What is health tip? Like if you reflect back over the past 10 years as a founder, how have you scaled? What are the key lessons along the way like if we were to highlight some of the lessons and for the first time founders were listening. So I say one was in professional front and one on a personal front. So one a professional front I would you know, I was just coining this word mnm not eminem is mind network and market. So when I started there was no market for you're gonna laugh for us.gullyboy I believe that like all of us will have our day is mind network and market. Okay, right. So first you have to control your mind all of the time. It's a game of mind over matter,mind over market,mind over everyone else who it's such a lonely and depressing job. Yeah being an entrepreneur so mind is your only companion and mind only messes up so my second is network. You feel for any entrepreneur. You might be a Steve Jobs or you might be Sachin Bansal or whoever anyone and if you say that you did it alone. Then personally, I'll have a lot of doubt and I've seen that over the years seeing so many entrepreneurs in India outside India network and network has a very magical compounding effect. So if you know, you might say that oh, I know five people but if you have that five that 10 and investing and giving priority to that network is very important. wasting time. Yes. Yeah, and you know network has been looked up in India be looked down or networks in kaduna just gets a pan ke dokan me, but I think do me what networking means that when you enter a relationship you give not as a taker because I have this thing that either you are a giver or a taker Adam Grant given take yeah, so if you give then you get and you get tremendously so investing in network and the third thing is I feel that I might be the best person and with best mind, but if the market is going somewhere that luck that market has to walk with me. So when I started in 2008, there was no digital today. I'm also enjoying some of these benefits is because there's so many digital users smartphone users the deadlines you like always helping entrepreneurs.People want to be entrepreneur and you go into this IITs people want to be entrepreneur. There is this whole pool value to being a starter and even msme event we did and we were shocked that they were some 700 people and they also say oh, how can we be cool like start herbs. So the whole might even the prime minister is talking about startups or somewhere. The market also has to align yeah. Yeah. So all three mind, network, and the market has worked for you but specifically your side what works one thing you've talked about is focusing on good things. Right? And I would say value very honest and upfront and and the that two things have that have worked for me is meditation and medication. Okay, so I have had gone to a lot of personal tragedies and depressions. So I have taken my decision and I have not in fact the medicine Cipraxel 10 mg. So, you know, in fact in my family only to such a taboo and the ended we end up fighting because they say oh you don't need medicine and I'm like, I know my body I know my mind and I need medicine and they say oh, but you shouldn't say about it talk about it, but I have been talking about it and it doesn't even matter to me. because the pain I have suffered is my pain and if I have to come out of it I have to work on it and I have taken medication but more than medication what has helped me is meditation and actually three amps there also medication and mentors a lot of mentors and somewhere. I'm okay to be vulnerable right? Like I don't like today if I'm talking to you. I'm okay today to say Anand I'm not feeling good. Can you please help me and you might say no, Shraddha I can't and I'm okay to receive your no. I'm in a better shape to receive your new but I'm absolutely okay to be naked and say I need help and I've asked people for help and you will be surprised we are becoming increasingly a cynical society but people help and I have had such amazing extraordinary people who helped me and I've been open to say if you are a young boy or an old guy help me or teach me something or tell me though it makes my ego hurt many times until They come and tell me how useless I am. But yeah, these things have helped and i think being open to help all kinds of help, right? So that's and ask for that help. Yeah, If they say no, they don't respond. Yes. The good thing about being an entrepreneur you get so many Nos and so many people don't respond to you that you get used to it after a point where they don't have asked us to meet up. And then the other thing is you amazing storyteller actually, you've used that all through you are telling other people's stories. You're a great storyteller. I think that has helped right like that has helped. I was always very good in telling I used to win in school all the debates. So there was never a second. I was always that ambition in Bihar westcoat, you know if you come to my house a lot of newspaper clippings, which my mother used to collect. So I used to win since standard one like standard one there used to be spelling contest because for me the winning was my mother will be happy that will for that one reward will bring happiness to her. So I never left any reward yeah in college. I used to in fact I met Gaurav because he had won something in a debate competition and a friend of mine knew him. So yeah, so I love connect. So for me, it's not storytelling. I love that connection. It's like the high for me that connects but how is important is that as an entrepreneur? You think you know, you're a like you observe entrepreneurs also right like can you come? Turn that storytelling as an aspect. They are different kinds of entrepreneurs.All of them succeed - whatever but I would say to me I would say storytelling is and the ability to communicate well is extremely crucial in building your network and in building your success like and you can't just say I see a very looked down upon this that hey this is not critical, but I think this is extremely critical. Is it only in the early days or along the way, you know, is it involves your stakeholders keep on on changing right like in your early days. You have to convince everyone. Yeah tell your story to employees. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah as you scale your stakeholders and kind of stakeholders keep on changing. Yeah. So the way you have to tell your story of has to keep on changing and evolving its that's great and personally scaling as a Founder. What are the some of the like you've talked about some of the three M's you talked about and those mentors you talked about any other any other anything in particular that has helped you? that you haven't talked about that has helped me as scaling as a Founder over the years be it in building your story building the team or I think getting investors has helped me because like generally the person I am I would have continued running it the way I was running but I think that scale that mindset of scale-like, of course, I was I constantly push new frontiers because I get bored myself very easily with things but I think getting investors got two things, which I needed and I learned and I have some very good investors who have shaped me into a better person I always was better CEO better founder is a discipline like discipline to that mis which might be very irritating sometimes and some quarters but having that Jigger and the discipline the accountability sticking to the numbers that you commit and What use so I think that somewhere has found us. It's very important that there is someone who's building that or at least a board that can ask you that I'd rather you have investors or not. You could have a board that holds you accountable and I do all this right now. That's very very important somewhere because you know, we are so in meshed in daily running of operations and making things happen that you lose the so I think that has helped me getting investors has helped.