don't water. Each other and you will nourish your relationship that is why relationship itself isn't very important entity when it comes to relationship values relation that relationship now reach the relationship put some value put some effort in importance towards finding your the importance of your relationship. This is one more thing that plays a very important role in relationship values. That is the way you handle conflicts. I mean like how to say this the manner in which you address conflicts like within your relationship is way more important. How do you address is way more important than material things? That is what we have to understand. So you can just literally say this that how to put it that mmm. I'm pretty much not sure that what I'm going through right now, but still I'm getting buzzed up about the topic today because it itself has the thing that my feelings are never undermined and at everything I say is heard and given thoughtful response to the way you call you handle the conflicts between you and your partner plays a very prominent role in the importance and happy relationship. It's not just luck. The only because I because her partner is so great. You can't just see that my if my partner is great or if I'm great at something that will be having a happy relationship. But the importance that you share with your partner the importance your partner share with you the understanding the empathy which you both share with together. Will help you to solve the conflicts. So I can put your arm down while shaking the hand if necessary to put down the corner on Flex. This is not how we take the contest Next Level when we when we argue about a conflict in the argue about something which is happening between relationship. We tend to move our Point as right understand one thing the more you order the more you fight. The more you're creating a crack in your relationship. Just let go of your ego and that will help you for sure. Just let go of your ego. And if you're accepting that yes, the mistake is mine. Even if it is not yours just to save your relationship. That's a wonderful thing which are doing Isaiah for okay. So one more thing which we have to keep in our consideration while we are looking into relationship values is 1 values. How to say that I find that if your partner shares your love your love your values everything else is negotiable. Yes, and the flip side is less ideal mean just the opposite to that one. Common values plays very important role focus on things like religion Finance, maybe like a gender inequality gender politics family sex, whatever it is. You have to have an interest in your common values to The rest of life will take care of itself little things that you have in common or pick you to interest like income looks similarities. Should be considered bonuses. It is not we can consider bar common values, but you can consider them as like bonus. I don't think so that I'm going to take this podcast for a longer time because I have no idea and I just came up with this topic has little came up with this topic. I'm not sure that how far I'm going to drag it high and you How about you? Definitely values are definitely a hot button issues when it comes to understanding if it was me when I was like a couple of months ago weeks if we can say so but still if you have values on would you say that if you values and priorities matches, then you can navigate through life throughout without those like as your guidance and get through most disagreements. Don't have to have a conflict to solve everything understanding and valuing. Each other's common values will also play a prominent role that by doing. So you will be giving some value to your relationship. So this might sound awkward but I really believe that this is also was told to me by an expert when I was suffering from this relationship anxiety. I was in what is your guidance and of a psychotherapist to that Holy was telling about values of the relationship more like a neutron on a particle in electrons. You can say, so I was affected by nothing. I had no values of relationship. I don't have no IDs for other people in my life. I was like You call so cold Stoick and stone. That was manager. Let's have a word with anju. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi and you how are you? I'm doing fantastic as usual. Thanks for asking very from and you I am from Hyderabad and you I'm from Hyderabad to So tell me yeah, what do you do? I'm starting. Okay. So where exactly are you from Hyderabad m.l.king Hyderabad where exactly are you in Hyderabad? Yes. bear in Hyderabad Essen If you don't want to answer no problem. Okay. Okay mind. And you should say and today's my topic is relationship values. I had no topic today. I just came up with this topic. Yeah. Nowadays, it is very important because we are very busy in our day-to-day life that we don't value our relationship at Small Things become big things and that becomes the reasons to the Corrals and we fought forget the value of our life partner of our family members. We have to pay this importance to the relationship values to supporting families supporting everything. The family not supporting we can we cannot do anything even if your family supporting and you just imagine that you're going to some office for work like 9:00 a.m. In the morning and you're returning by 6, and you don't have enough time to spend with your family. Yeah, that is what I'm saying. Just imagine