Take us to your personal story. So I did my diploma in electronics and communications and then I started working as a system administrator at the age of 17. Then I joined engineering. I paid myself through computer science engineering finish my engineering at but midway the engineering I started my first startup Deskix It was 19 back. Then I also co-founded free and open source even series called mukt.in in Hyderabad that along with Atul Jha. Unfortunately, my first startup failed and I was 21 back then and I had like eight or nine rupees left in my account. So that push me back to taking job and I luckily joined the company called dimdim ink as their first system administrator. This was acquired by Salesforce in 2011 for 31 million dollars after that. I independently consulted formulation and dutch companies as a devops hacker in 2012. I decided to quit IT. I wanted to see what else I can do with my life. So I went traveling on motorcycles. I went travelling across India. I went riding motorcycles in Southeast Asia. I was making video games for fun and Also started YouTube youtubing blogging and 2015 due to the backpacker influences that I had. I wanted to give up all my stuff scrap all my belongings in one backpack. So basically I only own one backpacking my life kind of a thing and I want it to go away then this plan actually crashed because I was discussing this something with my ex-colleague from Salesforce. Those Yasin who quit recently and then we were discussing this problem of two-wheeler owners in India because they have mainly two issues one is the amount of time that they waste every time they have to service their motorcycle. They have to stand two hours in line to give it to service and two hours again to take it back from the service center. That's one problem. Second problem is the quality of the service which is very horrible. Very deteriorating in India. So these are Two problems and being passionate about motorcycles and Yasin being passionate about fixing your customer problems and addressing customer problems. We decided that we will keep on hold to my backpacking trip and we started Super Moto 360. So that's where we are right now. Wow, great. So tell me what kind of motorcycle do you own? I have a Yamaha Sports bike.Yamaha sports bike. Yeah. What's the capacity? It's a small puny. 150 this is in Indian market. So okay. I tried it's a purely 150 but it's a sports bike that has traveled length and breadth of the country sports bikes is not supposed to do that. But I have ridden that bike in forests farms meals jungles everything you can think of. Yeah, how many miles you done about 30k right now? Wow, that's great. And if it's only done touring, yeah only two. Touring what was the furthest did you go? So one crazy trip was when I spontaneously decided I will go and surprise my mom on her birthday. So it is from here to Calcutta. So I did a trip of three thousand seven hundred kilometers just to go and surprise my mom on my on her birthday. So wow here crazy, dude. Yeah, they say so, okay. So tell me your company where you're working as a their first system. Admin, which was sold for 31 million. So how many millions did you get from there? So basically I am not quite attracted to money. So I have been dumb enough to throw around money and my shares so I did not get any of that but my co-founder Yasin indeed get a chunk of that. He's very good with money. Okay. Did you ever look back and say maybe I should have hung on for a bit? No actually not. I don't have that attitude in life. So after that, I went independently consulting for these Dutch companies and thankfully, you know, the conversion rate will pretty awesome and the companies also, they're the kind of people I work with I've learned a lot from them. They're very amazing human beings and they paid me very well. In fact more than what I could have got out of my shares from the sales of tendency. Of course, I was pretty good. Yeah great assigned you said you started a company when your age 19. So how old are you now? I'm 28 right now. I'm old. So okay before we talk about your previous company. Let's talk about your current one. Tell us you did mention how you come up with the idea. And what problem you're solving. Why do you want to do it my friend? So two things actually, why do we want to do it? There's an angle for me. There's an angle for Yasin. I am absolutely obsessed with motorcycles. Right? I have a passion for riding. I have a passion for maintaining top-notch quality motorcycles and I love this Japanese machines and the way Japanese maintain the quality. I've seen that absolutely missing from service centers these days right? I have a special rapport with my dealer. So I always get a special treatment I can just park my bike in the dealer says he knows he has to take special care of the bike. But whenever I walk out of that place, right? I see a huge line distressed people, you know not knowing what is happening with their bikes and I closely watch how they service centers in with them. They give them wrong information. They don't tell them what is happening with their bikes and that made me mad, you know, because right now Indian this thing that treat car owners as a premium thing and bike owners as if you know is just a okay just a bike. So that is something I don't like so that's the angle for me for Yasin. Yasin is obsessed with like solving customer issues with technology being in Salesforce for so long. So he's going to work on the customer app angle, you know that we are going to launch pretty soon. Okay. So yeah, so tell us that In layman terms tell us how the process works. Is the customer going to come to your website and book a service or tell us walk us through right. So let's say you are a customer. Let's say you're a customer who is distressed with your motorcycle oil is leaking. All you have to do is go to a website drop your number. There's no booking. Just drop your number. You know, we have a we have somebody who will call you up and they'll take down your issues. Somebody who is always good with Biking terms will take down here issues. We will send a mechanic who knows these issues already right a senior issues. He goes there does a first big check he tells you what is wrong. What is not and then we bring back the bike to a service center. We fix it. We get it back to you in your office and you take the bike by so all you have to do is drop your number give your bike at the gate. That's it. Okay, is it mostly for office employees at the moment it is Right now yeah, we are core focus is right now all the II employees and that's why we are placed very close to the IT centers in Hyderabad the says, okay and these mechanics, where do you get them from? Do you work in partnership with local service centers or no? We do not we are tried that angle. But then we saw that quality control is tough to do over the over somebody else. Right? So we have our own mechanics. What we did is we chose those gem of mechanics we scouted from asking other bikers or asking let's say Yasin had his own bike he picked up one gem mechanic from every place. So we have three of those right now. So that's how we hired. So, how is it going so far? Is it profitable? Right now, yeah, it's marginally profitable but as co-founders, we don't draw any salary right now. But yeah, it is doing more than what we expected. We've done about 1200 plus bikes in just couple of months and without spending anything on marketing. It is all been the word of mouth somebody from infosys used our user service then they spread the word to Microsoft then it spread to Amazon and so on and so forth. So that's happening. Wow, that's a great survey that I think you should do more. I mean, you should probably market it more and you reach out to more people. Yeah trying to should crush the market, you know, because your early adopters as well. Yeah earlier adopters and see be seen within lot of problems and we fix a lot of problems in this industry right now in the last couple of months. We've also what do you call partnered with a race academy? What we do is we provide pit crew services for their base bikes right now. So when somebody comes to Super Moto 360, you're not just going to any service center. You're going to a service center that knows how to maintain a race tag quality on motorcycles, you know, so that's great. Great. Great.