Do we sell current time because people toward people doe if people are not in civil. Yes in that in that 5 p.m. In that five PM me five minutes clapping at come to the from to the balcony and Club people are started people have started collecting Gathering community and they are bursting crackers. What is actually the reason why p.m. Said is to respect their services here in a manner in a manner without without having anybody else. No, that's right. Yeah, we are live now. So yeah, so Welcome you all to our session today. We have already conducted a previous session on developing the reading habit with Arun sir that time we could not take all questions all audience questions. So this this session is specifically only for the audience anybody who has questions, please Ray, please send it. The question should be related to reading or developing the reading habit please stick. the topic so we have a first question first all our online. I should - yeah, I think he's connecting. Yeah. Hello ashutosh. Hello ashutosh I should say. Hello. Okay, we'll call got disconnected. We are connecting with an anonymous. Hello. What's your name, please? Can you please share your name? Hello. We can't hear you. Can you can you speak loudly please? And I think the problem with the idea. Hello. Yeah, I think we are not able to yeah, we are we are not able to hear the yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So good Anonymous you can send us the request again to join the call. If you have hidden message, you know message can be done. Yeah, please please send the request to join again. Yeah. So this session is related to reading books and how to develop the reading habit a beer. Do you have a specific question regarding reading books or how to develop the reading habit? Yes. I am new here and I am very nervous. And I my topic is how do I increase my speaking English? They speak in English is a different topic will take it in some other open talk. We are talking about reading and reading habit or answer rights your call. Do you want to do you want to answer the question? Yeah about see a bid. The thing is both are two different things one is if you want to learn English speaking properly, Maybe They can help in one manner but Reading Alone doesn't help you but you need to do other supportive activities to help you or communication or English skills, right? But if you want to read your to improve your skills English skills by reading maybe you can start with reading simple books and the interest that you are having like whether it is a comic or there's a newspaper or blog or Facebook or social media. Pause read simple things and then try to think about how to improve your skills by reading them. That is one thing that the only thing I can help you if you think reading is going to help you in that regard. Okay. Thank you many many. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you so much. We can leave now. Yeah. Thank you. So so good he I think he needed assistance on developing language skills and English skills. Yeah. Yeah. I think there are lots of bodytalk people can yeah. Yeah, and and right now it is more than a necessity. It is a it is a Fascination for the language. Yeah. Yes. There are definitely there. Let's go like some many people have asked. Me about whether I know I am a Bengali. My mother tongue is Bengali. They asked me whether I know Bengali or not. I am like yet. I read Bengali literature as well. And I my fluency level is equal in all the languages English Hindi and Bengali know it's maybe they we got that some people because they were brought up in English medium schools or brought up in you know at home. Also, maybe they were talking in English or if I think people because I know many people though, their mother tongue is Telugu, they don't know about Telugu so they see because they are not habituated to reading of their mother tongue or they were brought up in different languages. Like for example, if they are studying in schools, they may have a Hindi or French or Spanish as other languages so they may not They were not able to get time or inclination to read they don't monitor that's possible. Maybe that is where that is possible. But I think the the need to learn English is only for the business purposes and only for employment purposes. I don't see I don't see that much enthusiasm in in today's youth in learning the their mother tongue or the regional language. Yeah, I think maybe because the importance of language learning if it is given then we will help them in understanding these things. Yeah, like I would I would I would say that I like I like to learn about the culture of us of a city where I am residing. So for me now, I am learning Telugu. Okay. So so I am taking lessons on YouTube and I am I right five sentences every day in Telugu. Yeah, so Yeah, because my brother who only knew Telugu and English when he was young. No, he when he was posted in partner to Tamil Nadu then he learned to travel and he writes very well in Tamil and then he speaks so well in no, I mean so we are connecting. That's that's really interesting. We are connecting with the new to do now. Yeah. Yeah. Hello, ma'am. Hello. Hello. Hi. Are you I'm fine. Yeah, fine. Thank you. Yeah, tell me what's your question? Yeah. I saw you are a teacher and my daughter. Yeah. Okay. Yes. Yes, you know like I whenever I read. And the bull right but my permanence is CSN is not good. So how to improve my pronunciation from any book and see basically what happens is if it is your English is your first language. Obviously, you will prune your pronunciation will be good. Now if you are English is a second language obviously unit learn certain things like for example, when see most of the time what happens Ins is with the names. Each person has a way of pronunciation are pronouncing it. For example Indians do pronounce in different manner Americans to pronounce it in different manner pretty sure do it in different manner the level of needs. But otherwise if you think about the words or vocabulary is best is to look into the dictionary. Now, there are lots of is over online even if you get it on your mobile and And check for the correct spelling or correcting station has been they do each letter how to pronounce. Yeah, like for example, it is a name is difficult to say, for example, when I met a one Arthur I really didn't know her name how to spell it. So immediately I asked the meetings are ma'am. I don't know how to spell your name and everybody laughed but at the end of the meeting everybody said even we don't know how to pronounce. A surname but it is better person rather than low mispronouncing it right? Yeah. Yeah. So if it is one to work then maybe you can ask but particularly with names, but otherwise if it is words, I think dictionary is the best help you that you will get. Okay? Thank you, sir. Yeah, and nowadays you have a nowadays you have Google Google audio inputs also, which have yes, definitely. Ocean which have pronunciation pronunciation of the word David even online dictionaries. Also they have these audio aspect as well. If you do if you don't want to learn from text, they will immediately say that audio you can as well press audio. So we disagree but we can take taken text using text as a guide or you can take an audio audio also for improving the The pronunciation. Yes, yeah. Yeah, so do you have any other question? Hello. Network network problems I guess. Okay. Can we go for another color? You want to take liquid system modules? Yes ogre audience. We have around 40 plus people listening to us. So anybody else who wants to develop the reading habit you can take expert advice from our own sir? And I I would just like to ask you sir. What if Could just rip me reiterate what you said in the previous session about what your was your first book. How did you start reading? Yeah. Ok. So now the first book that I started he's a Telugu book is in my mother tongue though. The language is totally different from the language that I speak at home. This is a little bit textual language and then retail return somewhere around 150 years back to bring about social awareness about particular. Cause called bride price in Telugu. We call it as Korea should come where earlier it was the English translation to a certain extent is called bride-price where people use to you know, pay to the girl to marry should of the are you have the Dowry system, but it was the reverse where the person used to, you know, give money to the girls side. So