that you're going to office from 9:00 to 6:00 and you're returning home. You are pretty much tired of your office work. And once we go home what you want to be Doom actually, what do we do? We take our mobile phones. And at maximum we do the same thing. So what happens if that are you and yeah dinner time you meeting our family. Yeah. That is the only time you're meeting your family apart from that. Is there any time which you are sitting with your family right here right now your student and you right now your student, but I consider them a consider present situation. I'll be giving enough time to our relationships. New butter some ma schedule and busy with her any higher education and job, so that is main reason they could be many other reasons also, but still, I believe that we as human beings we are we who post this emotional attachment with other human beings. We should be intellectually enough to give some time to her relationships and prove that we have values for them. Yes. Yes then in those values. What do you think? Family you to gallon? And you take your time. It's okay. Take your time. You can don't rush it don't get nervous. It's an open top. Anyone can come anyone can talk. You don't have to be worried about like how he was picking what you're speaking. Take your time. Okay, and what else? How long have you been using Open Door? Actually this app yesterday before this application yesterday the day before the shooting. Okay, that's good. That's good. So it's maybe just wait for some time on send your request. I'll be expecting your call. We have a real also on the wage. So, let's see. Yeah, and you would you like to ask anything else to me? What is think thinking you in family? What? But you just repeat your question, please. How to do to you in a relationship, so that is the reason we are discussing many points. I'm talking here which will add some value to your relationship even you know tight schedules. So I don't think that it is as simple as we can just save it one word because we have to put value to our relationship to we have to be very keen about understanding that how to put the value in your relationship how to do to time in a busy with the busy with in education's and job. So how YouTube how to give you time in your family definitely under you can do that by doing time management because see what happens is that when you wake up in the morning. Yes, we wake up we do our work as we do our work. But literally you just reconsider your entire day ones tomorrow when you wake up in the morning try to note down that what time you are getting up at what time you're going to college at what time you're coming home? And in what time what you're doing? Okay, try to literally study yourself and see that how much time he's been like simply. They stood and then if it is not wasted that's a wonderful thing. But there is something even if you have to even come for like half an hour one of the brakes which are taking yes, and now about apart from that apart from that when you once you come to understand that how much of your time is going on. You can manage your time management is not easy. It will take some time. I'm suspending my father and my yeah now you are now you're spending but are you the question you asked I have to answer it. Right. Just imagine that you have some exams going on at your very much busy elsewhere. Getting some time to find before your family at that time. Also time management will be helpful for you. So you have to consider the importance of Works, which are giving to your daily tasks and try to accumulate the time in such a way that you get enough time to spend with your family too. I'm no I want to give any suggestions like you should do this. You should do that. I can only give you a hint about it that you can come up with your own idea. That is what I said, right wake up morning at 6 or 5:30. Wi-Fi 30. I wake up at 4 a.m. In the morning for yeah, okay. Okay you using for which purpose in this application? I just simply come here with different contents like today's my relationship. Are you sometimes talk marketing? Sometimes it's like a how to avoid procrastination? Some time because your communication skills sometimes so I come up with the contents which my listeners asked me to come up with. Okay? That is insane Andrew. Thank you so much for joining with me here. You can connect with me whatever you want to if you have any doubts regarding anything, and if you allow me I will have a word with her lol here. Okay, wonderful day, and you take care. Let's have a good word with are you LOL? I had a lol. How are you? fry Hello, how are you? I'm fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. Yeah, where are you from Paris done? It said I am from Kerala. From Kerala? Okay. What do you do? Today, I'm an engineer, but I'm working in insurance company as a relationship manager relationship manager. Yeah. Yeah, but with the topic with your disgusting relationship values is completely different when compared to relationship manager. Yeah. Yeah because my today's my context relationship area. We do have relationship valuation relationship manager post to but the thing to DVR which we are discussing is about personal relationships. Okay, okay. Okay, okay. So, how long have you been using open to Oak Island? This is my first time to boost the first one here. Yes, if that gives me so you won't be forgetting me ever. Isn't it silly? Yeah. Yes. Yes because when