Okay, guys, how are you? Happy evening to one and all and welcome to dr. M is 1 more podcasts and today's topic is should I start a YouTube channel? So today's topic is should I start a YouTube channel? So I'm here too low to know my new listeners opinion that at this study base. Okay guys, so that is it. It's just a casual discussion. Should I start a YouTube channel or not? Because once we enter into the YouTube world, that means like there are millions of channels doing some fantastic work. So what should I do? Should I start a YouTube channel or not? So that is a discussion we have here and I would like to know your opinion. And I would like to share my opinion. So let's see what will be the end result that will I start YouTube channel or not? So it's definitely not about the competition. It's about the content still but the thing is that it should I invest my time in YouTube. Is it worthwhile at this level? So should I accumulate more time from my time management? And should I give it to YouTube, too? So let's wait for some listeners today. We don't have any Topic at all. But the next topic will be much interesting. It's about like are we really in love or like we are in love with fear with the feeling of being in love? So that will be my next topics. I'm a little thingy was I'm a bit confused about these things are happening in your life today and why people are confused with being in love and being in love with the feeling of being in love. So we'll be having a wonderful discussion on that one. But before that I have to be like Yep, have to get into this one. There's no content today. It's just a casual discussion. Should I start a YouTube channel or not? So that is it. Nothing else if I should invite should I if I shouldn't invite SRI time? Let's have a small discussion because I have heard this that two heads are always better than one. And I think that I can use the help from a listeners. Should I be getting into this YouTube or not? How will it be beneficial towards me and what could be done so they like these things which have to be sorted out and I know this is just a discussion. So we won't be having a lot of listeners today. Never mind. And I hope you're all doing well. Okay, so let's wait for few listeners to join up to that guy's if anyone would like to join in a call and have a discussion with me. I welcome you let's discuss another thing that should I start a YouTube channel or not. So that is a core topic today. And later on today, then I will be discussing on like what she should be my prior content on. What should I make YouTube videos of home? And yeah. So that is it guys. So I'm waiting here still can't see any commands are still couldn't see any called request. Let's wait for like a couple of minutes more because the more getting the suggestions then in that case. I can't be like giving my time of 2 hours for nothing. So I'll be going out to different topic on a different podcast. so Let's see. How is it going to work out? Yeah, guys, I sure I start a YouTube channel. all but I mean know it. No buts about it. And commands you can join with me on call. So let's wait for like this will be a short one guys. If this is going to continue like this if I'm not drunk getting any response from others know so I have to end it in like 15 minutes. Maybe that is the least I could be giving my time to a podcast where we don't have any content. Okay. So guys today we don't have any topic. It is just a basic and common discussion. Should I start a YouTube channel? Hi Sonia, how are you? So Sonya today, I have a question to all my listeners that should I start a YouTube channel? Yes or no, then why? Come on, let's have a word a very good. Happy evening to you Sonia. How are you? mmm So now you can just connect with me on the call. Let's have a word about this description. It's not a topic. It's a discussion. We are having here. And this won't be a complete podcast, but just like a basic information click discussion. So swing I saying that yes. mmm mmm As if you want to have a word with me, then you can send me requests we can have a word because I'm literally getting bored. Now. This is this is not me. Come on comes up with like no content at all. At least I boil water sometime that has a Content or today. I don't have any content. It is just at this question. So discussion without listeners without callers who won't be going on for long so the so if anyone would like to have a word with me, you can just connect me and with me here on open talk with call send me requests. Let's have a word on that one. It's not then after and this podcast soon. Either for Ricky. How are you? So that is it a today's topic is why should I start a YouTube channel? Is the top back and waiting for my listeners? To give me suggestions on that one having a discussion on that one. Okay, I feel a bit tired because I just had a heavy workload day-to-day Mohan yadav. Let's have a word with Melania now. I'm doing fantastic so far. Okay. Thanks for asking and it's good to know that you're doing great. Wow. In we are connecting with more nyada. Oops, it was not connected more. You can just send me a request once again, and please do check your internet connection before sending a request because without proper connection we can't speak properly with each other. We can't communicate properly. We can't discuss properly. So do check your internet connection before sending a call request. Oh my God, I'm so tired today. Yeah, I know you guys will be having a one more topics on one side this podcast today and let's see what's going to happen on that one. mmm meaning Hiya, richer, how are you? I'm happy to see you here or did you come on join me or John with me here? I'm Anya though. My network Victory May because here is raining. Wow, wonderful Sonia if it is raining. You should have some chili and Poco de s really great climate. No, no. No, you shouldn't be sorry for that. No more honey had about your call was not connected. Please check your internet connection once Auditor send me a request. Let's have a vote on today store. Today's discussion not topic today's discussion. I was literally thinking about like should I start our YouTube channel? So I thought I could just create a discussion here before like getting into the YouTube thing. Mmm, it's good to hear that. You are good orator. So mr. Georgia, what do you think? I should I start a YouTube channel. Wait, what do you want your opinion? According to me you should make YouTube channel. Thank you Sonja. Okay, so we have mr. Ritter here. Let's have a word with mr. Later. Hello. Hello. Hey, hi doctor. How are you having fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? I'm totally fine. Totally fine. So I'm in the topic is something like you're asking for the people right to no. No, it's not no pickets discussion today if it was dropped. You would be me continuously talking about that. Okay, so it's a discussion that you like you are asking from the people. Yes, I am positive. Yeah, I'm asking that what show what what they think that I should I start a YouTube channel or not. I mean like a want to just have a view because you know, right YouTube at present is the completely on hike with billions of channels going on there. So it's not about just like getting popularity or earning some income from it. Should I do that or should I invest my time because I already am You are doing so many things. So I have to work on that one. So I just thought that I could have a word with my listeners because we heard that right true brains are always better than one. Benito I can't hear you. Give me suggestions taking solutions to all orator. Are you there? Hello. All right. You're not Audible. Okay, we got this country by our discussion on moderator. Hello, let's go. Hello. Yeah, am I audible hmm you are able now. You might be there is some sort of microphone issue at all. Like from my side what I believe like nowadays like as per this application is concerned I'm saying like Okay people the popularity of yours is getting more and more through this application really like okay, if people people open this broadcast that okay, there are some people who are very popular and you are one of them. So people have the tendency like, okay, I'm gonna have the listen his doctor. Dr. M. You have to listen to him because he speaks so good. But in a YouTube is something which is in a very vast level. Yeah, he's definitely it is not that much vast and like you are getting so much attention over here. I don't believe like in YouTube is an option literally now, I mean if I talk about the present time, I can't yeah but a few times hmm. Yeah, but in our present time from my side, even