there is to get married and they aren't thing about it. Is that Young girls used to get married to the older persons who whole wedding thing. Okay. No because because some of them might be looking for a helper during and when they are old or for the kids are the mother or for them and it's basically like that and poor girls from poor families are people who doesn't know about the bright side bridegroom's is and there is Is to you know, give away the girl either for money. It was a really social so far better thing about the awareness the Raja of vijayanagara who know this one is and one Korean Opera is rotten. He wrote basically it's a play and about these all this aspect of it we and then he, you know, try to bring about awareness among people by doing. Yeah, correct. Somebody tell me I have a question from one of our listeners Lisa. I was watching something instead of rude reading books, which is is this c as you have now the internet era where reading need not be only reading in one sense. For example, there are so many. Audio books there are videos people read out the books online, for example now because of the school closures many others are coming out to read their own books for children. Yes that definitely but what happens is you will get one side of the aspect of the book definitely but some people because of maybe pronunciation because a the speed of the author or something like that you may miss out something now, I individually like to read books, Cause I can see it in my own with sit and read in my own. Peace, and I can go into the world of the Arthur and think about what are they have happened is to moving around and that I think maybe brings about some curiosity of you and then brings about more aware of what's happening around with the mental side of the author thinks so on so forth and I think that reason No, I feel you should read books. But since you have lots of other devices are little and if you are compatible with any device, I think you should go for it. I don't do only reading because I have to read books each boss later on. We have reading for example, some people may read only book. Some people may read posts on the social media. Some people read exactly books on Kindle or ePub PDF, whatever material device that you feel are. Comfortable you enjoy it. So good. I would like to ask you you have read the English and Telugu literature or English. But I really indeed English three, right? Okay, English is the are you? Okay? So what what is your opinion about Telugu literature how it has evolved see it? I think there is a huge long history of Telugu literature because Mahabharata is also being a parts of the bomb. They've been translated into Telugu by pretty old maybe four hundred five years back and even dictionary is evolved over a period of you might have heard of mr. Brown who is English man who worked on Telugu dictionary as well and it's a very pretty old, you know literary history of Telugu, but when I see the present generation this the Hughes no difference when you see the past history because every when you think of the writings are any literary work what happens is people do generally think about the society first and then some of them do reflect on it. Some of them do criticize about it and there are various streams of it. So I think there is a lots of changes now. I don't see changes there is lots of improvement over the period of time. Where people started writing more expressing themselves more they are taking into consideration. Lots of things that are happening around they are reflecting on those things. I think definitely there is a lot of change in the way people are looking at literature and they they are literally many people started writing than jurors. And I think I see a sign of it. Hmm many many people in literary groups and like book reading book clubs maintain that Chetan bhagat has created and a new set of readers and created a new writing style new method of writing style. What is your what is your viewpoint on Contemporary Indian authors? Yeah. See one thing they become whether whether somebody likes it or not many people have a different opinion about certain Booker because people those who are lived in the literary books or literally Works. They may not like Chetan bhagat, but that is one aspect of it. But I consider Chetan bhagat as a person who literally brought out a total change to make a particular generation to start reading or reading for that because he writes very simple language. He writes about temporary shoes. He tries to get into touch with the people those who are his readers and I think that is a huge difference that makes when you take a particular generation mostly Those people who start reading for a while with his residence. They started reading because of Chetan bhagat, which is a good side. Yes, right. Yes. I for examine it like for example Harry Potter when Harry Potter came many people who are reading only a particular way of text, but they send over a night into fantasy as well. They started like a dating somebody or someone should definitely say that the whole generation of hurry. Readers become very good very much readers for themselves and the world. I think that that is more far more important for me as a person who wants people to read right? Maybe we'll be productive. If you are interested you can switched over to other genre or other serious works, but definitely there's a big step in Indian readers that I can say. Yeah, and I'm saying that many people Now the present generation or really writing so well, I know many of them who literally right so value for example, you also wrote nonfiction and which is highly you know, I climbed in the Amazon as well. And then you get very good reviews. I read the reviews that are posted on social media rice think Stephanie and very good with good content and will very good language as well. Right. Yes what promise me is to say that the the reading habits changed over a period of time when Chetan bhagat started his writing. Yes, if reading into different genre became very good readers in very serious subjects people started reading including nonfiction. And I think I should give credit to Chetan bhagat first are initiating that process. Yes, what else Definitely. So like we were just discussing about Lisa's question watching something instead of reading. So I have I have one observation to me. Okay? Okay. Sure when we when we watch a web series or when we watch when we watch a movie especially many books have been have been made into movies, but obviously the impact of the book is much more than that of a movie. So what what happens in this in am We that depth of might not be exhibited because of the time constraint. Okay, but in but in a book you can have 300 400 Pages book and you can go deep into the issue which I think a movie might not be able to might not be able to project because of the book because of the 2R 3r slot. Now, you have to understand one thing they become when you are talking about books made into movies the The point is she there are two things which you need to understand one is see if the author is allowed to write their own script and given free to do certain things. I think obviously they will do something so that it comes to nearness to the book sometimes water. These authors may not be given choice to write descriptor. Okay, they may take copyrights and then they try to do something and he has You need to do one thing that the movie is directed or produced by a person who is literally into the movies. They don't worry about other aspects of the movie like for the marketing or of it is to box of he's all these things are I think to a certain extent movie will be made nearer to the book that that we cannot but sometimes what they need to understand the we need to understand is that they also need to worry about the box of it support they make it a bit bigger. Good, we if it is ducks at the box office, obviously those people who are involved in the process of the movie making or interrupt it gets a bad temper both the movie makers as well as the author's I don't say that it will bring about a bad name but their feel uncomfortable because the movie is done in the box office, right? They need to take care of and then the sake of commercial point of it. So maybe the image then things right you To stand when the movie is mainland from a book and lots of books which are made into movies, which are also become very popular. Right? And is it on my understanding? My many of my