Hey, hello listeners. How are you? All I hope you must be doing so great in your life. And by the way, it's Happy New Year to all it says been late since I did a conversation last time. So today. I've brought up a great topic called social enjoy it where it's you will hardly find people discussing on this because nowadays you will find people. Around you they have social anxiety, but it's hard to recognize that if they have it or not. So I will tell you what is social anxiety and how can you cure it and some tips? I also some tips. I will share with you through which you can overcome social anxiety. So let's start with knowing what is a actually what is in git so anxiety of feeling of worry nervousness and Uneasy, you may say is enjoy tea is you may see is a kind of Ingenuity and then we come on social enjoy it. What is social in JT? So a feeling of worry nervousness focused primarily on social interaction that is called social. Enjoy i t so basically basically if I tell you in simple language when a person who is super hype means hyper aware hyper conscious about himself or herself. This comes under social anxiety when we are super up afraid of people what that what will people will think about me. If I if I do if I do this action, then what will people think about it. This is called social anxiety. So basically as I just said key hyper concierge you When you are hyper concierge and P fear of being judged by negatively and more alert and careful when we are then it is gold. So syringe it you must have seen so many people they you know, they hate to interact with new people and they don't like to meet new friends and they also don't like to go outside of their home and explore new things. So this is called social engineering IIT they don't like to explore new things they don't like to adopt new things as well. So and sometimes you have also noticed people don't like to make small talk with new people and they don't like to meet new people. They they are not able to present anything in front of many people group of people. They cannot present anything in front of them and and also people who afraid to give a toast in Party's over in a marriage. They are also this is they have you know, the problem of social enjoy it and so these are the points where you can know that this is the social anxiety. And if you have then it is a curable disease. Yes, it is a disease you will not believe but I researched a lot although I am not a psychiatrist or a doctor, but I really want to I really want to tell the people. All that this is a kind of disease which actually exists and people are not aware that show saloons. It is actually a disease and as I have just told you what kind of symptoms are a person if if somebody has then it is social anxiety and physical let's talk about what physical symptoms will a person will have if a person has social anxiety like If a person has social anxiety will start trembling and start blushing on small small thing and he will start blushing and the person will less able to recognize surroundings. You know, we sometimes the person who is for sale in git will become black out. He will not he or she will not able to think any anything when they around new people or a new place. So, how does it happen? People how does social anxiety happen with anyone? So there are there are two to three reason why people are so selling git like one is genetics a person if he has social anxiety, so it comes by genetics. If your parents had any kind of this problem, then it you may have this kind of problem in your life and it can also come with your past experiences if you Had any bad past then it can cause a social enjoy it in your life. And the third most popular region is environment that matters a load guys. If if you are living in a negative environment, well where people are so negative. They don't they don't talk about positive things and they don't like to motivate the people and they are so negative. So this affects a lot in your life that causes social enjoy it. So this these are the causes when it can be these three causes. I just share with you guys that can cause social anxiety and let me tell you one more thing guys. Like if you feel that you don't like to meet new people and you don't like to go to new places and you don't like to speak in public so it could be social anxiety and it could not be social anxiety. So so this is a case where you don't have to guess like you cannot guess if a person's particular person has social anxiety or note. You should visit a doctor. The doctor will diagnose his and a doctor will can all only is the person who can tell if you have social anxiety or not. Otherwise don't consider yourself to be in social anxiety guys because believe me in a research in it was found that a person who is suffering who suffers from social anxiety that can cause a big problem in a long-term and it was also found in a study like every every fourth to fifth person for in specially in teenage it can cause you know a very big problem it can cause big problem it can lead you to suicidal so you will not believe guys. So let me tell you some helping points some curable points, which can help a person to overcome social anxiety. So guys, there are some medication also if you go with There's a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist psychiatrist will diagnose like there are so many levels of social anxiety. So they will diagnose in which level of social anxiety you exist and according to them according to that level. They will start curing your social anxiety. And after that there are therapies. The one of the famous therapy is called cognitive behavioral therapy so in this This therapy cognitive behavioral therapy. What do the psychologists psychiatrists do like, they try to change your thought process. They try to make your choice thinking process very