Hello everyone and welcome to help doc by how's the family India's largest Muslim Messiah. I am nickel vice president of the timing and I have Alpha with us who's a senior nutrition is from other finally compact High. Nikhil. How are you doing? I'm doing great too. So Alpha today, we would talk about weight loss plan, right? Okay to lose weight fast. It's a question coming up now and then and be great if we can answer that. Perfect. So, what do you consider as ideal weight loss for a normal personal power. So for a normal person it is a good ideal weight loss would be about half a kg per week or we can say two to two-and-a-half kgs per month. So this weight loss is what we term as safe and healthy weight loss. Okay. Okay. And what is considered as fast weight loss or rapid weight loss. Okay. So when we lose weight More Than This say more than two to two-and-a-half kgs per month or we lose it at a much rapid Pace like 1 kg 2 kg per week. We aim at that that is definitely considered as fast but a point that I would like to point out here is when we start any diet regime, right? When we start to weight loss regime we often see a good amount of weight loss in the first week, which is like 1 to 2 kgs, but then that is perfectly normal because that is actually just the water weight that you lose so body gets into that mode when you consume less calories, the body starts burning more calories and uses its stores of energy. So these stores are what we call as glycogen stores and they are bound with water and the body Starts losing that water and using those stores so that is what a loss. So that is absolutely fine. Okay, okay, but then when that continue to use when you're trying to continue that over a period of time, that's that's that's what yes. So if you you, you know, you normally we feel okay 1 2 kgs have lost in the first week great. Let me continue that so you can't expect those same 1 or 2 kgs every week to continue. That is definitely not healthy. Okay, but then obviously there are ways in which you can starve yourself or go on a low calorie diets and weight a lot faster. I can continue for a long time. So the major is so here C then we think okay. We are losing fine. We are creating a calorie deficit and burning calories. It's fine what you actually think you think okay. I'm Losing weight and losing my fat but that doesn't happen the first and foremost thing that you would lose is a lot of muscle mass in this process. So when we consider research, right studies show that if you go on say low calorie diets as low as 500 calories as opposed to like 1200 calories, which are normal person needs then a person lose up to six times more of muscle mass. So it's quite a lot of muscle that the person loses. And also when you go into low calorie diets body goes into what we call a starvation mode. So instead of using up. What is there in the body body start storing everything so often when you go on very low calorie diets, right? You feel very sluggish tired. You feel weak you feel drained out of energy because body is not able to perform itself. Well, that's okay. Okay, and do you think there are any medical and medical issues also that could I'm up as a as a result of rapid weight loss. Yes, of course. So when we need a certain amount of calories, and we do not provide. So obviously the food is not the body is not getting enough nutrients. So we the first and foremost nutrient is protein or and I already told that we tend to lose a lot of muscle mass because muscle is made up of protein along with the protein. Also there is deficiency of vitamins minerals. He's specifically the major ones right like iron calcium vitamin D and all and because of the deficiencies of all these we have we see so many symptoms that come up like hair loss loose skin or of weakness then weak bones and also a person becomes very susceptible to infections. Okay. Okay. You got it. So what do you suggest just what if someone is starting to lose weight right now and it's time to set up goals for themselves. What would you recommend that so I would ask them to suggest to start with a slow and steady weight loss of just half a kg per week and for that we need to click generally be create a calorie deficit. So any diet that we have we have like a minimum calorie requirement and we create a small deficit of say 200 calories that you eat less. Maybe you know, you eat a couple of few servings of carbohydrates which are less or you exercise and burn those 200 calories more. So if you aim at Burning about 500 calories per day or creating a deficit with food and exercise, you will definitely lose up to 3000 calories per week. Gives you a weight loss of half kg per week. So that is great weight loss and you can sustain it for a very long period of time. Got it. Correct. Correct. Correct. Thanks. That's that's that's that's very helpful. Very helpful. Hmm. Anything else that you would want to share with the audience. So I would also like to mention a few other issues that crop up when we lose weight. The main one is hunger pangs. So when we think okay, we want to lose weight that motivation is there you start eating less burning more calories, but first thing you feel is hunger pants. You become irritable Snappy and when you skip a meal you think I don't want to eat today. Let me not eat and lower the calories. You will get that scene here intense. Hunger Pang. And what happens is we go into a reverse mechanism and you end up eating whatever comes in front of you. And in fact, you double eat the calories, then what you're supposed to so that is something which often comes with fast weight loss and it's Also mentally, it's not very like appealing like I have to lose weight for six months or a year. It sounds like a long lengthy process but considering the consequences. We definitely need to go slow. Right? And what about what about gaining weight back? So if you if you've been losing weight rapidly also more susceptible to gaining weight. Again earlier than later then later. Yes. Yes. Yes because what happens is when you lose weight very fast. Your body is in a deprived State your body is not fully nourished. Your body is needing those vitamins minerals protein carbs all those things and when you start eating normal food, when you start adding back the food the body will start taking it up and retaining it so it will retain and at the same time because the your metabolic Ilysm is very slow. It is not performing. Well, so because of that it doesn't even use it properly. So it starts storing in the body and all the weight that you have lost actually comes back much faster than you would imagine. Make sense of sadness. Thank you so much help. I think that was very very helpful by. Thank you so much everyone for joining in you. Can you can definitely download the house in Miami app and get a lot more of my scripts on a daily basis. We will be doing another show next week. Please leave in comments for any other topics that you might be interested in and we will catch you soon. Thank you so much Alpha. Thank you, Nicole. Bye.