Five four three two one and we are live. But is he? Hi. Are there any area they grow up to be a reckoning? A multicolored sneaking it is okay. Okay when it comes pretty unnerving feeling but it's okay whether it's okay experience they look at because we drill a big topic a surrogate. Island you my support Hello. Darkness No, that's wrong. Abba Harmony Yeah, but now I'm good. Maybe Okay, absolutely. Yes, absolutely. Quite a bit of you got a little belly. I know you have a job at least some so you don't have to give us a kiss. Good day. Hello, Priya, do you find? Hi. He re all veneer. I think with the virus join like an egg and go screen Maybe. all the Thai uninterrupted I don't know. Abby Thunderman Which is okay, which is not okay, but okay. catch him Randy but come on. It moved up here. Okay, but we get into affect Yeehaw tiene una Salida fog in Israel, but then Nothing Stops life keeps moving and it is okay. So because we have girija tell me why don't we head to the concept as I say Middle back. Hey, yeah, it is connected as the subject. We are talking about he cashed in the Gatica pika pika. Yeah. He's got there. What is magnificent are you grabbing to instead of just the TV up looked at Porter irika, right? mint If you want a beer. Are TCAP former Club? I'm going to go. He bit me on the route taken by Sunday he time. Is he okay? Let's talk about why it is. Okay not been okay. I have such a chip odds gotta check topics like yeah, absolutely. Thank you. Already happening. Angie hello. Hello. Hello. Samira hello, Angie Angie so now everything is happening. Okay. It's like meh began sobotka real like I can just hear but I can't see any experience. Do we need to experience where he optimal quality? After the fact those are plays got his old cows at them. So in the meantime gouget a key. Yes absorption a manager present situation at all. Eventually grab a tortilla, huh Tiga and then I don't like it's aloe vera beads and okay togehter. Now. You cannot do anything. You just have to accept the fact eok-jo who have a hole here. It cannot be reversed. Neither. You have a chance to you know, modify it. So SE job situation article you cannot do. anything so basically other our opposed Carnahan our opposable stationary has about 40 have under hair to grow have the heart to accept it and move on and now but but when Jesus Amazing situation while in yoga so much of a kind I saw tonnage of sequential approach the runic a female or a poke her situation my uncle again Katie K by the end of the world, but see when you know, it is the end of the world ski bath kiyah kiyah course of the war can it be reversed nahi to up Karate Jujitsu you stand and you just breathe their shallow. Jogja, if a time other than a life, may you give out like give up car theft? Okey dokey dokey jelly. Hello to you the lik it could look a so they get anxious about it. They get stressed out about it. And then one after the other another Kawasaki is series X Series minute. He's a bigger to these. Athiya to start Conquer The Happening. The aquí de marmol a kettle a result of the top basically the BB egg mindset leakage a liquid at 'ho hope for the best to get Lick in mind the map prepared. Rocky was to be hose up by kicking up should watch my job exaggeration car result up near the magma like, it's also just a hobby maps of a quorum. Let's take a very live example of a mobster battery hamari Bahu. We Deport economy. So other men a result of the magma lake is a lot Aki Army report Bachi Baba Yaga expectation a caramel AKA r-rahim Aarhus covid covid Port through in your pasta. That is a situation for me a member what simple situation here you can go start a new I'm a pressure on our Wiki restarting Yura. Hello Judy. It is my panna cotta team. They can make a societal ryouta then. We'll just experienced through the porky Hodges a hoga dakara. Yeah, my plan worked. Situation BAC otk up ugly situation already a plan, but it's like prepare yourself to face situations. Don't prepare situations in your mind and think how you'll face them. How do we I think G mental health issues? Judge Callis mysterious. Hooray if you don't know thank you hum a chi-square expected everyone in Utah for a buildup of the station. I think I may say this social media life where a human heart is basically fit me open the clear. I will say please are influencers and how make it not selected here in collides to give me a cheer for but actually we can be problems in the morning show that they are given Instagram jacket ability to ignore my limit actually under can Syracuse University exactly December up knee up knee example that you up or dress it up Mira Instagram. They hope to have the party. I don't wanna see people no people don't have personalities. It's like people are like a dice Antigua personality. Oh TA or O'Hare ache time major A supposed to roll cardiologist situation. Maybe we'll get a job that was keep your personality show Cartier tea though eventually go that I hum Dunya Keokuk personality. They could judge garlicky Lifeboat set. I wash henna exactly said that was married. But as you watch this adjustment Legion make handle each situation