What Frameworks do you use to grow yourself like reading meditating or any other Frameworks to use in your life? ER what I realize is that my my mbti characteristics are intj so I'm sure you're familiar with the mbti methodology. So I get lot of develop self development through reflection. So by processing that information after Gathering it from the after Gathering it from the environment is one way by which I think I keep scaling myself up and to learning from entrepreneurs is the other way by which one stays very current. So I do look for more primary sources of information. Then secondary sources of information. I'm also very field oriented. I'd like to spend time with entrepreneurs be in the board meetings. So to be very close to them to understand what's going on in the marketplace. And then how can we tailor our firm to the needs of that market place and Reggie? Was there any point in your life? You felt lost between being an entrepreneur to take a decision being a VC or starting another VC firm. Yeah. I think my journey from entrepreneurship to VC, which is from ducks to helion, that was very hard because of what I explained to you in the earlier part of our podcast that in that business you get quarter-to-quarter response, you get early feedback in that business you run a large organization. You can delegate lot of things. And VC investing is pretty much do-it-yourself kind of a role because we have very lean organization structures are very flat. So I think the lack of resources and delayed feedback. I had struggle with those elements in my transition from entrepreneur to VC, but once I got past the hump. Then the joy of seeing multiple entrepreneurs go on to build scale companies and to be continuously in that process has been very gratifying. So were the five six entrepreneurs were very close to your heart. Yeah in the last 10-15 Years Journey. Yeah, you know People that I have worked very closely with and I've seen the journey from up close one team there would be the make my trip team where we were investors very early on the other team that I have seen scale and I have very high regard for is the big basket team, which I think is almost a benchmark for centricity. We also have a very interesting portfolio company called exterior, which is the analytics for the Pharma industry where Jesse is a repeat entrepreneur and building the company in a very thoughtful way. Actually the list is very long and each one of them has really shaped my thinking in its own right and Sanjeev coming to the last Russian who have been your mentors in life and how to entrepreneurs look for great mentor. I remember T and hurry saying multiple times in his podcast that you have been a fantastic mentor to him about his life and he has come back in again to you for whenever he's about to switch a career or about to make a yeah next step. No hurry is very kind to me always so which I am thankful for but my mentors are three people one. One is mr. So methyl, I don't know if you know him. He was a chairman of nasscom. And when I was working in digital Equipment Corporation in late 90s, he was a CEO and from him. I saw very market-oriented leadership style. That's a CEO should be in the front of the customers in front of employees and not operate from his office. Very engaged CEO that was one gentleman who is had influence on me. Second is been my mentor from college days Rajeev. Kataria, who's also an advisor to helion Ventures he to my mind exemplifies what I was saying first principles thinking and any problem is dissected in a very very logical. Way is what I learned from him and empathy is very strong on empathy and the third person who I learned a lot from was a gentleman called Mark Jaga. He was the partner at General antique Partners who had invested in Dutch. I think his strategic thinking skills ability to see the big picture. That inspired me. So I have picked different things from these different mentors and try to blend some of my learnings from those inputs. Thank you so much Sanjeev your wisdom your in size. This podcast has almost been a journey of self reflection for us to your journey. Thank you very much.