Who is solving all the queries or doubt related anguished right? If you are English speaker, or if you want to learn English or you are speak English, but you face some problem any kind of problem. If you face we are here to solve each and every car is whatever your face, right, so we're ready to take question. If anybody is interested, they can call us we will request right we will receive you can request us a call. We will receive it. Right so if you have any if None of you have any kind of doubts littering this you can call us. We will be accepting your calls, right? This podcast and this episode if you can say is basically to solve all the queries related to English problems that you speak right? So if you having any kind of problem in English-speaking, you can request me to answer all the things that you are facing right? So I'm ready to answer all your queries. If anybody is interested, they can call us. So what all over I will be discussing in this right? So the few thing I want you all to know is that don't be afraid to make mistakes around yourself in English practice every day. Tell your families and friends about your study plan practice the four core skills. What's that that is reading writing speaking and listening. Keep a notes of whatever. You learn English, right? So where I mean keep a notebook of new words you learn right? These are the things that you have to do. So they business going screwing her called request. So let's join it. Guys be sure that you are in a proper network connection right that may create some kind of problems. Let's see whether this call will be possible or not. Okay. Hello. Unfortunately the network problem Rises and The call was. Disabled. Okay. No problem. If anybody if DP if you are in a proper network connection, please do check it again. And if you want to request it again, I will be appreciating that right. So if anybody wants to ask anything and related you can even comment. If you don't want to talk you can comment that will appreciate a lot. Please do like my podcast if you really appreciate my work. So what I will be telling all thing here, right? So I will be talking about your improvement where the kind of what are the things that you must do and there are a lot more thing that you should know while you speak English, right? So there's a lot of things and once you practice all the things you will probably speak English as fast as you want so as with no doubt if you want to speak English not just speak English any kind of language that you are interested or either. you are trying to learn or either you are trying to if you have a purpose, right if you are learning something you must have a purpose and if you are learning for something something like if you want to join a company if you want a job if you want to start your own business, or if you want to establish or Start your own Academy that this language will be helping you a lot because this is the most valued and most speaking language in the whole world, right? So if anybody in the interested in talking to me, like I will be accepting their calls. Uh-huh. Okay. Yeah. So the things that I would like to tell you all guys that don't give up stay positive sometime. You will feel that you are not learning quickly enough right? Sometimes you may feel like that but that's not the end right guys. You have to keep practice right? Everyone feels like this. Don't worry about it. You will get there in the end. Right whatever you are learning in English. You will get all the It's all the basics are there. It can be a vocabulary word power or the grammar. You are learning or you are practicing, right? So everyone face the same problem in the starting when they start speaking English, right? But the end of that they will engage all the things that they love to do right deepest calling a second. Let's pick up him his call and see whether he is in proper network connection or not. Okay. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you for calling us Deb. As I am audible. Hello. Hello. Hello, this is I am Audible. Okay, so please guys douchebag make a show that you are in proper network connection then request me a call. Right? So if you're not facing any kind of network issues, you can request a call that will be a really appreciate it. I so as I said everyone feel the same they give up or so early. They do not feel positive they because they are surrounded with the negative people. These are the thing that really downgrade and demotivate the those guys who try to earn or learn something new, right? These are the few basic things that are opposed the followed in the nature, right? So if you want to come out of all these things we are here to support you or guys. And if you have any kind of question anything that you are related and if you want to learn something new amazing and inspiring build you can be customer: you can Call you all the courtesan related question that you want to ask to me, right? I will be here to solving all the queries and everything to what you need and let's discuss a few tips and tricks that you can apply while you Spirit take a deep breath. Yes, that is good. Whenever you're taking a trip bit you get nervous right? And if you don't want to get nervous, you have to take a deep breath so that it is more easier you to speak English right? Whenever you are speaking that will be easier right? I really Yet you they as you are commenting and you are participating in my podcast. I really appreciate that man, but unfortunately. You are not in a proper network connection. I will irrigate for that but you please make sure that you follow me. We will talk later. You can request me a call. We will talk. We will be talking later right once you get the proper network connection. I really appreciate that man, and people who are listening my podcast they can like me so that it really motivate me to speak