if you will ask me then I will send suggested it like have some more patients over here and I too like grab your the audience more and more so that if you will go to YouTube section, you don't have to worry for subscriber or the comment or like or something like that. It will directly get that people like dr. M is here so he's not have to notify the people he will tell people will they start to run over there and okay doctor every year so we have to watch his videos and all but what I am observing from my side like okay through this, This perspective. I'm not looking for subscribers. I'm not looking for comments, but I'm still what I'm thinking is that it should I invest my time and YouTube to to create the content. Yeah, that is that is the best I've been it is actually a good medium, but we feel it. We feel get a like we feel good like if someone is listening to us or watching this subscription subscribe or comment the something else. Okay, that is another part. But if we talk okay about like if we're doing something we believe like, okay. Someone should listen. Yeah, right. So as a result from my side what I believe like YouTube YouTube is having it is such a great segment. It's have its varieties of segments. Like if you are saying about something that on that topic number of people are there, right? Yes different different. Yes, but from different perspectives and we might be even getting some matching points unknowingly and that will be creating like copied section something like that. Yeah, so there are Certain issues and in this through this application what I'm feeling like, okay, you have a unique identification and the things which should tell us the stuff which you have something actually very different among the people who broadcast every day. So that's what I believe. I have no one to suggest you that whether you should go know what I see when I put the topic when I came online everyone is everyone has equal right to put their point. It's not like I'm no one. Yeah when I when I came on line At that moment itself. I gave the right for the decision and discussion with my listeners. It's not like I'm no one a you are you mean something here. That is reason. I'm here and you you're a wonderful person. I love you a lot. So that is the reason that I'm even taking citations from you. Normally I don't take suggestions. I'm like a very stubborn and straightforward guy. But today I thought the 0 let's switch headgear calculate something like that will cool. Okay. Okay, then that's a that's a good way actually like asking suggestions from people is also good solution like because we should because it is it is a platform where it is. Something which is getting reflected by the audience on the like we will not able to analyze yourself the audience or the people who will listen and so the people who will see us that's all right. All right suspect you all o of looking at one thing. So if they are providing don't believe that yeah, this could be like happening this so I might be thinking in a perspective which I missed somehow that's worth like I would suggest you like, okay give more time to this application like spread some more time like forward. Ernesto someone talk don't talk is my first priority. That's not going to change. Even if I start YouTube open, w my first priority but you know what the one thing which appears actually subprime like like I'm a person I teach in the numbers of institution in my city. So one thing which occurs in my mind always which always happens in my data. Okay, I get comfy I get competition for myself on the like, okay today. I have given her the deposit. I've got 30% to that place. So that time I get to like okay competition always goes on. I am not in a fluctuation what or something like that like if I am giving 30% and I thought like suppose I get up in the morning and I have a for first class at 8 a.m. In the morning, then that's absolutely fantastic because it's my first but after 1 p.m. I will have the class. I will feel like okay, I will have some sort of yawning or some relaxation body and I'll so that's Sometime happened. So what actually I want to see you like if you will have this open tag open talk as well as this YouTube and all so you have to like focus on both part, right? And yes, it is management. I took it took me like six months to arrange my time properly for my book reading for my office works on my personal work for my personal time my free time from a guitar practice. So I have to accumulate many things are just many things to get the time for open talk to that's that's that's the winner like You are such you are having such a hectic schedule. I mean, so you have to manage in every aspect. I must say. Yeah, I have to manage my time once again, but if I'm managing my time and I'm putting some effort and time into investing the time in to YouTube. So how possibly possibly like is my content deliverable to the audience. That is the only concept YouTube or Doc is my content deliverable is my content reaching to the audience. That is the only concept here. Yeah, but if I'm investing a lot of time and because of there are tons of millions of channels and YouTube and if putting code and I'm not getting that people are listening to people are not able to make some good knowledge out of it. So that will be like a waste of time. Yes. That's true. That's true. So I believe like okay web like you can you can you can go through it. But from my side what I observe like, okay, I don't know like it's my perception actually like I am, of course I will give my perception on that. I don't know about others. But yeah, I believe like okay like you are getting popularity more and more through this application. That's true. That's actually very true. I don't know like like if you are a host we will be not able to analyze that thing but as an audience perspective, I will tell they go people are getting notification that okay, dr. M is going to be a live after few minutes. Okay, we have to listen to him because he is a person who actually admire us a lot and literally I'm not flattering or something that's even true the from my mindset it actually occurs. Because your state of when we're having a conversation the thing was going in my like when I was having a sleep and I was thinking like okay The Words which he had explained me other things the way of his conversation was mind-blowing. So people are able to analyze the people right? I mean the best quality we have to analyze someone right? So yes, I believe like through this application you're getting more and more popularity. So you may have some wait for 10 to 15 days or you may start through the YouTube channel. Then you can start but I believe you're the first priority of yours should be always through this open talk at all. Yes it is and this is like only one month, maybe one month two days, maybe since I started open Talk FM and so my main motor when I came here was like delivery of the content previously also, but I used to speak with other people who need my help and I used to schedule the time there was no schedule in bodytalk. So I used to give them a time. Yes, then I'll be available. You can just get in touch with me. So office used to tell them about the tips about the car communication about English about practice about different things. So what - point was that I had that time. I was only able to help a single person here the through a single person if he's I be able to get something from me. So that is that is definitely a benefit for me. But what if more people can get benefit from it what if our knowledge and our they can share their knowledge with me? So opendoc FM is like literally I wish come true to me. Actually like a common people from like I'm not a hero but you but as a common people I am like what I have observed like I have got the platform actually like, okay like we can explore our cell. I mean there are numbers of people who can explore their self. They are trying to become an RJ they're trying to be get attention from the people. So I believe whoever had made this they have done a fantastic job. Actually definitely a wonderful idea. I'm in bodytalk was a good option even people were having lots of socks and all even I have been using this application from two years perhaps this buddy talk but I was not aware of this FM and all but when I yeah, let's just has like more like more than 10 lakh users. Okay every day more than 1.5 lakh calls are made on bodytalk. The company was doing fantastic. They don't have to have to come up with one more app. But still they did because I believe that open talk is literally looking towards the enhancement of the listeners the