different from usual so that you you will start thinking in a positive manner and you will start looking at the people in a friendly Manner and you will start thinking like what people are thinking about yourself you will stop thinking because this is the only thing which Makes you stop to say anything publicly because we are so super hyper hyper aware about ourselves. Like for example, if I meet new people if I may die if I am meeting a new person and I don't know about that. I don't know that much about that person then what will I do? I will start thinking that if I see this word, what will that person will think about me? So this comes under social anxiety. So people who are thinking like that believe me. This is gonna take you down forever. So don't take don't never ever think that a person what will a particular person will think about that? So the guys there are some person who want to join this call who who are showing some interest to talk about social anxiety, so I would love to join those goals If you have a really good solution to it and the people who are suffering from social anxiety guys. If you have any Solution, please you can share and let me connect one by one those people if they think they have some solution to this problem. Okay your gaze solvent we have so L. He's electric engineer. So let's connect him. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi yogesh. Hi. So it looking about social anxiety, which is not which is not being discussed by so many people but so many people are suffering from this disease. So do you have any point to shoot one minute? I just connect headphones. Okay. Okay. Mommy time that are Hello. Hello Yogi's. Can you hear me? Yes. Yes. I am clearly are you I just saw you download this app. I don't know how application work. I just download and my English is not good. Okay you but you may try if you have any good point to share on this topic Yogi's they do make an otherwise, I'd prefer this problem Mania right from the year last two three years. Now, I three and my treatment treatment might updates is the Amish family though. I take my tablets daily. So some guide me. Yes. So yoga is if you have any the points to share on this topic, you can share otherwise, you can listen to this talk. I have some points to share with people. So do you have any point to share on social enjoy it? No, I don't have any point. Okay. Thank you guys for connecting and you can listen to this talk. There are so many people. I think they want to share. Okay. Thank you for okay. Okay, next we have Zakaria. So let's see what he okay. He disconnected. So anyone who is listening listening to this talk right now, I would like to invite all those people if you have any kind of point to share on social enjoy tea, which is some helping points, which can help somebody to overcome this problem. Then you are most welcome to talk with me to share this dear. Um helping points with public. So do if you have please you can share you can send me your requests for talk. The last point I was sharing guys. It was cognitive behavioral therapy as I was saying if a person who is suffering from social anxiety and a person who visits at psychiatrist. So the they give this therapy to that particular patient and in cognitive behavioral therapy, what do they do? They try to change the process they try to change thinking process of that particular person so that the particular person who is Suffering from social anxiety, he will start thinking positive and he will not care about others that what others are thinking about him or her he will just speak he will just speak his or her views whatever they are thinking after that. There is one more popular therapy, which comes except Tens therapy, which is very easy to do and for like if a person who is suffering from social IIT then psychiatrist, they try to help the particular person to accept that you have that disease you just accept it and just move it except yourself, whatever kind of person you are. Once you accept any problem now believe me, you will start becoming a good person because once you have accepted you will try to improve yourself. You will try to add new things in yourself. So this is the Anxiety and whatever people whatever things I have just share we shared with you guys. I have gathered all the information from internet because I love to explore these kind of topics which are not being discussed by people in that much number of group of people. So that's why I thought to discuss this peer topic with you. So guys if we are if anybody who's listening to me you can share your Your views on social anxiety or if is there anybody if you think that you are suffering from social anxiety Then please connect your call just send me the request and we may discuss some problem and some solution also, so is there anybody? And there are some and let me tell you one more thing good for listeners. Like there is a YouTube channel called Improvement pills Improvement pills. This is the YouTube channel where there is a guy who used to suffer a load with these kind of problem then what did he do? He started reading the books. He started Gathering these kind of information from the internet. And he started improving himself then one day he thought that I should the problem. I was suffering from I have already overcome those problem. Now. He thought that in the world, there are so many people who must be suffering from the problem that he was suffering from so he thought to make videos and through videos. It's it's very easy to understand and in this modern era as as you have seen there are so Many people who love to watch videos and if in videos there are something informative that's gonna so, you know, it is a it is the best method to learn anything through video. So he thought to share his knowledge through video and he started making YouTube