what body has a handle correlative like in the regional situation, which is a handicar look. Rather than becoming somebody that you have been admiring. I'm only one man. Well, that's just entire. For example again Hera baseball example, my name is Liam on TV R qk Cubby Cubby check out on a humbug Uncle George Cornell exotic unique personality. So again, we smile we could see he's an actor. Hmm who has the right to public Miata hostage Mario Kart a photograph. Scaly a social media page. Yeah. Depressed hair like in Logan you can escape though humans. What do you must do is uh, Magnetic Personality Frame Garden and hamitic personality key salmonella character only other vova pay. Camel toe School. How do I put this? How unique is Dominic personality show Carthage happy were valid lucky. Jess a patient's gonna say I'm a situation skills up. So that is internal the personality exactly Behavior genes regulating Behavior change Carter. Yeah Muslim they could just say Apophis omnes Omnibus Comfort level of comfort level K subsets situations, May Delta licking problem, but Ichabod key hum job expect a colonel exotic. Situation may comfortable hmm agar her situation make we comfortable now who the Hamas a judge con El agua de arica. Yeah, so that is not okay agree could seize up or Cutter click. OK how human say She's a Critic engi. She's out of the hand giant key, which is what natural what is important is retaliating, you know and coming back recapture elating stuff he up. Keep us how you make it out ahead and exactly What do you say? Every individual is different. They have different set of thoughts and they think in different ways in different situation, but we should keep in mind key where to stop except the problem within yourself. Either you get a solution or you move on. Okay, you should sweetie up connecting to come out of it connect me operator. Please. Do a driver in the Kabir. Are you - hello? Honey, please repeat growing bar web apps in our show logout kerchief is login covid the second race of the Kennedy era as a no bars both in Barker Chickahominy or abacavir away. Because uncover thousand about problem written what happened to my app meaning whose parody and email marketing concept connection. As well, I see why in cattle Radha and digha. Nikaya and Kabir Jose Reyes to recorded the correct the porch lifepods the Connie rehta Hai, mr. How one grows. Then what is the next option that you have to not be? Okay, and how long can you be not? Okay. The life is too short to not be. Okay not be. Okay So eventually you will have to make peace with not being okay. Like you like okay Tiga not being okay also is okay gareki cannot communicate with Aquaman night, buddy. So basically, could you become very cabinet will see situation man and I see how it's okay to not be. Okay. Ha selling it Odessa may be selling again very little control over their control. Guys name is Kenyatta library or SSO. This is unpredictable. You know, we forget to see the things that we already have but look what happens when basically I got to make it count your blessings. Hmm piggy other key situation are Rihanna recapitulate the good things that you have and compare Thomas met for a piece military gear above just situation member who shared catalog is situation mechanically. Maybe my life will be a situation diet. Humor is the best way to handle situations Cookie Company situation kubat. Seriously, let them know what your situation is. Let me see. These create only hmm camisa by you go to the challenge. sender I'm getting some time ago. Leha salami. I should have my seat. Keep on the go. Wow. Attila the commanding or parity, you know, I'm sending wow, I'm sending hi. We can just staring at the screen at ASAP hotel. That is okay. But I don't know what it is. Okay. Well coach Agave we just have negative capability for it. Yeah. We also had our gravy huh? Yes. Yes. My grown from enjoy will keep that they cover me take me take me. It all sick of it is not talking video. Did he did it go don't be Hansel. I call without calculus 5. I'm trying and the broken chain. I called you a real Forest gone and the hurry game tree though. We never do you have um that hurts for me because I have only three. I'm going to go ahead and even sing for me and I keep our I think this is like you've gotten close to you and I keep our writing. This is the kid got it goes through to you. The bow cavador you did game. Next I'm gonna saddle up here Johnny make you yea bigger game. I feel colder I take you home. And if I go, it's hold. And take you home when I get to stitch. I'll sing you to sleep if you were mine to keep boys. I can't believe you. You my love. My my whole is a mess. But if they begin tonight now, it's still red boys. I gave you my love my my my days day begins to stall. With job just like I was fighting. Wow. Be yeah, everything is looking and it looks so good and moral of the story but did not okay and in the darker, okay. Around screen indicate America finally. Thanks a lot. Good. Coming up to Sunday. Yeah, I know some jazz could be acceptable to you. free concert with ow Good. He's any other kind of load. Why do you want