stroll through 3/4 which has been put forward by open talk. I really appreciate them a lot. And that is the first application I believe so I do I do I do believe the same and I used many other applications to which are similar to open talk. But this FM no, this is a complete Game Changer is a complete game. That's true. That's true. Okay, like if I talk about the topic and then the suggestions which you were asking for me and here you can you can look up for it as YouTube and all but as I have said said that the your first priority should be about this F up in shock and awe because we the people will have the first thinking which will comes in our mind that okay. We hi Dallas him through this application only. Yeah. Okay. That's what I believe. I don't know about the rest people. But yeah, I believe so that you don't listen have to you don't even have to think about what are the what are the rest of the people are thinking? Yeah somehow their work. Now taking this edition of mr. Orator here. So I believe that he should put his point straight forward. Nothing less thinking about what others are thinking that that's true. Like there are certain people who believe like, okay, you should open the YouTube and all but you know, what like planning and plotting a something which is actually very essential. I mean like launching YouTube is not such a big deal we can we can know anyone can this go and go through the procedure and all we could be like a 10 out of 10 minutes launched a YouTube channel, but for that you have to to not be ready with your content be ready with you at least Up episodes so that if you miss some day to shoot you can just simply upload one more episode of yours is just like you should have complete planning for that and it should be like consistently done because YouTube is a wonderful platform which is like a huge Marketplace and they're getting less ahold of listeners is like fishing for what do you say that fishing for something which is very tiny in Ocean already filled with sharks. That's true. And you know, what doctor like what I believe what I prefer like you A person who the except I'm in the expectation from you is more and more higher level. So that's why I was saying that okay, if people have the expectation if you are going to have the YouTube and also people have people will have the expectation that okay. This guy is an amazing person. He's going to do something very special. So for that even you have to do such a you have to give you all effort and all right so that people can literally enjoy that because the person or the the I mean the people who literally Say that okay. He's a good person or they are only the person who try to like pull the leg at all. That's actually very common. I mean I've seen lots of people who if someone is praising you so somehow they can try to pull your legs and all and it's a genuine fact that human nature so we can't change that but it's true. So that's from my side. What I believe as I have said like we have more than more and more expectation from you. You can you can go for your YouTube and all but yeah the content should be more and more in a It will matter how like if you are here if you are in a 70% mode which overthrew YouTube It's like a ocean or something. So you have to you have to give you a hundred percent over there and that the content which you will have it should be mind-blowing with the summarizing coughs I'm thinking and all so that people can get more and more attractive and all and the audience are the people who listens to its will be their priority to make more and more. I mean a shearing process or to like, you know, what? What is the best way to marketing something is man-to-man Market? I mean, what do you believe the best marketing is man-to-man there is no marketing. I mean available as compared to man-to-man marking. It is the best way to marketing something. So you wanted to people yeah one on one will be that strategy for marketing and that is what will be the people and we will have the priority to okay have like okay. We should we should we should encourage him and we should motivate him at all. So these are the things which I believe From my side and I believe like you would have understood that what actually I want to tell you. Yeah. So that is it what I mean, like I'm looking only forward towards the content, but the only reason which I am again thinking about is the investment of the time literally means like or enter I sleep at to and I wake up at 5:00. If asleep at one I wake up at three so from 3 to 5, it is like my reading time and five to six it by it is my English practice time. And from there on I have to do my daily chores. So again in the evening, I have like a one hour of guitar practice time. So I have like literally / entire day schedule every single day and there is no such thing as Sunday in my life because I believe that all these are the same days and I love all the days equally if I give them a special importance to Sunday, then I'll be looking only Look what's under that fence and I will be coming and that might be taking me down to be much more productive than what I can do right now. That's true. That's true. So whenever you questioning border to pay, but yeah, I'm happy for Sunday and I do share my Sundays with all my business and I try to come up with some like more content on Sundays. That's true. I mean, but dear I made a doctor like about your routine. It's it's very scary. I mean, I mean, you know, what like if I will if I even I too To to sleep at 2:00 or 3:00, but I need at least four hours of I was sleeping. Otherwise, I'm not going to have a lecture or something. It's not possible from myself. I don't know how you people manage these things take a problem. I do polyphasic sleep. Okay, so I divide my sleep schedule in like a different sections. So the entire day of time I take for naps each one of our adults. Yeah. Okay, that's good. So I do that because I have to reboot. What do you say that a reboost my brain once again that book and I truly believe that we as human beings we have to eat three times a day, isn't it? So to keep ourself and taking this a given more rest in intervals of time and sleep is the best recruiting process which can be done. So doing so I can commit it means like I literally have two years in one year. We have this office working hours right 9 to 8 and like 9:00 to 6:00. Sorry. It's 6:00. So I had that nine to six times a day if you consider as one official day if we confirm that that is one equation day in by calculating. I have two users in one year to official years in one year. That is how I converted it fight so that for that one year will be for my personal growth and development for my personal time and enter her body her will be like more efficient and other office works, but day to day life. That's how your doctor every right. Does. She do love your sauces mind-blowing. I got the vibe lately, but it's literally very different and it's very scary. I mean I am getting very scared about your routine and all I mean, you know what like I'm a person who believes who actually value for sleeping and all I don't know. I like people can call me lazy stuff. I don't look lazy fellow I know but I know you know what like I have to speak a lot in my daily routine. In my life and all I mean in a real world I should say so I need a break and I need a proper break over that and I mean if I will follow your routine, I will I will die as soon as it is possible now, in fact, like my office hours are from like 9:30 to 6 and it 6 I used to come back here then normally what I do that I have this night classes for English English coaching. So I don't charge anyone for money for language speaking classes. Don't ask them to come up with content around ask them to buy the books and anything. I just can't ask them to come and speak again. And again, so the institution intuition is only for some days. So that is the reason I am evening. Also I'm getting time and it is like it happens like a quarter once in our Pottery of month. So it is like a crash course to apply 10 15 days for the people who are unable to get the time in their entire day to attend some coaching classes. So they used to come there and then you feel yeah. So when I go there it is. Like six to seven or six to eight depending upon a common to become so sometimes like 50, sometimes it's like go 200 so it depends upon how they want to do the thing. So I just go on with the tapes the tricks and how-to. How can do your English better? I ask them that if they have learned something new which they could share with me that I can practice to develop my English a lot better than which I am doing