videos and he started making those Improvement videos. So on his channel if you get a chance of please visit his channel, I'm not promoting his YouTube channel. But I have personally watched his most of the videos and I came across his videos and his videos are so awesome and you will find so informative videos guys again repeating. The channel name is Improvement pills that channel is so amazing guys. So if you are if you want to improve yourself, definitely, please go and visit their several kind of Indian also if you want to watch Trendy videos where you want to watch Improvement videos, then there is a channel called secant s double e ke n second Channel where you will find so lovely videos. If you want to improve yourself financially, if you want to improve yourself in terms of communication skills in terms of your personality development, every type of videos. The creator of secant has uploaded on his YouTube channel and guys, I'm Give my best to to share the knowledge which I have gathered from internet. And if if the people who are listening to me, I'm still offering you guys. If you feel that you are a you are a person who is a victim of social anxiety. You can send me requests and let's discuss the problem may be it could be it could be a like possible like the problem you have if you the problem you are facing might be the chances are that I can help you too. Overcome social anxiety because there was a time when I used to be very shy I used to be, you know, a very silent guy. You may say in school time. I didn't say anything. I didn't have that much friend and in school time it was during school. I was not that much. You know, I was very I was a guy who was know what in the eyes of so many people so after Doing schooling I came I realized that I should improve myself. I should I should know be more Frank and friendly to the people so that people will start a conversation with me start taking interest with me. Then I started I started reading books guys. So what does when when you start reading books now you get you start getting some information you get the you get you start. Some other information when you get the information you start sharing that knowledge with other people and it could be it could be possible like the person if they find the knowledge that you have if they if they find it interesting then they can be your friends. So keep working on social anxiety and these kind of problem guys, which is hard to recognize that you have it or note and I would recommend if you have any fear in your life any any any fear you can overcome any any fear in your life by facing it. So guys all the best whatever kind of problem or struggling right now you are in life just overcome it just This beat your fear and overcome your fear. And if you have any New Year's resolution, you can share with us people. I am just waiting for for the any people who can talk with me. Any person I think nobody showing interest because as I told p as I told you guys, okay, there is a person who wants to talk. Okay. Let me connect him. Hello. Hello. Hey, how are you? Yeah, I'm verifying good and what about you? Yeah, I'm also good. So what's your name? Yeah, I know. Yeah, of course. My name is Saddam Hussein. Okay, Saddam Hussein nice meeting you. So today's topic is Saddam social anxiety. Do you know what social? IIT is yeah. I know. I means I don't know more about social anxiety, but I know little bit that is your like if if I want to mention a present something in front of some men's people. So at that time, I feel fear, you know feel hesitation to share with them anything. Definitely. Yeah, so some of them. Yes, I so. Do you know like has it ever happened with you when you fat like you have social anxiety? So did you ever try to over? But you were never had any social anxiety. Yeah, I try to overcome, you know sometime means if you see if some people I want to talk with some standard people. So at that time I just means to try to talk with them, but I couldn't able to talk with them to to my hesitation and sinuses. So men's. Anyhow, I just Means started to high and means asking to time when so what is time now. So like this way I try to so many times to overcome my fears and I am I I'll tell you now to talk with you initially. I was feeling sigh huh. So so after some time I just pushed up myself and I thought I said to Booth you just I'll just send to request you. Yes, very nice of them. This is the step that I want people that you don't have to be perfect at any topic just say hi. I asked time and just you have to find a reason to talk with any stranger guy so that you can overcome social anxiety slowly and steadily because Over never comes real it anything in our life, it takes time to be improved. So Saddam, it was great talking you at least you short and you encouraged yourself to talk with me. And finally you are speaking very well. Thanks and thanks and you know one more thing. I thought this topic is social anxiety, but I don't know about the more this topic so something that is so How I will talk with you - how would I discussed to you? That's I don't know the topics. Oh, okay. So yeah. Yeah make it easy for you. The social anxiety was what is social in JT? Let me tell you in very simple language like if there is if there is a person who is very shy and who is not able to speak to new people and who is not who doesn't want to to go to new places who doesn't want to make new friends and who just want a person who wants to be at a single place and you know a person who never wants to explore new world that if you can then you can see the person that particular person has a social anxiety. So you met exactly answer them. It is a kind of disease. So don't jump that is it is normal so it Could be disease and it's hard to recognize some time because it can be or it cannot be sometime. It depends upon