to look the also now? Basically, I'll be up my question to put on a job shadow character side onaji. It's okay to be sad humans are equal together, huh? medicine so that could be that could get in the nature of feel it release your emotions behind shallow armor capacity attention ATM and calc. And he to you. Okay, maybe not the post Cold War cabinet committee is the sub Sahara joking can get you in turn into a nasty situation though rather Java busy Pilger the auger. See you happy be optional other apples for Nickels at that particular moment to say deal consecutive curve whose particular moment. And eventually will be deported attention. They need to rather Joby appeal court a better is feel good experience for you guys. Honestly will cook. I think I got what I want to know what they've had some Katie home to hear, you know knocking at my door. There's a triangle say of his heart. I could die happy when you say hi to you. Into without you if you loved me, why'd you leave today? Take my body take my body to science. Because you found out last of me out of me it took me so long. I lose me if you take my body take my body. Wahoo be the favorite Year the authority skinny. Tiny are up to gotta go. You gotta go. See ya. Who is not repaid his debt? I've been searching for the trans tunnel again. Take me back to the light beam. And then I my can tell myself what the I'm supposed to do and then I can not to like Most of you Sun long enough you take me back to the night baby signature. Wow. Well, it all worked out. Yeah, he's getting too many ways acting like an already. I'm without ya. OT is engineering abilities engineer covid like Nene how many getting told Amy Attack somebody you know who cheese engineer is me. I think I'm doing better. If this event, well, how did you were here? So that keeps me but love such a bright name using storage somewhere. So why not get I'm gonna get with her and with the vision of what's that language meant to give it as it is a little bit of beauty. Chad Well, it's no fun yet. Actually not mess up should watch my ID. No burnt off Bimini be as I could Grant kurata you. Can I was there for seven days then? I was not there for 10-15 days. If you covered there is many. Who'll pay a penny? Yeah, and you get the Ricky but simply isn't Daddy won't you come home Daddy got a graveyard. Look how they Shine for you this all year. I came alone. I jumped across for you. They was like yo. And you know my soul look at look how they Shine for you. so ya know thank you You can immediately see the man in our utility scale is f minus the log writer and was a public thing. Look how sorry you are coatsy are and I might be or could say anythi is a minor GB click. You're questioning me on Ford pickup really Covenant with the messy the Diaries Instagram pair you with an umbrella. engineers and engineering Carnival engineering movement. Hi, everybody. Don't be a weenie. Yes. Yes, I'm dr. Hannah. Your doctor will give us M DL, huh? Both men are both so up Gallagher traveler to beer. You B or C be your court, please go out and go. Look. Those are over I said China. Thank you. I don't believe you. Ha ha. Yeah. She's a shish kebab Washi show disc EDP the TA hear you. you better it's Terror plot these are mostly subdirectory yeah put in one embryo find out karate or code pepper Amory but Vinny loves nature next time in Empress car mahoto other KDP like a flower so but yeah again nice to see you actually can I come in It is the reason Facebook Facebook group adult about poetry's sauropod curtains. Yeah, but is it correct? So why don't you start? Beckenham pristine scheme the scheme a quick battle got the heart of a peacekeeper accordingly. Is he getting any less of the right GG sort of the Jubal quicker Pamela very soon. Tell you about sugar. Yo, Rob Lowe coronavirus at my poor boy. That p.m. Romper so, isn't it? The given data is really hot. So very sorry. Hmm. So now, you know, I'm pretty sure we have DP ago. We work anywhere. up the back panel hello my child Could the current will give us a good one. Ham past me copy that. Did you not to be another cars go to a give us there's no raise him like I wanna see. Exactly is a distance. Never the word hospice here. It's about past year. Thank you. hello Madam ji animals carry on on Gmail Jim able to put together our butter maybe bought body up could soon Bottom bar Jim Turn on G deep algae. widget button with your no, no, no, no, no. mulatto Great Gmail, you sound great. Absolutely. Okay, let's not talk to me. Like I'm great great great uncle. board say you're a bloke do ya You can be more creative a like you can think hard October fair. You paid a penny Cottage. Do you have water? Follow me? quick lawyer Behavior patterns of connectivity Courtney. I am a lawyer who but one is lawyer very economically. We see is your daily life. Yeah, absolutely competition advocate in Sonic Ivana, very you are sort of please a bad career. Wondering about current know it's also about getting already carry one comment section in the comment section me. His book Monica's books are OTP naturopathy is Andy Garman. Eliza honey okay that's good that's good quality