You mentioned about a few things and Founders, which is required. Yes. First is first principle single. Can you throw more light on it? Yeah. What do you mean by first principles in first principles thinking is you break down the problem in its logical component. Use pure logic. Do I trations run small Pilots before you start to scale. So I think those are the kind of things that I would put in first principles thinking essentially problem solving. Being in a very very logical way not with too many preconceived notion and going to the market and taking lessons from the market and then iterating on those lessons and keep refining your business model. So I think approaching with a very open mind very high degree of learning agility that if one market is not working move to some other market so I think those kind of thought processes are the First principle thinkers markers, but in India we have spins especially in b2c domain. Yes. Yes. Yes founders with great storytelling ability ability to raise Capital. Yes. Also form the rest of the founders. Right? Right. Why is that? You know, my sense is that the storytelling is as much as much about your thinking process. As it is about communication process. So Capital goes to those Founders who are thinking big and who are thinking scale and you know investors make their own set of mistakes, but that is what is very attractive to investors that are you solving a big problem. Do you have vision of the future while you will solve actual problem? Bottoms up, but do you have the bigger picture very clearly in front of your mind. Are you building an Amazon or are you building? Are you building the diapers company that went bust so there is value to how you communicate but to me communication skill as an outcome of your thinking skills. And therefore they are the rightful recipient of large Capital because in India has a saying GDP is growing and digital GDP is growing even faster. So there are a lot of big problems which are waiting to be solved which is what exactly these entrepreneurs are doing and in some cases they are not backed by the Brahma and Vishnu model. So they Only have a thinker but nobody to convert that thinking into execution in which case the capital will be a waste. So I guess those are the kind of things that Discerning investors look for does the entrepreneur have a great vision of the future and then Kenny render it in terms of execution by bringing complementary skills within the team, since you mentioned, you know, you have been very interested in the journeys of scale up. Yes. What I would have been you're one of them. Your theories were real estate what have been other thesis where the journey is to scale up has not worked out. Well, you know the scale up journey, I would generally think in I generally think of it as a horizontal and as a horizontal it is really about four things strategy. How are you thinking of shaping a market structure? What is the organization design putting the right people and then having a very strong Long governance mechanism now where these four elements are present and strategies right in that it pursues a very large market then successes very very high success rate is very high. But when this chain is not complete, I think then the then the scale-up does not happen. That's the difference between A hundred X versus 5x. So we've had people who've been very good at envisioning but have not been as good at converting that Vision into operational excellence. So again, it won't convert Vision won't convert into reality. So I guess the learnings are more horizontal than vertical other than the real estate, which I would say was more an industry. learning the other thing we've also found is that whenever a business is very distributed across hundreds of geographies. Sometimes that kind of a business is also very hard to build businesses which are built centrally like e-commerce businesses which are not hyper local tend to be lot more scalable than businesses. Let's say an eye chain, which has to go clinic by Clinic across the country. The friction there tends to be a lot more so that would be probably another horizontal theme that businesses which are deeply distributed then almost every office is like a company. And therefore the non-linearity doesn't come into play your management effort equals your Revenue out which are the markets you are focused on 2019 2020. If you find a great team you would invest in. Yeah. I mean, we really don't worry so much about the underlying Market. We really focus on the larger themes that I was talking to you, which is a large industry. and within that getting high quality founding teams, I think the areas are present across all elements of value chain, whether it is consumer internet or Outsourcing or travel vertical or e-commerce vertical areas, which are beginning to emerge are fintech and you take business to business Commerce versus b2c e-commerce because manufacturing for example has not been really impacted by the Advent of internet and digitization. So lot of manufacturing industry the relationship between principles and suppliers. How can that be disintermediated lot of those kind of sectors of India's GDP are very early in their evolution from a digitization. Then which other companies you think will win or might land is domain I I will not be able to comment on a company level but these seem to be the broad areas where there is lot of Headroom and digital penetration is only 1/2 percent in almost all of these areas and you have a focus for B2B segment in India, for example companies like Ron, yeah, actually lot of our b2c companies also focus on B2B for example big basket. Works a lot in serving khurana's and restaurants and it gives them economies of scale. So same supply chain, but delivering to multiple customer segments. So yes, B2B is beginning to emerge like an interesting place for deploying capital and we will keep looking at companies in that area. What is the future of helion venture like you would you be investing in future you can Leon we will likely be investing in the existing companies. So fundamental would be the mode to invest fundamentalism is where we would do more skill up.