right now. No tremendous man. I mean literally I loved it. I mean the strategy the ideology the royalty In the working style the way of something. I mean, I I must say that okay, like I will be the person who's going on advertised this a lot. I would literally I'm I'm I'm telling this through this recording session. I'm telling you truth that I am gonna advertise this you I'm not gonna advise you have this I will just tell the people around my Society or around my the student it okay. Even you don't miss my if you can miss my lectures, but you're not Not going to list miss the incision or something of doctor me. You're fantastic. Seriously. Abkhazia. Whatever coffee is tzadikim. So register. Yeah, well bought close to the solute what you are giving the classes free and all her money to do Carnival interview. So mirepoix be huge on America by a company moçambique around to send a second interview immediate emotional clip a novel.com be equivalent EMF in deeper. So Why do you go to Rajasthan neglected? Can I crack the interview her rules developments of recruits are a to interview a pattern change or a two camera ventricle crackers are down here. They can actually maneuver measured at important optimized at an interview. So there was like Aetna more than 200 interviews till now and could be my real name of passivity. I was definitely selected then I reveal to them the this is the reason I'm coming here. And once what happened was that make interview with accompany me and there was this wonderful guy scram our bodies I am And the way he took my interview was completely different. I used to name every single interview and the interviewer would be like more than happy with me. So I thought the same is going to happen here and he asked me tell me about yourself then I when I started like, my name is Muhammad Imran Etc. I was done. What now then he started using some abusive language. Well, I he said he literally said this I know what's written in the resume mooji. Imran is a Bronze Age was clear resume Atomic which believed on Caterpie Tell me the who really or who is the real one you rubles at the paper bad when I've been equal. This was his actual way of speaking with me. I was like speechless is completely different. So then I started speaking and he was continuously disturbing me much about anything more Connecticut. And then I was like, would you like would you let me finish first? So then he said that see you are going to deal with Learner's done' zparm system real carnival on campus has zeroed out rang it to Jay about to Jo content attitude. Yeah, but I like when I attach to the a button and if you get frustrated just because they're asking doubt so they're irritating. The middle then you can't do the thing which are going to do too much about both agility than I thought that I can learn a lot from this person. So I immediately resign to my previous company a joint that company and from whom I learned a lot of things that how to manage my time how to put my time into learning a lot of the stuffs and he told me one more beautiful thing is that learning is a spectator sport until unless you put it in action. well expected as possible bad kid dictate your spectator top 10 of the UK in the same way. If you are learning then that's a spectator sport until you put it in action. So I love that words. And that is the reason every year my target is to finish 150 books. My goodness literally 60 are done last night was very hectic for me to finish 150. So 120 my particular piece mapperton apothem till December 31st and a be 60 ho gasps. So I'm pretty much sure key your cutter mattock. I'll be doing 150. Cricket about we have copper roof damage. I mean you read in Hindi or I mean, of course you will read in English on so what does that work manner that this is sapiens? Okay say films. Yeah siblings. Just got it Kelly delivery medium ski because all the rest of the books. So go part of town to underline Kirkham Mirror Mirror getting my job bookkeeper for the or no Bunda could use a refresher partner who's made me underlying meanings. So I literally practice it English in that books, too. But of course we're asking you to close your eyes. Someone is saying okay. Come on sleep sleep sleep something like that, you know because your life is full of emotion and limited time. It is definitely limited time agar. Mary shoddy home Wi-Fi once I get married then it is the end of the thing. I can't do this. What if it's like I got this time management. Yeah, but you know, right how it will be like life after my getting married. So Joe be Carnage is not be Colonel Habibi. My cheeks are Tom, but I have to give a lot of time to the person who is coming into my life as a life partner now and how to take care of other things too. So it will be like very hectic for me at that time. So just to know who's cicuta knowledgeable cut knockout blow, but Makoto come who's a good boy, but not the product C cleaner. They can I beat it now select a bicycle. And Cinder and c will be the luckiest lady I believe so and she talked she taunts me and mocks me every single day and actually see ya. This is the word. She used to say to me. Hi Misha books like a bite. Oh, I'm a suit in a your polyphasic be krka polyphasic what you have to do this. Emil Academy after getting married and that these things are going to do stop I'm going to have like a monophasic sleep again and my I have two diverse give diverse two books. You don't have any option actually. Yeah, I know. My mom is also a bit angry with me you give me the room for the books by rapid. It was the partly I give me look at the books that appear in any books happy either I shouldn't wonder is how are you so it's like more and more books delivered. Got to go Taya per bangle notice. So I ordered many books from many platforms. So forth on ecosystems are at the so I used to ask my be a concept book. I have bottom. Oh my goodness. I'm in your room is full of covered with books and all right. Yeah, the people who are listening you they are thinking like okay, I mean is he actually human being or is he's having some sort of somehow robotic mind or something like that? I don't know what the audience but yeah, I'm feeling like this. Yeah people call me robot. My love my John used to call me like you're literally a stone. You don't have emotions inside. You books books books. Look Erica books back and I have this one lady inspiration, and I don't remember her name. She read T books in 30 days just imagine at the focus and concentration level 30 books which each day one book each day one book. It's not like having a small book or anything accumulating knowledge every single day for continuous trait 30 days. I'm doing nothing when compared to her. No, you're doing enough here. Well, you're comparing with someone else alligator you're doing now. She's an inspiration to me. She's an inspiration to me at some point. I should be able to accumulate more knowledge and my given time because time is Once the time is gone. It is gone. Okay, I mean literally man is the rocket about 33. Like when I was in a college time I've ever used to read the book called as Hardy Boys the series where of Hardy Boys and on first shared collaborative agreement. It was fun adventures and mystery. You just continue speaking. I have to go in mute for two minutes. I'll be still listening to you talk about here today with a technically mutagen Agha. Okay? Okay. Listen to I'm still listening. Yeah. No, so Blake I have read the books called as Hardy Boys are DH Lawrence or the William Shakespeare a Charles Dickens disable some short of books, which I have read action took a Hindi which is closed other possible. Read some of the words which you have the pronunciation or the expression will be like tremendous really mind-blowing more like when you will start to speak. That time you'll feel like okay, so they're putting the whole bunch of coffee mug. No, they are not. Really you think something? So when I started learning English, it was a very hectic time for me. So I started this middle practice when I was in 10th standard and who's been selected as the chat a whose body makes wire but apart from that. I never missed a single day of practicing my mirror breakfast. So what happened was like I trained myself in such a way. I'm not boasting about it. But I think if we either talk or not the topping you were talking about the topics my listeners used to say that sir, please slow down everybody Bolta. Are you reading it from somewhere? That's what called practice is that actually Express after few months few few few months or few hours or few years something like that. And it actually exists Chucky other up Keys as