more. There are a lot of things that if you want to learn English, you must translate the English words to your own native language that if you want to have fluency, if you want to have the confidence if you have something that's the most of the people don't have put those all things you have to translate all the things that you learn in the native English. Look guys. I can speak a lot as I'm speaking right so I can even speak like an American even I some sort of British or even faster as I am swing, right? Right, but more than faster. I'm speaking right now, but I do not speak in this variety because most of the people like you all and most of the people are others who don't understand the English as as faster as so what I am trying to do. I am just a normalizing whatever I having right so that each and everyone who is listening my podcast could understand it. But so what is mmm What is a motor was speaking more than what you know, right even if if there's a gap in between the communicator and the conversation going on right? So that's why I'm speaking in my toned as so that it could be possible for all you guys to hear. If you guys have any kind of problem any kind of issue any kind of things that you are facing while you are learning English. You can tell me right. So the next tip that I want to share with you. All is that record your own voice right? Whenever you record your own voice you are practicing it. That right. So whenever you try to stake you must record all your voice and try to start a speech topic, right? So sure is want to talk to us. So let's just pick up his call. Okay, let's see. Hello. Hello. Thank you for calling us urea I Hi, how are you? I'm good. What about you? I'm good. Thank you. So we're gonna be facing in English improve my English. Yeah, and I have we will stop your call. Once we ended with Surya Surya what you were talking about. I'm sorry you can you believe it aloud if you don't mind is I am audible. Hello? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so I was asking what? What's your question, man? I want to improve my English. Okay, so just want into English or any kind of other thing that you want to add in this set. Sometimes grammar mistakes. Okay. Anything else MTI problem? Okay anything else? Okay, so the so the most important the basic than things that you want to learn English as fast as as you can right. Yeah so that you can speak fluently, right? Yeah without any grammar vocabulary and without any kind of mistakes in making English, right? So the first and most important thing that I would like to suggest you have you ever recorded your voice? Yeah, so if you are recording your voice, that's great. And do one thing do you use YouTube? Yeah. So in YouTube, there's a channel called as as named as team Fearless. Okay. Hee-hee-hee am Fearless. Okay, then what you have to do you have to just watch their videos and they speak in a different tone, right? They modulate The Voice. What do you have to do? Just download any kind of videos of this and just try to copy them? Okay, when you start copying all the things that they're saying all the words all the grammar than just what I love you too team fear is tem. Okay fear F.E.A.R. Less Ellie SS. For Lisa Kelly SS. Yes team Fearless Okay, they create motivation is okay. They cut it. What is it right. I'll get there. I didn't get you a question man. DEA MFE ARR tem space space Fearless clear F.E.A.R. Ellie SS Okay team Fearless. Telling you so what I was telling you you just have to copy down all the content all the word that his secret. So they use modulation. They use sound modulation, right? Whenever they speak they speak with the sound pollution. Like they sometimes use the software. They sometimes use had okay, so let me give you an example. we're talking about environment right so you can speak like Our involvement is so wonderful that there are so drastic change in the environment. They're the human are facing and because of the human that we create it understand. Sometimes you have to be so fast, and then you have to be slow and sometimes you have to speak louder, right? So this is our correlation and when you hear all the episode of Team Fearless, you will get the all the ideas that are what I am want to tell you, right? Okay that A lot in order to solve the all the thing that you are facing if you know the basically that will help you a lot and if you don't know the basic English, you just need to practice it right. So what you have to do and just take down take down a Car Any kind of article any kind of speech, right? Okay, just note it down and just try to speech and try to speak here or either debate, right? Okay, you have to involve in speech or either you are. Been warming debate that will help you a lot. Okay potion. All right. Thank you so much. Okay. Where are you from? I'm from Rocky darken. How are you from India? Great, and happy Independence. I'm not happy Republic Day already read. Thank you for calling. Take care. Have a nice day. God bless you. Thanks. so and I are you there if you can request and I am Okay, so guys we have we have Anaya. Let's see whether she is in proper network connection or not. Okay. Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? Fine? Thank you for asking and same to you. So what's the question? I just want to improve my English as well as of February 13. I will talk to you once I ended with an Ayah, and then I have continued but you are speaking about And I just want to improve my English. Yeah, what should I do easy way? So you want to improve your vocabulary? Okay? Okay, so let me tell you two how many so how many times you give to a to English language? How many time you practice English? Actually, I don't have time because I miss times during I'm doing my masters. Okay? Okay. Okay, and I just want to improve my vocabulary. That's the problem what I'm freezing. Okay, so I just have a few tips for you. Right what you have to do. You have to first of all analyze the purpose right? If you are learning English, as you said you don't have time by you rmse student you are doing Masters and you don't have a time and also you want to speak English. So without even you don't have time, but you want to speak English, right? Yes, you have to find the special. Hours the special time in which you can speak English because without and you can't speak right? Yeah time is required for every word. So what do you have to do? Just just grab this all word of what I am saying? You have to take out a dictionary, right? So inform the dictionary just select the word that you like, right? Just take down the dish now. And yeah from all from this ternary, whatever the words you like just note it down and start using those word inside the suggestive number of words. How can I pick C like, for example, there were some like internal logic if I say in packable desire right Zell, there are lots more you can just like in case You can use this words. And so that this will improve the way you speak right? If I say it's rare. It's very it's very infirmity to talk to you now or I may say like it's very impactful to talk to you now, so you can see the DraStic change in both the sentences, right? Yeah. So what do you have to do? You have to just pick out those sentences that you love speaking right when you see that word you will be in love. That word if you want to speak it because every word sounds different, right? Yeah, the you have to analyze which words around sounds better for you in your niche in your area. Right? As you said you are MSC students. So there's a lot more time then we when you are will be getting a chance to speak a lot right in your presentation in in your PP t or any kind of work that you do what what in seminars and all. I had a guy in seminars and my English is so bad that I won't get good marks in seminars enhancement. Okay. So first of all when you are paying for seminar or PPD anything, you have to be very confident, right and when so my question is when you will be getting confidence. When I am very much clearer with my topic and when I have a very good hold on my communication. Look I just want to make one thing clear right here. And is that if you want to command in any kind of language or when you speak right whenever you speak so what do you have to do? You have to talk about the topic of your interest, right? If you don't have interest in politics don't talk about politics because you will And somewhere right? So what do you have to do? You have to take command whether you have a command in technology in science, as you said you are since you are doing em in which different you are doing Mastery in biotechnology in biotechnology. What's your country? India India and you are from we are very bad in any Nation glad to tell you you know that I do have completed my ba see if from biotechnology. That's great. Yeah, that's great. It's a science way to feel and actually it's a resistance research for you to feel right you get a lot of chance to speak a lot. About this feels so not a problem. What do you have to basically do just focus the word that really excite you write and talk about only those Topic in which you have a command right don't include on neither you involve yourself in those topic or conversation in which you don't know anything because if you don't know anything, you will be start thinking and fumbling your words because you don't know about the topic, right? Yeah, these things will really help you a lot. And if you want to learn either vocabulary or grammar, you must follow two things. You must follow the dictionary. As I said select the word that you love right so that you don't run out of wood and the second thing as I suggested earlier speaker just to go and watch the Youtube videos right? Some Americans videos are either there. As I said the team Fearless right just go. And once check out their videos, you will really and definitely love it because the way they speak that will really inspire you Lord to speak more, right? Yeah. What what what do you do? What I do I must see you and founder of Wiki Creator who love twins create a business studies and business plan for the people, right? I create a lots of start-up ideas and share all of this my ideas in free of course for the people because as you can see, there are a lot of people in the world who are charging for this ideas and business strategies or plan, right? So I am just creating all this. Of all these things and providing all the people of India and the world in free of cost. This is my work great job. Okay, you can follow me in I if you if you want to talk me personally anything about biotechnology. Okay? Yeah sure and you will be glad to know I am a researcher to I have my own research in different areas, but it's not the topic of interest in this this speech, right? So I'm not involving all this are you can follow me and request me a call if you want to talk to me on this topic, right? Okay anything any other question? Here if that's okay. Okay, bye-bye. Okay, man, so it's a time to pick up the searching searching called. Let's see what it says. Nasim PhD Permanent head damage. Hello. Hello. How are you today? Sir? Actually, I see that you are English speaking is quite good sir. It's impressive English-speaking that the way you are talking. Thanks, man. Thanks. Actually sir. You talk like you like every just improve my English and just make a command in vocabulary is because you see that talking proper English, okay. So you want to laugh. So how you can improve like right we are ya sir means I can talk in English, but the way that the American accent English like the American pitching or like the Indian also preaching. I mean I can alter recall the words. Okay, if I don't debate with anyone, okay? Horatio