students are Ella Mae Pierce many people whom I met when we talk about in the meetings. They do observe that they like book rather than movie. Yeah. Yeah, but I will it's about the movies at least Least to my mind water has I enjoyed reading the book as well as his - they made to a reasonable extent a good movie in that sense. So we have another question from Lisa does our habit of reading books change if we will start reading them or reading books is just an interest of ones which will never change even if the material which we are reading is of our interest see one thing. There are two things in Indonesia see for example, if your curiosity is with you definitely your interest will change suppose if you think I like only reading this I don't want to change anymore or this is my interest and I don't go beyond this. Then you are reading interest. It will be the same. For example, I when I was reading books mostly I used to read for entertainment and as well. Well as for this fantasy or friction mostly but when I add meeting people when I heard about lots of books which are nonfiction as well, which are written very well, which are very interesting then I went into those categories as well now once I became a librarian out of choice, I have to read certain books because I need to recommend to various people who ask for my recommendation. That means I need to Read then slowly. I am I interests also change over a period of time because from my mind my profession as well as curiosity aspect of my own self was there inside me right? Then chain me to the reader of different sort. No now I read everything. Yes. Definitely that that I have seen that I have seen personally so I can vouch for it. So one more question I wanted to Ask if like many people many people don't get an exposure to the reading habit at a young age. But then when they when they pass out of school or they graduate from college, they want to start the reading habit. So what is your advice on how to start reading as an adult? Yeah. See, this is very interesting. Cicada. Just read one. Lisa's question here. Skiing so is reading better than watching the same thing go to the facilities Bond question your ass, right? Yeah. No, the thing is see you need to understand one thing. They become that c is very difficult for everybody to become a reader at the ngage that's is difficult. Now one good thing out the internet Advent. I always enjoy is that there is a whole lot of inventory. Information in front of you with a click of a button right and now oh, wow, all you need to do is that you try and look for platforms where it will help you in improving like for example opened up. There are whole lot for topics in this open talks. You can check what the interest you then you start moving or drop it like for example, if you for example one platform will talk about is good reach good. It's an ugly everyone from childhood to adulthood old age. Whatever it is. Now you first check what is in your interest Lies start AC for a for me learning doesn't have any age learning have any added. For example, if you think at 15 or 16 or even after graduating from my college, I didn't read anything. I want to start there. Are lots of platforms over there where which will cut it to your needs each your interest. You are General everything you will get it on internet. All the all you need to do is that you explore them sitting and then try and then explore for yourself and then you definitely will getting to that. Yes, and now coming to coming to Lisa's question that is better than watching the same thing. See Lisa watching is one experience reading is one experience as already given you a little bit of a hint over. That when you are reading reading is your personal experience and you have lots of opportunities, you can create your own story out of Arthur's story. You can create your own of it. You get hundreds of things. Like for example, you will sit in India you can think about what is happening in Russia. For example, when I read lots of Russian stories, you can see Russian Society in front of you, right? Whereas watch it. You're restricted because you need to engage with the water is you're watching. Then you are rich or restricted with certain aspects of it. Do you are watching learning certain things, but you are restricted in your restricted with that particular image in front of you right Bo, you can know while reading itself you can go into the Society of the Strauss key learning whatever you are ready. right choice you have reading Yes, so in dialysis reading is very boring. Okay, so that depends for example, see for example, you might be reading comics right but comics comics is also reading to a certain extent. You can learn from Comics. You can even Graphics here novels or now are included in how they are changing your way of thinking in curriculum-based administer a graphic novel are also included. It means that you did that graphic novels need not be taken into curriculum but experts are see because whatever the device that comes into literature or whatever it appeal Educators try and then learn from those things how well we can because graphic novels are far popular now, right? You can't avoid thing that I car. I don't want to include that into my classes. Because the numbers are so important in day-to-day life. So even reading graphic novel is important, right? So that depends if you think reading is boring when you come out and think about read certain things and they'll see whether it is making interest you then definitely it will change your perception. Definitely. So we'll take another caller Hari Krishna by a stranger and then Shell Answer lasers question. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. No problem. Yeah, I'm good. How are you hurrying? I'm really good man. But you are not getting you don't have time to collaborative forecast. Yeah. Yeah, so the source end. So please ask the question the hurry. Yeah. Good afternoon, sir. Good afternoon. Three. Actually, my main problem is As I can read the books in a very good manner I can read for some time. But after some time I'm really getting bored and I don't wanna touch that book again. No, I tell you I tell you something hurry see in this present age. Now you see why the ads are made in two seconds. Now it is because the attention span of everybody's getting the owner. We want everything in seconds. Everything in seconds books. If I say books will test your patience in that manner. Now what happens is initially will get bored for a couple of times dry and then come back to the same book try and again see whether maybe because you are reading not a right book see one author if I remember say is that you're getting bored of books because you didn't get a right book to read maybe that is right now actually I yeah. Yeah, okay. Now what happened to you need to experiment with books what interest in you, but you doesn't mean that you stop it initially see experimentation needs see for example, if there are so many inventions happened. No, they would have spent their whole lifetime to get those things. Right? We we said that electricity we switch it on immediate we get electricity, but the person who started working or electricity you might have work or she might have work for their own life period right? Yeah, right, right. But the thing is persistence is needed to a certain extent but maybe think like for example, for example, if you are interested in humor try and reading books with which are meant for human reading or Light reading for that matter like so for example, if you strictly straight away go into Classics, which are very serious. Like for example gon win the way with the wind is more than thousand pages. So if you stay Yeah over 2,000 Pages. You'll get bored right where you are. She's not in there, right? So try and then check what is interests you mostly tries to sometimes listen to me. Please stick to the book for some time suppose. You have taken one humorous books, which is 200 Pages you after five pages. You got bored. I finish that book over a period of time need not be you should not read it with one go. One hour, I should finish the book. Don't worry about it. Take your own Time. Come back to the moon start reading the whole thing once again, and then see whether you will enjoy those things and then definitely you think no I am not interested in humor. I like tragedy go for tragedy. You know, if you think no, I want Thrillers try reading Thrillers because most of the treeless I read