You're also a YouTuber, right? Yeah. I'm also a YouTuber not yet. So when do you find time to make YouTube videos with your startup? So basically I this eats out my time that I spend on sleeping. So I've been a walking zombie right now. So that's how I find time to do YouTube. Like let's say last the new Royal Enfield Himalayan bikes come out. I have to make a video. I have to release it tomorrow. So I've been working with since 4 a.m. Then I woke up at 7. So 3 hours of sleep is what my usual thing is say, yeah three hours. In three hours. Wow, I'm lucky to get four in the weekends. That's crazy my friend. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll die young. So I mean what? Why do you make YouTube videos? Is there any benefit or is it simply your passion or why? So in 2012 when I quit IT and I was just thinking what else can I do with my life because I have this thing right where if I'm doing right now. I'm doing something and then I I become Good at IT which I did become good at IT. And then I think is that it I mean is that is that what I am capable of nothing else? So then I for into something else so I have decided that every eight years. I will change my you know field and do something new. So that's what I did in 2012. I went backpacking and I went motorcycling across the country. So I was just recording for my personal, you know to show my personal friends. Maybe my mom who stays away from me. Hey look, mom. Your son is doing this kind of crazy stuff. But then on YouTube, I saw that people were watching me lot of international bloggers international people were watching me and they wanted more content. So 2015 I decided okay, I will take this YouTube business seriously and that happened and I gained a lot of followers in India to and now it actually somehow going to gently helps my own business because I'm in motorcycling care business people watch my videos and they want a solution. on their bikes they see that Super Moto 360 and getting things done at Super Moto 360. They come over to Super Moto 360 so indirectly, it's helping my business Studio. Wow, so it's how it's acting as a marketing tool for your own business as well. The yeah, it was great. Let's see. What kind of subscribers do you have? What is the number? I keep my subscribers hidden the lot of people who ask me how many subscribers do you have? And I write an answer called zero because zero is infinite possibilities because I write n number of subscribers. Yeah. I read 0 we just for fun just to trawl sometimes but I have in five digits. Let me just put it that way. Yeah, I can take a guess it set of about 12,000. You're pretty close. Yeah. Yeah. So what's the vision my friend. For supermodel? Yep. So basically a couple of years down the line we see that the motorcycling market is changing in a motorcyclist will demand and expect the quality that people give car service owners the respect that people give cars. service owners so that's where we want to be when to when that happens to supermoto wants to be the key player and the preferred choice of customers to get their bike service done. So basically years down the line. I do not want anybody spending or wasting any time getting their motorcycle service done. It should be like a concierge service. It should be out of their minds and they should be able to spend time with the family do some productive stuff to have not. stand in line and get their motorcycle service not bother about leaking oils after getting it serviced. So that is what you know, I want to do for the market to be in market. Yeah, great. I'm sure you will get there in no time. Hope so so tell us what kind of support did you receive over the years from your family friends or ecosystem? Right. So the thing is morally I am and little weird so I don't like to take support from my family and friends in terms of money. So this is bootstrap between me and Yasin right now. Yasin. I'm putting in more money because I said, hey you got a cut out of salesforce sales, you know didn't change so you put in more money and I put in more time with the customers being actually at the garage and stuff like that. That is happening. We are bootstrap and we will we are looking forward to raising our angel funding right now that we are confident that this market is booming and we are confident that we can do it. It is not like we went out with an idea and tried something and three months later. We were jumping for funding that's not what we're doing we've been doing is the since 2015 so we have here right now. It's solid state that we know what could be sort of money you would be raised. Going for angel round. We're trying to raise six hundred fifty six hundred thirty thousand dollars USD six hundred and thirty thousand dollars. That's a huge amount. That's yeah, that's because we I know it looks huge. But the thing is we've bootstrap and worked out all the mistakes and whatever learnings that we need to do, right? We've done that on our own money. So basically when an investor invest in or they can be rest assured that I'm not with your money, right? So sorry for the language there. It's okay. I will let it out. So since you're looking for investing investment, let's say you got hold of a busy investor and he said you have 15 seconds before I my taxi is here, right? How do you pitch in that 15 seconds for the investment you're looking for? I will give You 10 seconds to frame your page. Okay. Okay. Let's see. Alright, so here it is. Do you want me to start? I was expecting you to come back with a pitch. Okay? All right. So imagine Yamaha Suzuki and Honda want to step into India and they look for a service center that they want to acquire Super Moto 360 is the one and only one named a look at. Yeah, that's good. That's good. You don't have a plan a call to action though in the end. Don't attack and action, right? Yeah, so come join us in this journey and you want would you want to join and this super, you know, then you would pitch would follow I think but I'm not an expert. I'm just saying. All right, let you want me to redo this thing. Yeah. Okay. Imagine Yamaha Suzuki and Honda wants to step into India and have some solid service centers the only name that public. And their own business where you could business background check is coming up with a super Moto 360. Now you want to be part of that board. You want to be part of that big league come join us right now with the turmoil and struggle and you will be there in a couple of years. Awesome very this is much better fetch. I just have to hold I just hope his cab was late. We don't really think that's great. So my last question, sorry one last but one question my friend tell us what I think I ask you this question. It's okay. What is the best advice you have ever received so far? best advice Yeah, I think the best advice I've got it is it's not important to build a multi-billion dollar business and have money stashed in your bank. It is important to be honest in your life and be happy with it honestly in your life and be happy with it.