the stage is so if you think that you are a person who likes to leave alone all the time and who doesn't want to see so many new things so you can see a psychiatrist who can help you to overcome this disease. No, I don't think I'm not means I'm feeling sometimes living alone and going to alone somewhere. I like 2 mins with to go in a group and means to going to going with means going to new place and mr. Talking with stranger person. Huh? But this time time it seemed to seems to very hard for me. That is some time if I went somewhere and be beside someone is sitting beside me whether it is my means The they are male or a female but I am not like able to talk with them a higher low, even they are sitting beside me at that time that time I wins I really very shy so this kind of formal situations. Sometimes it happened with me. Will you exactly so Saddam for this solution to it? There is a 1 there is only one steps at them. Like if you don't want to see any. Restore doctor just you have to face your fear in your life. If you have any any problem, you have to just face it. Okay, we are getting one more request. So to join this so Jerry phione, let me tell you brother. I am not a doctor but I am very keen to explore these kind of topics which are not being discussed and which we need to discuss and which we need to help the people to help grow to let them recognize. Is that it is a kind of disease. So thank you Saddam. It was great talking to you. Let me connect more people. They want to share things. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Okay. Thank you. I'm also very glad to talk with you. Okay. Thank you Saddam. Let's talk to you in the next topic. Okay. Thank you. So guys I was just talking with Saddam. He tried well to explain these about this topic social anxiety. So is there anybody who wants to who wants to talk about this? Social anxiety? I welcome I'm most welcome that person who really wants to talk about this social anxiety because believe me guys, it's hard to recognize that if you really have social anxiety or not. Just you have to find it. In the you may say if you are aware about yourself, then then only you can know that you have social anxiety or note that if you have a as I told dust the symptoms the symptoms of social enjoy. It could be like if you are trembling while talking or blushing or not giving answers to that question, even you know the answer so it can it can be the sign of that you have social anxiety. T or sometimes we become Super Hyper we start caring about others that what others will think about us what will other consider about self? So this is very bad thing and it can you know, it is the sign that you have social anxiety. Will you me guys I had the same thing in my life and it was only one key to or just overcome. This problem is just face your fear. Just face your fear. Okay, guys, I'm still waiting to connect more people to talk about this topic. Is there anybody? Are you a person who doesn't like to talk to new people who doesn't like to meet new friends and who doesn't like to, you know, visit parties and to explore new things. Then you can connect your call just send me requests and let's let's discuss your problem and let's let me help you to overcome this problem. Hi Yogi solvent. I can read your comment right now. So if you are interested to talk on this topic, definitely you can send me a request because it is the first time that it is the very my first show you may sit talk where I have come live where I am giving chance to the people if they are interested at this topic social anxiety. Okay, Yogi solvent you are saying yes, then you have the option to send me requests where I can accept your request. so guys if you really want to okay Yogi solvent we have got okay. Okay solvent. I think I we had okay, you are doctor. Okay, let me connect. Yes, Yogi's. Do you want to share something? Yes, please. You can share. Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you clearly. Yes. I actually you are psycho cat is no no Yogi's. I am not a psychiatrist or a neither. I'm a psychiatrist nor I'm a doctor. Okay? Okay. Do you know Mania? Yes, I know your gaze is many of his phobia and fear. So please guide me about Mania. Okay this as much as I know about Mania, like for example, it is very similar to phobia like many you have fear about a particular thing. Then we say it is a simply Mania. Okay? Okay, sometimes people also, you know consider it as a Madness. Like magnets for something. Oh right, right is considered to be the meaning of many. By any disorder sorry bipolar disorder bipolar - so do you want to share do you want to share something on this? Okay, no problem. Yeah, definitely. Yes, you're getting here. Yes. Yes. So do you want to share something? Yes. No problem. Okay, you can share. Yes I can share. Okay, one more list one more person. We have to get connected with this col. So let me join him. Okay, thank you. Okay is okay. Thank you. Okay, Uncle Kumar is getting connected with us. And in his bio, it is written that he is English spoken teacher high and Keith. How are you? Hello. I am fine. So I'm Kate Moretti. What are you a student or a teacher both? I am also a student. I am. I also taking a teaching some like children one class to class next time. Okay, okay. Okay, so you teach toddlers? Okay and get so today. We have a topic called social enjoy tea. So, do you know something about social anxiety? Well until 80 85 Plus people are listening to us first. I want to tell all these listener very good evening and happy New Year all of you. You for me and from opened our fun day. My Miser is also available. So tell me after that. So do you have anything to share on social anxiety? If you don't have definitely you you can listen to me, then I can share some details with you. Yeah, please say Army detail. I will answer if I satisfy with you I give you answer. I think it, her I think okay, you you showed your courage to be on this talk. Thank you so much topic because you can achieve in my singing contest. So I am sorry. No. No, it's okay. I'll get Kumar actually, you know, it is a very It is topic to that's why I was thinking to connect the people if they have something to share to have the people to overcome social anxiety. It's okay. At least you showed your courage. Thank you so much for connecting. Okay, after that, I if I am interested to give some idea then you connect me definitely just research on it and Keith, and if you have point just send me a request again. Definitely. I will connect you. Okay? Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Have a nice day. Okay. Thank you. Okay, next goal. We are getting from ramkumar. Okay? So Ganesh green, gel. Hi boo pains. Hey Hiram, how are you? Hello, can you hear me Ram? So gun is going gel here says we are thinking too much on one thing which cannot be changed then to we overthink and then we waste our time doing nothing. So please give me so tapes. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay Ganesh go in jail. So let me tell you again a sequential that you know, there are if you know gorgo Does is is a saint in our India is a great motivational speaker and a very spiritual person once he said a one of in one of any stocks. He said kanishka engine that there are two ways like if you have problem in your life, if you can do something to change it just do it and if you cannot do anything to change it just relax just relax. X and chill your mind because you cannot change it the change will come to it. So there are two things only either you can change it or just live with it. So never and let me tell more deeply about it. If you are listening to me Ganesh conjul in Social if a person who comes under social anxiety, there are two kinds of people one is problem Centric and one is solution Centric so Centric is a person who is always o he who is always thinking about problem who is not thinking about solution but all the time his toe thinking about the problem that this problem what will it cause in future what what damage it can make what negative things it can create. So this is a person who always think about problem only about problem only. So this is called Problem Centric person. And the second person is comes a solution Centric person who thinks about solution. If you are thinking about solution, then it is not social in git guys if then it is that you are concerned about that particular solution to make changes. So if you think that all the time you just focus on solution, so definitely you are going in a right path. Okay. It is not social enjoy it guys. It is right path to you are trying to Make some changes you want to change something. That's why you are a serp Solutions entry then it's good. If you are solution Centric and it's it's not good. If you are problem Centric, otherwise, you are just making so many problems in your life. Anybody who wants to share something anything else related to social anxiety and you are most welcome. You can send me a request we can discuss your problem or if you have any any point to share with people which you can help a person to overcome social anxiety. You are most welcome. I'm just waiting for the people. I hope Ganesh Puja why you must have got your answer. If you haven't got then please you can tell me again, then. Maybe I can tell more about this particular problem and being honest you are being honest with you guys with listeners. I'm not a doctor neither. I'm a doctor nor I'm a psychiatrist or any person who is Who belongs to that doctor line. I'm just a person who just wants to explore more about social anxiety. He wants to talk about a topic which is which is you know necessary to be discussed because people are not able to recognize if they have social anxiety or not. Okay. Okay, Ganesh congeal. Thanks, dude. You explained it in very good with thank you so much gayness 1 July tried my best. Well, whatever. I am telling you. I also explored from internet and I also the tried those tips in my personal life also. So do you have any other concern to share or you have any other tips to share with the people who are suffering from social anxiety Then you are most welcome. You can just send me a request and let's This on social enjoy it guys. And Kate Kumar Reddy. Very good English. Thank you so much and KidCo Maja. I am trying very hard to to deliver this topic. Believe me. I am very fond of exploring new new topics and which are not being discussed by so many people's which are ignored by people. Okay, it doesn't matter you are doctor or not. But you are sharing it with everyone. That's good. Thank you so much Ganesh conjul, as I told everybody that we need to discuss the topic which people don't like to discuss but somewhere they are suffering from social anxiety, you know guys, you must have seen in your friends circle or around you. There are so many people who are very innocent who There are people they don't like to meet new friends. They don't like to you know, speak in front of many people or more than two or three people so somewhere they might be suffering from social enjoy it guys. So being human it is our duty to help them. So please dont be rude with them. You know sometime people are not able to recognize that they are suffering from social enjoy it so, please Beep, you know be generous with them be very very cuddle. You have to be very, you know, very soft-hearted. You have to be with the people who are any introvert, please guys help them. Okay Prashant Kumar words, there's a dentist Fitness Enthusiast who wants to get connected, okay. Hello. Hi Prashant. How are you? I'm fine. Tell me about yourself. How are you? Yeah, I'm also doing great Prashant sued Prashant today. We have