Yes, sir. How are you? Yes. Hi, Samantha. I'm good. What about you and being very good. Thank you so much. Welcome to the digital update show of the day. Thank you. Yes, so let's discuss about something about social media marketing today. All right. Okay, so someone can you tell me how in your daily life? You use social media, right? So when you talk about social media there a lot of platforms, right? So I use different platforms for different reasons. Okay example Facebook stays as a platform to share updates about my personal life and consume updates from my friends Twitter is it stays like an opinion platform where I express my opinion and I consume or read opinions of thought leaders in the industry. Cora for example is a platform for me to get a get an answer to a question and stuff like that. So I use different social media platform for different reason. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I will tell somebody you must be working for some company I guess. So how company you show shil Media to promote their brand or to drive traffic to their website? Which platform you use? Yep. Yep. Is it good question? So yeah, that's that's what is called social media marketing. So before we talk about social media marketing we need to understand that this is obviously like one of the marketing channel, but when you add a social media word before that is it actually means that you have to find out ways, how can you Remote your business using the social media platforms. And as I said you to understand the different platforms nitty-gritties. You cannot really use one strategy for any platform for that matter, right social media marketing if I have to explain you is essentially the use of the social media platforms like Twitter Facebook to connect with your audience to build your brand to increase your sales Drive traffic or engage with your audience this Elves publishing great content and I would say when it comes to great it is it means it should appeal to your customers plus it should be relevant to your brand on the various social media profiles. Also social media marketing is not about just marketing and just promoting yourself. It is also about listening to your audience because on social media when you do marketing it is you also engage with the audience. And in fact, this is the best part about social media marketing that you can Gage it's a two-way marketing. It is not about that. You're just shouting out of nowhere and just trying to promote your brand. It is actually you're trying to engage with the audience and that actually gives the multiplier effect to your brand. Plus it also gives you a very good feedback loop because now you can understand what does your customers or users think about a particular piece of content or your company at large? Yes true the so the content is a solo Of the marketing you write an analysis content plus engagement. You cannot cross for example blogs obviously blog also provide you a medium to allow users to comment but I see a lot of times companies just do blog post and they disable comments. So I'm not yes. It is. Right or wrong. It is the strategy of the company that they just want to broadcast their content. But as I said that that can happen on newspaper or any broadcast or ETL. Like TV or radio or Holdings, right? You can do marketing. Yes, but the problem with these methods are that the engagement is very very limited because when you do a print ad you can obviously right a phone number or website or body called the email address where the users can reach out to you for the feedback or or kind of concern right? But because the medium changes at your wedding use paper, you would not actually go and call somebody stuff like that the power of social media It is that when you are consuming content on any platform, you can actually then and there respond to that content and or probably share it in your network. So this is the power of social media marketing content is definitely the soul of it but I would say the body of it is is engagement and understanding that ultimately you're dealing with a set of users who have all the reasons and options to not consume or engage or share your content. If you have that kind of empathy with the user and don't try to just promote your brand but actually understand the users and create a Content which appeals to them and which is in line to your brand as a strategy. Yes. Yes, so I would like to talk to you so math and one more topic that is recently. I'm not very sure if you are aware of this update and digital marketing or not that the Instagram have come with a feature where in their lying to disable the like feature means if I I5 is it to your profile in Instagram? I can't see in any of your post how many likes you have so is basically they're trying this feature in the US as of now. So what do you think? Is it a other taking a good step in closing this feature? I think I would not be the right person to comment about it right now because I'm very sure they would have looked at a lot of data and they would know. Customer and users better than anybody else but still if you asked me to comment, I think that if I contemplate probably the reason they might be thinking about it is that sometimes what happened that you actually get biased about the content when you look at the number of likes and and that actually makes you like or not like something which is which might not be entirely true because you should like a Content based upon the content and not because people are liking it or not. Liking it and at the same time somebody does not like a particular thing people think that it is not worthy of liking and they don't want to it's like a social confirmation, right? If everybody's liking people like to like if nobody is liking people don't like to like so this actually results in to the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer and and then it becomes it does not the platform does not remain completely unbiased and I would say Democratic for organy that could be the reason that they're trying to say