or the make photos are cases on an achievement Shasha. Ye Kahani like Malaysia, Malaysia have but initially about the third alight. Okay, so I prepared I have prepared for more than one month. Okay. I prepared myself. I have read books. I have like I was not able to sleep at all because it was like, okay, I have to have to have to be a good speaker over there. And that what they happened actually the scene was something like Obamacare so tiger Mahabharata with mooji Mike the are my name Michael has millia. I just simply say a word. Sorry. And I just turn back. Yeah, I happen to me too. I was like I was like, okay what the happened right now Mega and died. I cried. I cried so much loudly like bajalia most and I believe like, oh, he didn't look at me. They're trying to make me offer endure like you could sneak us as teachers or the HR or the departmental teachers were trying to make me like, okay yuvraj, you are nothing you are like use Ursula why you have even tried to this and all I mean environment was something like that negativity of your buddy buddy with it and I just gave my oath to myself that okay, I have to do something. I have to make them understand that. Okay. Listen you fools. I'm going to make you understand who the I am and what I have and literally after that what? I am and who I am like you can understand this. Yeah by my sentence all my words. So that's what we'll dedication and you have to understand the value of something if the people will be able to understand the value of something they are going to like they will just be a like a rock star or something and that's what they have to do. So it was something like that and it is only the story of mine due to which I am whatever I am and I actually moved in with talking about Sada ciao, but ha hecho whom you say about that. what level we are so that the we can learn towards going to the next step and yeah, whenever whenever I don't I don't literally never literall literally don't believe that I am famous or like I'm celebrity or like a have nice publicity in open talk because when I enter into opened up Miami Chef like me, but Eric Nam Ki as Mera pehla podcasting That is that it's keep my got my a bath go. I won't be able to deliver for the first time in open-toe. So I put the same amount of energy every time and there are people who everyday mask. Wow in that whenever you come you put a lot of energy. How do you get energy from the start to the end because I love Linda. I'm not doing it for formality and I do you know writer that are you used to get this points called as a open top points when you do the podcast every day, you will get 300 600 points that I didn't I didn't receive a single point from opened up till now, I don't need it. But that might be a technical problem, but I still did single personal point. I get inbox messages from other people that you might be earning more than as when I say that I don't get a single point. Believe me. So I have a question for regarding this I have my buddy account. Look at so the coin which I have. Okay, it's not a redeem point. It's a coil the gold coin actually, so I was having 45 4K and day before yesterday. I was watching I was going through my profile and what I have seen I'm having 4543 point. So I don't know how it is possible. I mean it needs it. It charges for money and all I mean as per my knowledge is concerned or I have to talk a lot. You know, what is the scenario? I have that much point. But the thing is that my account is suspended. Yeah, my bodytalk is suspended to okay. I don't know why but my saying that yeah, I have a habit of changing mobile from time to time because I have to keep up with the time. So I have to have a good mobile. So many teens are more noble change you're talking about. The number of Mobile Suit device is used on open door 40 40 second has been over dude, so you can't continue the account anymore. So I can't access to my body talk now. Even I too like I have been suspended My Buddy Joe made a friend's robeson's about cassotto anitha my coffee. I am relieved but I don't have a like I don't have any option and they're asking for to call something or to mail someone. I don't know but the issue is how I have get that point 4543. So I was I was imagining like okay what the happened? I mean, how is it possible? Do you have any idea how? This is ID on that one because many open talk to everybody duck. It could be many points using again. I never use those so I don't have any idea about that one. So then again I went into this account and I saw that there are some referral points. There are some like a deli points, but I didn't receive a single point till today and I did for too many of my friends that you are. This is a wonderful platform YouTube. You should give you a point here and you'll be one the atum-ra podcast everybody else. Keep both connect under the select Anna you must be available to buy. To support as Madonna decision on this is our a they can I suggest you that you start a podcast. It was scale how to calculate sector so I want you to do this. So my definitely both on go that you should start your podcast even encouraged me a lot. So today I have started in the morning, uh and do to you only I thought that okay should I should do I don't know how much it was successful and not but yeah, I am happy because I have done my I have given my hundred percent. I mean, I can't say a hundred percent, but you have given Nothing over here because of you because you are we were all in the person who have told me like, okay orator. You can do something. You have the quality for that. So I thought okay. I should I'm a little offended at this present and you don't know where to find some quality people who can give you some quality knowledge. But when I do find some people even the real life also I said that you should do something which is helpful for others because learn is the core for success and one looking to learn there should be Learners who should be And be able to teach them but eating them they will getting their own perfection in the skill, which they are doing and we're learning that we will also be developing if we are all human beings. We should be helping each other. That's true. That's true. It's such a I mean, you know, what is in open tasks people people keep their negative in there out of the Dustbin or something and they come with positivity Fame and all our govt Logan Posada did never try to use lag language or they don't I don't know I'm allergic attack magnetic apocalypse. coffee coffee application encounters with few- people's Okay me. I'm a person who comes up with every day with listeners container calculation was a request basically serving up Boogie content topic is a so I research on that topic and I come up with like as much as possible information. So let me tell you one thing. There is a person called as a okay. I have never seen that person. I know that person. I have never seen that person ever come into my podcast never not a single time, but once I started a podcast with the tagging I'm sad actually I am sad was a topic it was not that I am sad. I can literally see that the person is they're asking that why speaking in Hindi when the language is in English. I said that we are speaking in English and Hindi but a Hindi is much good for us to share the emotions that you would then she was like, you're a Chris you you're inserting me. You are this you are that if I attend your call now, I'm going to ruin my podcast. I know that for sure. So I'm not going to attend your call. Then again. The threatening comes that you're scared of me this and that then attended. The call and she did what she wanted to do. She wanted to make me aggressive. She wanted to show that she's the victim she did that and the that later that night. I heard from other podcasts are saying that she did a podcast on negative basis on me saying that dr. Image not the person who he's showing himself. He has a second phase and he literally inserted. He literally inserted a woman. Someone is MM and all right? Yeah, that's another issue. I mean, I mean, I will Understood after like those are those all are bullshit. I mean actually they are shit. I mean I should say in America out of fear because you just have to plot a name on a person who looks good so that you can gain some popularity. I literally said these words to her face to that you are doing this for a reason you never came to ask a single thing to me in for knowledge then why are you here today? And she was like, I don't I don't want to Answer you Muslim. She is there are asking me that why are you doing this? Why are you insulting me? Why you effective answer her, but when I asked