a great topic to share with people social enjoy it. So do you know something about social anxiety? I think it's not that social. I think the anxiety is always personal but it make Because due to the social reason but there are many personal reasons anyone can be you know, anxiety anyone can suffer from anxiety disorder, but the first thing each and every anxiety starts from depression or any kind of, you know, not feeling well or any kind of something and failure. I will say because every anxiety syndrome whatever you are discussing here because it just Just you know gets developed because of stress and stress can comes because of you know, any kind of failure in life either feeling of either failure in exam or either failure in you know, achieving your whatever dream it is. So what is your, you know say upon this thing well said Prashant like a constantly if a person is getting so many failures back-to-back then a particular Gets in depression and that the that thing start developing and that it it becomes social enjoy tea somewhere. So Prashant, I the the main point I wanted to share that people sometime consider it as a normal thing that it happens with people in a normal way, but I think we need to tell the people Prashant that it is a kind of disease that can be cured. Actually, if you will say it is a disease. Yes, I will agree. But actually what happened now, it's not a physical disease it on. It is a psychological disease so it can be cured but in cases of physical disease the role of doctor is very important, okay, but in case of psychological disease like this anxiety disorder, so in this case the role of doctor is in the ratio. Your 5250 with the role of that person because the person has to understand that think that yes, he is suffering from anxiety disorder and he has to you know, try to be happy in doing a small small things getting a small a small win in deadly route day life. If a person is suffering from any anxiety disorder, it may be because of anything because of you know failure in love because of recent breakups mainly most of the people, you know. goes into depression and then that if depression remains for long time, it became their anxiety and you know it one of the reason is more is the performance stress because everyone wants to do well and they are trying so much they are, you know, giving their hundred percent of efforts to become successful and they are not getting success and then I stress develops in their head and then when it remains for the longer time, it became anxiety so I will say You know, they don't have to think of stress and first of all, just if they if each and every one of us, you know start, you know, thinking about the process like if you if you want to become like an IAS officer, so if you start thinking of process like okay, I have to study this much are they and I have to study this much amount of books. So then the performance anxiety automatically You know gets away. But if you think about the result itself either it is a small result or either it is a big result. Then the anxiety will come. Okay. So what's your say about this book end? Yeah, definitely prashanth. Well said as you said the Recently I just told the listeners Prashant that there are two kind of people problem Centric and solutions tantric. So people who are problems Centric they all the time. Think about problem only they just all the time. They comes to that problem only they never think about solution and another person who who they are solutions entry. So they try to find the solution to their problem. So the person who are solution Centric, they never come under social anxiety because they are fully focused on solution only. Yeah. Yeah youyou said perfectly right because we all have ever heard that memes which was viral few days back and it was also viral on Facebook that you know, if you what is the thing which you should have to become successful there was three or four think mentioned attitude hard work and intelligence. So everyone thought it may be hard work or everyone thought it may be the, you know intelligence, but the actual thing is attitude means attitude towards a problem if you think a problem Is like you can solve it problem solve a problem then obviously you are going to win it. And if you think okay the problem can't be solved by you. So definitely you are not going to win and obviously you are going into the depression that is the main difference, you know between those successful people and unsuccessful people or the failures because failures comes in each and everyone's life, but the thing is the attitude of the person determines that He will become successful or not. Like for example, like just we play any game on like Android phone. Okay, I am taking an example of Candy Crush because I know before pudgy everyone has played Candy Crush some time. Okay. So in Candy Crush what happens when we get stuck to a level, okay? It is very common that people will get stuck at any of the level of the Candy Crush. It may be the level 38 maybe the river 50. It depends on your I will say luck and it depends also on your intelligence and IQ also so you let's say a person get stuck at the level of 30. Okay, and if you will say okay, I can't do it. I can't do it. I have tried it for 50 times. I can't do it. So obviously he's not going to play that game and even just, you know, delete it delete the game and if some other person will ask him tell me about the Candy Crush game. Did you like it? So he will say no, it's very boring because actually he he faced the problem and he thought okay this game is not for him or her and they just uninstall the app and they are saying okay. This is not good. Where is the other person? Who is the champion of Candy Crush? Of only one thing because he thought okay. This is a problem. And this is a label in which I bought Esther