Tell us more about yourself and the business as well. Sure. So yeah, I'm young. I'm 23 years old and I'm still a student at Bits Pilani. I graduated like nearly a week. So I did a five-year course from BITs. wherein i studied the MS in math and BE in civil before that. So I am from Bangalore usually stayed all my life before it was moving to bits. Mostly been studying College, then go to classes spend a lot of time principal figuring out what to do with his head in the thought of sort of running off to gpas and stuff like that eventually picked up Corey started coding a lot of building websites various apps in tone with some great product companies, like sign easy or social blood. Yeah, and then after that is when we sort of took the plunge I My pre-final year in college started working on our education startup in the B2B space didn't really work out but we spend a lot of time and learned loads of things from a lot of people sort of to go to call those in size and we pivoted to something called advice which is an on-demand tutoring app. We're in a student could get connected to a tutor under 30 seconds line up selling that company in June 2015 that sort of meat is like the first set of founders in 50 years of bits pilani history just sold the company in college post the acquisition I worked with hashlearn as bee products my co-founder then worked as VP operations, and we spent a great amount of time through the product of great extent and then sort of decide to move on and pretty tapped you. okay, right, so What do you do with top sheet? What exactly does? So it's pretty simple. Let's say, you know, I wanted to do a podcast and I didn't know how to go about it. If you're an expert on tap see if I would place a call with you and talk to you and understand what are the nuances and the things that go behind building a podcast. Right? So similarly, we have experts from various domains to be a little more precise. We have experts from or 1500 organizations spread across over 6,000 skill sets now that may be as obscure. Something like cadd analysis in mechanical engineering or it can be something more straightforward like other on facebook ads or you know, how do I have been set up my AWS to set up my website or you know, so various things which help a user sort of grow their business improve their carrier get essentially the professional advice. They need is the time they needed in a very seamless ways. That's what we try to do on Tapchief and we do this by a very universal Medium which is phone calls. Okay, so I mean, where did you get the idea for that? Looks like a good idea. Where did you get that idea from? I mean, what inspired you? um, so I think our own previous journey like previous building a start-up out of college, you know, you realize that you're very naive and you don't know a lot of things and a lot of times, you know, you tend to struggle with a lot of challenges and then what we realized is that a lot of these problems would have been solved if we had the right person to talk to the right time, right and when we looked around because we saw that if not just us we're trying to be budding entrepreneurs who are facing this problem. Even somebody who is trying to pursue higher studies or trying to get good jobs it, you know, great companies. also face this right when nobody had access to sort of talk to the right person at the right time. So I think solving that large problem across domains is something we were really passionate about more so from our own journey and looking at peers, so we want to build with always a product which we ourselves and our friends would love to use right. Right. So that's all sort of tap thing about right? Yeah. Are there some kind mean are there similar services existing in the market at the moment? So as there is a popular company called Clarity in the US, which does this I think they got acquired by fundable and now so they're merging into the entire entity by I think it was started by Dan Martell. I'm done. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. So yeah, so I think the closest ones to us, I would say okay, right. How do you make money though? I mean, I believe it's a commission based every time you place a call. You will charge the consumer or you will take the commission off from expert. Is that right though. Yes, the way it works is every expert gets to set his own call his or her own call rate for the time they spend on tapkey. Now a lot of them want to do pro bono and don't charge anything like about 500 of our experts or the 2500 or don't charge anything at all while the others do charge and whenever some an expert charges. We do a traditional rapture with them and we share revenue. Also, how many calls are you doing at the moment how many calls were talking about so we have been live for roughly about 60 days. now. We went live on Feb 18, then we have to build a 3,000 plus community. We have done an overall 200-250 calls. So yeah, I think we're growing roughly about 5 x every month. Wow, that's awesome. Awesome. So are you right? This is a cheeky question. Right? So you built a company earlier advice and you sold it to has hashlearn. Yeah. Are you trying to do the same thing here? No, so I mean the core thesis may be similar. wherein in both products focus on ensuring there's a very seamless connection between somebody who is aspiring to pick up something and somebody who's been there and done that while that hope philosophy is similar both the products are vastly different in various ways. We do phone calls hashlearn over chat hashlearn is a lot more objective. It's like, you know solve this particular question for this. Chemistry or math for me. Well as interactive, it can be as abstract as hey. I want to be a comedian or I want to you know, become great civil engineer, you know, so there are various sort of it is a largely different. Yeah. Yeah. So right anybody who is aspiring to be somebody and they can speak to someone who already been there. That's a good idea.