Good morning, everyone. Hope your Monday has started with a positive note today. I will be talking about how to improve English speaking skills. Now, we have spoken about different ways on how to incorporate English into your life. This is also on similar lines, but how do you even speak more in English? Many many people Master the English grammar and every time in the fine fine tuning and the fine points of English caramel, but they find themselves Applause when it actually comes having a conversation with the English-speaking person or say for example American, let's not even go to till American or or or British person. Let's talk about a person in India. Who is English-speaking person or someone like an interviewer or or Or or at your job. So even if you if you if I have person come across people who are who are grammatically correct when it comes to writing or you know, the knowledge it's there. However, when it comes to having an actual conversation in the language, it becomes a challenge for them. And in reality, the only way to develop fluency in speaking is by by by having a by by making A lot of effort in listening and practicing when I say back to sing talking in English. Now I'm going to share a few tips on how to improve the speak spoken English and how well meanwhile I would also want to to say that you know, the key point is that you know, do not forget that listening is the foundation for speaking. So unless you are listening to English you would not be able to I mean just talking in English would not help that much. Oh so few. Those are a few tips. Our first is find an English-speaking conversation partner. I mean, it can be a friend it can it can be someone here in open talk? It can be someone from anyone from your life who you know is is fluent in speaking in English. So first of all, it's important to find a person who talks personal dachshund English to practice with there are I mean as a student or as a co-worker or are in your work profession, you would come across many English speakers and and Hugh you can chat in the neighbors or local business people or or or or all your work colleague or your friend or join a club now now I'm in there are so many social platforms on which you can actually find a club or a volunteer organization and it can be a great way to get to know people in for me if That isn't an option. I'm in now 20, I do not see that, you know, you're not be able to find a English-speaking conversation partner through all the social media channels and so many platforms are there for that? So if from there you cannot find one then then the last resort is find a tutor who can do this for you and and and a lot of even that you you can do it through Skype. Or you know you need that actually meet in person. You can do it everyday for half an hour or something to Skype or now. What's up with yo call or anything. Second taking point that I would like to mention is that you know, make sure that you listen as well as Peak when practicing with English-speaking person try to balance your listening and speaking it's a good idea to prepare questions in advance. So so that you know, the conversation will Go back and forth. But if your conversation partner ask you a question and you answer it length, you can always turn the question back to your partner by asking what do you think or what about you say, you know, I have a conversation it cannot I mean see when I say that you know many people might think that you know, oh that when I say finding find a partner to talk with in English, then it would turn out to be that you know, that person's talking and you're just listening. No, it cannot be that it needs to be a Conversation like if you're doing it in your native language or Hindi or in or or Telugu or any language for that matter that you would be having a conversation right a back and forth as to how was your day or did you do did you watch this movie and say for example, I asked you a question. Did you watch this movie? Did you like it? Are you telling me something about this other and it's like you speak for whole two minutes in English. And then now you then you can you can throw the Shouldn't back with me that what about you. Have you seen a did you like it? So that way, you know, I'm in continue the conversation and I make it a practice to do it for at least, you know a certain amount that depends on you. What I do you want to keep it as but then keep it for a certain amount every day so that you listen and talk at the same time. But that's what finding the person who can talk with you in English is very very important. Then I would say the third is record. Your conversation practice recording is is I think a great way to get maximum benefit from a conversation with an English speaker. Because when you listen again, you can you can evaluate your own pronunciation. You can evaluate your own mistakes there or where you fumbled or you know where you pause and you will know why your balls at that point of why you were a little Hesitant, so excuse me and notice areas where you need to improve so recording is because you you can go back to the conversation and and and and see where all what what is your area of strength. I mean what kind of conversation you're comfortable with wearing, you know, you don't have to put in a lot of effort to talk in English, but then there might be some areas where in you are struggling to find the right word. So you can also review the content of the conversation take notes on, you know. New words are or any misunderstanding or and prepare questions for the next or maybe and I don't even have to I mean, let it be a very organic conversation when you don't have to prepare questions, but do make a note of your know where all did you did you feel that? You know, you were not up to the mark Or you there is a scope for improvement because after all you are your best judge, no one else. No one else should judge your eye and can judge you in terms of your caliber. So you you record and Listen, and maybe even when you listen to the other person you would pick up something new. So recording is a great way to get the maximum benefit from the conversation. This has become more than the last time flask all open talk to that, you know surround yourself with the English language because it's very very very very important is to immerse yourself in English as much as possible watch movies on TV in English with subtitles of you if you need them because now everything has subtitle, so it's a great way and what some programs over and over again. I mean, you know, if you do not like it to be too too too heavy stuff then, you know, maybe start with the car. The m in this so many comedy shows you can start with the classic friends, you know, and then go from there and that does that you can you can keep watching it over and over again and you'll still enjoy it and you'll get the humor to and then the that that I feel that you know English Rose are such that you know, it's a complete package. It's not just the language that you get to learn from it. You get to know the humor you get to know English humor, you get to no increase shall English sarcasm. So overall it's a complete package. And most people find that you know, they understand more each time listening helps. You become familiar with the rhythms and intonation of English and once the sounds are familiar, maybe you know, I see this is I mean, I'm not even saying that you know, you have to try to imitate it but over a period of time once you start listening to that same English over and over again, it will automatically come in you, you know, I mean you would start talking like that. It is not even that you would have to make an effort. It would just come naturally. So imitating would not would not it would not be a conscious effort. It would just come naturally to you like often. I mean II don't have to think about that, you know, the t is silent, but many people would have to remember that but since I've heard so much