now. I will try much and I will get over it. And once the person went when he gets over it. I know most of the people have done it because there is one or two level in the can decrease because in which people think it is difficult for them to you know, pass through red label, but when the past that level the other Few levels becomes easy for them. So the winner is like that and the failure the person who feels is the person that does not know how to tackle the problem. So you are right and I hope you understand the situation which I told you and I hope you will explain it much better. So definitely person that you gave a fantastic example by connecting connecting it to the video game called Candy Crush. When you start when you keep passing the level thus confidence keep keep increasing but when you stuck at a level, then you start feeling, you know, unconfident and you start feeling very tired at that time. So at that time you need patience and you need to you know, when you are you have patience now Prashant, then automatically intelligence comes because when you are in hurry, and you are just doing the things that I repeatedly so intelligence Ever takes place in that particular situation. So you need to be very patient to overcome any problem. Any any problem in the world. You have to be very patient and you have to take the help of your intelligence as well as social anxiety is also there that plays a role in app. If a person who is suffering from social anxiety Then first thing that to be aware that what kind of social anxiety you are suffering from. Um, do you like to use you do you like to do you not like to make new friends don't like visit new places. So first of all, you have recognized what kind of social un's itu-r you are suffering from otherwise, you will not able to cure it. Yes, you are right there may be many reasons that a person does not want to meet his friends or relatives and reasons can be many. Okay. It may be a reason that he failed the exam. Okay because of that he don't want to meet anyone or it may be the reason that he thinks or she thinks that in especially in girls. It happens because she thinks she's not looking that great. So she does not want to you know, attend parties and meet new friends. Okay, and With a boy he can think that oh, he's he's very thin e and you know, or it doesn't have that much of clothes. So each and everything. In fact, I smallest thing can cause this anxiety and can cause that person to avoid meeting new person. So basically this is the thing. Okay now coming to the point how to help it out. Okay. Now the now comes the attitude of a person it is it is very okay to avoid meeting with new friends because they are successful and you think you are not successful it is very, okay. It happens with everyone and then again comes the attitude either you have to become that thing or either you have to just you know of avoid the avoid each and everyone around yourself for a whole life. You can do it. You can't do it. You can't just avoid each and every one so only you only have they fight okay fight and overcome your fears overcome your failures, but people realize it I guess people take so much time to realize it that they have only one way and till that time they just avoid family and friends and what just happens if a person is avoiding family and friends for more than one year what just happens is like, you know, he or she get used To be alone. And then what happens whenever he or she goes in a public place or he or she has to you know? I think due to some reason the call has been just disconnected. So you may send with a request again because it was going very good. I think people were enjoying your talk. So if you are still listening to me, you can please send me the request again and then we can we may continue this talk. So as guys you have more like you just you were listening to it. We have come to the let's let me come to the result, you know. Yeah Prashant is back. Hello, can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. There was a network show. Okay. Okay. So you're saying that you were saying that it it takes it up depends upon their attitude after all. Yeah, and after few days, I will say in a year or so when a person is start living alone it I'm since Habit to live alone. Okay, and then when he encountered so many people around him like for example, if he has to attend a wedding in in his relation, and he has to go to his native place and if he encountered so many people length around him to what happens. He will feel somewhat irritated. And then he wants to live alone. And that was that is not anxiety. Actually that is the way of life it simply. It happens with a like a celebrity who used to live alone in a big house. And when I send every T when you will say to a 17-hour come on live in the slums or the chawl in Mumbai. Okay, so what will happen with them? They will definitely get irritated. And you have to force them to stay there for one month or two month after only after then they will become, you know, very normal. So this happened to that person also and if Richard I think some issue a network issues are going on and thank you so much for separating those things as Prashant said he there are two kind of people now. Hello. So definitely there are two kinds of people one who are who they are, you know suffering from social anxiety and another person who are habitual of living alone who are habitual of living without crying, you know, cause they don't like to leave in congested area. They just love to leave alone. So they don't they are note, you know suffering from social anxiety. So thank you so much for listening to us. Thank you so much for showing your interest in Social in git I have discussed so many points. They're like, what is social enjoy it? How can you overcome this? And thank you so much for connecting.