water G oh no light power cut okay if you're not going to bungee yeah I will resign God save me from your followers I should be bored when you hi Whitney hello - Mara hello yes hello hello Ashish I'm the okay I've been listening to you all I needed was a problem Vinnie and Samara let me get up course is he bad idea nahee I think they idea the hashish Ivory joined girl today give us okay you can take another call understand Hindi now Cal Berkeley are rom or Ram K th kibosh on here could be Obama exactly never be excused Hindi Because I actually know what curtain voiceover make all the ads to be my dreams, but I always saw what I just did don't make me lead the way. little what's going on board but I don't know actually Hannah and affects me with boys Hello. Hello up thing upset about the number Tango. We talked about them as anger. Actually Mac. Do you like beer? huh yeah I'm back with content for Soldier on Google's content either one either so that's why I'm trying to have you know new characters I will make a beautiful Commander concept wiii be makoto-kun apologize of course kokoro kokoro Deco we a beautiful rumbling my English improved correctly Hindi nidhi Bol Raha Hu yeah make it was out there a hundred percent liquid at UK Amaura by yoga can use outset a mill Mill Tamil Nadu Karnataka to Hindi English podcast and you can study on both are too man actually can I sort of just have any time they can no longer speak English my iPod that very soon guys so culture will start out that what you guys have been missing I know what started module so right do join that session if you want to improve your English give some I don't know her vocal is very soft and healing yes exactly government or low acidity which like a problem or maybe it was some kind of been pretty good exactly but one we like hand sort of your sound is your founded so it can I go but tonight PD Bernanke this about turning I did he hold him and Macaulay don't you know wow I thought it was a heart attack yeah but you got they are we making out in the way you talk in the this time is different from earlier I have listened in march-april podcast your change your voice and the way lat Jeannie cupuacu or ER I did you know before much I used to never speak Hindi on open top you might have heard me on cast box that's where I speak Hindi but you change your voice cooking with Olive Osmond interviewed me and Figueroa yeah our Moto whoa talent to sort of capacity Mary pass near indeed I cannot change my voice I just have one and I'm dealing with it I mean it's like you know I don't sound serious at all actually somewhere again ujamaa in the world you and I don't sound serious at all even if I'm speaking seriously this is the English Mobility una the members are be critical of seriously lot about Annie baby seriously that they make in development bad girls on music but boy's hand cooker You're beautiful. No. No, I'm just listening. Kabir like Moon going to variable with a celebrity version sometimes molybdenum has Community it was Secret audience was like Celtic are even bigger after that I started you have Nicola so Bill click color Jamal running away or low record the analogy of now we're going to get a little bit nervous but more excited he I made up of common sense and I'll beat you up now it can become for the article Magnemite on going to work on the stock now coming band and announcement total confidence in elected office productivity have time for this a big nowaday quijano confident look around and then Gonna Keep a little bustier after encountering the throttle hello Samira TV coming back keep yeah did public bit about we need a judge exactly actually my Bible as a whole I know that but then we are then we want the end of every building on the about the limit but we're talking or many Kentucky work with my family is very very good to talk to you all right thank you very much thank you for joining sort of here he is a favor Hamlet tickets okay everybody me that is also K that is also again there's a lot to get in fact I tell about your Amazon errata they call you need at there you go even payment for that quick exit could keep the bar open growth in both in Turkey show exactly when it's Vinny's and samira's pores nobody looks at the topic he yeah here I know that happens a lot actually ha I told you about this Li top again hard way but the Bots about nickel T and C Ki Tisa riches and cold audience actually and I think at least ours in the GitHub Horseman um communicate correctly and then egg but rawad bath is Nickel Free and the solutions are coming which is beautiful much apologetic and certain things come up exactly okay I don't have any - Myra just listen to you I've made some friends were into music and stuff so we are singing song and then other time of year but tomorrow may have a perception serious sport start karogi like Photo 6 Walla just latte it is going to remain for the solo slot and then skip on Soviet collapse which will be after that hmm what's talented are sort of hoonah VoiceOver curtain and professionally I gotta give him a good talent of the zeppeli hello yeah pull up high yeah man yeah I used to