we will talking to you and we will accept your call once I and it was searching and searching. I just want to answer your question right as you ask you want to speak in the fluent and in the clearway, right? So you must need terminology of speaking you speak in that page so that it will be understood and understand by the two people right to whom in between the conversation is going on, right? Okay person to whom you are speaking if he convinced with the word that Speak so your conversation is complete right? Otherwise, it's in completed. Right? Right. Right, right. So as I suggested, there are there are few things that I suggested to the few people who already are asked this quotable things to me as I suggested them to watch the Youtube video of Team Fearless, which will tell you a lot about let me complete such a okay when you tell you a lot about sound modulation, right? Hmm. Just give you a lot of thought and vision to how to speak more right how to speak in that way how to modulate your voice how to create what power When you speak right, so these are the thing you will get when you listen team Fearless on YouTube right thing and the next thing you want to improve your word power there the first and the most important thing is that you must learn things from dictionary, right? Okay, if you learn yourself if you just search the dictionary, there are a lot of words that that's really going to excite you that will excite you, right? Like impact sure. They're okay giving advice regarding the dictionary because if you want grab the vocabulary, we can see the deeper Channel regarding the table and we see the newspapers like I do I love to read a newspaper like the Hindu or Times of India. So dictionary is like a bloke once I see the dictionary. Yeah one thing I just want to tell you. What is the difference between the newspaper or the debate? Channel or the debate series and what the difference in between them and the dictionary? What's the difference between let me clarify the difference difference is that the whole people even the newspaper or the debate people? They also use those words from definitely right? They are used to the kind of words from dictionary. You have to understand whether your Niche whether you word that you want to pronounce that you want to use right if he's kind of words are available for available in the debate or in newspaper. That's really good for you. Right and if those yours and the area of Niche that you are interested in the technology or either politics anything that you love and if those murders not involved in those dictionary either debate, right? Sorry neither in a newspaper or debates. So you have to go through the scenario at in order to find those word. Because this medieval and days more than thousand thousands of Birthright, you will find a most of them that will excite you a lot and when you include those continuous speech in your sentence that will really that will really work that will really engage the engage the people to whom which you are talking right, but sir, it is very difficult to 1 we see the dictionary. It's a huge book measure it has a lot is as I said not as story Okay, huh was first of all, you have to understand the basic originally word. That is not a it's not a story that you have to cover everything. Right? It's something most selective thing is the most elliptical if you love anywhere any kind of what I am not pressurizing you to just go through this words, right? It's upon you that whatever you want to like, you can select it right-click and choose what kind of wood that excitin you should not go through all the words because Just imagine as I said, everything will not going to help you out. Right? Right, right. Right, right. So whenever you are whenever any when you whenever you grow through additionally whenever you find a word that really excite you like the word impact will excite me a lot, right? Yes. I have written my book. I would like to tell you I have written a book which is named the brand impact cable Universe right in which I have included this this word impact cable because I loved it because it excite me a lot. These are the things that you will be getting a lot when you start using the study and that's why I'm suggesting people to start it because most of the people don't write and in today's world. There's it is digital platform. Right? So everything is available. Everything is available. You have to find the reason to accept the things that that nobody's doing you have to be different. If you want to print from the crowd you have to do something out of out of box right that nobody sing. So this is what I want. Like I want you to know. And what about the sir pitching style like accent if you want if I want to some different action, like I'm doing my beauty. So I want to do Ms. In other countries teaching is a modem accent American accent English is more important than if you go in a broad cities, okay. Let me clear you one thing that if you create a mistake while speaking English in India, right? Hmm, it might create a problem for you because most of the people create Mistaken in there, but the what happened in India the Indian people create start teasing him, right? Yes, yes. Yes, no part and decreed joke of it but but in for it does not happen. Yeah in foreign if you speak and try to speak English, they will really appreciate it, right. Right. Right, right. I really appreciate all the guys who are committing it because it really appreciate me a lot to speak more. Thanks everybody and such and I want to tell you that if you skate a mistake in while speaking in foreign when you revisit foreign where or when you go about right so that case they will appreciate you and they will teach you how to speak. Right? So, you know in that platform it will not be your fault as because they will be teaching you a lot. Right? But if you have