you come when you first come you won't forget the person you speak for the first time, isn't it? Yes, is that means you won't be forgetting me. Actually, the topic is quite interesting at Leicester city values. Yeah, I just come up with the topic because I today I don't have any content you come up with so I was like in the past I had is relationship and gender issues. So I had two sessions with psychologists psychiatrists and many other people that what should I do to overcome my situation so I had many sessions with them and because of that I have few words in my mind, which they told me to develop your relationship. Two values, so I thought this I could just give that here so that it will be helpful for my listeners to to maintain relationship values because nowadays we are very much busy is in chat and we don't get enough time to spend with the family and cherish the relations. So that is the reason I'm here with giving some things which can be helpful for them to develop the relationship values. Yes, I think now it is my knee is as more important because people spend more time on how to make more money. So that's why I think edited this is an important thing is to lose the relationship values in life. And they don't want to get a bit of time to discuss with their partners and family member says as compared to the past of the past years, so they are very busy in their daily life and spent most of the time in time with their friends of the as well as no faces. So it might be the reasons to version relationship in life, you know, there are many reasons. But if we have the understanding about what we can do to maintain our relationship values, it is very much easier, but first of all, we don't know that we are losing the relationship values. Yes, it is. if a person is false the spouse when two persons to be with them and but if the person doesn't have the good salaries so they want to Spend more time with my time. I would say it's too late how to make money or to spend. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Yes the 21st century which is running on and we know that life is hectic and we have to keep running to maintain the needs and fulfill the wishes of our family but in the same way, I think we can manage somehow sometime which we can spend with our family with our loved ones with our life partner so that we can cherish the relationship and maintain the Relationship values, so I believe that few small things and few adjustments in our life from day to day. You can maintain your relationship values and that is the reason I'm here with talking and hi lol. Thank you for joining and thank you so much for coming and Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much. So the next thing which I would like to tell about maintaining a good relationship values is like sense of humor. Yeah, that is also very important for me for me humor is like super important in a relationship. I cannot stand a boring life. Neither. Do you neither? Does anyone want to send a boring life, isn't it? So, how do I say this? Like humor is something that is unique to everyone yet. It is. It is my opinion that it is vital to relationship I used to So you don't have to have the same sense of humor as your life partner, but even if the approach to humor is different for each each of the partners in your life. It is still something that adds a level of fun, isn't it? So how to select a day in a different world like the important thing is that you both have sense of humor, whatever it may be. Descended very important so many couples forget how to have fun together as a relationship progresses. Linda forget Hub to have fun the relationship turns sore and everything starts to lose its color. If you look around couple that alike Lawson together and joking around together. It seems to have relationship that are like amazing. And not to put this word but this is what psychological also proven that the couple who are happy together. They typically have better life to the typically have better conversations and obviously more and more gloves together is like they are having a healthy life to say the offer is better than medicine. You have to laugh and that is more it has more love or health benefits than medicine itself and and I believe it is one of the best ingredients for values too chance to have fun together. That's a table. Just have some fun together. Is it that difficult to maintain some relationship values? So when I was younger then had a friend who was performer perhaps like best-looking guy I have ever seen and he was like dating expert can say that he was also from Hyderabad to but still I was not sure like he had this very good niche of like a woman swooping over him, man. Even if he even if you're just standing on a corner eating a eating something like Pani Puri to but his looks were not what Define him. His relationship his wife. She was a completely different story my friend. However was like, he loved this woman in the passion. I have rarely seen. He looks so Charming. He looks handsome. He gets girl's attention wherever he goes, but still still still he loved his wife more than anyone. He never had this second thought. So is it not about like yeah, there is a chance that when you have sugar around these will be humming around but that doesn't mean that right the sugar belongs to the bees. It says it's a different aspect when it comes to and I don't know if I'm putting it in a straightforward