Okay, so we are live here again guys. How are you good evening to one and all and I'm dr. Me your host back with one more topic how to stay super focused at anything. So this is one of the wonderful topics which we can discuss today. And these are just at the basic levels, which you can modify them to take it to the next level and guys. Let me tell you I love you all and I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful Festival of all the colourful Festival of all the holy I wish you a very happy Holi once Before we get into the content and am the better hurry. So let's get into the topic ASAP. So through watch what is all focused about I'm like once we start doing something after a couple of hours, maybe like a maybe sometimes it's only 10 minutes. Maybe it could be like preparing for an examination. Maybe it could be like doing some work some Project work some office work you get distracted immediately, but you want to stay focused on what can we do to get workers? So that is today's topic is how to stay focused. So so I have this few pointers, which you which will be helping you to create a brief about yourself that what you can do to stay focused in your day-to-day works. So I'm actually wanted to trying to take as less calls as possible and we'll get into the topic. So first thing I would like to tell you is that get into the flow guys before you blame it on others take a minute to evaluate your productivity. Are you really in the flow when working on your task you have to ask this question to yourself flow is a state of mind where we feel in totally Pursuit execute task effortlessly and achieve the peak of our performances. Okay. So it was it was discovered like about the resources of the University of Chicago, so I'm not going to Yale University of Chicago and and it can be improved. By strengthening our ability to concentrate to get into the flow try to get more excited about the task at hand and and focus all your energy on working on this single thing one more tactic it is bit risky, but still you can try to develop your focusing skills, unlike minor things where you don't feel lost. So the another tactic is that that works for me a lot. Okay is to wait until you are close to the deadline. The sense of urgency will put your mind to work more efficiently. So guys this is how we can put your mind to the work that will be like a very easy one, but difficult one to and as we are for Refugee, I would like to apologize for what happened at your podcast and I'm sorry for that one. But still there are dogs who need to teach them lessons manners. They were dogs of like Bad Manners some of other countries to our neighbouring other countries idiots. So, okay, so let's get with the topic. So the second thing which I would like to tell you about is plan ahead every day before In to work on your all on your tasks write down three important things you need to accomplish by the end of the day find a planning method that works the best for you beat prior tries, like a to-do list a Holier told you many times about to-do list, isn't it? So hourly work schedules then are like completely different planning methods. You can do a ton of things. So don't forget to plan your brakes as well. Your brain isn't capable of working eight hours straight it needs some time to recover. So Make sure that you have your time to recover too. To the third point which I would like to tell you. The super bullet point is create an early work plan create an early work done. Try scheduling all your today's task hour by hour. Okay, there are multiple benefits to do this kind of enhanced planning. Hi, Anna. Hi Ravi neuron with a Hydra and you need exactly what you know exactly what needs to be done by the end of the day. You set realistic expectations to your day. As you predict how much time it takes to complete each task, you know what to do next after finishing one task. You can prioritize your tasks and plan the ones required higher energy levels, which are you can plant them for morning hours because morning hours are like most energetic of our entire day. So the most important work you have to try to raise them so that they can be done in the morning. Icy roads Gupta, how are you? So the next point which I would like to tell you. The fourth point is I write down all your ideas. We all get many new ideas while working on a task some days. We might become so overwhelmed with new thoughts that they are unable to continue to focus the best way to deal with your spontaneous ideas is to keep a notebook clothes whenever an idea crosses your mind write it down let it go for now and return it to the later. Then what do you say that albums like a this is the art of work which you can do by letting go and focusing on a single thing at a time. You will be able to do much more efficiently. So the next point which I would like to discuss with you guys is like keep your to do list organized. This is this is very important. Just having a to do to-do list is not will be working out. You have to keep it. Well organized to having an unorganized to-do list with tens of unfinished. Tasks can have a negative effect on your productivity. So that's because you haven't planned with which task needs to be tackled first when reviewing your high huge and important to do list break it into three structuralist daily weekly and monthly work next organized this list according to priorities so that you know, what needs to be done first each time you complete a task cross it out on your list and see how many how much all How many have you accomplished at the end of the day? So this will be given your track record of like a how much practice you are and then how much of our Focus towards finishing a task. So the next point which I would like to say tell you is as set deadlines for yourself, not the deadlines which you are manager gives not the deadlines which schools or colleges give to you, but set your own personal deadlines if you feel no pressure to complete a task, you will likely procrastinate on it twice as much set clear deadlines for all the tasks in your to do. The list by doing so you create a sense of urgency making it easier to achieve the state of low and truly focus on an important task moreover having said set deadlines helps you to battle your inner perfectionist. It's good to work on a task until it's great. But avoid getting stuck on details don't get into the such stuff in Keene details of certain deadlines. So let's get to the next point which is like hmm. Just a second guys. Yeah, so the next point which I would like to tell you is organize your work environment. It plays a very