are more than minimum 300 pages, but I used to like those Thrillers, but I started reading In nonfiction, I am reading totally different book like for example, there's a book called Book Thief which is reasonably good with page numbers, but everybody liked and the only person who did like fine, it's okay people. I didn't like it. I keep sharing with many people that I didn't like. I don't know. I'm trying to read it. Maybe my perception when I was reading is different. Maybe I read the book in a different move like for example, if you are interested in your humor, you might have read when In a bad mood, obviously, you don't like it, right? Yeah. Yeah, actually you like books only we can purchase that actually, I don't know actually if suppose I am very much interested in comics. So how can I purchase the account books? It is impossible. So first of all, we are going to purchase a book. That is very that is I like that book orally. But okay open when we read some time. It was not getting into that. Sway, is there any tips to improve? I am Austin further. Is there any shape? So that's what I'm saying? I said it is because our attention span is less it you are bound to get bored after sometime right tendency to or like for example, if you think after five pages, you got to getting bored try a and then go into the 10th, May 11th page see whether it makes sense to you whether it is interesting to you, right? Okay, so that's why you need to explain With certain things you definitely have to experiment and the same time you need to have some patience to go back and read the same book or skip 10 pages something called this something called skimming reading where you don't need to like for example some Thrillers with so much of a description even if you like, for example, when you want some cereal even if you watch 11th episode you don't miss anything because they recapitulate everything and the tell you everything right? So intense our attention span is less. So we need to learn how to improve our own attention span of time. Then you will definitely experiment with your own time experiment with your own when you're in a bad mood. Don't read read when you feel that I want to read take some time off in a day where you think nobody will disturb you you're not going to get away with the mobile or one two, three four, so try and doing it definitely will enjoy reading He said I will try it. Yeah, try it. Otherwise we can meet sometime and then see how we can do something about it. I will also expect with that. How about you so many books that I am just reading the book for ten pages. I know I'm not getting interested - are you do one thing don't move till you see you keep some limit. Like, for example, I bought this book. I want to complete their own oil by the next book try and then doing that work. Let's see what happens. Look is actually 10 books now. I want to come with the dolly and then you can read others nine books are not that is a good that is a good suggestion. Hurry hurry. Do you have any other question or I will take Lisa's question. No, okay. I don't have any questions. Thank you so much. So sorry Lisa has a question. She says that I have heard that we become fragile after a point of time and we cannot learn much what's wrong with our learning at that point. See if you are open-minded if you are curious there is no no. De Faria learning C. For example, sometimes what happens is self-help books are certain books like for example I believe you are reading the same series, like for example Hunger Games. I always fight with my students that I'm getting bored because everything is continued for so long. Same thing is happening in the second book that will form. Where is the new thing but kids enjoy it because they are very young and they know they're trying to see what happens next. But I know what happens in X because maybe because of my experience maybe because I read lots of books in the same jar. Genre, maybe I will be getting bored but children would have read limited number of books. Maybe they enjoy more it thinking that okay what happens next is curious. So they will enjoy more reading than you know, they are and they will make for the next book went to come in and it is continue their cue. For example, Harry Potter. I know how people used to be go crazy for the next book to come because the city has arose in from that author. Right at the same time also because it's new to them that time because they were reading all always suggested books. There was nothing new for them. So they were literally the word that you use. I don't want to use but fine there were with that no mind. But once a Harry Potter came, I remember many people read Harry Potter they will they will tell you left and right each from each page they will Quote from good thing from our quotation from each paragraph in fact, so there so no widely known thought that the Harry Potter books. So I what I see is that you need to have some of course one particular after one particular point of time Things become fragile. I understand that it's you know, you feel that it's getting bored. But yeah in to see out of the box The idea in what you are reading and one then stop reading for some time and then see and come back to the same aspect see whether you are going to get anything out of it that too thin and also happens when you are reading while in number one and sometimes for example, self-help books. Sometimes I feel I don't know why I'm reading cell phone books, but I may get one point. I read a 200-page book. I may get only one point for some person who reads sell booze. Getting bored because I read for example, one of my friends father's friend used to say when I give him a book. Oh my goodness. They are see him thing or what do we do? But because he's an experienced person. He you know, he read so many books so that becomes boring for him. Right? Yeah. So I think we need to take into consideration before you know about these things, right? Yes, sir. I did Shep asked sir. Please tell me one thing why. Read any book. I feel sleepy in half an hour by so yeah, I think I mentioned this when I was answering the question of re the thing is unfortunately our span of attention is going day by day low the various reasons, right? So reading is considering our mental plane. The reading is only for one particular group of people. Our book nerds are bookworms lecture. I think we have preconceived notions about reading and once always suggest is reading is also considered for entertainment as well. Yes, right, which nobody thinks of as it says read a book that means we are reading only for forgetting of the pit. It need not be just for fun sake read Comics read humorous books 10. Doma but Wilbur, okay. So now there's so many books on humor and even panchatantra panchatantra stories and for example, p g wodehouse he writes so so many things about that particular society of that particular time, right? So all these things this is the reason why I'm saying this is that reading is considered as something different. So we need to understand And we need to come out of that perception. Then you'll definitely enjoy reading correct and I have a I have a career. I have a curiosity about it like you went back and I read fanfiction specially I am a great fan of our canara and on malgudi days. It has been my favorite book since childhood childhood. I have I sometimes imagine myself in Did you Asians so a renovation fictional character, which you have Associated yourself with? Okay, so it's pretty difficult. But I really I to one of my favorites book is Silas Marner by George Eliot and I really enjoyed the silence character very much. Okay. Okay. No because that is to tell you is that because maybe I was reading at a time when I was in need of certain thing to hold onto and it is about the story of a person who loses everything comes to a different city and then try to do and there are so many things happened around him. And then finally he gets you know, he finds it baby girl. And then he brings about brings out that girl to a particular age and lots of things in that which I don't want to rebel and it's a classic course and it's bringing if it is written degree Industrial Revolution times, which is very nice. Yeah, what changes brought about because of Industrial Revolution about the society about the people one two, three four, so and And I connected to that book so quickly. And in fact that made me to change my perception towards chill. Hmm. Very nice. Very nice. I would