way. But the point is sometimes that simple it's that simple magical mysterious sense of like how to say that emotional attachment is all what you need to stick into a relationship together. Incredibly strong blue. If you want to say that you can just feel that they are attached literally with very quick together. So they'll never separated if the quarter maybe the fox hall will be in happening in their lives. It does it have to be about money doesn't have to be about power or fame Glory or like if the person is fame or famous or War. In turn can rise and fall like the tides of the ocean, isn't it? But life can throw all manners of issues at you, but but but but really guys if there is a true chemistry brought about the warig similar values by your partner at the goals and the interest and looks don't seem to hold as much as weight can also easily be overcome with respect and loyalty doesn't mean that if your partner is fat you don't love her. It's about that as when you have the emotional attachment with your partner. So make sure that after all looks fails guys, but true love lasts forever. Relationship is fueled by love relationship is fueled by trash by companionship a chemistry by kindness, but trust by respect bye-bye, bye-bye, but tenderness. It seems to have what it takes to weather the storms and the trials that life throws at you, isn't it? I don't know what what flow I'm going right now. I'm just like the words are buzzing in my head and I'm coming up with like showering the words that you pardon me if you are unable to get anything. Pardon me, if you're not able to understand these things, but these are the things that we that we cannot see with our own Eyes isn't it? We have to have an understanding about how good we are in our relationship and how good we are maintaining our relationship values. And we also have to understand how you get along with your each other. So this is like how to say that I have to think about this before I say anything you have to delete a have to be able to talk to your partner and get along. Well the ability to solve problems as a team work together achieve goals create the life you want together. Isn't that what all we need you need to be able to talk about difficult things without fighting and you need to be able to be with the person day in day out. Do you look forward to seeing them at the end of the long day? What is a person is going to stay beside you all the life try to solve the issues without a fight, but by the mutual understanding that will also be putting some values into your relationship value. And this is what I say that it's very important guys respect. I think I'm just running out of the things which I am about to say, so I'll be any more topics on thank you so much for joining with me guys. So I respect you all I have my gratitude for joining me. Join. You people joining with me here. I see I believe that respect is like glue in a relationship definite it is glue in your relationship. It's what keeps people in relationship when times are tough. And it is what keeps them like on a good behavior to mutual respect is an absolute must in any healthy relationship. When you when you when you really respect the person you are with your future is very clear. Without it. Trust me guys. You actually have nothing no matter how good-looking you are. No matter how good your partner are but they're terrible cracks in the foundation of the relationship itself. If you don't respect each other, sorry for that if you don't respect each other So being raised super respectful is also very very important thing which you can do to put some value in your relationship. So guys, I don't know how I'm going to end this topic. But yeah, the things that are most important are definitely not the looks and The Superficial has these will be fading I'm saying this in the beginning. These will be fading you need a stronger Foundation than this. No looks no money and no things materials will be holding your relationship. You need a stronger Foundation to go deeper look for someone who really complements you and your lifestyle. Not the things that you own. Do they pay attention? Like do they listen to you? Do they care for you? Like you should want someone with great communication listening skills who it is smoke like that. It's about the how much you have the understand the person should make you laugh as laughter is a huge factor in which what makes up a better partner like happy a partner. You can say that So feeling of honesty and openness is also key to the happy relationship. Someone who's open and honest with you so that someone who is open and honest with you so that you can build a foundation of trust and respect. She sees that that is that is what we have to understand is that it if you put these things like and do like looks money doesn't buy happiness. It literally doesn't buy happiness. You can buy the things which might make you feel happy for temporary, but trust me like money doesn't make doesn't buy happiness. So to don't completely right like, Money is everything money is a journey of money is necessary, but you should want you should want someone who's like financially stable. Yeah, that is true. That is definitely true. But they don't have to be rich they don't have to be like struggling each on their own. But but it could be argued that someone who had that together is always going to be a better partner than the someone falling apart. Vienna and