list and one thing if you try to speak American accent in this in this country lot of people will I'm going to understand you because most of the people don't understand even the simple English language, right? But you know once I get my once I finish my beer take if I get a job if I get a job in MNC companies like I will because I see the most of the my seniors are getting the job in MNC company after after one or two years if they completed their projects and some way there. We are getting project like the foreign project and Indian project American project. So there is a compulsion there is a compulsion to have a same extent because there is a priority Well, if you have that much accent level so you will get a dead project. So that's why I'm asking sir. Look as I said as I said, you must have a purpose before you do something, right? Yeah, right. So as I already said you must have a purpose and as you are describing your purpose, so if it's important for you, you can learn it, right. Mhm. So all you can have your question is how you okay? Okay continue. Yes, I will go ahead. I'm sorry. So I was telling you if you want to learn American English if you are interested in that there's no doubt. What do you have to do? You can do two things, right? Even I practice a lot in American accent, right? But what actually happened I was rounded When I visit rachi, right, there's not there's a lot of people who don't speak English even though American accent for with the America about the American SM right? They speak Hindi right most of the people here speak. What actually happened I was surrounded with those people who speak Hindi so what happened? I decorated my language proficiency, right my vocabulary grammar and everything goes they are degraded. So what I am telling you if you want to maintain the level that you are in right if you maintain your American accent level, you have to be involved food with those people who speak very well English, right? First of all creation. Okay, how how would I get those people connected serve because I say that this app is getting only the listening and few are giving the proper with Michelle. So like I see that you are in a properly giving their appropriate answers about what I see most of the different calls are not available here. So is there any app to connect me of the first of all what I want to tell you there's a purpose in life right agree. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, all the people have different. Different kind of agreement with their life what they want to do how they want to do. Right? So, yes, let's rise each and everybody to speak American descent or the English language, right because everybody is satisfied with their own because everybody have their own purpose in their life. So what I want to tell you find those people who share the same Purpose with you it may be you are finding them in Facebook WhatsApp YouTube or in even in open top, right? Yeah, you have to find those because it's your life and you going to create it as you want. Yes, sir. Okay. So if any question you have it's yellow how I think how would you improve your English because I see that you are from Hindi medium. By the way that you're talking. I have to go to Hindi medium guy. How would you improve your English at this level? The very clear one thing there's a lot of guy who speak to man. They ask that you don't speak American accent. You don't speak in motion or either your sound your voice. You are pretending like an American accent, right? So I want to make one thing clear that we all are Indian. Yes. We are not born with American accent dang, right? We all are in we all know Hindi right? So what we have to be understood if you all speak Hindi we Upgrading ourselves to the language of English. All right, right. We are just trying to speak in that way and it's all upon us that how much level we want to create either. We want to create the language of American accent or British accent or any kind of language that right. So let's it's all the level that you want to achieve the from the basic English to The American or British slang with that that you want to achieve. So it's all the level about right so as that you practice and to which area you are practicing this all to think Define. your level what I'm thinking if you are trying to trying to learn from American accent from those people who are still learning that right even right, you will not going to understand the basic because those people are still learning. So you have to learn from those people who are already exporting those pills from for example for the from the people who has from us, right? Right, right. So what do you can do is you can just watch all the kind of videos from Bill and you can or you can watch movies and YouTube you can watch and listen songs in English. Right? Right, and I'm listening. I'm listening. I'm currently watching this TV series also in English. Okay, that's great. So what I do and how I improve I just watch everything in English, for example, I surround myself with English things, right what it included may include it include ways things like I I used to listen English songs, watch English movies and learn from various things like a English podcast articles, right and I practiced a lot more than I listen. I practice a lot right? So this practicing has enhanced a lot in me wait and I can okay. Well how how many word we have to practice in a day? Like, is there any a Target that we have to practice in this kind of the Words you one thing right now libraries and something like like if is in many jobs, right? There's a criteria of speaking American accent right as usual. So what do you do? If you want to stick the American accent you have to follow the American descent Rule and in order to learn those rules, you have to follow the American guy, right? And where you find American guys, you will find them directly from YouTube just go visit him was all the videos if you like them right and try to practice the same time when they speak right now really is a jar parallel if they say water instead of water. They say water right? You have to grab those wood and start practicing practicing it in the same time. And don't try to speak all those work with the with the people to whom you are talking like right now you're talking to me. So whenever you when you just understand my this wood Whatever you talk to somebody right? You understand them. What's the level right? Okay talk in between their level as because if you talk too high or talk too low. It will not be connecting the conversation in proper way. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm talking with you. I am modulating my word power. I'm motivating my grammar vocabulary understand my pronunciation simple. Yeah. I'm trying to be so simple. All to the people so that each and everybody who isn't listening is forecasted understand me right here. I see I see many kinds of the interviews like different kind of interviews. I see like if You observe the presentation like Cricket presentation, the representative are speaking in a very clear way. I follow the revision history. His English is quite good. Yeah, and even though I follow the Amazonia also so that way Are docking it's a very easy to understand. Okay, solo button. What if the foreign guy are coming in the same presentation? Like if I see the foreign creators like Australian cricketer, you have English very well, but I can't grab those word what he's saying. Yeah, so what's the diff? What is the basic difference and the same sentence? When is it by Indian? And when the same word is by Foreigner the the basic difference in the way of expression there is In the word, right? Right right side, for example, they used this sound modulation. First of all, they they feel it and then they say the most common thing that way Indian create a mistake while speaking English. We don't feel it and we just say, right? Okay what I thought what I mean from this if you kill the card first of all before saying it to the person to whom you are talking then you will be doing two things. You will be commanding your English fluency. See and the second thing the use speak in the proper way because you are realizing all your thoughts and Visions in your head. You are not start that thinking right? Okay. I'm going to stick this in that and I'm upset right you will like indirectly we build content confident itself. Yes, sir. Any other question Legend not really times, but thanks for helping system. Okay. Okay. Thanks a lot, man. Okay. Thanks a lot. Okay. So Boop endure? Okay. Let's pick up his call. Let's see what he says. Gatsby do like my podcast if you really love enjoying it. Hello. Hi, we create a how are you? I'm really good and thank you for calling us. Yeah, so hi to all the listeners who are listening to us right now. So the point is here that everybody is listening to English. Everybody is getting the word but the main problem come around here like they are no English well, so do you feel some time like a great English trainer said once like speaking come by speaking. So the problem arises here is the only that they are they don't try to speak and they are afraid of being insulted being just by others. So I wanted to add their this this most important thing that whoever is listening to us the guys you have to focus on when you're speaking. Part, okay every day you are you are learning English how by listening to others but it is learning only the second most important part comes where you have to apply those things where you have to implement those things then it will be a great part of learning. Otherwise, you are not doing anything if you have materials and if you are not using that material, I think that material is totally worthless. Useless. Okay. So I want to hear the things that hinder said and added a very beautiful point right here. So he said in the basically basically, he said you not just to listen you have to practice right but Bender. Yes, absolutely. So let me let me make it more clear for you all what actually happened when you listen when you listen and don't practice you all the word and all the learning in your head in your mind is Spencer. Sustained is been stored for a short period of time but when you practice those things those words or those listening what actually happened you sustain or store those kind of knowledge information and are with all the those data for a longer period of time and that's helped you a lot to speak to include those word or information when you speak right whooping exactly we get Creator. That's what I wanted to convey and the and one more thing. I want to say here. Like do you remember guys? Like how did you learn your native language? Like the language you speak right now fluently. How did you learn by listening to others? And then trying like when you were a child did you ever afraid of being just by anyone? No, you never got afraid of anything. You just try and did you remember those moment when you use to speak like you used to you used? Used to Fumble you used to cut the words and there were times when you are not able to speak words clearly, but gradually stole slowly and steadily you started getting the words you started observing like how elders people are speaking the words. So the same process goes here. Also, you have to observe you have to carefully what are the overall conversation means you have to be Shameless speaker, right? You have really great exactly. You don't have to give a thing. You don't give you don't have to give us anything to the people. Who are you don't have to mind the people who are thinking about you. You have to be Shameless speaker, right? Exactly. And what on he'll just say whatever you feel just say, you will