that you should take an Call and like something if you really like it not really worrying about number of likes a particular picture or image or post has got yes. Yes. Yes so completely agree with your point. But I feel some of the it could it's good if you're promoting yourself, it's good if you have a like button because there is a because we can always look on your like Matrix also because it helps the brand and the end. Speed to know themselves if it's products for them are doing well and it even helps the customers to know. Okay, this brand is going because at times some of the times if we are purchasing any product or we are talking about something we are not aware of that brand. So what people do people usually go to Instagram and check out their pages. So if they don't have the like button it's little difficult for a user and customer to take a step and want to check about that and if you want It it over the ice to go ahead and purchase that product or not. This is my point on this but I completely agree with your point is Will Smith. So I'm not very sure. I have not read the update. So they're two different things you are saying this if you do to like a post and second thing you're saying that showing number of likes, so if you are saying that they are not going to show the number of likes but they will still allow you to like a particular post and the Creator actually can see how many people have liked it. So I think if I am, Out wrong. I don't think that Instagram would remove the future of like because that's a very good feedback. As you said what I understand what you said and which I think probably is possible that they would not show the number of people who have like that post. So these are two different things. It's like when you are going to cast a vote, let's say I ask you an opinion that we would like to your coffee. I show you the results of that post or the vote or the opinion count after you voted so that your opinion does not get changed because of a lot of people are liking of you and you would look like a fool if you say I like T. So that is a different approach second. What you're saying is that people will not have an option of liking that I would not believe if that is happening Frankly Speaking. I need to put my head together and release ra do more research and try to find out why are they doing it? In that case? They would remove the comment feature in that case. They would remove posting the photograph in the first place. I don't think that they will remove like feature probably they would just disable the number of Alright, cool. So let's let's let's let's check more about it before we talk about it further. But yeah, and that's it from my side right now our stuff. Okay? Okay. I'm the one more think I would like to talk on Instagram itself like this test. If you see some of the brands like Nike and this one, I guess it's Puma or some other than I'm not very sure about The brand name they have given the feature of check out. Right. Also after that a person can go to their Instagram page and they can buy the product of some of the Brand's not every brand and they can check out from there itself. So what do you think going at going ahead it would be hampering other people also business because I feel it would be hampering because there are then there is no requirement of a website itself. You can go to social media. You can check out from there itself. What do you mean by hampering the other people business? So see like, There are many people who have built their website for different e-commerce some are doing in different different sectors. I mean, so if I go to the if I go to the in so some of the brands as of now are allowed to do the check out all the brands have they have not given the right. Got it. So I see I don't think that this is the way you should think about that. What will it Emperor or not Emperor? I think essentially as I said, the user is at the core of any product or any Behavior change and an Autumn, it's like a water like it flows in the way which is most natural. So if I think that social commerce is big thing and it's going to get just get just bigger and when people are engaging with the brand, so we are talking about social media. Marketing where essentially the biggest job of marketing is to tell a story engage with your customer and make a sale. So if you can all do that at one single platform, I think the the user does not have to really change the medium when they are liking some particular thing. They can actually go and buy things then and there that one of time itself which the great power great possibility. So I think that I don't have a second thought that Instagram would not go deeper and stronger and more. Passive in this direction wave if they will allow more Brands to integrate the checkout option and allow allowing users to also buy stuff. So I think Instagram is going to get bigger in e-commerce and obviously e-commerce has multiple power right the discovery and the logistics. Yes. So Logistics is already taken care by lot of e-commerce companies and these e-commerce companies if you were referring to that and when it comes to hampering, I think they also have a logistic platform Logistics. for me, so I think that that is still going to continue just that the discovery of the products will not only be on the e-commerce website, but also on the social media platforms, which I think is goalie going to help the user and essentially as I said any product should actually really try to make the life of the user simpler and if the integration is seamless the users will tell you so the verdict verdict is still out not out that will that work, but I think if you are doing anything Keeping users in mind that should work. So I'm quite bullish about Instagram going aggressive in this direction and I am hopeful that this indicates my thing might become mainstream experiment for them. Okay, okay. Okay. So thanks so much for the digital update show of the day. It was really nice to have you on the show. Thank you and have a great day. Bye hey.