the same single question that you never came to my podcast ever before but when you see the tag line that I'm sad you're coming here and asking the things it's like are you interested in the podcast or interested in me being sad? So saddest part which I have seen in some podcasters and there are some other negative people's to who forms groups at nighttime and talk bullshit. They're up there, but my dad won't go and go back to Kenny, but people are doing it. I have listened one of the one of the few people's and they were speaking like Terraria, but they look to follow some taranga Dumbarton Castle. I'm not like they were having a private conversation and people we're listening because there were there were there were girl and they were actually enjoying that conversation. So I was not able to tell you what the is this they actually want to do and I believe that conversation. I mean the people we're listening actually and the numbers of people wearing Bring more than hundred and they were continuously talking Simone like say Malik, okay who've been a couple different ticket give a cinematic $9. So that's something like that. I believe so scared. I mean though there are certain people. I mean different different different segments are there in every platform. I agree is an orator. Let me tell you one thing. I was telling you about the girl of my love, right and she is from open talk to and I literally I literally confessed about my love to her by creating open top podcasts to engage as a Malaysian start water to open dogmas of code automatically. Dr. Amy is with Jahan to - which are incurred out RI a listener Samaritan kubatski. So I made a podcast and I literally confessed my love and she confessed her love to me. Wow, so that is what happened. I don't think that this is something which we should hide from the people you my money sooner should know. Yeah, so so my negative Friends a lot. They think that I did it for publicity though that that is their cup of tea, I believe okay. Okay, if it is if it is a publicity the latest be but I made a point very clear. So this is the this is the reason this is the reason that I opened up about my love some idiots are having discussions at nighttime. Okay, so there is a click listener vo jewelry kartha. It was confessing his love endures like this, right? No. No, there is very much the way my friends are in fact, you should do a podcast them to but they literally turned their back on me after this incident. He's because they had some negative thoughts with the girl of my love and they literally like completely sure their second phase which they were expecting to show and that hurted me a lot. That hurted me my love a lot. So I thought like Let It Be Come check on me say I say podcast open condition. I'm in case later potentially very cool with me. It was in a good way and still am doing my podcast like never before and they're doing fantastic. I'm still continue to have some fun with my journey and open talk. Why mine are openly was here with a real overhead you subjunctive a muscular body estado con podcast. Do you know today's topic how to boil water how to boil water? Okay. I have seen that and actually I was confused. So I'm so sorry. Like I was like, okay how to boil water is something which and I was bit in a hurry more. That's why I don't I didn't listen in that but I believe is it actually of how to boil water or something else. No, it was our concept to make the listener speak. How may one Coto de pressure Maranatha it need questions any questions post your body so that they can freak out while they're speaking. So our main motivator Caleb's are asada. Because I have seen that many people are like nervous when they're speaking with us. So I need to not misaki itou. Not donkey Jackie. I could they have to literally come up with some beer dancers to answer to the question how to boil water how to boil water here is like a sarcastic. Okay, so to get them talking or even elastic we will Nike Academy will connect the main motive was to get them talking. I'd be treated. Wow. Yeah. We were up low vesicles Cardozo. Let me know. I would I would definitely I would come over there and I would have a conversation regarding stuff like and of the guy whom I'm like literally talking so much. There's one more girl. Her name is Kia and she's also so nice. I have talked to her she broadcast in the noon time or sometime in the evening time. So I talked to her a lot and you are. Can person to whom I am talking and literally a both of you are actually awesome. Literally the you both are like Hindi make I have to upload kosovar develop their communication and social club or whatever a single point bunch of the most beautiful words, which I ever heard of thank you so much. It's something like that and I prefer I prefer you. Whatever you are doing the I mean, I'm so impressed. I should be impressed and I'm so happy actually, I'm so happy that the way you confess and today the story of a love and all I would I would I would like to listen more and more on this so that sort of me Ravi said he should be good. You so - yeah, then you can listen to the podcast which is below keychains and I had you see the topic because it is the law. So I'm listening. Linus is inverted color magic in making Hindi at the air but not for Pure Hindi. And people them breathe impossible to America to marry preetam to make a Deep River preetam, you are appreciative and she's the flavor of the she's a hurry. And all that's I believe so if editor I have never seen my jam, okay, you have never seen a yeah. She never she is from Bangladesh. Then I have lots of things for you. I've never seen somebody and we met first time on open talk. Okay, and it is self about a we both pull for each other at the same time. And when we express the things we literally had the same emotion and same connection. So there is a function of called as video call in the open dock and You can now order now. We don't want to do that. I can understand I can understand this. You know what her age of autism dinner in San Giovanni or case Alvin if a wonderful idea, what's up the way because later so special and I went. Wow. I used to write a letter to her and with I mean, let us would be if you can have an ink pen or something. So go and have nightly I'll loving pain I loving person we're still using pain. Okay, so use to color. Okay, the first should be read and I believed you. Look someday I will never use car like that and the other guy like that starting should be from the red. Okay, and in the between you have to use blue and in the conclusion, you have to use glue em in pink or something. Okay, but it is I have I have written many Love Letters From My Friends when I was in college when we get aboard. They gotta like I literally can form a poem out of the name. Okay, okay. I want to try your thing for sure the mic agathon. Kajabi an emoticon appellate sentence. Not a you ask you should do this. You should do like you should have a conversation about krp Joe Jon. He afraid of genetic markers for my special so we can we will have a standard conversation will not have so-called. Like let me know something that I like that we have a standard conversations okay wher lat? King Bruce Wayne Barker, it's a loophole. Hey, yeah. Yeah Jody here. I've never had a jewelry and also it can be like this. Yeah. I wanted to um change it now bhi conversation Rocky tell anyone. You look guilty or I'm gorgeous we have Kissing the chemical precursor to welcome. Welcome welcome. Welcome so much good in my group of friends of mine. They are like they are they have done married and all so I'm so happy for them. Oh sorry Best of You. Hmm. May I am I work as a driver? I mean, you know what like if they want a date or something. They asked me like, okay, brother. Can you can we have can we go? Can you go with us for a day somebody to do that the above motifs a bagman colocasia? I mean I'm a person who just watching like okay, everything is fine and have a date and uh, well I believe wish I could hire thought. Okay, then I'm about the least about Should Know Who You Are. He Kashmir or Nepal my jacket something like this. I had this conversation very good with you and really find that few points, which we discussed about YouTube. That was also good and I literally got to learn something you can take it and I care charter schools are recognized in the source according to Joe be significant blow. Dr. Le barge, but of know a mega Shadow cannot speak again about digging up a tiger you don't have a model of ethical legal, but when it comes to like leg pulling muchacho So Donald was not about and it's about like few things which are very