important and crucial role guys to organize your thoughts and concentrate or focus on a single task. You need a work environment that supports this kind of clarity clean up your desk. Then organize your computer's desktop and remove posters from the wall if you This might help because some posters might be helping you to focus on some posters might be distracting you from the work. You can also place a large monitor between your site and the rest of the office to keep people flickering by your side at all the time. Hi SRI Ram. How are you? Thank you. So the next point which I would like to give is that split time-consuming tasks. Okay. There are few tasks which need more time and compared to other tasks, isn't it? So instead of tackling one huge task break it into four smaller doable task that you can complete in less than one day. This way you will feel more rewarded each time a part of the task get finished moreover. You will have a better understanding of what needs to be done next. For example, if you're working on a new homepage project divided into planning framework development next divide. Each of these tasks into 10 smaller than smaller ones that see smaller that seems to look more realistic. I'm doing fantastic sriram. Thanks for asking. So the next one which I would like to discuss with you is take small. More like 15 20 minutes break. Nobody is able to work for three hours straight without a single flicker of thought nobody. It is better to take regular breaks that then to feel overwhelmed when multiple ideas and thoughts. So make your 15 or 20 minutes break like a computer free zone meaning that you use this time to brew coffee. Listen to engineer a energizing songs and looking into some engineering stuff. If you want if you're interesting chat with colleagues or read a book just distract yourself in a relaxing way. It should be relaxing you should be worthwhile because that relaxing is like charging your brain back to the normal boost Zone, which will be helping you to get the things done. So the next point which I would like to tell you is haha. This is a very important one guy's turn off your notifications. Okay, you have to turn off your notifications. Then like you can't you can't fully Focus unless you're free. You're under to Free Yourself of the small kerning distractions called as notifications go to your phone settings and turn off notifications for your emails Facebook Facebook message messenger and then other is relevant apps regularly sending you notifications make a habit out of checking your phone every once in a while to see whether someone tried to reach you, but don't do it like 85 times 90 times a day for a total of five hours. So make sure guys this keep in your mind that you have to leave the habit of looking at your notifications again, and again, so the next Point XI a final exam not I having this is the 10th or 11th point. So block distracting websites. We spend the best of our day working on our laptops, isn't it? Which means that we are constantly connected to Wi-Fi able to visit millions of distracting websites. The easiest way to resist the temptation of browsing the web say instead of working is to turn off Wi-Fi, but if you are If you occasionally need the internet connection then for work, then there's another option use product you tools like self-control cold turkey to create a blacklist of distracting websites and block your access for several hours. Then the next point which I would like to discuss with you is create a three-hour working Zone working on phills team requires some planning guys scheduling a three-hour work Zone each day and add it to your calendar during this time find a quiet place and tell your team members your you you are not to be bothered with any request explain nicely that you need those three hours to complete focus on your Projects so by planning ahead you get into the habit of being super productive for at least 3 hours each day. So the next important point which I would like to discuss with you is block out the noise. It's impossible for everybody in the office to work in a complete silence. It's only natural that people need to discuss some important matters with each other. But all these Babel can become tiresome pretty quickly. The easiest way to block out distracting sounds is to listen to background sounds for example, like nicely there. This is the app, which I have explained in my previous. Podcast to offers a great set of natural sounds that you can listen to while focusing you can also try listening to music but it might become just another distraction to so try to listen to some natural sounds that will be relaxing soothing and helping you to regain your strength reinforce yourself. So the next point which I would like to tell you that use noise-canceling headphones guys, this important to be is a small Minor Details place an important work together. Okay, if you if you find it hard to work with anybody. Background noise invest noise canceling headphones earplugs will also do a good job, but there is an additional benefit to wearing headphones. It delivers the message to mrs. That you wish to be and distracted making others give you a bit of personal space. Diana then if you have to wait for some more time because I'm running out of time. So I need to finish these topics first and your topic is political scenarios and trust me. I'm not the right person to speak about political scenarios. I'm a pretty much a week in political scenarios and according to me politics sucks. So the next important point which I would like to tell you is check email every three hours every three hours not continuously for three hours. We already talked about the importance of turning up. Isn't it however giving up noisy notifications maker is more inclined to check our emails as we would like to know when you measure is pop up in the inbox. So make sure that you that doesn't happens. And so check your emails every three hours instead of every 15 minutes. You can batch up multiple emails and write responses at once saving hours of time each week. So the next point which I would like to tell you to stay super focused is stay away from social media a wonderful point, which I would love to see again and again stay away from social media while working on a demanding task our mind tends to get tired. That's when you are tempted to check your email and social media accounts to give you a brain a rest, but don't let yourself be fooled. That's not how it works check social media to checking social media will drain your brain of energy as it is the process of crossing of like lots of information. Okay, mindlessly