It is Arthur. I'm a self head coach and also student. I help people to improve their social skills and run their life mostly just message me if you need any help from my side. So today I'm going to talk about self-acceptance and self-made sadness. Yeah, September Valium they can get Kim who puts up for any make you feel. Oh that they are why we fail to accept ourselves the way we are and in self-made sadness. As we are going to discuss about Kwanzaa teasing Kuby binocular recently how we feel sad most of the times just because of environment just because of outer environment. So let's start I'm going to talk about self-acceptance first because I think it's more most important thing in this world self-acceptance just mean except yourself the way you are most people fail to accept their cells. Just because they are thinking it's not good. They are not good. They always think they always focusing on their disabilities the B B+ G 2p Focus now karna and always searching about what's bad in there. And what's good in others always in always comparing yourself with others. I think that is why we fail to accept ourselves to Keyon could go hamesha. Kisi Aur say compared to And I know comparing is a human nature, but I don't think it's important. Sometimes it's okay to be yourself. Okay, just forgot that comparison for some time other up is Easy A chizel my compare career just to keep supposing up Jessica ABO lob data. You are your only competition. Okay, and that's important. Bluetooth mode okay. Okay. So sorry for the disturbance. I'm gonna die. I'm talking about the cells at certain don't so the first thing I want to tell you that don't compare yourself with others. If you want to be really happy don't compare yourself with others second thing self acted acceptance to new patio. Why says acceptance is not there. Just because of that some bad qualities in you. Yeah, it's normal. It's perfectly fine. We all have some bad qualities and that maybe laziness or trust issues or anything as but you have to accept them. Okay, because everyone can accept good qualities apnea chair the things of except curse up there, but we are the to cook except colonel. really important in our life because other words the other though the home except gorilla. They now look in there is a bad habit. Okay, there's a bad quality in you. That's why you fail to accept yourself. So just think like that Year's Auto. Okay, if you have to understand if we have to remove that bad quality from our we have to accept it. Okay, agrippa's Celtic a soft cushiony on that that directly means cap has a change cannot allow that directly means other up. The bad quality circles name topology change Colonel Sato is so take it as a problem. Okay, just take it as our normal problem and think upon it and find the root cause of your problem. Okay, let me bad quality skirt. Just just icky. For example, if your bad quality is laziness and you fail to accept direct one thing in you and that's why I put it ourselves acceptance naked. Put it there Cooks up nagar borrow. So take it as a problem. And for for for solving a problem, you have to understand the root cause you have to understand the root cause of that problem Baruch cause Johnny you can't solve a problem. So just find your fine bad qualities. Okay to get list out some bad qualities in you that you fail to accept then take it as a problem. Mosquito coast and is Chabad and after accepting that the first point is always acceptance typical problem with accepting. Karogi had epilepsy softening or something. So first thing is accept that and then work on it. Okay, the be a chiropractor is bad quality except Kirlia, but it's very easy for you to work on it. What clip bodies use I got cap has become kapow. and the second thing is okay, so it is all about self-acceptance because if you want to be X if you are not accepting yourself the way you are that that simply means I'm going to accept a request. Okay, so I'm going to accept it call now. So hello, what's your name? Yeah. Hi ADI. Yeah. Hi YouTube. So the morning. Hey for me. I'm from New be kanpur and you so I mean sort of Okay, that's good. So do you have any problem related to self-acceptance? Yeah, yes your game for you know because of the she want to know something about this application while I install this application before 3:00 hour before Insurance litigation and creepy said Spain was the use of this effect why you are using this application. Well, I'm using this application to connect more people make new friends and help people to improve their lives just because I'm here for discussing about some important. Didn't topic that is really important nowadays because no one is talking about. Yeah, I can see that very few people is talking about self-acceptance and all these kinds of topics. So I just want to discuss all these topics because these are some problems happen to me some years ago, and now I know about it so I can explain it very well. I think that I'm not too much good at it, but I think yeah, I think yeah. Okay, dad's gonna go call and if you want to listen to just listening, so just listen this after disconnecting. This will help you to know about know more about it before I use it, you know about thinking, you know about open talk--i before I am using this open Torque application and I'm using that application somebody is to the world while Mom they just speak. In this application on there. So I think this is a better platform for who there's want to improve their score ear for video is very good application. I mean, I don't know anything about more one mode so that's right. Okay. So can I just connect your call now or if you want to know you can you disconnect because I have no don't take it wrong. I just want to back to my topic get his self acceptance because I want to finish it earlier because when when it goes to Big most people don't listen to it it's after live. Okay, so I can find it. And it became better and I have a nice day. Thank you. Take care. Bye bye. Thank you. Bye. Okay, so we will continue it now I'm talking about I have already talked about self-acceptance. And now I am going to talk about self-made sadness. Okay, most of the time there is no problem of being sad we all. Not long recently. We feel sad about this like we listen a sad song. We listened a sad sad songs. Like we we was something we was inside movies or Squad Pura then as a nickel suggested. We are really sad booty been I am. Okay promotion request sms. Okay together self-made sadness is when you make of ourselves that for no reason. Okay, when we met ourselves sad for no reason could be the main reason nyota sadness car or fear be home side keep garage and just because of our outer environment. Okay, a sad song a sad message. Okay. So here I'm going to tell you