gradually improve everything that you are currently having an facing, right? Definitely definitely and may I add to 3 more points if you don't mind sure sure. So guys if you are listening carefully then listen to this point also that English after all it is just a language guys. Just don't make a big bug out of it just don't think that it is a thing that you cannot achieve. It comes by practice. Don't take it. Like don't consider that it is. The logical thing it comes by you may say there is a there is a term called retina and in English, it is called hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes, so what all of Bender want to convey you all guys that there's a very basic thing that you have to understand in this in this world in this world in which we are living mostly in. Ah, but what actually happen if you learn English if you can speak English, then you are in an intelligent guy right super Pender want to add this point that the people who are adding it like they are English is than the sign of intelligence e it's not it's a Justin language and you have to understand the language right and you have to read it like a like an Droid language. If you have a purpose, then you must learn it. If you don't have a purpose, you should not learn it as bigger is not a part of literacy. It's not a part of earning money or it shows your audits a sign of intelligence / open the exactly Okay. Okay Vicki. Let's move make it more inspiring and interesting. Yeah, so tell us tell us like, how did you start learning English? Did you feel obstacle like did you face obstacles? Did you face problems when you started and everybody who is speaking right nor has started his earlier Journey. Everybody will gradually face the some kind of problem in their life, right it the problem could be Any kind of things but the basic problems are they will they met stuck somewhere? They will be facing the problem whenever they speak. They sometimes forget the word this sometime they take time they take a lot of time in thinking the words, right? So these are the basic problem that most of the people do and even you have this you even you have a facing the same problem, right exactly. So what I did actually there a lot of people to whom I was surrounded with who speak English very well, right, but that really not inspired me a lot to speak English whenever they try to speak speak English in front of me or this they want in they inspire me to speak English. Then I was not in the mood to speak read write because I don't have a purpose right now because I don't feel like you're speaking so you must not being pressurized from the people. Don't you write you have to feel it and then you have to practice it because practicing without purpose will suddenly and some short of you will end somewhere right without practice without willing to speak you will send somewhere. So what do you have to do and what I did I understand the position of in my life that wears its demand a lot English language which demand a lot English language because I started public speaking as enrolled. I at enrolling in the public debate in that kind of scenario. It's really motivate me and it's my inner will so to speak English more efficiently and fluently, right? So while practicing in the speech and debate I created conference side me, and this helped me a lot in while I am speaking. Okay. Okay. That's great. The say I think the the story can inspire a lot of people like when you when you face many problems initially. So it is a process you have to face some problem in your life it is it is okay that if you are making mistakes and really if you are making mistakes, it means that you are learning you are growing if you are not making any mistake, which means that you Are stuck in somewhere. So keep me making mistake keep learning from them and keep growing. This is the all where we we learn in our life. Keep making the mistake and keep learning never stuck on a point where you think like somebody will come and we'll start judging. No, there is nobody nobody's perfect there around you. Everybody is learning you have to you have to keep your keep you yourself all the time. I'm motivated for you you have to Very clear with the one thing that if a person is creating a time to judge you that's might not be the right person to whom you are living with right because I want to just clear one thing. If a person living without a purpose without a dream without a choice without a goal what he want to achieve then he may get a time to create a joke out of any kind of for any kind of person right? If you are living with a businessman, even if you are living with a professional teachers if you are Living with the profession any kind any person who is in profession right other he want to become something in his future something the dream in his eyes. If you leave leaves some this kind of people what actually happened you will not face this kind of judgment that because they don't have to time. They don't have time to judge you so you have to be very clear with the thought that to which guys you are involved in and which friend Circle you have right? So you have to make one this thing's clear if you don't have friends circle. Which really motivate you motivate you to speak or learn or set your goals. You have to leave those circles. I'm not just saying you have to leave your friends just create a distance between as so that you can learn something new because if you are thinking that you are in that circle with does not allow or motivate you to speak or learn something new so that might create a problem in your life because everyone has to live their own life their own destiny at the end. Definitely and also you added that point like if you are doing something purpose less than it might not make you an ascetic or motivated you added that point here very fantastically believe me. It reminds