important in relationship to as mere topic the case. Should I start a YouTube channel my Subway a portrait tattoo or later. He's a wonderful Storyteller or in Hindi page Olga my in cazuca skin on a factory. That's really awesome. I really love this guy for his Hindi about the Chabad curtain a little we got connected to just speak about YouTube or how many Bethenny over here. Okay. I should I should I should like I should cut the call like not know I think But right now there's no one at on call. So if anyone is there then I'll let you know until then we can obscure what if you're not busy because I know I'm like, I know I have I have this I was just having a walk. I was just having a walk. I taught calculus have a conversation in silent mode and that's why I have a right now. I'm having a walk and I'm you know, what what I believe like I like from my side what I believe like if my Hindi is good. I just want to more more and more standard. I mean nowadays. English is something which is very relevant people have a good I mean like just see yourself. I mean you are a person that people are getting admired by you because you have you speak such a good in fantastic way of your communication is but the Hindi whenever the terms Hindi comes people like, okay. Well, you know what you said about me repeat what I have said, I mean about the Digital age. Yeah I mean to say like like you the way you speak I people literally admire you a lot. I mean the fluency of yours or the thing which the stuff which you have is actually very good. I must say this and I have considered this. Yeah now I'm the time to activate her. She's saying that keep the Vodka too. And then you may ask for I call and I must cut the call. Yeah, Jonathan me the request. Let us send a request until then. We'll have a word. Okay, so under the be online Abby but in Hindi Zoological she speaks very good. Hindi. Okay, Janice and west here are the biggest. My neck on Bunker Leah Jellico in a request and coral let's have a word. Another way, I do think we are that we should have a good command on Hindi. Okay. Okay little John is here. So you be on let's listen to our Hindi to she is really she really speaks very good at it. I love it. Yeah. Thank you. Hello. Hello. Why should Allah Johnny, I just had some snacks you had your snacks. Okay, so what's that like this conversation with auditor is a wonderful Storyteller. Yeah. You heard him. So we were having this conversation about him Beto but a giant remote to change about Bulletin. Masha Allah Higher Tina, how are you? Egged on this is wondering about that. But why you keep Madness the other hard-pressed Gardena, so Tory weakness Hui. Mmm open the bottle gotta develop. Which me ask you about the present. Yes orator you are saying right. You have a good command. She literally have a good command on Hindi and I see literally have a good command on me, too. Hello, Mikey, super C'Mon nigga. Ya know what should I do? Should I start a YouTube channel? That is the topic today. We push others not topic discussion board. You me? But I'm not we bought click it automatically discussion as best possible content am going to contain a ladder the office maybe party thing. I like it was a farewell party for me. So I was not able to come up with any content only but Make useful in Nevada to as it is outside. I saw a dinosaur maybe just so he would still giving some time to YouTube means it's like investing of time effort editing and coming up with Concept reshoot snowboards both come with Anna. So if I'm putting that much of effort and I will not getting some results from YouTube is that means like a literally waste of time right? Maybe something is what you started in English, right? Tony what he used to sell the end of the paragraph you order. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay will speak will speak in Hindi but after me Jessica, how are ya? Huh? Maybe but the people's option. Hey, I didn't mean it but the name. Do I have to say yeah. Jill hi Jesse - and what is our goal or below may appear upkeep a different metric a pass KML genome to have a word with you regarding this. Yeah. Yeah. So we bought they were a team like a how much you time you give your content and everything. Then we gotta take him Arizona communicant nc15 easy to match the even though she encourages me a lot to do the podcast and everything, but she doesn't like the content which come of it only boring like that. Listening to me right now. You're the only one piece and you're the only one for me it never listener or something just like also signal and I'm a trainer signal. I'll be Insignia of yummy. Hello, huh? Eddie You know pretty much that I can. Send woman and it is easy. Isn't it amazing makeup with an understanding woman? This is so big a I was asking everyone that should I start a YouTube channel or not? So what do you think? No, not about sedition is discussion. Copper adopted Ebola tonight is the name is dirty me coach as an image or up gave us say Bhai. Yeah, that's right. I got to give it some time later confident with opposed to retire to Boca Chica sector. Yeah. No, I said that but I wasn't really expecting some smart question from you. And I was looking for some smart answer. I didn't knew that you will be giving a question like some small kids would be giving so it's okay anyway find accepted. Name it name Liga. You are literally mocking yourself done. Nothing. Nothing. You didn't do anything. You're your. Mashallah. You're perfect. What do you want? I'm beginning to think. Okay. So you will literally one against me and you're only asking about as a Cadbury. That's it. A gift milega Joseph Nye be sociable. Give me you know, the number negative or will give together Joe gindele. Yeah, I'm talking about bet. I'm not talking about to give like Ebola the general about to I'll give a number of gifts right number been able are a number of alumni and number of gifts. But what I'm saying, is that yeah better gift a Cuba so you have to choose carefully. Do you do? I don't know. Yeah, I did. You make a crew just a key motivation is Figaro to have more difficulty seeing them as a coach. Kondo Yogi up and I have a lot on up in November. So maybe like me has an idea today. Obviously if I'm on YouTube also, maybe I say content language up like they should have variation and learning different things in this video. No, no, no, no, no, my my content will never be that entertaining. Good idea good idea gonna chill. Okay, okay medicine but I think about cavities. Yeah, it's what it is good. If you want to write I can just play some guitar or YouTube some like a week and is but that is the least we can be doing. No dance. No singing. What are we gonna do you want variety? Right? So it is the thing which you can play too. That's all I can tell you made about some like education and motivation content to organize didn't believe Auto guitars the good option right which I can do. Why so why don't you have anything to say nothing? Why nothing? and so Okay, so we'll just wait for like this month then next month. I'll be coming up with YouTube channel. Make a joke about around depending on that. I'll be revealing if I'm going to start a YouTube channel next month. Can you continue prepare gonna have to plan it? Well before I get into it anyone I could discontinuity hose up adjustable, but we have to come up with content every single day. I'm doing that one discontinued in a one has a year. So I have to plan for that because you to make a rate can be if you're not coming up with constant content, then you will be disappeared in no time. Hello. Yep, that's so sweet of you. I don't need your phone ID. But formality who was following formality ha up nebula and I am a club. You have to wait till I call you right or will be made of banana Chabad request form. con pollo Well like yeah. Mmm ha ha ha. Yeah, then I would. How much does it girl obviously I learned this from you. What could be? I'm a cowboy. Me. Okay. I got going up the Bots gonna tag important to other my what happened between when ghetto better City better than this. What to say? Yeah, I can but still for marriage maintaining formality and expecting formality from your John O'Connor, maybe move is a completely unacceptable occasion of ornithology a formal takunda Gaara. Sneaky's Mahon intern Ebola you use it that you literally scolded me for showing formality Gustav, and I was in Bulgaria. Still count for Montecarlo nicely. I'll be conformed to the car a bit of the car or any government is better. What about that? I mean I literally prove that okay, I literally prove that to you. What did you prove I prove it to you because eletric was because of me we will cap