how are you? So this may be slightly different story when it comes like if you don't have an understanding and some factors some external factors do play an integral role in your relationship is too. Doesn't matter if you are born with persons who are from a different countries doesn't matter if you're born with the person who are like from the same place until and unless you have this connection between you you won't be able to find the values in your relationship. I know I might be sounding today a bit philosophically, but we have to be we have to understand guys. It is definitely I don't know what else I have to say. But so guys, this is the end. I think I should end it here. I shouldn't be drug more about relationship. and if you if you want to have a word with me, then you can connect with me here and have a word with me before we end up what cast it seems like just half an hour and this is it. Sorry guys. I had a bit of work. I have to give some instructions a doctoral me lovely evening. Yes Rocky Hi, how are you? It's definitely a lovely evening. So I don't know how long it is going to be poor. But still it is it is a definitely a lovely evening Rocky. Why don't you join me? Let's have a word. Hey, I'm done with the topic. Let's have some Chit Chat. Guys, if anyone who is willing to have about that me you can just join with me here connect with me here have a word with me. Otherwise, I'll be adding the podcast and might be coming up with a different podcast after some time or place Saturday. So pleased I should be doing the three to four point. Yes. I was hoping to do that, but I was pretty much caught up in all the things back home in Hyderabad here and How many Works to finish it up many discussions to be done with my mom anyway? If anyone is willing to join then these guys join with me here and guys do you feel that? We should pay some importance to our relationship. We should have the values for relationship. If you do feel that way, I'm feeling then please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your texting problem that will be motivated me to come up with some interesting content fascinating content every single day by which you and be can learn together. We got a little together. So guys do hit the heart icon which again senior director column that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating content every single day. Love you all at this is a wonderful day. I said it was like And you guys I think more like three or four minutes for like 40 minutes away. Thank you, Rocky. Thank you so much. Guys, please press the heart. Hi, John. Oh my God, we have 725 people listening. That's so nice of you guys keep loving me like this keep showing interest into the topics, which I am bringing that will be motivating me to come up with its own interests even type content and topics and I really love you all and I really feel happy when I speak with molesters. Yep. Now it is open dog is going in a tough times to we are having so many things happening, you know. so Okay. Let's wait for like couple of minutes before we end up Podcast. Let's make it at 45 minutes or 40 minutes something in the air around that if anyone willing to have a word. Guys, if you want to have a word with me or regarding anything because the topic is done now we can have a word with me. Let's have some chit chat if you wish to. I have never done any topic regarding chitchat. I think I should do one topic on to check the ride guys. Just having some casual talk with everyone but I don't think that that's going to work pretty much well with me easy to say that I'm always surrounded by controversies and faucets busting open talk is whatever platform and I love it a lot. This is really good. God and the guys make sure that you're learning while you're learning. Rana I'm loving this conversation. Thank you very much, Donna. I'm loving this conversation to I'm loving it. It's fun listening to dr. Amy has we have our turkey? Is it really fun to listen to me? But you're the person who always say that like Dr. Amy is very scary. You didn't. Yeah, guys, therefore it gives the most loved open to occur in opens our platform and I don't know why but she's scared of me. He said there's many times in a podcast that yeah doctoring is a good person, but I'm scared of him. I don't know that if I'm good person, but you have to be scared of me. Yes. He now also she's saying yes, or say me she's care of me. Guys, I'm not even I'm a monster. I'm not Dracula. I'm not a vampire. You don't have to be scared of me at any cost of any reason but still I value you alot. I value my relationships and open talk. I've added my friends. This is a wonderful. Yeah. I can see one thing that we have listeners like 800 something going on. See Rocky. All right, I'm not scary. But but J that is where our Authority she says to her every podcast whenever I go to a podcast and say hi. We are working and she's like, oh my God. Dr. Amy is here. I'm scared of him. She used to say like that. Okay, just say to the park that I'm not scary. Okay, guys, thank you so much for your time your love and your time going to my podcast. I really love it. And this is the end of the podcast. I love you all. Take care. Have a happy Sunday. Keep some time to your family this Sunday so that you can cherish your relationship values. I love you all. Take care. Have a wonderful day by day our 4K by Rocky. And take care guys. Love you all signing off. Dr. Amy sayonara