me the story when I started my journey of learning English. I may not sound that much great at at the current level, but I have that confidence. So it was the time when I passed my Well standard and I was very I was average at English. So what happened? I had to take admission in a hotel management college. So I went there for entrance exam. I went there and I joined the students there were so many students who could speak in English very well. They were fluent and they were confident. I was very average at English so high could hardly speak few words in English still I had That much confidence to speak in front of many people. So so I went there then I came to realize that English matters a lot in this modern era if you want to survive if you want to grow then I came back from there. I did my interview but somehow I realize that English matters a load. Then I came I came my home and I didn't have any material aback at the 2016. It is the story I am. Ling you guys it is a story of when I hit was year 2016. I had a book of my mother and it was around 25 years old. The book was very old the end up Pages were very rough and pale. I took that book. I started reading I started speaking to myself. I I did not have anybody with me to talk with I just started doing by myself only and you will not believe me. Iki crater it took me only three hardly three months to become better than average and I went back to that entrance exam and I got I cleared that exam and I got selected for that. So rattling man, congratulations, thanks. Thank you so much with this story. I want to convey my this message only that if you have purpose and if you give yourself a deadline to something guys eat the work which is which you are thinking that you are going to complete in one year now, and if you are giving deadline to that work only six months, I think it will be done in six months. So inherit books would have Point as they are. The deadline right? So what is the meaning of deadline let make this things to be clear. So when you add deadline to something the chances and the probability of completing that work will be higher right? If you want to achieve if you want to complete if you want to accomplish or if you want to construct and deconstruct anything that that you are willing to do if you prefer put the deadline, that's the scenario that work or that thing will be going to complete or taking a less time. In order to compete right? So these things you have to understand why this things happen because when you put deadline for something it gradually remind you that the time is going investing investing in our and you have less time day by day. You will be reminding yourself because you have put the deadline, right? So how this deadline. Were you the simple example that you can get you do you even you don't study for your exam site? You don't study You don't study but when I what actually happens when the exam comes and the date shapes arise you start putting those things in your head, right? And you start thinking like I must study I must study right even if you don't study that's your problem. But even though that's you will get a reminder in your head that you have to study you have to sit That's The Power of deadlines. Definitely and that's what we usually do when we do the preparation before two days exams, and we do it very energetically. And very seriously we do this and we we are able to learn so many things within two days and that's that thing which we were supposed to do in the whole year then we start doing in within two days. So that's the power of deadline guys. If you give a deadline to your any tasks in your life, it will be completed within the deadline that you will be giving to the task. Thank you so much Vicki greater for connecting me for having me with you on this conversation it was Wonderful meaningful and in I'm a team talking to I Really Love Dogs you really inspired a lot of listeners. Thank you so much and the gray the work you are doing Ricky greater. I think it is very inspiring work, and I will I will definitely like to praise it and keep it up. Thank you so much. Thank you, man. Thank you. So guys he really inspired me a lot because when you connect and when you can connect a lot of people with your words, right and this really engaged lots of many organs if you want to talk to me, you can request a call, right? Deepest saying I'm finding difficulties to join on call because they bur facing a network issue. That doesn't allow you to make a call, right? GI brother Hi Sachin. I may face a problem to pronounce a lot of language lots of name the comment section as because it's really confusing. I want to communicate effectively and efficiently like so if you want to communicate in English, if you want to improve your English, there's a lot of things that you can do there. Like if you talk a lot start talking less first of all, start talking less and start thinking more and then you have to do then you have to practice those words and then you have to start right? So what I mean to say you have to practice the things that you love don't like You can create a speech and you can create a debate on the topic that that's that's from your Niche right so that it can it can really appreciate you a lot to speak more and more. So these are the thing that I want to add in this episode. So it's already one are so I can't accept anybody's else call. So, please sorry, and if you want to request more called you can follow me and you can request me call so that you can we can personally talk, right? I will personally talking to each and everybody just follow me and be cursed me a call. Right? So if you love this podcast this listening so you can you can comment that will really inspired me a lot and initiate me to stick more and more you can like my podcast and I want to end this for because right here, so have a good day guys.