browsing social media can cost you up to like in $10,000 dollars per our you can see like that. But turn off Facebook into reward allowing yourself to have a pier every time you finish a task or work for like 90 minutes straight. If you're hopelessly unfocused due to social media then add these sites to your Blacklist blocked websites and resist the temptation Guys. These are the initiative steps. You have to follow them strictly then only you'll be seeing some rigorous growth in yourself. So as you can see that this topic is super focused at anything. So if you want to be super focused then you To start they start taking initiatives from now itself. These all are some small minor points, which will be definitely helping you to maintain your focus. And eventually you will be more concentrated focused and entangled into the work which has to be done and completed on time. This will be developing your product your skills to so the next one which I would like to tell you that keep your phone out of sight. This is a favor which you're doing for yourself. Okay, you are twice less likely to check your phone when it's out of your soil. If you prefer keeping it on the table, then like a place it behind your computer or like under notebook to reach it when when when needed apart from the don't do that. Hi Priya grab on how are you? So the next point which I would like to discuss with you that use product of tools if you want to understand what product you tools are. I have given a brief about the property Tools in my previous podcast which are good for start-up and which are good for personal use to so let's not Drag onto that one once again because we have already done the topic. So next find a comfortable chair now. Yeah, I know I know now. Dr. Amy might be sounding like crazy. What does a chair has to do with my focus isn't it? But this mat is a lot when it might seems like a small change a comfortable chair makes a huge difference in your work performance sitting in a chair that doesn't support your back will result in backaches and you will get tired soon. So the right office chair supports your lower back promotes good posture and helps to elevate your back pain. Mmmmm. Keep that in mind how comfortable chair sit properly and be relaxed while you're working. So next one. I mean most of you will be disagreeing with this one, but guys, this is important to be most focused not only just focused super focused. Let's copy more water. It might seems count initiative to limit your coffee in takes while working but trust me. I am a person who has like a 10 and 15 s of cups of coffee every day. It's past now. But you know, I don't take any coffee like that much only a couple of times in a day. So after all it's supposed to equip you with extra energy, but there's another side of the story to too much coffee can tie you to try you out drinking too much caffeine may lead to dizziness and insomnia making it even more difficult to focus. Try replacing some of your daily coffee cups with water to keep your body hydrated and healthy. Pardon me guys. So the next one which I would like to tell you is that this is what I have been doing from two years and have an inspiration and his name is Albus. I and love that person. He's a demon of knowledge. He's a he's a monster for understanding and inspiring so find inspiration. Why are you working on this task? It is just because your boss told you to or is it just because you have to have a positive effect on your career? No, it shouldn't be like that. So we tend to start procrastinating been working without a purpose. That's why it's important to be excited about every single task to take been constantly inspired in your work will also make you more optimistic about the outcomes may be like making it easier to stay focused throughout the day before you start to work on a difficult task. Imagine. What would you improve after you have completed it? Maybe maybe you can just simply reduce your workload and stop stressing about the task. Maybe maybe maybe we're like the other half are long-reaching benefits to tackling the tasks. Isn't it? So the next important point which I would like to tell you is be healthy. I know few of the points look very boring very dull. I can understand but this is what happens when you are trying to be focused. We we just are literally ignored the very simple and few important points, which will be helping us to maintain this super focus at anything. To focus your brain and body needs to be in the best shape, isn't it exercise regularly by going like a 30 minutes jogging or like hitting the gym in addition to the numerous health benefits exercise makes you smarter happier improves your sleep increase your libido and and makes you feel better about your body. Isn't it select to increase productivity at work and avoid often drowsiness? You need to choose the right large stick to protein-based lunch for increased productivity and alertness in of the room. Topic. Okay. So this one is empty one. Hello. Hello, how are you? Pretty good. You know today I have a question to you just like, you know, we are going to launch your application you are application. Okay, one of my friends but you know, they used to say enter a password and a password. Okay, but I need to get one another word for that. It is under it. Password is a polite one or not. Enter a password. I mean like a are you trying to tell about login or into that then you can just say welcome isn't it? You can just put welcome that will be more friendly and more approachable. Okay, just let's just all in one cup. Yeah, welcome here below the welcome. You can have the login name and the password so you can just try it like login ID. Just imagine that you have this welcome word. I'm like a first you have login ID and the beside log. In there is the space for the person to enter his login ID and bologna that we enter the password instead of that can just write welcome. Welcome because that is showing that you are trying to enter into the website and by putting the password you are welcome here. Once you put the password you are welcome to the application, right? And yeah faster just a name name an ID after that just totally welcome don't need offer. Just marking their password nothing. To welcome. Yeah. It's not is not necessary because most of whenever you go into an application everyone knows that it needs a login ID and password and pretty much all the applications have same interface. That is we call as like a you interface user interface. So everyone was at first option is for like login ID, and the second option is for password. So when you come come up with like welcome, that means welcoming them to enter the password and to enter into the application. Okay. Thank you. Bye bye searching for like chili. Thank you so much. I think I'm up some help you and really means a lot to me. So have a wonderful day Syria. Yeah that guy. Hi Sasha. So is there anything else would you like to ask and know nothing more back is so much. I'm really grateful Pleasures all mine. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Okay same. So that is it guys. So let's have a word with Ganesh. But the only reason I will be accepting your college that if you avoid the politics in REO. So we'll discuss something else. And anyway, I will be having like more eight minutes left before I end the podcast. I tried to connect with. Ha, but it was not connecting. So let's have a word with Anna Kate. Hello. Hi indicate, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How was your day? My day was fantastic. I loved it. Yes. But I want you to explain a little bit more about image. What are you looking for? I didn't get you what you're trying to say is you're seeing super focused at anything. Yes is you can you can you elaborate this term? Can you leprosy what I am trying to say? Is that Anna Kate? If you're trying to start some work, you might have faced this issue. Everyone has does but yeah, you start the work after sometime you feel distracted. Yeah, no doubt. Yeah, it happens because we want to be able to focus. It could be like our examinations or it could be like Some project Works after some time we feel distracted. Why do we feel distracted and why can't we focus so that is the reason I came up with a these few pointers, but it pointers if you follow this bullet point that will be developing your focusing skills because it is already proved that Focus can also be developed as a scale with the help of bodies that strengthening your ability to concentrate. So we have to put it these are not some difficult Point. These are not some formulas. These are some basic Points and basic understandings, if we follow them thoroughly then you can be having a more state of flow which will be helping you to focus not just focus super focused so that you can finish your work with complete concentration and attention. We have means it can be it's just because of that we don't, you know, we have hard time to achieve that we want to achieve just because of less focus on something. Yeah. That is the reason we even procrastinate that is the reason we even delay the work that is the reason we get tension of the deadlines to Yeah, yeah, I can be and and we have gone through many many problems. Sometimes we have seen many issues many families with many other issues, but we, you know, we don't need to be no not if you don't need to be caretaker for those things, which are not more important. Well once you are in seeking it to learn how to live in the moment if we keep ya can do this, then we can do anything very efficiently and result will wonderful aniket. Wonderful. So guys if you Like the podcast and today's topic super focused at anything. Please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your texting column that will be showing you a love towards me and it will be motivating me to come up with some awesome content every single day. I love you all. Yes Anakin, please continue. Yeah so bro. Well, I have experienced it in my life also means when know I am working for a company and I have to face many problems with the people mistreat. They try to pull me down. They try to gonna play tricks with me. I always mean it happens in corporate area. So you need to be very strong with your mind means if you are much stronger your work will be efficient. You will be able to tackle any kind of situation that you know that you will be facing in at your work it we aren't the police have done some podcasts on those two like toxic peoples and how to concentrate and how to communicate. So I'm coming up with a Content which is more problematic based. Definitions are but many of us don't know where to put the point. So that is the reason I put I created the podcast on like energy vampires. It means like the people who create problems in our day-to-day our work lives and I also created some podcast and toxic people's minds of our people who will try to distract us, and I also created some topics on like stock marketing abroad today. And once you go to my profile, I think it's nearly there. You can find all the time. Here and I wanted to have some words with you. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Krishna, but I don't remember the name of the girl who I was going to a podcast and the name Arsenal some other name O Arjun, I remember archana. She used to have a with me. Yeah. Yeah. She's And she's also doing a wonderful job. She's new in open Talk. She's a recently started using operator. We have already discussed many of the topics here and any case I suggest you that. Yeah, I said this to that first of all try to avoid your social media try to take it turn off. Your notifications are giving you the bullet pointers. If you want to get all the points, then you can visit my profile once it is recorded a version is available. Okay, so required is the first one is Okay, the first one is turn off your notifications while you're working second thing block all the social media website and unnecessary websites on your computer while you're working. Okay, third one instead of having a lot of coffee reduce the number of coffee or the tea and have a lot of water. Okay. So these three things trim we drink coffee or tea to make ourself energetic but, you know having more caffeine in our body will make us tired. Yeah, it can be a right it can you know I can make us tired mode? Yeah, then again, we have to plan the things plan are regarding planning. I have many podcasts and today's podcast also have some briefing about it. So we can't go into entire topic once again because my time is running out now and I have to head up to have a wonderful day. You can just get the record once whenever you need and if you can connect with connect we met with me anytime you want. Okay, have a good flight, man. Yeah, I wonderful day. Take care. So guys so this is the end of todays topic and I really love you guys. Thanks for the support. I can see that for your support for your commands for your love towards me. So please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your texting column that will be helping me to motivate myself to come up with some fantastic content every single day. I love you all. Take care signing off. Dr. Amy sayonara.