like to I would like to borrow the book If you lend it to me next time we meet. Yeah, so so another question that I had I started reading when I was like 12 years old. I started reading at that time. My first my first experience of reading was as I said an arc in Iran was first Indian author, I read and the first international law. Author like all all children usually read in our times. It is the Nancy Drew and yeah Hardy Boys. Yeah. So so so what about those kind of fiction like Hardy Boys 7. I don't I don't yeah secret seven and Nancy Drew. So what is your view about those those can you believe famous fire and secretive? Written by ended brighten and she has many number of years. How books are been banned in England. Can you beat it? Why so because piano there is a there's a whole lot of think. Maybe I can share with you the those particular articles with you because they felt that it is a stereotype of one particular gender discrimination and all those things. Yes, and they had a very good opinion about those books for quite some time. They were banned in the UK for quite some time. Okay. Now when comes even on good thing about the past books is there are lots of books which are been reintroduced by Publishers. Like for example roll the Enid Blyton. All these books have been for example, Hardy Boys are coming with different covers. Different public trying to get them into more into the publishing side. And then I see them even today there are lots of books which are republished even now and then there are a lot of varieties which look for these kind of books. And at the same time I say that there are lots of Indian authors who are trying to bring about lots of good books in India. Yes, there's a children's literature. There are in fact National book trust children's book trust. There are hooks for Indian Publishers who are trying to bring about good books for children. Yes. So I take no death of books now. Oh, I wish sometimes that I born now because out of read lots of good books now, very nice. So Lisa has another point to make she says reading causes poor eyesight and posture. Okay. So the Is these are the one good thing about I always talk about internet. He's you can get hundred and one good things about a you I don't say I am only giving one number but I don't have one particular word to say about that number because of you get lots of information about from experts how to say what should be a portion and how you should read and one thing about it is I said, Eyesight problem comes part of the reason may be reading but that is not the sole reason for I say tissues right? There are lots of you know, present-day lifestyle is also one of the issues like for example, I am also one of the victims of the present a live tile. We're in my eyes dry socks. My eyes are dryer drying very fast because I'm using Apple for quite long and not only that I love pollution. My my Society is having some issues but you need to consult when these kind of problems you face. You better cancel the expert and then get some advice from them. But otherwise for Porsches in fact doctors our eyes specialist will definitely tell you how for your issue for your problem. What do you will be the best question for reading there are people who give you those? Suggestions definitely. Yes, definitely. The opener of technologists is always there. Yeah, so you can consult one. You can concert of one if you have these issues. Yeah, literally go to an expert not just okay. Yeah. So another question I would like to ask is who is your favorite Indian author? Getting you have read so many but who is your favorite Indian author in the Contemporary World? Prairie World. There are two people. I can't say one but I won't mind taking you know, because I always have problem whom to talk about c 1 is a skin burn definitely and so the more thing hm-hm. Okay. Now what what what what how so please tell us why would like to tell the audience that sir has met rather the legend and legendary Ruskin Bond, so I envy him for that so it's okay. It's okay. It is a good it is a good competition that we have. Yeah, so, please tell people about the one of the best books that you read the written by both Ruskin Bond and Saddam. Okay. Now there are other loads of books I should say now in the ILO is one book, which he talks about the He's a his parents were British. They settled down in India. So he always feels things about himself as an Indian. So one good thing about he so positive about life. Yes, because he has seen he was very young when the partition of India happened India Independence occurred all these things happened. So he he writes so positively about people from small places people of Indian origin people know there are lots of things which he talks about and that is a really amazing and he wrote about I should say his own autobiography bro is brought into two three books one is low known facts dancing Perry writes about his own life and that will give you the whole lot of About him now when you read his books and you can definitely think about how he will be. So for that reason, I always feel that I should not meet in because you won't see not in a negative sense because he be alone most of the time because he wants his personal space writing for thinking and all these things but he's a very gentleman and universe refuses your audience. He will definitely listen. Deal and then you'll also make fun of certain things not in a negative sense in a positive sense. For example, one of my colleagues who we met. We were talking somewhere that person mentioned past years and instead of telling about the future. So he reminded that we were talking about past rather than talk to you about. Uh, that's okay lie to you and he's there with you is there with you and it's all change. He's so gentle he never raises his voice and he always looks for example, I mentioned about three books and all three books of is this thing's really give you a very simple life and his own life whether it is as an actor as a person or as a person who was brought up during Independence time and of course partition and all these things and he always very positive. Look towards India and people definitely very nice. So we have another caller on line Sorry. I'm sure yeah after that you can talk about favorite book of sudha Murthy actual. So I think I think that the call dropped. Yeah, so I would like to please continue sir and tell about your favorite book written by more than 120 books of Ruskin Bond. So it's very difficult for me to know pinpoint except these couple of books that I mentioned, but I will go to sudha Murthy so that Morty the book that I enjoyed reading most is how I taught my grandmother to read. Oh that is a wonderful book. Yeah, and in fact many children wherever I recommended to the students, they really enjoyed it. I you know, it's very simple and it's she talks about how to take an ogre lots of In that book particular is a collection of I don't say stories. There are it's basically nonfiction because she writes mostly I'm talking about earlier times. She write you write over taking her own experiences as a person as a social activist and all those things social art and all these thing. She used to go and meet people and then she needs to come back. And then write them as stories, right? I did this. She used to write a very simple language and even now she writes a well, of course, but one of the entire area enjoyed in the present days, Gopi Gopi diary. Yes. Yes, and she talks about her dad happened Dom is a series of books during first one is brought out very recently and you don't believe I enjoyed reading it so much. I know because I read her books for older people now suddenly and her book for the a very young kids. Yeah current Manner and it's totally you know, it really made me I said, I don't want to leave this book to life complete reading. Yes. That books are yes, so we have another question from laser. She asked should we read new? Or old books which one raises our increases our knowledge fever one thing knowledge in terms of what knowledge in terms of society knowledge in terms of facts knowledge in terms of current affairs because if you want current office day to day life, then you need to write a read latest books, for example, if it is over if you want to get knowledge about computers or whatever it is. You need to read at least book. Before the current books, even if you read six months old book that might work God created in computers. So there is no point in