We are going to start now. Hello guys and good evening and welcome to one more show one more podcast from dr. Amy. Today's topic is stock marketing for beginners. Yeah, guys. This is going to be an interesting topic. So I was holding on to this topic so that I could start it a bit late and I was trying to simplify this topic as much as possible so that it is much easy for you to understand. So guys, let's wait for few of our listeners. Let's get this show rocking and okay. I love you all. I love you. Really. Love you all. Thanks. Sho shopping so much of love on me and I can see that really guys really I'm really happy to be a part of this open Talk family. I'm like, this means a lot to me. I'm really excited and today's topic is stock marketing for beginners. If you are looking forward to be a be invested in stock marketing. What should you be doing? What should you be? Considering? I'm not I'm not going depth with the companies and everything, but I'll tell you a brief about what you can do to start stock marketing. Okay guys, so let's wait for few of our listeners to join up and will be striving the topic because if we cannot go back to the first method like we can't cut the process again to go back to the top. They win record show. I love you me. Love you too. David Orchestra. Thanks for your support guys. Is it all because of your support? I am able to come up with a different kind of content every single time and guys. I'm also learning along with you while you're learning. So doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo connect with p and there to talk with me do share with me and don't be scared of me never be scared of me. I literally request you that you shouldn't be scared of me for whatever may be. The reason it is you can ask me any question. You can ask me anything. Aquarius if I know about it, I will try my level best to help you if I don't know about it. I'll try to find the solution and I get back to you ASAP. So guys today. Also, I have one more show at it will start at 11 p.m. And so do make sure that you attend that show too. It's a conversation between like a in-depth empathy with the men and women so that will be helping for our relationship cherishing moments. So guys make sure that you're in that want to so let's get into the topic so you can say like it is a small Guide for you to start investing and mainly I'm focusing the Indians. So the main target here is to Dave in Turkish wanna study in abroad. Okay them in Turkish. Wha I'll make up a note on that point and I will be coming up with the topic on that ring for sure with all the details possible. And so guys. Launch Sangha Highland Sangha. I mean interesting. No, thank you. I thank you so much longer. So guys so mainly this are this topic. I haven't shot if I did so that it could be beneficial for all the Indians here and because we have a specific market and we should have be having a specific interest in specific Focus towards stock market. So that is the reason I'm coming up with the topic in a brief in a brief so you can have an understanding about what stock marketing is all about. If you want to know in depth about stock marketing then do get me back and I'll be coming up. One more podcast where you'll be having all the details about investing into it unknown. Hello doctor Amy. Hello are known that this kind of feel weird that when you say unknown, but still okay guys, so let's get to the topic. I wish I wish I wish it dr. Image amazing. Thank you. I wish you wish it. So if you wish to start investing in stock market it is instrumental to possess a fair understanding of stocks and shares regular investment along with avoidance of Financial Risk can help you save a significant amount of money over a period of time. So I'm going to go through a few steps which are going to be like a like a set of basement. You to start investing into stock marketing. They will push work make a broadcast on abroad studies, please even though you don't have to say please that's a very interesting topic and that will be helpful for a lot of people. So I'm definitely going to look forward on to that broadcast for sure. Don't worry about that. It will be coming up short soon enough. That's for sure guys. So let's continue the topic first what I would like to tell you that I'm going to bake make a brick set here like the stepping stone for your understanding of investment. Okay? Okay, so then we'll be going into depth in an upcoming podcasts. So this is definitely a for the beginners you'll be having a very clear Nation about what stop marketing is all about. So first of all, you have to set your objectives set your object is nothing more than setting your goal setting your understanding sitting your focus and figure reach of level. So next setting long-term objectives can be of great benefits When investing in stocks and shares, I'm like guys when you are literally planning to have investing in the stock market things in you should go for long term. Okay, because this understand one thing if a company is working towards a theme and you have invested a hundred rupees into it. So if I'm investing it for a short term, it's like they're there are different eras where happens our company goes down comes up again goes down comes up again in the same way. If I'm investing in the hundred rupees into one stock market. I'm investing for a long-term. What happens is that whenever the company goes down the amount all the goals on that doesn't mean that I am at loss. I have invested for long-term. Once the company Rises back again that amount will be sustained. And again, you'll be going for towards a profit. So long term will you also getting a much more benefits when compared to the short-term Investments? So short term investments also have its own benefits, but that is like that is in depth. So we'll be going on to that later. But right now we'll be discussing about long-term objectives, which can be having upgrade benefits. So sorry whether you wish to save your amount of time like a you are whether you want to do the saving for you own retirement of your children's education's or expenses or like to buy a property or a it could be of any other reason but setting long-term goals will help you better understanding the importance of saving in case you wish to invest in a scheme or invest in an instrument for a short period of time and withdraw your funds after viewers another investment. Can be considered for the investment as volatility of stock markets offers roles are tentative whether or not you can access your phone's when required so guys make sure of this point because short-term goals might be giving you some high returns immediately, but we have camera here a camera. I'll be joining you in a minute in a minute if you don't have any layer speakers now, so I'll join you sure so why I'm saying this is because the short term might get you some immediate hike but it also has more risk when compared to. Long-term ones so long term ones will be having more benefits and its volatility will be less will compute the short-term ones. So make sure that you have a specific idea about how to invest in a small amounts but long-term Investments. So let's have a word with Cam ranh con. We're gonna invest a known. Yeah. They are not I will be I will be getting to that point. I have few small investment ideas, which can be started at the very minimum amount hike Imran Khan. Hi, good evening. How are you? Do you I'm doing fantastic. What about you? I'm also pretty good. So nice to talk with you. It's a great opportunity for me to talk with you. So my bro your topic is that stock marketing part beginner. So I'm also a beginner so I don't have any idea. What is the marketing so, I don't know. Please guide me. So come on. Let me give you a small brief on this one. Just imagine that there is a company named a okay. So the company cannot fund itself with all the amount which is having so what do Do they sell their stocks? Okay. So when you buy the stock is like you're buying a share when you are buying a small piece of the company for limited amount of time. So what the company will be doing is it will be sharing its profit with you because you are investing in it. Okay. So this is talk marketing stock market is very simple. We don't have to complicate it. Okay, so it depends upon our choice of company and our choice of investment bonds, then which way we want to invest because we have to look forward is the company having any chance of getting good growth. Yes, then we should invest is the chance of like heavy risk in the company. Then we should think carefully before investing. Okay? Okay. So how to invest I'm going to say that in the end so stick around and I'll be going through more of the details. Come on any more doubts. Nuts that's a good feature to get information pair from you. So my bro, I'm a beginner because I'm not so good in English. So that's why I'm not saying I'm wrong then everything after you share with me. So come on. Listen. Yeah. Sorry to interrupt you never say that my English is not good. Okay, say that I am beginning. Yeah, that's what I told you before. I'm a bleeder never use the negative word never used a rickety would never say that my English is not good numbers in my English is bad. Don't use these words say that I'm at beginners level say that I have started to learn English. Okay that will do you shouldn't be having a negative perspective towards something which you are looking forward to learn. Okay. Okay. So this is great. This is great information to get from you. So my brother tell me that where are you prom? Because I don't ask from you. Okay. I'm from Hyderabad rabbit right now. I'm in Bangalore. Okay, so I'm confused a little bit because the robot here in Pakistan and so and they're in India. So I think you are from India. Yes. I am from India. Okay, so that's why you are so energetic a so my brows. Sorry for that that you disturb. So I am going to perform my prayer because here in solar time. So thank you to talk with you. And yeah, thank you so much come run for being part of our podcast here. I welcome you and you can come back whenever you want and have a word with me. Have a wonderful day. Pretty well, my brother. So guys we had a short word with Cam ranh here. So now let's continue with the topic as we were discussing. So next you our Investment Portfolio will grow based on factors such as the amount of capital invested. That means how much amount you're investing that tenure of investment that means for how long you're investing and the net Emma net annual earnings on the capital means like if you are investing hundred rupees then what are you earning on top of that hundred rupees? These are all factors matters a lot. I will advise you that you begin investing as early as possible as it can help you save such a significant amount of money. Why am I saying this because if you start investing now and you want a to be saved for the future for the long term that will become a huge amount on a huge profit for sure, but make sure that you follow all the things which I'm saving is saying here so that the level of risk should be less. Okay guys, so let's continue with the next thing which is all obviously the level of risk why am I saying about level of risk method? He's involved with risk and life is also involved with many ratio issue to be not scared of taking risk, but in fact we should be careful about taking the risks. So the level of risk associated with the investment option you choose must be carefully analyzed. And before you put your money into something, okay the best way to identify the risks associated with various products and identifying the best option is to conduct a comprehensive comparison between the different schemes. So why am I saying this because you here we have to do the comparison if you're going to a mobile shop and you're trying to buy a mobile and you have your an investment of like 10,000 rupees. Now, what are you going to do? Is that Now you are going to compare both the mobiles like what are the features of this mobile? What are the features of this mobile? And how much RAM is in this mobile? And how much time is that mobile? And what is your battery life? And what is the memory capacity? And what is the speed isn't it? We have to take care of all these things before we buy a Mobile isn't it? The stock market is similar when you're going to invest then you have to do the comparison of investment and how the company has been how the product has been doing in the market lately. Sorry for stopping us. I'm having a bit of cold here. Huh? So guys we have here Roma. She is a my friend and okay Roma. Let me finish this topic. I'll get back to you. I'm in beginners level though. I have been learning English since my childhood. Yeah, if you are learning eventually, you will learn it anyway at any point in your life for sure or not. You don't have to worry about that one. So as I was saying the best way to identify risk is like you have to compare the products identify the best options then the comparison of different schemes. There are so many schemes available here. Then that is the reason we should be doing. Okay. She left I think so. So that is the reason we should be doing this comparison at the best level possible. We have Rock here. Let's have a word with rock. Really? Mm. Ooh unknown you shouldn't be using that name as mm. Okay. I am like a you can call me Amy. You can call me doctor you can call with any other names if you want to hi Rach. How are you? I'm fine. I'm dr. Amy. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. That's good. Thank you very much. And I'm very happy to talk with you. Do you know something about investigate investment something like this? Yeah without any demanding is marketing something like this. Yeah a person who have for example eight thousand dollars something like this. How should to work with their money. Do you have any advice? See the thing is that first of all we should have an understanding about the market. So why do we have to complicate stock? Market investing. We should we can simply Define it as like buying a product at a level but not for yourself. You're investing in a company and depending upon how the company performs you are going to earn profits on that on top of that one. So understanding about the niche of the market will help you to identify the specific things where you can gain enough goal. I mean like a you can gain enough profit out of it. Mmm-hmm. I think every country. Yes and every country the marketing is rent. Yeah, especially you're definitely definitely that's why the in the beginning itself. I said that this podcast is especially for India. I mean like I have compromised in such a way because I don't want to what do you say that? I don't want to complicate the situation by bringing it to all the topics because every set of country has different marketing and different schemes. So if I go everything at the same time, I will be confusing either to my listeners. I'm getting confused myself. So I'm trying to create a small brief Niche about what stock marketing is for Indian people. Wow, that's good. I'm so sorry. I'm not Indian. No, it's not a problem. But still discussing about stock market. You doesn't have to be an Indian because discussion leads to some learning. Yeah. Yeah, that's good. I think marketing is very important for those people to start demanding is beginner and business something like this here is very immediate important people to Must Be Clever. For example, every marketer per person must the meaning is speak very talented. And also they speak must be the talking door or the speech very clever to other people and also they can expression that they can explain in anything to those people to help for example that person to business. I think it's very important. Yeah. What do you think about marketing? I'm II don't know about my greatest as something they worked in marketing sectors to but as we see as you said, And you said an example of eight thousand dollars, right? So now let's see that you have a same date thousand dollars just for the investment purpose. Yeah. Yeah Connecticut's what should I do? For example, I have I ate $8,000 just adds in a bank. Yeah, just as some time I thinking okay. What should I do about my money which the managers there is any any solution to my investment something like this to do? Okay. So let me tell you a rock this thing, but let's consider your 8000 as an example here that will be helpful for understanding of our listeners to understand. So if 8000 is the amount which you are looking forward to invest then what I would suggest to you is that you have to look for the markets which are right now growing up and you have to invest in two different schemes not a thing else came because single ski might give you a huge amount of benefit for $8,000. But if you divide your amounting to like at least six different shares that will be giving you different forms of income. Even if one form is going down other five will be there to support you. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Do you know a person demanding is he is from Russia does that person just advise me? You should join in and demand Angus online marketing something like this. I don't care demanding is I'm not trust about online online investigation as a sorry investment. The I think you know about fire x5x company something like this. Yeah, Forex. Yes and a break. What do you think about this? Like it's just like gamble something like this. No other thing is that a we shouldn't go with the data which is provided by the Forex, but we can collect our own data and we can use this online scheme for investment for our own benefits. So we shouldn't go with the data which is provided on Forex. Okay, we should collect the information all from ourselves because the Forex can also be falsifying the statement about the company's way in which they need Investments. But we can use the module we can use a module to invest for sure because it will be showing you all the companies all the markets where you can invest but we shouldn't go with the word or Forex that you should invest in this company. You should invest in the stock market. You should have your own knowledge about stock market, then you can use this platforms. So that what happens is that you have your own knowledge and you're using online investment schemes to invest in the companies, which you think are beneficial so that way you are keeping that way you are growing your money and that way you have an understanding about the market which will be helping you in the future. Yeah. Thank you for your information. But some people says about this Fair virus affects company. It is not true. Every time demanding is a lot of people for any worlds adjustable stool something like this. I don't know. I I don't care about this company's it is true or not. No the thing is that when if you if let's say can are a beginner person. Okay, here we are. For example, he literally believed for X all the data which is provided by the forest and investigation into the forms. Which Forex is suggesting him. Now that thing is that the company might not be getting into the the niche and he might get the loss. So now what he does he don't have any idea about how the company was performing. So he will be blaming forest for that. Forex is just a pathway. It's not an investment scheme. So we should use that as a twist into the companies which we like it is similar to buying the stock markets, but we invest Ed of the buying directly we are buying it online but what I'm suggesting that we should use this the mess guidelines and we should have our own understanding companies. We should not have into the Trap of saying that these companies but somebody might have growth Yeah. Yeah, I think I think in Forex every time a person must have a good encourage and after that they should deal. Do you know every time it is daily? It is dealing and after that I think just I think just icier jeans something about Google about this company. Just I think a person every time should lesson in the news of the world and after yes, definitely and because they're because they're a new channel because there is stock market news channels, which will be giving On time updates hot updates so we exactly until and unless you do the research from your side. You shouldn't invest a single penny. We should ask you should not yeah, it's not be trusting on to what companies are saying. We should not be trusting on to what Forex is saying. We should not be trusting all the time online screams what they are projecting but we should have an understanding about ourselves that what am I doing with the company? Why should I invest in this company first, but first rule you should ask. Elf why should I invest in this stock market? Why should I invest in this company? Why should I invest in this product? Yes. Thank you very much. Dr. Amy. What do you think about these companies? They are unwind wearing is there are legal or illegal illegally. See there are two check that we can just go to their website and we'll be finding their what do you say that their registration form if you compare that registration form with your local government, you will be finding whether the company is registered or not though. Yeah, it's completely. Just you know, and in some countries, there are legal and other countries also is illegal. For example in - yeah for a are on Afghanistan also packs on they are illegal and the other countries is especially in Europe country is illegal. It's like this. Yeah. So let me tell you one thing. As I said guys this isn't wonderful example and as a rock said here About Forex and other trading options. We should use them as a queue we can use the the features which they are providing but we shouldn't be believing what they are saying instead until and unless you research about the company until and unless you have an understanding about what you are going to invest in. And what is the reason if you're not clear then trust me, you still need to learn a lot about stock marketing if you have any doubt still you have to learn a lot what sock marketing you shouldn't be doing any investment in doubt. It's all about Money guys, it's about your hard-earned money. You shouldn't be investing because of someone has said that this Market is good until I unless you have a proof that you might be doing good in future. You shouldn't be investing in that company or that stock markets. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I'm agree with you that I mean I think is very important to everybody in first in the basic know about marketing. And after that investment is good for that those people yes. Yes. Yes. So I never was telling about the reef doing so will enable us to figure out what level of risk each product sold and you can invest your money accordingly. That is what I said. We have to divide our money while investing because I'm not dividing. I'm not Investing complete into one company instead. What I'm doing is that I have dividing into 10 different stock marketing companies which have capability of growth in future. Mmm-hmm. So that way I'm that way I'm making sure that we're making sure that at least my other investment schemes are gaining me the profit which I'm looking forward to Yeah, exactly. It's like this but everybody I think it is different. Yeah, everybody has different mind every day a different choice and also somebody has good ability about something about dealing and online a company and some of them the meaning is have good in marketing something like this. It is different belongs to anybody. For example, I I can good marketing, especially in my account in my country not Line my online marketing or also invest investment is very dangerous for me. It means I don't trust something like this. I don't know. It's very it's not good for me. Just the marketing. Also, especially in my country in my city is AZ also in my native language. I can speak very good. And also I can talk about anything especially about any that invest investment. I want to do investment or make investment. I I have a lot of demand information such as something like this. Yeah, my idea is this every person in the world just have different ability in about in this man something like this. Yeah about business. No, all of them is not the same. For example, maybe you are good talent in marketing. Yeah, maybe marketing inner and every site. But I cannot marketing example in online marketing something like this is very difficult for me. Oh, yeah. Yes, I do. I do I do so as I was saying about the risks of the involvement in stock marketing I would like to put only one more word understanding the level of risk involved with investments will help you to avoid those instruments those instruments means here. I am referring to Forex. Okay that have the potential to see your incur losses. They won't be thinking about what losses you are occurring because the Forex also want to make money so they will look forward to the company which are paying them more. But we can use it as a cue we can use it as a conduit to get our things done with our research and our mindset. Yeah. Yeah. Well you think and first time demanding is I should investment a little money not more for example $300 in first step. And after that you should you should you should start an experiment with hundred dollars. First of all, yeah, that's good. That's good. Wow. Yeah. Why am I saying that? Why not? Why not $300 - $300 Yeah, it is a $300 scheme investment. But you have to invest $100 in three schemes. As I said to divide your money, whatever you're investing even if your device even if investing $1, you have to divide that so that you have a branch of come not a single conduit of income but a branch this is the root system if the roots are strong the three will be strong. This is the basic concept. If you're providing more Roots, you're going into more depth, then you have the chances that even if one route falls down. Others will be helping to support you. You know, I know some people they work especially in this fair for for FX something this company. I dunno it just for one night. Just they got maybe $100 but some personal so I know somebody and for two days they lose maybe $1,000. It's like this. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you need happens because we go for the greed. That is what I'm going to discuss next controlling over emotions. Okay? Okay. Thank you very much. And thank you about your information my bro. Okay. I have a good night. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Have a wonderful day for you to thank you for joining with me rock. Thank you so much. Okay. Are you guys now before I get into the dock with you? Let me tell you about controlling over emotions as rock had said here that people do tend to invest more when they see the You shouldn't go with the Investments. One of the primary request is of investing in the stock market's involve controlling your emotions the market sentiment towards a company becomes evident through the price of a share for instance. If most investors are skeptical about the prospects of a particular company the prices of the stocks and shares will reduce similarly when investors show confidence in a particular company the price of its stocks and shares will increase investors who are positive about the market are called as Bulls and the negative competitors are called as Bears. The change in price of share is affected by the persistent conflicts between the Bears and the Bulls and the short-term changes is the price are influenced by speculations by rumors and emotions instead of schematic analysis of the prospects assets and management of the company. So guys, this is what you have to make sure that you shouldn't be flowing in emotions. I just a second guys. Oh, yeah, as I was saying sorry, I was replying to one of the comments. I stock prices keep changing investors start to feel insecurity and tension creating questions like whether or not they should sell their stocks in order to avoid losses or if they should retain the shares and hope for a rebound in prices since actions are primarily divided driven by emotions. It is essential to ensure that all the factors are analyzed carefully before making a final decision. As I was saying are we have here R Rahman and harikrishna waiting Hari Krishna just a couple of minutes because this is are some in-depth topic. So let me complete it. And so that we can I have a word with you. Yeah, okay study the stock market prior to making an investment. As I said how to study the stock market or a rock. Hey Yusuf. Are you there? Okay. Yes prior to marketing are like making an investment a beginner in the stock market is always advised to study the stock market for the basics including the various insecurities. As I said previously, isn't it? I know. So as I was saying a guys what is going on? What is going on here Yusef. What is that all about did anything go wrong in the podcast in any other podcast? How about you are a man. I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. So as I said about the study of the stock marketing, so this is how we can get it done. So the fields that must be focused on including other types Financial definitions metrics and then various kinds of investment accounts, then timing of Investments then methods of selecting stocks Etc. Okay, gaining a thorough understanding of the stock markets will ensure that you are in a good position to access risk and make selection Okay, RK Eric is asking something here. Let's see. Okay, should I prefer FD or something else if I have a 10 lakhs cash? Mei program go put you on the Courier. Sorry. Are you guys I don't understand that that language anyway. Be always with you. Can you be confused why he angry without any reason we listeners hear you did no wrong. Okay. Okay, I can understand what's happening guys. Anyway, as archaic was asking archaic is not about how much amount you're investing but make sure you know, what empty is. And if you know FD then tell me what are the benefits of FD also? okay, so by the time Okay. So by the time we get into this but OK, what is what's happening you guys Ramon say in English here. No one no one understand being early Eric Eric. I know if these fixed deposit I know so now tell me what are the benefits of the fixed deposit because fixed deposit benefits a minimum. I know that there is a less risk, maybe like you can say no risk I am your John is more important than me. Jean no. Hurry, no way. Okay guys guys guys guys guys guys, just give me some time. I'll finish my topic and I will have a word with you for discussing that's for sure with unknown with John with the Bacardi. I'll have a word with each and every one of you just give me some time guys, please. Hari Krishna, yes. Yes, John is serious now. Unknown guys guys. Come on give you a break. Okay. Okay, I focus on topic give you guys continue on the topic here like this. Okay. Can you continue on the comment section guys, if you like the podcast a dual hit the heart icon, which you can see near your texting column do shower Your Love upon me for bringing up contents like this. I'll be happy to bring up more content. So do hit the heart icon harikrishna. I'm trying to irritate jar. Mary Krishna is me. Okay. Okay. So as I said guys diversification of investment is the next thing which I would like to discuss you. I tried to make it as simple as possible guys. Also, thank you. Dr. Amy about your broadcast a thank you D. Thank you rock I want to start trading investment to but my question is from how much money we have to start because I have zero knowledge and stock marketing tape recorded this that is the reason I have started the podcast you should have joined us earlier. Anyway, I have covered few of the topics ones the ones you can once the topic is done. You can find this in a recorded version where you can go through in a brief understanding I had a word with a rock to that might be also helping you for sure diversification. Enough stock is mainly done by expert investors after all after all. The research has been performed to classify and calculate the risks associated with the Investments. Okay. However, however, the beginners will have to gain some experience in stock marketing before undertaking the diversification of their Investments. Hurry, Krishna is saying are not only Jahan. What is this going on guys? Okay guys, so let me continue. Diversifying exposure is or is among the most preferred methods to manage risk. If you purchase stocks for five different companies and expect the prices of each investment to grow. Continually. There may be situation. We're in two of the companies may have performed exceptionally, acquiring a 25% increase in price. The share of the two other companies may have increased by 10 percentage and the share of the fifth company were very liquidy liquidated to clear a huge lawsuit since Technology is a result of loss for the investor diversification can help you recover the lost through profit from the other companies. This is what I was explaining to rock also, but I said his inner route route example method and now I am explaining a new in a definite you method so that is it guys. There's a make it better for investors that it would have been if he or she had to like invest in only one company. John Hari Krishna is saying that you are exhausted that is it. Is that it all you have to fight for me? No, I didn't expect this much less. Okay guys all I am trying to pull them back here then let's talk about But let me think who is unknown. Okay, the next thing which I would like to explain you in a brief this guy's you have to be very focused here if possible take a pen and paper to because it it took me like a half an hour to do this simple calculation so that I can put it in the easy way avoidance of Leverage Leverage is when you borrow funds and use it to put your stock markets plans into actions. Okay guys, so I select taking loans. Research is processing. So for margin accounts brokerage firms and Banks can grant loans to purchase stocks. Okay, generally 50% of the face value. So in case if an investor decides to purchase 100 shares, let's say if like each share is our 500 each in the total cost is 50,000. The purchase can be completed by a loan of about fifty percent. That means 25 per thousand rupees from a book brokerage firm. Gap just a moment. Where is my pen and paper Okay. So as I was saying if you are trying to buy for example, like a 500 rupees each for an investment, then you are planning to buy like hundred shares in that is like how much 50,000 Rupees so you can get a loan of 50% of that 50,000 Rupees which is 25,000 from any brokerage firms or any banks. Okay using borrowed funds has as an effect on price change for instance if the price of each share increased to rupees thousand per share and the investor decides to sell it his or her returns will be handed person if they had used their own funds, for example how to say that rupees one lakh - 50,000 divided by fifty thousand in case rupees 25000 was borrowed to purchase the stock site if it was sold at like a thousand rupees each the return will be three hundred percent that means One lakh - twenty-five thousand divided by 25,000 after the loan worth 2 rupees 25000 has been cleared. So guys a try to invest on your own money. Don't go for brokerage firms. This is how the brokerage will also be having an impact on the profit which you are making from your hard work. If you are getting it a loss in that the loss will be on your head. But if you're getting a profit The Profit will also be shared to this brokerage firms to that is how the things are working here. So it's better you avoid leverage avoid taking loan avoid taking these money from the firm's that it is a like of no use Hi nidhi. How are you? So the prospects are great when the price of a shared Market increases, however a declining share market might Guys, listen carefully might make you lose a good amount of money on your initial investment in addition to that cost of Interest payable to the broker even though if he even if it's going to go would you like to change your topic? Sorry, but we are about to finish the topic. It's about stock marketing is not about Max. I'm also not that good in maths. But select let's let them let me finish it fast. Okay, so as I was saying sorry guys. So it depends upon that if you are taking a leverage of 25,000 rupees so that you can buy the lower stock markets of 50,000. If it is coming up in a profit. Then you are even making a profit and you're even returning the leverage and when you even reading the interest amount to but in the same way if the amount is going into the laws, then you have to repay the loan. You have to repay the interest and your own money is also be at the loss. So that will be like a double negative impact on you so better make sure that you don't take leverage. Hey, dr. Amin My money is a long time in Bank sometimes just I'm napping you. Should I do what should I do? And how should invest easily our equation? Sorry. I can explain you mathematics easily unknown. Don't worry, Jean hurry. Don't mess with John if I want I can finish you. Okay guys, so as I was saying the prospects are greater