open a program or not or kitna time locked up. vehicle but though but Nigga, you will you were stopping yourself for some reason both. Oh, maybe Hosiery Toto. It was me who made you what reveal what's inside your heart. when I have to bolt initial material That so it's not human. Isn't it at the belly button? There's not a doctor. Chuck I'm not goodbye. Why do we need to do this? Darn another things when we can just be like a good and affection towards each other, right? I'm just trying to convince you here with the points and the dogs but a formal demand in what did you say to me? At 5 p.m. Yeah, I realize that. Do not even single text but have to even conclude right sided shape has any qualms office literally like so I was starting a podcast once I can like I want Jason Nichols Eminem and start character just like to have a word with malice deceit which is not even topic. It is discussion. I don't have a topic today. Literally. They bought a cake my money pile a birthday cake with ganache which are opposed to declare putting chips lot of party man. John Wayne Airport Madero videos Okay. Okay. No - oh my God. Is he going to feed me so - mr. Tolar torture? I don't know. Not like that. Don't worry. Don't worry. We'll be having our time soon. Oh, really? Any doubt. Yeah, that's what she said. What happened nothing? So do you know what is a gift which I got? The wood bar is a diary. I got a diary from garage, sir. Give me a dirty and raulito pan final diary. Thank you. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But yeah. Michael is not going bald. kiss easy CR say Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, I'm inaudible hands Ricky Bobby. Why is he back? Anna Tika yeah, dragna as applicable. Uh-huh. Maverick I'm a big guy. So I don't think immediate is any need to start a YouTube channel. Hmm because I've never been a point of view there is so that is the reason I just came up with here and I had like nearly one hour discussion with orator. Yeah, Ariana Garza. What about you? And I don't know. He's a Puja is about that. Yeah now I'm Joe Bereta Ariana. Maybe I could not miss it. But you have a tomato. as usual fantastic Maverick Everything is going pretty well, and I'm loving it. It's like array Anna get up there fast bowler with Arianna, Arianna, Arianna. Nothing, nothing. Nothing Maverick. I'm putana. Hey Kitty. He said that right and one of your podcast I heard about your other accounts then Konami Banker I care. So he has a different role place a different IDs. Maverick cookie Maverick up physically Amador go up up in a costume for the under. Buddy me if you have any content then I think you should start some YouTube channels. I'll really appreciate your YouTube channel. Thank you pre Agarwal. So this is it water or always happening at 142. Okay time is going well and was a pathetic. Should I start a YouTube channel page 600 plus listener sighing. Really? Good go. Hello. Sharla Say something, you know. Would you be would you? Okay, in that case, what should I what kind of content should I come up with on YouTube if I'm starting the channel? Just give you a suggestion. How do you expect me to dance on YouTube channel? I mean that is completely off the show and completely not my cup of tea. Why should I have it dancing? My God so slow dance. Hi, Anna. Did I miss something? Yeah, Maverick. What do you think? Should I start a YouTube channel? Then sometime you are you can also come to my YouTube channel as guests in Deadpool costume. Yeah, but he's gonna be below: America will be saying yes, you should dr. Amy. Okay. What do you think Maverick? What should I do? Should I start a YouTube channel? So the podcast is about to end in 15 minutes. If you want to share anything then guide this is the time and you can go go with the same content. Which you are doing here. Okay, this one kind of a solution. Mmm. Now, I'm Eric. Oh, yeah. Javanese Hello. Maverick media Network or Corona? Hoga soon. I did my God Maverick do one thing I've named mobile Kana. Aneema. Yeah Network what we call right now take a bowl. And I and if you don't mind, could you please share something about your book that is understanding women is easy. Yes Priya Priya agriculture. So I believe that we men have a different kind of mindset when compared to women and so in my book, I have just come up with a few things which will help men to just tweak into their mindset and have a variation so that they can see through the first pick. Woman and understand them well by doing so they can have a cherishable and a wonderful relationship together. So the book is most of comprised of my experiences with women's interviews and my about on sobotka had like so many friends. So Bochy Tweety. I'm like I had fights quarrels discussions debates. So it was a huge content. It took me like two years to come up into seventy six pages and less And why do you think that understanding woman is easy? No understanding woman is definitely easy. Why do you think that it is difficult to understand woman via the complicated only human beings are also human beings also emotions and feelings in the heart. So but the thing is that we have different way of thinking we have different way of approaching things. So that is what I think if you just tweaked into that sorry for spelling error. It's okay Priya gravel. It's not a big deal. Maverick, what are you doing? Manager Pooja was given the job to my data so I can see how mischievous you are. Literally the Imp of open Talk. What do you need to think I care about that thing? Yeah, every cat came back the idea. Like this is the only person with whom I have never spoken and opened up Maverick. He has a wonderful voice I heard him. The second camera but I don't think I can book a cabin car lover Jessica Maverick bunker Constitution a motel characterization be completely different with that bathroom cleaner. Gabby Giga catalytic in the bathroom doing I'll be 10 minutes. Then shall we end it now? Yeah, we can see only operates two weeks to receive a CHL dry. So it's better that will end the podcast and mobile met Charles vacanti monogatari 15% I'll charge my mobile and I'll get to my dinner. Just will get back again. Okay, so now I'll call you they showed a comment as medical finish up Carla. Can I just call you back again? Okay. Yeah. Guess you could scan any makeup. haha dog with the were wrong push push push The Q&A and what that thank you Neil made it go A lotta but a leak. Haha, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that was smarter. Quit I quit. I'll have my time. Now definitely Maritime again. We'll be having a wonderful collab together in open top. So I am asking everyone should I start a YouTube channel? Yeah, he have. Oh. home Joe you Tecna great Point made by dr. Amy or skinny chick is what loves our default comments and also put off either dad. What's going on? coffin Huh? Afterward that he meant well. Galois, I'm still waiting for testing because Nana. Hannah and CC and C's and RC o CC CC aorta and 7:30 people are enjoying your love affection when gigantic would be very going to cut in here and this is the end of the podcast so prakash. Thanks for your information by second. Curtain a vehicle. 732. Okay. Don't miss the count. So another CEO CAC CAC aotabo and that is for the immigrants who illegally came to India anything cowboy. You can get with her. Are you flirting guys know nothing? We are not letting what do you think you're doing here? This is not flirting at all. Do you think that we'd be floating on open top on on the we won't do that. We are lovers. Hello. Yeah. Yeah the same say something I'm waiting. Haha problem a problem at all. problem habit Old Man Logan Well, I just came now seems that way. Yes, Nathan. You're very smart boy. You caught it in the first sight itself, but I'm nervous I go, okay. So guys this is the end of the conversation. Thank you for joining with me. 737 people listening. Thank you so much for that and we'll be getting the podcast. Now. I made commercial Sahara Doctrine is amazing. Okay, is it thank you so much. So this is the end of the podcast and I thank you so much for joining. Love you all. Take care single people feel jealous after listening. Listen doctor. There is a lot So I thank you so much for joining. Love you all. Take care, sir. Sayonara. Have a wonderful day John. Oh, I love you. Masha'allah, so guys. Have a wonderful day. Take care. See ya. Bye. Bye. Jaanu. I'll call you back. Take care. So guys by Tata see you have a wonderful day. I'll be coming back with one more topic maybe today or maybe tomorrow. But tomorrow is compulsory today is not sure so check your have a wonderful day see a sign or a signing off. Dr. Ma.