Reading those books after six months. So there are lots of changes happening in computers. So you need to be up to date to read today's smooth published today or whatever it is. Yeah. So I'm talking about in that sense even for that matter current office or knowledge. Of General you need to read only current of his current books that give you knowledge of that particular subject or whatever it is that you are ready. For example, if you want to read For Your Entertainment or for your knowledge of society, you can read any book. There is no dearth of it. For example, if you want to know about how the society is to be in Russian during the Russian Revolution or American war of independence or Indian independence time. You need to read a periodical books. So you will get that kind of knowledge of that particular period or preparing for example, I just know I told you about Silas Marner which it talks about the effects of Industrial Revolution. So it brought our own say around 150 as back. So you will definitely understand what happened. What are the effects of Industrial Revolution over the society and particularly human psyche you will learn all those things. So yes. Yes. You are very right I am there is I have a problem like not a problem, but I have an observation with because I have been an Avid Reader from a young age sometimes what happens is we get too much involved in the book. And even though we finish it we are we take time to unwind and get back to normalcy. So what what happened? What do you suggest what to do in those kind of situations? Okay, and and any book which has drawn you so deep into the book. Yeah, okay. Yeah, like for example say one very short book though. It is not very destructive in that sense. I think I should say about two books. They don't disturb to my psyche, but I still think about those books even today because of various reasons. For example, there is a very small book called total Chan. It's a it's a return by a Texaco Korean Aggie she was A Japanese Television artist and all she wrote A Memoir called to touch on which was her name when she was young. She talks about her childhood days in a particular school and that and later she became very popular and then she talks about all the things that happened and all those things definitely but I am intrigued by the aspect of how she could remember all those Childhood Days particularly when she because she was thrown out of most of these cool schools during and she her mother was very much annoyed because she was thrown out of everything every school. She joins in high school and I am finally one particular school. She felt happy because many peace schools. They didn't realize that she's getting bored in the class and she is curious about learning things from outside world so that aspect people didn't Understand whereas the new schools that she studied later. Unfortunately. It was destroyed during World War. So the thing is that particular school where she joined later and finally she stick that this day school because they try to get her attention to the outside world and bringing her to the classroom itself duration is difficult and that depicts the kind of education system of that particular school, right? Daddy today. I see why is it that we are not being able to do that kind of work that's is still hanging on to be another book is a book called device from now. Once again, it is very is 596 page bow, which is translated into English by one possible gives you bye. Bye Erica had here the Contemporary Gandhi and many other people and unfortunately, no one knew about that person. He is the only entities also in story form. But basically he writes it is said that it is kind of memoir, but I don't see it as a moment because it is written in a story form. Now. This man is a lawyer trained lawyer, but some more because his children's education he moved to education field and then he tries to pin about lots of changes within the system education system in that particular place where we started. Okay, and in fact, he left the place and then he started created. He created his own school education system and he brought a lots of changes. In fact parent-teacher meetings. He initiated during this time, right? There are lots of things which nobody knew about. It is an Indian right? Lots of things that so even this kind of other book which always makes me wonder about certain thing not in a negative way in a positive way. Yeah. Yeah, so ninja has a question which book is best for improving communication skills. Oh my goodness. It's very difficult to say ninja because each book has its own value because for me every book is a book right. Now. What I suggest you is check over see when you get into the image are not goodies, but don't go by the suggestion unless and until it is given by an expert. Hmm, they for example, you try and search in Google you will definitely gets lots of books references and a like, for example, if you want very serious things and definitely add to you that there are lots of books written by written and published by Black Swan that is wouldn't like man which is an and they got lots of communication skills Improvement books for various age groups. You just check for black. Black and and then check their catalog and they will also write except from those books and the last chapters in the particular books. So you just go to thing and then see where yo you need Improvement. Do you think that book particular book is going to help you or not? Otherwise, if you think I need more detail, then you can go for Oxford University press you can go for criminals University press. A all those Publishers got online catalogs where you can see the book certain pages apart from content. You can see certain pages free so that you can see whether you can that will be of good for you and level for you or not. Yeah, yeah. Yeah that did that is very right. I would also like to ask you specially nonfiction self-help category car since I myself have written a self-help book. The self-help Johner is becoming very popular alerted. A lot of people are reading self-help books. So what do you see? Why is such a trend? Why such a trend is there now? No, I think what you think it is because of various. Reasons devika, I don't say one reason because our lifestyles have changed once internet has come number one. Number two mobile has come right the all the things that we used to do. See when you see for example, I for example, I grow up when there was no TV only radio then I grew up. I started growing on computers started getting into internet. Get started into social media. And now now when I see all these things, I fee even today I feel that my life was much better when I was younger though. I grew up in a very terrible days for various reason for financially, but otherwise, I was so happy now. I am learning so much. I have lots of Friends one two three four, but I still feel uncomfortable and not happy that much happy because we are into so many other things which we feel that are giving a recipe right, but at the same time there are lots of things which are taking our presidents in our lives and fortunes. So what's happened because of that reason somewhere we are no feeling uncomfortable and then started going into kapu. Food and then feeling uncomfortable. I don't want to say depression because I always say that there are certain words which are very different. We don't need labels in those. Yeah. So what happens is we to certain times we are into confusion because of all these things so we want somebody because there are no pure as I said earlier, we don't have Our attention span is very less. We don't deserve for example to other people and we don't talk proper manner where we need to talk. So all these things are a little bit uncomfortable in certain thing. Then we go and read self-help books where we'll get some answers for our Behavior who try to seek some answer for our be so at of course, they do need certain help helpful tip the definitely some may also change you. Your perception towards certain think definitely but otherwise we read those books for to get some answers or to make understand key. Oh Cam For Better there when I was younger. I'm more more mature because of these reasons, right but you know, I think maybe because of that self-help books are of help and I don't say that they are not a fail but you know because of these reasons, right? Yes. Yeah very very day, then they would know I would also like To like to know that these are tough