with the price of shares increases if it is not then you will have to face a loss. So there are like I can tell you few things which can help you to come up with. Hit the heart button every everybody. Thank you. They win the Rico Suave for telling passing the word for everyone so that they can hit the heart button a thank you so much David, of course. Wha laughing Mannie? Okay Steve, I love and money. So Guys. These are the point as I have explained to you about a basic understanding about stock markets. As I said, I'm not telling everyone that the companies in which you should invest because I am not a stock marketing agent. I am here to share my knowledge of talk marketing for beginners for all M all my Indians. And I'm not taking the international thing because it might confuse you in the beginning. So it's better that we should take in a niche for so as I have explained you investing is not that difficult. If you do your part of homework, you should study the market you should study the companies in which you are investing you should be able to forecast what's going to happen in future with the company. I'm like at least you can have about understanding that what is going to happen maybe whatever to I'm doing fantastic media. Thanks for asking. I have wonderful listeners here. They're supporting me a lot. I mean that making me like go crazy on like having cool stuff here. I know John, I need a me school comment, then. I will try to irritate a jar again. I'm finally okay guys are so that was all about it. So let me go through it. Once again a small review for all those who have joined recently set your objectives properly like how much you want to invest where you want to invest and why do you want to invest if you're not clear about investing guys don't invest is intraday safe bro, when we are not going in depth with that topic, but I'll be coming up with one more podcast where we will be doing in-depth research on how to invest. And what are the basic forms which can be invested to make sure that the risk is less. So a level of risk, I explain you about level of risk and how much level of risk you have to face at what you can do to decrease the layer level of risk and control our emotions because this was I was not about to tell about control your emotion, but Rock gave me a word here. So that made me think about it so that you can also have a word on controlling your emotions then study the stock market. I have given a very brief Nation ideas on how to study the market then diversification of Investments That how can you diversify your Investments so that you can have maximum profit with a Risk and avoidance of Leverage. This is very very important. Don't try to take leverage from any brokering stocks or companies or Banks. So that is it guys that is it for today for like the basics on the stock marketing for beginners Again part 2 will be coming sure coming soon where I will be telling you step-by-step procedure about investing. It will be like a live example for you that how an investment can be done in a step-by-step procedure. So if you like the podcast do hit the heart icon, that will be making sure that I'll be coming up with part 2. How do you don't change topic my eyes on you? Where is unknown? Are you here Anon? So guys I'm done with the topic. I can have a word with all of you. If you want to join and your had a want to have a word with me. You can join in a call and could you talk a little bit about going abroad first, please? Yeah, they went ashore but that will diversify the topic from which we are discussing right now. So they went there. I promise you tomorrow. My topic will be studies in abroad. So actually you mean nice to meet you again. Yeah. Nice to meet you. You harikrishna and I don't know anything about start marketing for starts like a dick, but I'm here to talk with you for sometime so that I have my day will fulfil very actively. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. That means a lot her aggression. I hope you're doing a pretty well. I can listen to you all smiles and laughs that makes me show that you're happy and that's a wonderful thing and Pop I think zahavy was she was exhausted a lot. We want to some Annex popular cool comment from from you because the honey will goes to in like I don't understand you are asking me a cool comment, but it is like pouring some gasoline into fire right now, which I don't want to do. You see I'm that smart enough that I shouldn't be put on to the fingers on the hot things right now. I think now the Honey's very exhausted. Sorry. Sorry exact feeling double. I agree. What happened? Why are you angry for what reason? Oh god. I think I'm here right you shouldn't be angry for anything and you can give me some tips on stock marketing me. I'm expecting some tips. Yeah, I already I already given a brief about stock marketing. I hope you were listening apart from texting and playing around I thought You listening I think and why are not giving it a chance to call you Ami because I see what happened was when I was in podcast with John and she gave me the name and in that time itself. He said that no one should call me a call me as Amo with that name. So I said, okay, okay, but if she was calling you you move. Yeah, only John can call that because she gave the name bro. Actually, we are your fans so we can we can maybe have that. What can you say then? You should get commission then you should get permission from John. Yeah, I'm asking for ideas for our mission, but she was exhausted a lot. I think she cannot give my give you that permission. She cannot eat the to you that permission to anyone. Okay? And I think you are busy in your I think in this one so I cannot disturb you because why not? No. No one of one of my body listeners ask me that sir. Tell me about the stock marketing he want to understand so I do I do go through all the comments which are coming to me and I try to make the content or depending upon my listeners request so that they can learn something and by doing so I can learn from them, too. I think your comments are very funny that I think the this conversation not according to your title. It is quite different from your title. Yeah, let it be anyway, so guys do hit the heart icon which you can see in your texting column. If you like the place podcast about stock marketing for beginners, and we had a wonderful day here today. Anyway, so guys if you want to join me, you can just send me a request on have a word with me Hari Krishna so I can see that you are very much too comfortable now with open top Yeah. Now, I'm very much comfortable and improve my I Am pro a lot in English, and I'm trying to talk with other like partner people's right now. So I'm free you and I already said that you shouldn't be using that name as amused while you are referring to me. Please guys. Don't use the name. Mm. Okay can call me Amy or you want you to give me some other bro, please. That eau de vendeur kushwaha comment. Harry has a Prayer of gratitude has a prerogative. I'm like so he can call Em. Okay? No, no David writes about like a copyright issue. We even if even if he is like a towards me like even if you like a believe me a lot then still a copyright issue does matter Unknown unknown you're going nowhere. Okay are not is always are known. So why are you asking who is are not? I'm not his son and I didn't ask who are known is I don't know who are non is but still I don't want my listeners to go out just because they're commenting. Okay, if they don't like listening to me they can go but just because you're commenting I don't want that you guys you should be having fun. See I'm not taking anything as a negative comment and I'm not taking anything as like in a deep way. Shouldn't be also they're taking the things in a deep way and you should be more much more Frank towards me and you can come up with more names if you want for me. I don't have any problem with that. Actually, we are trying to entertain people who they are listening your workers because I think this top marketing it is not that much interesting topic. So that's how you make a scene on. Well, yeah when we are talking about when we are talking about something knowledgeable, it is never fun. So it is never fun. But I think it is quite difficult to understand. I know I think we we cannot that much interested. We cannot get that much interested in that poor things. Yeah, I thank you. I thank you for your thank you for calling me. Dr. Amy. Thank you. And hi that's wonderful guys. If anyone why else want to join up and they can also have a word with me and I can see that our equation is eager to join the comment section again, he's Looking at comments only. Yeah, and yesterday I talked with you or one of your best, I think good friend. Give us this day our car. Yeah deliver con. I don't yeah, and that was very nice conversation with him actually. Okay. I think you can continue your title. So yeah guys if anyone wants to come on come on. Down here and have a word with me. Then you can come here. You can have a word with me still we have some more time left before I can end the broadcast and I hope that you would like to have a word so definitely looking forward towards that and thanks for your support guys. Dr. Amy. Is that eminent person? I respect him a lot. Thank you so much. They will push white means a lot to me. Thank you so much. Love you, man. Are you married? No? No, I'm still Bachelor and I'm preparing for his gait and is exemption As Told to you so many times. Yeah why I'm asking, you know, because they are they so much thing happening in open top. So you are also very excited these days. So I'm getting doubts on you improve my English a lot with the all if you who they are giving me the chance. So I will definitely take that chance to improve my English. That's our unknown is saying only John can call you remove then. Why am I here? Unknown Amo. You ignored me? No, no, no. No, I'm not ignoring you while saying like that. I don't ignore anyone. This is not fair guys. I mean, like now you're blaming me. I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm a shoddy a mashhadi. Hey, dr. Emma. Can I speak like one day's sure you can even speak much better than me. Just practice practice and practice. Although there is one question from are you married? Okay, guys, I'm not married. I'm not married. Okay, I'm not married and I want to ask you one interesting question about your bio bio data that biography. So can you expand it biography I am. Great person to have a biography not that I'm a normal person. You are you know me other of understanding woman like that you yeah Ottomans. I wrote a book about understanding woman. Okay, but you are good at when's how to under how to deal with when you know Noble Krishna change your words. Don't say that I'm good with women say that I'm good with understanding woman. Okay. Yeah, you are due to this understand right? Not only understand. All people in you can give suggestions to all people. I think it is. Correct The Entity you can also learn English. It's not about like learning like me. You can learn at your own style your own accent and your own propaganda by you can do much more better than me Ray. Maricha. Di nahi Hai friend. Quesadilla me like, okay. I thought you have two children. Okay. So, how do you how do Krishna I think that comment from on on is for you that you have two children? No, no, no. I've silver terrible because I kissed a girl friend also so ugly old girl. What were you doing last Valentine then? No, I just to sleep in God that day. Would you like to join in call with me here? I mean like you can ask all your doubts straight. Talk to me here. Anon well done. Oh, so now John is praising unknown they went. Okay. Okay. Okay harikrishna. Let me have a word with them in Turkish. Wha okay. Yeah. Thank you po Che doctoral me. Care lunch make a little so it has about thank you. Thank you very much. Abby Cowboy John. Why are you angry again? Let's let's have a word with them in Russia. CI as I said She bought this is this is not a right way to comment in a section where other people's are also reading your comments. So, please make sure guys don't use abusive language for anyone for any reason even if you're doing it for fun. So I request you not to use any of you C language. I know. No, I'm not interested why I known what happened? Why are you not interested? Hi, David. How are you? Hello. Hello. Hi David. How