a very important thing just unfollow or stop watching all these negative that says come like Pages like that always is posting continue posting. Negative stuff stat stuck in our head if we are watching something continuously. Wu- Siri hum then verdict acharya. Okay, I will speak in English. So stop unfollow all those pages you are just posting negative stuff without any reason for increasing their followers and these negative stuff scan stuck in our head and it's not helpful. We mean it's not helpful. It's just it's just just like we are consuming negative thoughts. Someone else is negative thoughts. We are consuming someone as his neck. It's hot and I don't think it's good say his here is an another request. I'm thinking this request. So just just a minute guys. Sister, please. Okay, go on know what happened now. There's a request name from our he spawned a than where I'm going to accept that. Not accepting. Okay, don't. I'm just request accepting the cyclists just because we both can elaborate this topic to more of you guys and it will be helpful for you. Okay, don't worry days. No issue. I can elaborate this topic alone if Okay, it's our fucking guys. Let's back to the topic that is self-made said Nance to the first point is just follow all those pages who are posting negative stops over Instagram Facebook or just like guys Zin like some something like that. I was like crying I had something like that tomorrow that stat is just crying but it's better to crying in Ferrari something like that and on it. Why? Guy crying is better. I think depression is the worst thing in this world. Okay, and crying is also yeah, she is a network issues. So don't worry. It happens sometimes so I'm just like crying is no more bad. Dang is such a bad thing. Look we can try but it's better to be sad when you sit in Ferrari in a like ass or something if you don't have too much money for okay, it's or something related to break break up or like that. But my Motors to just tell this stop pouring all Wages were except uploading these types of stuff and stop talking to the Friends. Those have negative mindsets. Okay, that friends and I cut of nine cars are today. So we're coming or DJ basket now, okay talk less to those kind of pupils who have negative thoughts in their head and they've always see something bad in any situation egg achieve a situation TV. They will give you it in a negative. Vlog because if you have opportunities they will brag you they will drag you opposite direction of that opportunity. So stop talking to negative few pearls in your life and no one wants and yet if you people they are just both the end just like some relatives and someone like that your cousins and we can't ignore them. So just start listening them less. Okay and follow all those negative pages. and back to says acceptance that is when we are not accepting ourselves the way we are okay. There is a reason behind this self-acceptance. I'm going to talk about why self-acceptance is important if you want to do something in your life, if you want to really do something in your life self-acceptance is just important because without accepting yourself, you can't prove yourself. Without accepting yourself. You can't proving yourself. You want to be improve yourself. If you want to be change yourself you want to be better version of yourself, like it's not like you're you have changed manually update yourself. Most people come and say like you has changed and femurs articles like up to compile hsni or something like that. And that is all useless stuff. Okay, that's really use less. Okay. So let them speak whatever they Stop focusing on these kind of people say that you have changed. We are not change. We are just improving ourselves. Okay, so I don't think change. I don't think program could go bad re-enter. That is a bad thing change is good. It's not bad. Okay. So focus on self improvement or you can't focus self-improvement without accepting yourself. So just accept yourself take your all bad qualities like a like a problem and find root cause of it and just solve it and if you and if you are still have some queries related to this topic just just send me requests after completing this I will accept your call request and we'll discuss about its own. So here's another point about self-made sadness is like that when we are okay Kitt the Navy cool show when we are feeling happy and we just A sad song. Okay. We just listened as said some and we relate into it. Okay, most of the time it happens when we are just lick there stood two laps of listening music. I think most of the people like listening music so there's two So there's two types of listening music and that is one. We are listening music for just listening and second is we are listening it for understanding its lyrics and we got attached to write lines and then we feel sad but the couch happening then we are imagining something related to this and we feel sad just like some sad music. So we're and some sad Tick Tock videos. I tell you guys Tick-Tock videos. Hi. Really great impact on our lives Adobe when we are scrolling Tick-Tock most possibilities like that. The one video can change our mindset for the whole day. Okay, the one video can change our mindset for whole day. So occur I picked up will be as you can see page go follow her there and just give some sad over this like life-related sad and they are all just they are all just posting something with sad songs and all like that. So just unfollow all those things because if it's not helpful just follow all these positive viewers. I recommend you some public follow some public figures and and follow some. Yeah, you can also listen sadhguru on Rick Dogg and Sandeep saw and some people who motivate us who Inspire us to do more in our life because it's really good pick a capacitor. Follow car radio do it negative impact diarrhea P life pay to this thing. Could I don't think I don't think it's good. So I'm I'm All About. It's all about like okay. So here are few important tips for you guys. When you are feeling sad you can do something just like when you're feeling sad just think just sit and think about is it real sadness or self-made sadness? Because sometimes we don't know we are really sad or not. So just find the cause why you said it is is it the real sadness or is it? Is itself made sadness? Okay, and the second thing is self-acceptance. So except yourself take take your bad qualities as a problem and solve it. So I don't have anything. I don't have anything more to tell you about these two topics. And if you have any problem related to this. Okay. I'm going to describe this now. Okay, so I'm going to live on broadcast tomorrow 6 p.m. So don't forget to join me. Tomorrow's by guys. Hope you have a good day. I hate nice talking to you all.