times we are going through tough times. We are in lockdown and we are in isolation. So do you think do you think it is a good idea for people who have not got into the habit of reading to start reading you think people are definitely that's a good idea but to try and then read, you know books that will give you some hope right not reading. Books that will make you uncomfortable or make you you know, I don't want to use were depressed because there's a huge word. I know it will make your dog book for example understanding you like really dark books. But otherwise try and then read books that will make you feel good about the things that are happening around rather than still ticking key virus is taking away. The whole world know there is so much of positivity around. Yes, right. So this is a best / time where you can spend some time thinking over all these things and read those kind of books and they try getting to the you know, like for example when you see around though, people are locked down. There are people Good Samaritans where electric number my own case. All the restaurants are being closed down and I go knock my household and he gives me a cup of tea. In fact, he's feeding me dinner lunch, you know, the There are Good Samaritans. Yes. Yes, right and that will make you feel good about you know, people around you where try and then reading those things and I think that we have good help. Yes, definitely surrender and you can join please send a request to join the call, please and till till he is joining. I would just like to ask another question that you know, once what happens is like see any any habitat any habit of creativity like bead Reading Writing or or even even even watching TV or movie dizzy. Can become an addiction sometimes no reading also becomes an addiction. So what for Avid readers I'm asking you have a final answer in your own word Addiction. Yeah, right addiction to books addiction to books. What do you do? I read I know I read but I have my own timetable. For example, even if I get one timely General reader But I don't I will finish the other Tha that is supposed to be like, for example, I need to have dinner my dinner time dinnertime or my office time is my office and I don't even take calls during my office style or during events many people you don't take calls when you are in a mentor in your school because my school time is my time right that there is not right. These are the ancient their happens when You don't think about other things you want to think about that particular aspect. For example, you are only reading are you are only watching you are only looking in your mobile. You are not doing anything else has that becomes an addiction you re re k your sentence thank you for the answer. We will take surrender and on the okay. He has I think request. Yeah, I think there's one Krishna. Thank God. Yeah, Krishna is trying to call. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello we are good. We are good, Krishna. Do you have any questions regarding the audio either issue? Can you can you increase the who can you go to a your volume? Can you adjust the volume of the phone or can you go? Yeah, we can't hear you. I want to speak English, but I can't speak English. How can I learn English tea? There are a lot of open talks other open talks for spoken English. Its it will be better if you join those because here we are talking only it specifically about reading. So if you have any questions regarding reading please ask it otherwise, I will suggest you join other open talks on Source on spoken English. So, do you have any question regarding reading? Okay, so yeah, so I think anything. I think surrender is trying to connect. Yes. Let's let's let's wait for his call to connect until then. I would just ask you any book, which you started reading and you left left it off Midway. Hello. Surendran is online. Yeah. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, please please go ahead and yeah, first of all, thanks ma'am. Nadia is not / canoe Okay. Hello. Hello. Hello, ma'am. Hello. This is audio problem connection problem came from your side surrender. Yeah. Oh, okay now hello, ma'am. Yeah now it's so cool. Okay - yeah, first of all, thank you so much. I think there is a connection issue I can I can hear I can hear him. I will tell you. What is the question? Yeah, okay, Mom. Even ma'am, I don't have any queries, but I would like to share my experience. Okay? Sure. Okay, ma'am, ma'am. I'm not first of all till now I am complete just only two books. Okay, but the books give a lot to me. That's why I'm here to give a lot of motivation and On self-confidence to me the book names or you can win written by Shakira and ratan Tata. The book name is Roxanne data. These two books changed my whole life really exist. Yeah. That's why I'm here. Yeah, and I think there are lots of people who share your reviews mrs. Raber that there are two those are the two books everyone talks about because they are written That minor and you know, we connect some there those two books. And can you please suggest some book good book named? Okay. Can you please suggest some so he wants you to suggest some good books that he can read now? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah see I suggest to you to the author called Ruskin Bond and soul sudha Murthy. Those are the two Indian artists. I like and other is there is a person called Michael morpurgo who is British. You can read his books, but mostly he talks about. What but he will definitely give you a totally different picture about a perspective to words bar. Normally when we read War related books. We think that they are good or bad. He never takes a side of a bar. He only describes the 1 then it is up to us to make and I think somewhere you can see a totally different perspective towards wars happened and and mostly he talks about About animals human psyche and destruction of War and the causes of our 1 2 3 4 but he never takes her side and then it is totally different altogether experience though. He writes for children and I think there are books which will definitely will appeal to the adults also, for example warhorse, the book called War Horse which is made into a movie by the with the same name by Spielberg. And that is the wonderful book that I read. Okay, sir. Okay. I have one Curry. Okay. Hello, sir. Yes, it is. Yeah, I have found good. Yeah how to and I think there is still a problem audio problem so I can hear him clearly. Yeah. Can you just then put a comment in that box then you can because I am I can hear your voice but not his voice sir, but I'm quite sorry. I'm not good in typing. So that's why I'm Are no no no. No. No. No. So how to build a habit book reading habit. Why because after some period we get bored. Okay in the beginning stage within 10 days we get bored. Okay, and then we give up, okay. How to build the yes sir. I'm listening. You know many people who talk about habits habits think there is some time period Then it becomes a habit and I don't remember exactly what is the time span till then you need to be persisted you you should be pulse. You should can you hear me? Hello, sir, you're not. Yeah, ma'am, sir is not Audible for me so I can hear your face, but I can hear your voice. I think the problem in my side and no but I can hear you so you can give you repeat it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What is the Rica see habit needs a certain time. It for it. I think I don't remember exactly how many hours it becomes a habit. But what you need to do is you should be persistent in your do work like for example, if you want to read a book and I think this answer already given it to number of times, but I'm repeating why you want to read you take a particular book doesn't matter. If you think today you are span of time attention span of time. He's say 10 minutes. You only reporter made stop it. Next day the same book read for 10 more pages. If you think it is boring skim the pages couple of pages and debris Elite, but try and then finish the book or a period of time and you do other works as well. Don't say that. I don't want to do a the things till I finish know you give some time where you think nobody's going to disturb you you are alone with your book you are mind is on the book then you complete over a period of time, but if you get Board of the five minutes stop it. Don't force yourself on to it by reading it after some time or next day five minutes today 10 minutes today style start increasing