are you? Yeah, I'm fine. Hello. Yeah listening. Yeah, I am. Yes. They've interact you are good evening. Good evening. Dr. Me. Yeah, it is good evening to you too. As you asked me about studies in abroad a so I'll be doing a topic on the bat a tomorrow. Okay, same time tomorrow 6:00 until you have you talked to you so much. You don't have to thank me yet. But I'm done with the podcast then you can say thanks to me because yeah, yeah unless I deliver the content, which I'm promising until then you shouldn't be saying thanks to me. And what will a time sir same 6:30? Okay. Okay, okay. Okay after each and every person is calling you and we will ya easy. Yeah, they're not they're not teasing me that these things on here. Okay, so and then unknown property John is a name of unknown. What is this? Regression. What is this? I didn't understand. Education is fixed in such a world unknown redraw. Okay read properly Johnny is on his name was unknown. Uh-huh. Okay, so, okay. Okay. Okay. So Hari Krishna is trying to say that John is unknown. It's my name is Jehan as far as I know your name is John what is happening? I in that all of you are coming it Direction, huh? Rana. What is talk marketing Arena. Did you did you enter the podcast right now? It's my name on okay? So I announced name is unknown, but the name is unknown. Yeah, sorry Rana. You shouldn't be sorry guys. First of all to all my listeners. You should stop using the word. Sorry. Stop using the word. Sorry. Okay, you shouldn't using the word. You should be using the word. Sorry because you are not doing anything wrong. You're asking a question until and unless you are aggressive towards someone until and unless you are abusing someone you shouldn't be saying sorry for any reason. Okay guys, this is awful. Self-confidence if you have a doubt you should ask a question. And for that you shouldn't be sorry John when you are exhausted. It's really funny. Amy please add and I have some time left. Yes. Yes Amar. You can send me the request. Hurry eyes on you. And if you want you can send me the request they went or anything else. Would you like to share with me? Yeah, and I think I've Just Seen A interested to talk to you anything else. Would you like to see here with me? Yeah, you get as you can see there's a ton of fun going on comment section. You can go and join them along, you know, so I will be waiting for that podcast that you you know, you will take tomorrow. Yeah, definitely definitely. Worry, you will be having a podcast on that one. I'll and I'll try to make it a bit at the in-depth. Okay, not like we are but how to make it in. Okay. Thank you so much. Dr. Amy. You're giving us a lot a lot of knowledge a lot of thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. It means it is no. Yeah. Yeah, so just make sure just make sure they wonder that if anyone else is also in need of understanding few things like this. You can invite them here and I'll be much more happy to explain them to it's like I am learning while explaining to them too. Okay? Okay. Okay. So definitely, you know, I will tell them whoever want to join this, you know platform. Yeah, definitely. No, you're not. I know you're not going anywhere. Okay, you're going to stay here. You're not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere. Hurry water PJ, please. Oh my God. It's like it's like an entire war is going and only John is handling the water from one side. I am here to retain Jahan. I am feeling great. How are you doing? How did they agree or not? She will literally make your hurry namaskaram in a different way. So guys if anyone else want to have a word with me regarding anything you can just join here and you can have a word with me. Oh my gosh. hmm Chuck anyone want to join unknown John anyone want to join me now you can join and we can take this fight to the next level which is very interesting because I should I should avoid fun stuff because as oh what happened now? It's fun listening to dr. Amy. Thank you, Monica. Thank you so much. Only Furniture going going on here sir harikrishna Oh my God, guys. What are you doing? I don't just come on inside with me. Join with me and let us have a let us have a word. I mean adding today's topic should be like should we call a move or should we call a me instead of stock marketing? exactly galgiani, basically Harmony. I thought you were one man army. I'm like one woman Army. So one man army. So guys that is it for stock marketing because because I asked you a question Vicky you ask me question. What is the question which you asked me? Can you just repeat it? Pardon? If I forgot the question are like a it slipped from me sir, sir. I have a question. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, they will drop. Yeah, but if you do like to discuss a little bit about the polyphasic sleep monophasic sleep like that out for that we have to come up with a different session for sure because the thing is the thing is that polyphasic cannot be defined in a smaller brief one. It is a complete you can see that it is like a wall. Okay, it's not sure that either you're going to be successful on that or either you're going to be like failure on that one. It depends upon human nature and the consistency which are putting in it. Okay. I got it. Now I got that Ami was a said me to immediately irritate you did I ask you to irritate anyone. How do you go to your party and try to bring some are if you a nice? Wow. I can understand English, but I can't I can't understand English, but I can't explain my thoughts to another people. Okay, but I can't explain my thoughts on other people so Vicki, this is more like you have a having expressing problems and speaking problems. I shouldn't be considering a major problems, but I will consider them as the challenges for you what you have to do to overcome. This is that you have to speak a lot. You have to speak a lot. Even if you're going on you have to speak a lot. Even if you're stumbling why am I saying this because you have to work your muscles of your tongue and your brain to understand that English is a Language, but not as a subject. You have to start thinking in English the provide more training to your brain to accumulate more words so that you can A hat a pikey but you know each other. Yeah / guys. This is no boxing. This is no boxing ring. We are here to share knowledge. So peace. We all want. Peace. So the key I suggest you that you you choose one of your best friend. If not possible. Then you go on to mirror. Okay mirror practice is wonderful. You are again fails on. Oh my God Hari, Krishna, you are literally irritating and taunting on here. Hare Krishna has become a naughty boy. I can see that nowadays. He is doing lot of naughty things in the open dog. Okay, what happened? Here? We are unable to okay, so we had a disconnection with Dave and Rick push. Wha so guys if you want to join and have a word with me. Definitely. I welcome you to have a word with me for sure. If you want to briefly again once about stock marketing. I'll do that neither way. Don't mess with share me. Oh John, why are you calling yourself Chaney? Are you missing share? Shh? Why equations are you gonna do about it? We had a request that it was cancelled, too. No, you're not going anywhere. I know you're not going anywhere Vicki. I think II they hey, let's see. I know he's that is the hardest punches for me. We had a call and it got disconnected to but I don't have any words for the for the speak in English. Why don't you have any words you can speak anything speak about a pen speak about a pencil speak about your dress speak about yourself speak about your friends. This is the basic things which we can know until unless you start speaking. How can you get more words for yourself Vicky? So piercing hurried harikrishna go and meditate your mind. Okay, and John is laughing for that anyone else would you if they would like to join me here they can join. Now you can also come online and you can fight live if you want to but I think I know is getting scared of you. That is why she's saying she or he is hearing that they want to leave. Isn't it unknown? Are you scared of John? I think is no already after one hour meditation. I came here to irritate Jean Naughty Boy Hari, Krishna. Anyway guys are having an extra extrovert personality and working towards and extrude personalities a wonderful thing. I do encourage that. So we're saying her official John but I don't have any knowledge about stock marketing. Anyway, I have a completed them as top marketing. I'm just having a casual words. Because who can think in English they can speak easily. Yes. You have to start thinking at least okay, thinking English when you on free time think about yourself what I should do. What is my favorite color? What is my friend doing? Where should I go? What vehicle should I use? What dress color should I use? I'm scared of you anymore. She's yours John about a talk about stock marketing But because okay. I'm scared of you John. That's why I'm scared. That's why I'm scared. John a hurry to marry supari thicker. Are you? How are you? Hi, I'm fine. That's great. That's great. That's great baby from decreasing. I'm from Ripe. Oh, that is good. You're from right? this girl. Wow! Good what I'm doing. I am from Hyderabad do nothing now because I also resigned my job previous month. Oh you too. I remember your brother. I returned to my job three days ago. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Okay, I listen I listen to podcasts earlier. No is it thank you. Thank you so much when you say polyface quality sleeping and death thing, okay. Oh my God. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think I'm able to you. Yeah, yeah. That's the second just a second to be I have to read this comment. Dr. Amy. Thanks for giving me the ideas for speaking English. Yeah, we keep a don't thank me yet. You have to practice this everyday at a specific time decide a specific time for practicing and you will you have to do that every day. And after what you have to do is continuously for at least one month then you come and thank me. I'm going is on enjoy this podcast with anymore. I'm Nan. You're not going anywhere. Okay. No one is leaving this podcast now. You two shouldn't leave unknown. He's on saying that she's going to leave the podcast. No, right then. Why are you saying that you are going to leave the podcast see even even even John is also saying don't go. Yeah, CPU should also saying don't go so I know you are not going anywhere stay here soup in there should be a do you want to ask anything else because I have hello. Hello. So AI also having some gastric problems. So can you suggest some things for me? I'll yeah, I think I think you have heard about my gastric problem issue with my one of my business. Okay Hannah, it's sukhwinder place. I mean like behind him there might be dogs are barking. Sorry, sorry. Sorry something no. No, it's no problem. Oh Jacob. I met in Havana and no one is saying that you are Kebab mija D. So think you think like feel yourself as also the Kebab but don't become the Hardy and don't think that you are Hardy. No one is Happy everyone is kebab. Mmm, okay so good. So stupid. What do you want to ask me? I want to ask about something about a poly physics polyphasic sleep about some body. You said earlier in evening Magic? Abuse yeah, so guys as I'm saying polyphasic sleep is very difficult to explain right now at the moment. But tomorrow after explaining about studies in broads. I'll be doing one more podcast on polyphasic sleep for sure. So secretly follow you will get you be getting a notification about whenever I start a podcast so you can join me. Okay. Okay, this is what's happening here. What's going on? Mmm? Okay. Rahul bichette okay. Okay received. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, okay. So guys if anyone wish to come here and have a word then we can emerge a Hindi Summers been he my guys on Circle who asked a question for then Hari Krishna. That is that is good for you. No, no. No, you are not Hardy who said you are happy or not Hardy. How do you take a chill pill? Oh my God raises going John come online. Come online as a comment online. I don't come online. I want to have a word with both of you. I'm not come online. Musical iguana John Buchan upper miltank each other so they show rossio. Today's ciao. Yeah, I just said that I'm Heidi. No, no, no. No. No, you are not Hardy I'm saying now, you know, you know Heidi we are trying to connect with so they here has to - how are you? Hello. How are you? Hello guys do check that you guys do check your internet connection while you're connecting me with the call because if the internet connection is not steady, you won't be able to have a proper bird with me. So I request you all. Please do check your internet connection before getting into call with me that will be really great and helpful to me to and having a proper word. I love speaking with all of you guys literally. Very nice topic. Thank you all. John good comment. Good comment. It's my presentation for you regression. Ah, what is this? I don't come on. Come on line. Let's have a word. And I am anymore John. What are you saying inside? You can't do it today here. Hmm, so I have also started receiving WhatsApp missile. Oh, yeah. Hi. How are you fine? And you I'm doing great. Thanks for asking very from today. F where are you from? I'm like bitch, please today's your ice is breaking. And it was an IT connections. I know she said that she said that you are Kebab. Okay. She didn't call you her D read the comment. Once again, she called you Kebab. She didn't call you Hardy and no one should call anyone had the okay guys. What is this Hardy? You shouldn't be using that word study here, huh? Not hot. Hello today. I think this is a very close your mouth. Otherwise mature will enter your mouth. hahaha Oh my God. So guys I thank you so much for making even the comment session. So interesting and spicy. Mm. Oh, please tell her to exhaust again. We are getting bored Hari Krishna. Do you know the meaning of exhaust exhaust means getting tired to the Core? Okay, unknown me an Emu are born and you are Kebab Shahid mature. Yeah, I shied mature mature. Okay, I'm Different. I know you're not going anywhere. Why are you always saying about going and leaving? No one is asking you to leave right? Even John also said that you should stay here. Well, let's try to have a word with took where it was disconnected. Hello Isaac wasting how are you? Once again, I'm here. Yeah here you are here back and you needn't connection once before having a call. Okay, because I cannot get it will take a long time. Okay? Okay. So so first of all, I episode you're very well because you are thank you so much for me also. So so what is the topic stock market for beginners? Yes, so you said that? Don't put your ex in a in a bun basket. Yes. Yeah. So so if so you are but as I said to me that I may go to a long-term investment be a short-term investment long-term investment. Why do I suggest long-term investment because long-term investment will be having a steady and more or assured benefit when compared to less risks. And short-term investment might get you immediate profits, but there is also the high amount of risk of losing your money is you are exactly right in my college time. I do internet rate and only one day I lose 10K about can I see the engine without understanding stock market? We shouldn't put any any money into that. Yeah, yeah, you were right Butters but what swing trading and and positional trading is also good in a in a short term. See first of all, all kind of readings are good. Once you have an understanding and knowledge about them. Okay? Okay, because you have knowledge then you can think about it where you have to invest if you have an understanding about how stock markets works, then you can put it in a safer way so that you can at least gain minimum profit without the loss of the men, which are doing So if we buy any stock of a part of a particular company if fundamental company of a right, but the market is down. So so we entered this company or not. See you have to look for the forward. Okay, so you shouldn't be looking towards the companies present situation. You should look at liquid the company's upcoming situation. Okay? Okay. That is it what I said about knowledge. Okay, having knowledge about a company and the trading of that company. Like what was the past history how many times company had went into the loss and how did the company recover and compare that situation with the present situation? So like is there any chance of this compared to again come back again onto the top. So in that case you will be having a positive of a metallic have how many percentage of chances you have to gain profit? So it works in a percentage and you have to have a knowledge about the company before you have investing if you are still in doubt of 1% Also, you shouldn't be investing your money. You should be a hundred percent. Add about the company and it is understanding then we will be able to do that. Dr. Amy, you just want attention. You don't want my heart are not did I say that did I say that I only want attention that's wrong. That's wrong. That's wrong. Unknown. You're saying wrong sing that song know anything else to peer and and one more thing about should you think about the cryptocurrency? So I should I should I invest or not? Come again. Why should I why should you think about cryptocurrency Bitcoin and and any particular currency see according to my research and my study and my understanding towards cryptocurrency, it has a wonderful growth in upcoming future. Okay? Okay, and the thing is that you should be having an understanding about how to keep your cryptocurrency safe because it is a digital currency. So there is always a chance of it is been getting. stolen Okay, but in a cryptocurrency are there is a very much there is very much speculation, but love means of 4500 down and and forty fifty percent up in a one single day. So if you believe that is why I'm saying there should be a long-term investment. You shouldn't you be looking at the terms which are present right now because there is no chance that cryptocurrency will be going out of the business in coming at least 15 years. Okay, okay. Hmm. Okay Jackson Library Point made by dr. Amy Jackson lie. Thank you for coming Jack and Jill went up the hill. Okay, tell me how to become rich, LOL. LOL, even if everyone knows the secret to become rich, then everyone would have become rich, isn't it? You just want attention. You don't want my heart. It's a song emerges dedicate this song to me, but I don't know. I never heard about that song unknown. Okay, I'll try to learn that song for you. Maybe the next podcast. I'll sing that for you. Okay, how are you, bro, John, you're calling grow to Jack right not me right species. Oh my God, this is so funny. Here is Hari Krishna. Yeah Hari Krishna is now exhausted. He was calling Sean exhausted now, he's exhausted. Okay. And where is the key? He's also commenting here. If your podcast I think any seasonal he was he was given permission to unknown to call Emo harikrishna. We were missing you here again, you come and started pointing at me directly. Why do you always turn your direction towards me when you are you are today at the risk. So would you like to ask I'm going now? Okay. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you. Okay guys Jackson. Come on. Let's have a word you never you have never been in my podcast. So come let's have a word. Shahid I just okay, Jack see everyone called his now John is tired. No way. John is never tired Hari Krishna. She's very energetic. Okay. Jackson like come on. Come on line. We have a word from Shaw heard just us an English learner. So let's try to connect with Shahid. Okay, shall I check your interconnection is not connecting properly guys. Please do check your interconnection while counting with me. No, MM. Oh, I'm not holding you grow its Jackson. Hi Jackson, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for coming to my podcast. This is your first time right? Yeah, it's my first time talking but I've been okay. Thank you so much Jackson and the guys welcome Jackson like this is the first time he's coming because to my podcast here. I'm really happy that Jackson is a part of our podcast now. So Jackie, how was your day? Brother look never better right now as usual. I'm good, Jack today near Nikita was doing a live. Why did you go there? No, I didn't see that. How did you know I was there there for some time. I was listening to some stories then after that I left I thought you will be there. Anyway, she had a knife. I never saw her life. That was I think my first time seeing her life. So I thought you would be there about stories. You know, it was stories see look we are not following it somewhere so. Yeah, I'm listening. I'm listening. I'm listening. I didn't say that. Okay, have fun. Yeah same to you to have fun with us all alone. Yeah. Yeah all alone. Okay Jackson, you're not sharing someone's ass, right. How can you can you be a minute you're not sharing your some more seating wall alone while we are hungry. Not fail. Jacks are not fair. So we shall discuss about any my okay. Okay. Okay, I'll be waiting for you can come back again. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy your samosas. Yeah, shahida, please. Please do check your internet connection. I never disconnect any of the calls from of my podcasters. I do try to give all the type of possible for them to have their queries cleared. Because I when I tried to connect it was not connecting. Jehan and now we can't see mujra you are not here right. Now youyou just said like Hi, how are you and your left who would ask him? Anyway, he's going to have his Samosa Shahid. I did click on accept that is why it got disconnected. Hari Krishna you are again taunting her. Kitten is up Nate a mujahideen a Kelly a bad breakup curly. Oh my God. Are you Krishna Hari Krishna close your mouth? Otherwise my church an exciting game? Okay guys, if anyone else had any doubts regarding stock market for beginners for basic cell, so this is the today. I didn't ignore you or not. I reply to your comment to come on check your comments. Once again, I did reply to your comment. Guys, I'm literally trying to car apply to all of your comments. But you're all of your comments are roaming around Jahan not around me. So, how can I reply to any of the comments in a possible way? In why I'm going. Why are you going now? Not very hard sometime. Your unknown is saying going sometimes honesty and going I'm like, what did I do? Why do you all want to leave me alone like this? Con mucha. Ricotta. Ha ha Shell shock Shell Shock delivered. Dr. Ramos talk marketing for beginners. Really? Yes, the lover stock marketing for beginners. I mean like they should have a niche understanding about what stock marketing really is and what the can they do for better returns with high maximum profit margin. Come join a podcast. There are I'm waiting come on. the logo to the stage there was on the wagon the BRZ body low-blower. Come online. We want to hear you. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, it's about to end the lower your you will be the last person who's going to attend the call here. After that. We'll be adding a broadcast. So come see I already got the message last few minutes left here maximum profit with minimum risk. Okay, last May our deliverer come right now. the low interested in girls only Deliver come right now. Otherwise, I will say that Anon has made a wonderful point. Yeah, they live interested is girls. Only John is very appreciated appreciable girl. They've been requested by saying John is very appreciable girl. Yes. Yes, she is. the lover come online There's no one here to speak. I'm already done with the topic. So I'm trying to have a word with all my listeners. So I Joe come online. Krishna you are literally mocking Jahan. You can't handle her that easily. Okay. the Louisiana last McConaughey Baloo marriage on aha see that is it yesterday delauro was saying that I like, dr. Amy. I know you're not going anywhere. Okay, the podcast is about to end in 20 minutes. So you're not going anywhere stay here yesterday. The Lewis saying that I'm one of his what you say that he liked me as a one of the good podcasters and he treat me as a way one good friend, but now he's not even listening to me. What is this the loo I want to improve my communication skills. See move. What lock is saying Lali say we want John, LOL. No one is going to get Jahan, okay. You can only acquire Knowledge from my podcast the Lou come online. Yeah, he calling me a good friend from one side. And from the other side. You're not listening to me. I mean like what is this? They look? Kakarot the lover can be happy celebrity ho gayi go online and I know each other. Mm. Oh I need a decision. Now. She was already said once time I'm going so all I already won the competition. Now she want actually original John wanted to see mudra. Okay, John a let's make Hari Krishna do mudra. He's saying he won the competition John. So tell him to do the module. Let's make her equation Urdu mudra here. I choose a song for harikrishna also. Majora means Jon will explain you how to Krishna Deliver. Come on come online. We have Shamir at least let's have a word which Ami de lo not fair. I will be coming to your podcast soon. Okay. Hello. Hello. Hi. Show me how are you fine? Show me are you getting a call and tell me are you getting a call? Okay, tell me tell me yeah, how are you? I'm fine. Where are you from? Xiaomi? And sometimes you're from Kerala. Oh great. If you do just a nice way. Oh your home life? Yeah. Oh, yes, how many say you're right. This is much better than housewife. So we have home. We have one whole mr. Here talking with us guys. And so how long have you been using this app? Show me and the last week I started to use this app. So how do you feel using this app? Very interesting? I know English, but I can't speak. Yeah, I am so Not complete the sentences and I forgot the words. What can I say? Yeah, no, no. No, those are not problems consider them as challenges. Okay. Those are the those are the upcoming levels, which you can take forward to develop your English. So show me what I suggest you is that if you start reading books loudly, it could be any book a children's story book. It could be newspaper could be magazine. So you have to start reading them. Loudly. Why am I saying Is because it will it will improve your tongue practice it will improve your tongue muscle habituated with using English words. Okay, and second thing try to speak in front of mirror while looking at your face, this will improve your confidence level and focus never while speaking because what happens is when we are in front of other people we forget so many words while speaking That happens because of lack of confidence. So once you start practicing in front of mirror that will a develop your focus that will develop your confidence and that would develop your understanding over the language of English and try whenever you have some free time try to think in English possibly about anything. You don't need a topic to think about you can think anything think anything but thinking English so that will help you or not to show me. Are you there? Yes, I am in yeah, are you listening? Yes, so do try these tips. I'm like a do mirror practice. It will increase your focus and and your confidence level and do read any book. It could be children's storybook. It could be magazine, but read it out loud that will help your tongue to practice the version pronunciation. Yeah, okay and do this consistently you have to do. Every day because doing one or one or two days, it will not develop English. You have to do it every day slowly story that will be developing and complete just be it but I can't attend the interview for this reason the afraid of English. You are afraid of English. So you shouldn't be afraid of English by I be afraid of English because we are still don't know anything about English. So that is the reason we are afraid of English instead of instead of being scared of English. You should take it as a challenge to learn something new Okay, so Because you should have a positive attitude towards learning something. That is it. What will make you work towards it I much confident in speaking to Malayalam but the days of in this legging I did and I can't I cannot and I understand everything but I can't read me. Yeah, I can understand that because what happens is that we go blank on birds while we are trying to reply because we are we have this conscious that saying that I might be wrong or maybe I say I will say Something wrong. So that is the reason we don't get the point to understand put in a straight way. So that is the reason we have to practice or not speaking don't think about grammar don't don't think about grammar grammar is not important at present. First of all, you have to speak a lot and it's exam time. Yes. I'm ty. Yeah, you should try and try it every day and you will see see see changes in yourself soon enough. Okay, okay, and anything else you show me? Which would you like to ask me? No, Angel, I will call you later. Yeah. Thank you. Have a nice day. Thank you. Thank you. Have a nice day. So guys we had a word with the Shema hear the broadcast is about a to be and guys, so please dilute join me here if you are still here if you're still listening to me. I know I don't have money but amou has money so immobilized a faking it and on behalf of me. Okay? Okay, John Madonna, Masha, Masha, Masha. Hi, how are you? How is going to-- I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. How are you? I am fine too and it is first time with you mister. I me yeah waiting for long. Yeah. I tried to connect with your corn first time. I saw a notification but it was it born immediately second time again, I saw your notification and it won't immediately third time when a president will attend the call it was blinking and it went off. I was really Rising because it be before attending how do you know that the connection is weak? That's why I come on take it down. Yeah, see because when I'm connecting with someone you see the connecting dots there are three dots showing that it is connecting and those dots are blinking that means connection is stable. But if those dots are not blinking that means the connection is not able to complete. Okay, because you are here for maybe a long time. That's why you know, I really hope this app yes. Yes. Yes. That's girly me I'm here just for you because yesterday I was talking with someone and he said if you want to get some knowledge, then there is one person you can get from him and he is mr. E me dr. Lee me, sorry. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. You can call me Michelle. That's not a problem. Okay, because I am also the beginner you maybe you have a seen my profile there was written. I am also the beginner especially in English. The series is the same problem that the last color she told you. I think I have I faced the same problem also, so then you should follow the same tips, which I have given to shh me because this is a wonderful tips and I still follow those every single day. I read out books and I read some for knowledge and a Married for learning practice. Then I even do the mirror practice building because one thing you share there is no grammar is not important for the speaking English. So grammar is not important. What is it true? We don't follow the grammar and we can speak English. Is it possible or what? Yes, it is hundred percent possible. Shahid is hundred percent possible. The thing is that understand one thing if I'm going to some new place and I don't know Hindi then I will I'm working there. Okay in couple of years I can speak Hindi because I'm learning from my people from my friends from my surrounding peoples around me. Okay? That doesn't mean that I'm going to grab my right are they if if New he's teaching you their own language. They will tell you that how to wish and how to pronounce do they tell you that follow the grammar in the same way English is also language if we consider it as a subject you have to think about grammar, but if you consider it as a language, then you don't need any grammar and you can fluently speak English without any grammar mistakes in the beginning. There will be speakers spoken like a broken English and maybe other person can understand us. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So that is what I'm saying that we should consider English as a language not as a subject then it is much easier for us to practice it a lot and these are the same symptoms which are giving to all the new beginners because this is what I followed when I was a beginner. Okay, that's true. That's true. Because I we should think it's like as a language. You have to like not like a subject maybe the yeah subject. Don't go fo don't go for work a blurry don't go for grammar. Don't go for like sentence formation. Just look for like basic words and starts picking every day. Okay read the books a lot. It's already have a ton of grammar subconsciously. So you will be practicing grammar of without known to you when you try to read it in English and start thinking in English also, The streusel and wanting some time. We got maybe a lot of words and heaps of grammar in our mind. But sometime we can use this grammar in these the vocabulary in our conversation. So how we can get right maybe we have the words. We have a Cavalry but we are not able to use especially in ever first report. You don't think about a getting it, right? Okay, don't think about getting wrong. Okay. Have to get lot of things wrong then only we can do it, right. This is a language. Yeah, this is a language and you have to do a ton of mistakes then only you will learn it perfectly. Okay, so giving any examination. Okay, you're not giving an examination of the grammar that whether you're doing good or bad but to hear you are clearly using English as a language for communication. That means understand and in take English as a language. And that is why I'm asking you to think in English do the mirror practice in English and read the books loud so that your tongue muscles and your brain muscles can be active learning the new words in English. Okay, sir. Okay, when you when you will go live only the maybe for the maybes English-speaking because Trudeau's you are our topic is I think about cameras. I'm about marketing. Yeah. It is a like a holdup Hotel topic you can do one thing, okay. Once you disconnect the call, you can just click onto my profile picture and that will take you to my account. Okay, and there are other recorded versions of my podcast about communication tips and other things you can listen to those ones in upcoming future. Also, I'll be bringing more some podcast on learning English and many more. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks a lot sir. Yeah, thank you. Shy just because I have listened about what you in the that's why I was reeling to call you and listen from Some were yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I that means a lot to me and I think that I was of some help to you. I hope so make sure yeah, so make sure that you do connect with me on open Talk FM by following me on open talk and then we'll be having on much more learning together learn while we grow. Okay, so that is the reason what I think about. Okay, so I thank you so much. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Have a wonderful day. Shy take care. Jean I don't know that that is mujra Amy. Would you like to say something behalf of me? What happened? I don't care about your rehabbers our music comment section below and guys the time is running out and so make sure that you connect with me and we should have a word before we end the conversation Jean eyes on you speaking. John John Hari, Krishna unknown mujra, shoot. Okay, then. I only know the definition of mujra, but I know you are a very talented so show us mudra John. Are you telling that to an on? Hey, we have Jackson. No, I was reading the comment what happened? Because I didn't saw the comment right? I didn't ignore you unknown. Hey Jackson, welcome back. In Jackson. Yeah speaking English considering selling the way tips. Yeah, those are the tips which I gave to other tips, which I would like to give you two mirror practice and reading out English books English magazines, maybe newspapers louder that you can practice those words and enunciation and that will help you a lot. So make sure that you have a consistent Fix-It time every day at least for one hour and You can divide that one hour into reading section and malpractice action and what you have to do that unknown. You just ignored me. No, and no. No, I'm not ignoring you. I saw the message back and talk to people like you. So Jackson what you have to do instead of mirroring take a take about some random topic and start speaking about it for so long. So you you love music so you can talk about music or lot different kind of music different kind of generous different kind of albums. Whatever you want. You can speak them about them in English that will help you to focus while And that will I you know what my friends they'll keep telling me like I'm crazy. Yeah, let them say what they want to say because while we are doing something we look like crazy to everyone but when we achieve then we will be inspiration inspiration to them. Okay, but still, you know, they keep telling me that I'm crazy. Even if even if I did practice in front of mirror, so exacting tell me one thing if your friends are calling you crazy because you're Acting in front of mirror. Okay, what happens here? Just because your friends are laughing at you. If you stop practicing, then you are not going to develop your English. You might be developing in future, but you are stopping yourself from learning. But if you ignore their if you ignore your friend saying that you're crazy you feel you know, that your friends are laughing and you still practice someday, you will be at a different level and at that time your friends the friends who'll off to a to the friends who called you crazy. They will be taking inspiration from you. All right. Okay, then I will I will I will start from Tomorrow onward in there is no such thing as tomorrow Jackson you have to start it from today because they are over. Yeah, make a time and start practicing it from today because learning has no time limit. So we should start immediately and we should work towards the success and try to think in English a lot. It will also help you on brain to remember know so many words, but you know, what all I all I did till now is to listen to some music watch movies. Yeah from there. I clicked the English expression and vocabulary. Yeah, obviously, just give me some time. I will have a word with Jackson and I'll get back to you soon. Yeah, I'm starving say I won't take long here because I know after him is such a busy person and I am not yes, you know, are you come up every day like you come up with a new topic every day? Yeah, thank you. Thank you Jackson. Yeah, you're one of my inspirational say, oh is it that means a lot Jackson? Thank you. Thank you so much. And also the one I forgot his name the one with the long hair and dark charcoal on his eyes. I don't know. I forgot his name Jordan. No, it's not. I'm sorry his name starts with R. I forgot. Mmm Run Deep. Oh, yeah Run Deep or something. Yeah, it's Avatar. Yeah. Yeah, I think I think I saw his reminder want on the screen. Yeah. Yeah, he's also you know, he I saw her I saw him every day doing broadcast that we talk. Well, that's good. I like it when people come up with new topics so that they can learn and they are helping others to learn to. Hmm. So yeah, today is my first day to talk with you and I feel really happy. And I want you to come regularly to my podcast whenever you're free. Yeah, whenever I see you, I'll definitely talk to you. So in you and have a word with you. Yeah, okay Jackson to let me have a word with Abhishek. We have last 10 minutes left. So I want with Abhishek here a couple of minutes then I think John would like to join or unknown if you join to. Thank you. Thank you so much Jackson fly for being here. I would have you know, I would love to have you more on my podcast. Cheryl yeah, have a good top. You have a good job Wonderful by take care. So let's have a word with Abhishek and John is about the time to end the podcast as you said you want to be the last one right so you can send me the request now. However, Shake hello. Can you hear me clearly? Hello, I hope I'm already good, right? Yes you audible. How are you? Yeah, I'm doing great. What about you talk during I'm fantastic. Thanks, Rob. Okay, great. So I got a few questions for you and probably the let's begin the first question by the topic. I mean the topic I see is its stock marketing for beginners, right? So could you please introduce me to the topic? Like I mean stock marketing is I'm Unaware of it and I'm coming out of it. Yeah, a lot of stories about people losing a whole lot of money and stuff marketing. So just tell me about war is talk marketing and should I do it myself or should I you know include a broker or somebody else as a financial investor? No. No, you shouldn't be going it to anyone for anything until unless you have full knowledge about a stock marketing like how the marketing works. I don't time to Go in depth, so I'll tell you in a short way. Yes doc marketing sir. Why do people lose in stock market? Because they try to invest huge amount at a single time and try to get huge profits for what happens is to do so, they believe the stock market as they believe is Brokers. They believe is agents and invest the money. Uh-huh. That is the reason they are losing their money. They are not studying the market. They're not understanding the market. So that is the reason the losing. The money is the first of all you should have a grasp about what stock market and what are the markets and companies are doing how well okay. All right. So which means first of all we have to have a basic understanding of stock market and we should learn the stock market and all the about all companies, right? So what methods do you prefer? I mean other than reading the financial column of the newspaper and what other method that you prefer to begin. I mean, do you prefer you to make horses or books or may not know the udemy courses are like how to do the stock market is about understanding. The stock market is completely different and how to do the stock market is completely different. Okay. Okay to read the stock market's what you have to do is that there are some news channels only for stock marketing. Okay, the only show stock markets, okay. All right. So which means I have to watch and follow the stock market. Yeah, you can see the hype in each company at what percent is going on and by go once if you have a keen interest in you can have a pattern in that equality company which company doing it what level okay, and what's your opinion about day trading and long-term investing which is better and what? The I prefer long term investment because there are ups and downs in stock market. If you invest in short term. It could be a chance that while you are about to withdraw your money at the stock market in the short term. There might be a loss and there might be a drop in the stock market. Okay. That's what I said investment will add the benefits year after year. So that benefits will be still at your favor and you can just withdraw your money at the moment when you can feel that it is safe to be drawn up. Okay, that's that sounds great and one logical and so I see that you have published a book right? Actually, I haven't read the book but still I guess that you have published a book on basically psychology of movement, right? Yes. I'm listening woman. Yeah. Okay. That's great. So, is it a physical book or is it on Kindle? It's a physical book available on Amazon and Flipkart. Okay, great. So, could you please just breathe through the experience? I mean, how did you come across the idea of writing a book and how did you make yourself omit the writing? A book is a very long process right? So how did you you know work it out? How did you talk about a plan? And how did you like the book? Yeah. Okay. I'm going to get is completely weird and all you will find it completely awkward that how did it start it right the book. We just before that once John you said you will be sending a request right? You are still not here. I can see that. Okay. I'll be coming to you next after that. Okay, I will shake so what happened was like Then I recently joined a company and it was a two years ago and we had this a training session our training website there and we have to do our training like LMS learning module systems. What I felt there was a small icon called as blog it was our company's private blog section where others are other members can see the blocks. So I started to write daily experiences there. Uh-huh, and I got some wonderful feedback from everyone because no one in the entire company of like 2,000 employees only am the one who's using the block section, okay? Okay. So what happens was one of my friends suggested that you are writing such a good content about these things then why don't you try writing a book then? It's not a good it's not a bad one. So I just I could do that. Okay, but why did you switch to a Blog I mean personal blog of your own because that's that sounds real Community. But yeah, I didn't mean to I did rather do but I wanted to go with the idea of the word you say that the book the physical book because I have never tried that and I was more interested to do something like that one. It was not about publishing the content but it was a book writing itself which was inspired to me a lot. So he was like a bit. He was a bit funny about it saying to that but I thought that I can give about to it then later on. Okay idea. I was not That on what content should I be writing a book on then? I'm a guy who has girls as friends even for my childhood. Okay, no no love but there are my best friends. So many of them are married many of them are in relationship many of the Monroe who recently broke up. So I started to speak with them. Then I hadn't idea whenever I see online. They're commenting that understanding how many is like impossible? So I thought that why it is impossible to ascertain what I want. So I had deep conversations with them. I had meetings I had Quarrels and fights so because I'm a man because I have a different mindset. So I have to quench my thoughts of my host of questions. Yeah until book is only of 76 pages, but it took me two years to write it down. I mean that literally do is you work without. Yeah literally do yes, and I had this conversation in depth with a different age groups of women. Okay, that sounds great. Six hours eight hours continuously Street. Oh my God, that seems a whole lot of hard work. Yeah, and what about the publishing? How'd it go? You know publishing I just put it like for online publishing. But what happened is that one of the Publishers I think notion to setting so I'm not sure with the name. They approached me with the idea that they can publish the book If I want to so I gave the book for the review and at the book was approved and it was published and night at 2 o'clock. I Got a notification that even flip card has approved for the book sale. Oh my God, that sounds really great when you can. Okay, so this means if you have a good content, and if you have a great book, which means you can get it approved very easy. I didn't pay a single penny to any of the companies for publishing or marketing. All right. Sounds great. And what about the revenue do this New York Times Best Sellers become millionaires by writing books. I don't think about getting meeting about writing the book and even I didn't think about any profits to be learned from the book. But the thing is that motion press is still providing me 60 percentage of the amount sold from each book. Oh, that's that's that's that's like a huge amount. If you are considering the price of a book like most books is like 22 250 rupees and thing right? Yes, the book one which I had this a specific price. That is 143. Is that your lucky number or something? No. No. I'm just trying to give a subliminal message in the price of the book also, so it's 1 for 3, right? I love you. Yeah, so those guys and who is buying the book literally and indirectly I'm saying. I love you to him. Okay, that sounds great. And could you just briefly about that online? What did you do online to get it published? Is there a specific website or specific process that you have to go through because I have been through a lot of companies. So I'm not sure about that but you can just hit like book publishing and you happy websites ready in front of you with the guide and with the people live to help you. Okay, which means physical book publishers right. Now, you can also under the if you're going for digital publishing you won't have to say anything. Benny did he still seemed digital sales is quite difficult. Oh, okay. Yeah, that's the problem. The single is with more difficult. If you have a physical book, it's more likely to get salt rate and rate. Okay, and you just just a minute just a minute conclude few minutes is left its is gone and now Abhishek Learners Learners spelling is wrong. I'm sorry. Okay, was that to me? It means in your profile you have written Observer and learn a right. So she's saying that 11s spelling is wrong. It's okay. It came as a kind of complementary after so.