As a non tech person how difficult was it convinced tech people to join very well tell you what worked for me. I changed my mindset as a non tech person. I was very apologetic all the time and all these investors and all these people make you like tech nahi aata saare engineer se bhe bhare hote saare engineers hote hai mujhe lagta hai saare engineer hero nahi hote. I feel it's a mindset change which I had to make where I feel tech is always an enabler, let's not get carried away to do people talk AI machine learning big data nonsense. All these big jargons we talked about but any life ko sahi karne me mere zindagi ko asaan karne me personal or professional kya karta hai aur tech kaise enable karta hai So for me my business is stories. And now to make the cost of stories come down will my scale big better data who can enable me. So once I change the positioning of my being defensive and feeling bad that I'm not non-tech that I always was under this inferiority complex that I'm not a tech person the day I said that me business me sahi kar rahe ho. someone please come and help me then. I just need tech for scale right and things like enabler, tech is not the answer. Yeah again, Deepak asked very good questions. You've been a start-up observer for a long time. What is the biggest reason you believe any startup succeeds or fails? I would say very clichéd answer. Deepak, but I believe jo bhe dekha hai 10 saal me tenacity resilience pata nahi ache ache hero ko dekha hai mene they give up give up nahi marna chaiye its because it's going to be boring. It's dull. It's painful. It's lonely, but somewhere people have seen have not given up in the other thing is that people who've been very maniacal in a positive way about this is what I have to do. This is what I have to do and Inconsistent at it like for me a very good example personally. I like people like I like bhavish in some strange sort of way like barbecue Kamala. Yeah so that met him in 2010 or 11, you know, we had done this he's parks where he had presented like a young boy and I remember he had come to my home office type of thing that we had and he had this app. Hola a put some episodes of theta or but I do know one street which I liked about him is that he went to the guard but little semi guard come admin everything. All the word all but everyone from in turn we were very small team, but he went to each and everyone in my office and showed them the app and he was inconsequential people. Right? Like we were no one but he had that Tujunga that same treatment the same passion to go tell their story and to me and the same thing when I recently interviewed him. I saw the same thing in him. So those things jo bhe hojaye karte rahena passion and resilience. That's awesome. Read the last question from Sagar he has with All Odds. How do you manage to remain positive? A few things. I think I have, you know all the typical things. So if you come to my house, my house is filled with all the self-help books. So I am notorious self-help book reader. I love reading so reading to me is my biggest Joy. So me glutton keturah ke tarah raat ko read karte rahethe ho to set up time for it airport here there wherever so I'm reading constantly one second my dogs. They are my life there my soul mates and they have brought all happiness in my life. Third is very close few earlier I was seeking love from everyone like koi bhe mujhe aa kar pyaar kar de which appeared my selflove were so low, but bolne se acha practice karte ho good to you baby meditation step, i feel very enriched and my sisters my husband until friends now, they're very few friends, and I've come to terms with very few friends. bahut chota sa vo circle. vo aapko non-judgmental. way me karega The biggest learning for me has been which I keep saying is accepting my own self. Anand I couldn't I'm telling you people like my husband also said vo toh tujhe toh vo ad tha na vo Lalita. Bhaisaheb underwear dekhiye Because I like that strong woman. So it's like saying Oh, but you are such a confident woman. But if you also ask him then it has been a journey to be a confident woman because somewhere while you are you confident in peaceful inside today you are asked me i would love your story to be successful. I love to make money. I love to have a car better car my driver also makes fun of me. I love to have a better life. But today if I lose everything and I'm just going on record to say if I lose everything except the people who are close to me. Will I be happy? I am that's beautiful and that's what makes you positive all the time. That's great for a girl from Patna Bihar the journey you've been through this is amazing to see you have all over the last 10 years and grow from string to string and making your story into a media powerhouse. Not only the startup world, but we are so proud of you Shrada all that you've done and I'm hoping there will be more women entrepreneurs sitting here and talking, you know, Anand I would like you to call people like me, you know, you had sent that like I was just thinking why does he want to talk to me? Like, you know, I'm not like those billions of dollars funded kind of company, but if you do, you know, you need to find out voices and you need to give this opportunity and thank you for having me. I feel very privileged. It's a real privilege.Thank you very much.It's awesome.