the time if you think otherwise only give five minutes every day and I think that you will enjoy it. But when you are doing for the first time improving level times then you need to do re what you need to do is read books that are of your interest don't go or I ll books straight away read simple take simple language take simple stories. Try sticking it to it. Once you think oh, I'm comfortable with reading 10 minutes or half an hour one hour. Then you try go for other subjects are areas where you are in the season, then you try changing into other subjects and we must go with India. Others why because the Langan Artie T. Don't think Indian or Western that's where our always feel uncomfortable with it because there are Western artists who writes in full English though Indian authors. They write very high English. For example, our killer in Orion. Yeah. Yeah example in contemporary. She's so the thing is don't make distinction absurd you see the check the the pages and then see whether the language is good whether the language is to your level to your understanding that makes your interest first right that way brings about your intentially the book. Those are important. Yeah. Yep. It's I think it's important to take the next question from surrender and Lisa has another question. He wants to know whether Our book has changed your life, which book has changed your life. I already told there are lots of books first book is biography of krishnamurti by pupulji occur where I felt I'm not living my life the way I should be so I stopped everything that I'm doing I changed who sat down and then felt key what I am doing with my life. And I that is the book I I felt that gave me a slap on my face in front of everybody because I started thinking I'm not living my life. I stop sudd down and then wrote down the points. What am I doing with my life? Then I change my course of time and I change my profession and I am I don't have any regrets till now. That is one book and the second book. I already told you about Silas Marner. So surrendering you can ask you a question. Yeah, please first I'd like to answer that question. Okay, you can win that. Oh that book changed my whole. Yes, and Mom I few month ago. I saw on quora feed. Okay, the person read more than 200 pair books yet still he said if worth less like this, but I thought I'm just reading. I can't hear anything a voice is breaking. Ma'am? No, ma'am. Yeah, please. Yeah, please go ahead. Yeah, Mom fine. Yeah, I think yeah now you can hear sir. Yeah. Yeah, sir ma'am few month ago. I saw on quora feed on on man. He posted his experience. He said he still he's he's read about about 200 books. Okay, but see. Said it's worthless like this, but I'm only just I'm read only two books. Okay, but the one book changed my whole life. Okay, we should surrender. I need to you need to understand one thing. Yeah, right. There are C. For example, I to I literally read a hundred books or 200 books every year. I read because of a particular reason I read Because I that is all. Admiral helps me in doing well in my profession and some books may change over a period of time. Okay. Yeah, so do that. Yeah, two things are different. I read because number one. I need to spend my time in a productive productive way at the same time. It tells me in doing my work properly because I'm a school library. I need to suggest books to the children suggest a book the other others suggest book to my superiors suggest books to people I meet I enjoy doing it. So it helps me both personally as well as professionally so two things are important for me, but once in a while one book way helped me in for example recently. I read you are hereby one of the Gen booties from Vietnam that literally shook me ain't packed last talk. Well, I was giving an answer to someone I was you know, thinking about the same book that I read. I think partial answer was booked. Yes, right. Yes. So what is important for you is also important whether you are looking for a book that changes your life. But all the books need not help you in changing your life. One two, like for example, you might be meeting hundred or one person's in your life. But one not two persons may be changing your life, right? Yeah. You're right. And when you're prioritizing your things whether it is you're reading for entertainment, you're reading for changing your life. Whether you are changing because of your profession all these things are important when you are reading book our personal reading choice or personal satisfaction. Right. Yep, sir. Yeah, I think there's a time to live for me and for and cut my call now before you so much. Thank you so much for joining the call surrender and would lovely interacting with you. Yeah. Yeah, I think yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I'd like to suggest some group name. Okay. Yeah and speaks attitude change everything written by Jeff Keller. I'm currently seeing the The that book okay. Okay. It's also give a lot of things for me because of that faith is again changing in the positive way. Okay. I'd like to suggest the book is owner and you thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for listening attitude questions. Sir, do you judge a book by it's cover. And what do you see or notice before buying a book? I lost you. Okay, sometimes it is. I don't know somehow I think books that became finally good books. I don't know but maybe because of after whatever period of time it becomes natural for you to sometimes so you should not judge the cover by cover. Right? That is the Des said but you know, I think that also comes with the experience. Yes. I think that's my understanding and so one more question. Should I prefer paper bags or audiobooks? So paperback or audio which one I can't hear. You know this audio problem. I'm coming out second still but my I decide are you ready? Clearly? Yeah. Yeah, so so don't tell me the next question is what would you prefer paperback or audio? Audio books? What would you recommend? That depends upon your convenience devika. See I prefer physical books, but people don't have time. For example, most of my friends in your abroad. They prefer audio books because that will taste if they're traveling time. Yes. Yes, right. So I think that depends upon the person to person but I prefer reading books for myself, but if you have Less time you need to read more books. Are you want to read good books that is your choice. I think that depends on because the present-day what happens is the devices are so many that is given according to the preferences of people around those who are using but I think you need to take a call what you like most but I like reading sitting and then leisurely read whether I'm traveling I prefer reading physical book. books So so we have received a comment from a listener The Listener says a real book is not one that we read but one that reads us and read from the writing. I think somewhere I hello. Yeah. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah, you can hear me but I think somewhere I talked about this in the initial time of our research talk. They become a this is yeah, so someone has stated a comment. Yeah, so they say that reading and writing I am responding to that comment the bigger the Riyadh that reading and writing has turned the person into a bibliophile. Logo file that is the power of reading. Yeah and here so have heavy you are tempted writing because you have you have read a lot of books. Yeah. Hello. Hello tell me the again. Yeah, so yeah, you have a you have read so many books over these years. Have you attempted to write something? No, I generally write in my you know in a wherever I feel like on social media. I'm not a good writer David guy use Simple language simple reviews as well and my reviews are not more than two sentences, but I just My experience is in books from books about books in a blog that I generally write but it is for my sake but people generally once in awhile read very good sauce. Are we are we are coming close to the maximum time that is allowed. So I think I think we have to close the end the call. I hope we have 300 listeners. I hope everyone had a wonderful experience see See now now is the right time to start reading. Please read and please read and Inspire others around you to read a book. Now the book A book will be your best company in this isolation period yeah, shall we call? Thank you so much for such a wonderful talker. Once thank you. Yeah. Thank you very much the Rica. Bye. Yeah. Thank you.