write linguine image to share it via email so that I ran out of Words which IPython you talking about coffee boring or Google Map element was his name belicoff interesting interesting hobby huh no I've been electronically the gear writings are we going to break any letter writing I agree agree Java break later it's still gonna be a podcast or integers I mean me and kind of unhappiness Express card that they take ER I was waiting for for this end up like your music banana I think I should get back and you know give them the content that they are looking for so with Okanagan and Bucky enjoy enjoy corniglia importantly an inspiration or the motivated him to have Go hose up now she decided whether maintained by Charlie recognize zuria coffees are really expect tiger open to all youth of we need we need to select a venue of the brand image As A build-up Kenichi be this videos but does it mean you're singing podcast because any suggestions hmm okay do nothing - were so many oh don't be too hurt you make of a compass a DVD I'll call me juggle three delicious dish cause I'll be ready you don't love me I'll keep my sister just loaded the deletion I was sort of a power chord A little killer fulfilling me did I cut the HRT Peter cut the nineties in the Cassie Bonnie kiss my things on your lip little girl give me false information they'll cut the hedge or Neo Peter cut the head JohnnyO not teasing you guess appalling Jenna the hl-20 of it though it could hurt that I saw made it through the mail keep us in jail but for Kita did he could Attica don't you say it oh my God I do wish Kasam eddi-rue home iake passenger just sewed additionally what sort of a power cord it wow listen to you thinking and some Iris America I think this is my foot first podcast with some era yeah yeah underwater doing great I think it's time it's time to get another interesting collar not someone like me I think my name was time of knock everything down up don't know go back it in Telugu bork yet it was nice talking to you nice talking to you and thank you very much for having me on your podcast okay we will meet soon or later joined correct could follow kilogram and changing the name and but when is it liberal political party it's okay not to be okay all the time a little sadness is sometimes necessary it's all right if you only write poems about pain because your words know how to get beautifully it's okay if you loved and never be and never loved back the best lessons are taught by almost lovers it's alright if you feel you have lost that life because fallen leaves are sometimes prettier than flowers thank you beautiful Tamyra welcome let's welcome orator G for the last five minutes of the board yes for Italy welcome what it did she tell people from the application okay so let's like I don't have any words about the topic but that whatever's understanding that it's actually true the sultan who have given for this topic is actually very true regarding the life concerned and on everything can't be okay on but that's only the thing is okay if suppose like all the things are getting in such a soothing manner then will not fluctuate as self and for attrition is are important for getting developed more and more so that's what I believe that always I mean everything can't be okay all right true totally draw energy necessary necessary and it is necessary to accept the fact that something is not going to be okay I cannot expect a hundred percent results or a hundred percent you know good situation ever I think if again if that is if we will keep expecting this a peak rahega to Hangzhou hum hair when they raping political situation it is necessary to have Chris sentence and wife to feel them as they are you know that is what I believe like this emotions or the things which do we have in our life exactly like the feelings which I have for you it's can be permanent it will be temporary totally depends on the situation giving the reaction so that's what the thing and that's what the catch is and that's how the life occurs in our life and we get to learn lots of things because in the lifespan of that period we see these various types of changes in our lives and how we say on a speak like you both of you have done I mean I was listening you people from last 40 minutes but whatever have been except the song I will say that it's up the music the virtual saying it was so marvelous and tremendous was actually getting some much influence for the people like me I can say about the all people but yeah I was getting actually very frequent from both of you this is such a fortunate and we are in the last minute of the Pod counting seconds so thank you so Maya finally I get a chance to do a pot with you but definitely I'm looking forward to more opportunities to have become topics like a topic board but yeah like in Humber today and that's okay okay that's absolutely Justified which we bring more topics and you know talk together about some amazing things of Life their hair yeah so and orator g at the last moment you were there it means a lot and everybody in the comments yes I've always Lindsay anchoring a Giza PK by the capital c sub P Jose