of English, I mean my my my English my life is sounded so much for the English that I don't have to think anymore. So surround yourself with the language. And then I'll practice with music and movies, you know, listen to music in English and sing along and that's in great. Great way trust me it helps a lot with pronunciation because you enjoy doing that since its music and also you get you get a hang of how that word is pronounced without actually putting in an effort music is one of the best tools for learning the intonation the pronunciation listening to listening to and singing songs will help you remember woke a blowy and faces if the song is easy to understand and it will also help you to learn pronounce English with them in a more natural way by unconsciously imitating the singer you learn to pronounce faces the way we are normal English person would do like I mean, I would not suggest songs there because there's so many tons of them and you know go out and experiment go out and see which on where you're like and which singer you like. So so go out and do that and movies are also better choice for learning English. You learn vocabulary you learn the slang you learn the idioms and and then with with subtitles it becomes very easy. Then the next is read aloud. I would say that, you know reading aloud. Okay it just give me as he's give me like say five minutes. I'll just talk about the reading aloud and then maybe you can have a join the conversation. Just let me finish. This one thing. So reading aloud is a great way to practice speaking the when there's no conversation partner willable reading aloud gives you a chance to focus on pronunciation and pacing without worrying about coming up with words. Make sure you're with with to practice with material that you understand some few people find videos online that have transcripts to read aloud that that helps them for Ted Talks. The great great great tool, you know you I would suggest everyone do you know, I mean, it doesn't even have to be in English. It did the TED Talks can be on any subjects and it's a great way to learn. For example, TED Talks also include word-by-word transcript of the talk by reading aloud from a transcript. You can check your pronunciation by listening to how the speaker says something. Okay as easy a let me just take his call. Hi is how are you? Good morning? I'm fine. How about you I'm doing good to wonderful. It was like I was just listening all of your things. It's a wonderful you made some wonderful tips and you're given some wonderful ideas that have a person can improve their language or if they really want to improve their English. So that's a good one though. So I was just going through things and besides that before we start I'd just like to give my introduction here. The people are listening to you as well. My name is Aziz and I work in an IT company. I have a personal trainer. Like I help people with communication skills and personality development. So that is what I do for a living. So even somewhere whatever you were talking about. I work on those relevant alliances with Souls. Yeah, those things, you know those it starts up girl cards at my end. So I was like very much Keen that I should also. Join the conversation and I could share My Views and I can understand yours when I can inculcate something from your side as well. So this is about what whatever whatever points you make in, you know, in order to learn in order to improve they were on point. I also suggest some of those things not all all of them, but watching movies with subtitles it definitely helps and the poet things the one which you said that one who listens does. You can translate the Hindi songs, you know in our own English. Yeah the exact as it is what but at least if you could get the 80 percent to 60 percent of the field of one we want then that is what it has to be because jealousy won't hide it that I did not say translate. I said listen to English songs so that you know, it will help in the same way as a English. Does that it without subtitles but then we had we can take the lyrics on life, but the translate means the broad broader classification here translating into your own thoughts are listening something in that song and you're trying to put it in your own words. You're trying to explain that what exactly the similar means or what exactly those lirik means? Basically, they are not just lyrics whatever songs we listened. It is somewhere, you know kind of information which is being passed down. Of experience which is being shared. Yeah, either or something like that. So if one can get onto that it's a person can understand the feel of it. There is where the difference is understanding the words is different but feeling the words is a different thing again. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. And sorry to be like this is not very much very much. But the difficult part again. No, but I have grown up reading trailers a lot so and fiction so for me, it's a dude. That was the first thing that appealed to me. Another thing is like I'm fond of poetry very much fond of poetry. So you did you have mentioned that you equate as well. Yes. I am. So you basically write in English or Hindi or would do. What is it? What is your point I have My English is definitely my forte. However, I've started scribbling a little in Urdu that Hindi Hindi. I find it very unromantic open the gallery because always circular everything is out there on the social media. So what is growing a lot of it? That's it. That's the neighbor's kid. Okay. This is just another not exactly a poem with this is just a to liner. So it says to me natural hookup. How are you? He you eBay which are Kabhi nahi make tea and now this is also I mean any who do I try to keep it very short English. It's like I have to write a lot but this is another one Village real hair. Sorry. Who are you? Exactly. What are those beautiful? I'm not saying that English isn't but when you say or do it's like, you know, it's as a honey dripping out. It's a the way you explain things. Oh my God, this this one mother will be one of the couplet if I may can I yeah, please so I'm I follow a lot of poets. Okay. I follow like join a Lea is also one of my one of the one means one among them who might follow so this is an ice-breaking thing. NG whenever you meet someone new how how it is that the poet is trying to break the ice the how is he trying to being be informal with that person and he starts like this so it's like Sharon - it did you check for a Shawnee? Sure. They shot Jack operation NASA community. Up boo-boo. Yeah, so if you want to get the screen here or Sky after everyone. Yes, please. So basically here the court is saying in whenever a girl meets someone new a stranger, she'll be she'll be terrified. She'll be shy she'll be like, you know, she'll be very reserved. So here he says the same thing Shadow which means shyness. They should fear you just education but a shiny but what do you say again? It is also synonym of fear. But again, you can see tension. Yeah, buddy shiny is tension. Yeah, then again, he citizen the next link to the second Community must be mass is the beauty the casual attitude which one possesses sonars is a very huge term in which he's trying to put everything is trying to put the beauty is trying to put the Simplicity is trying to put the Casualty in that rather than being formal. Okay now coming to the next line generally when we meet someone. Hello. Hello some still here. Yes. I'm still here. Minnie Beebe be very formal and then we then use the other menu system in our community. This is like if you take my name you feel comfortable. This is how it is when we talk with people whom you know, we take the name the address them by that can automatically that Bond creates an automatically get comfortable. So I just feel that you know, it's not the two lines in there. It is a lot of it in there. If someone can exactly extract the essence of it, you know and put it in words. That is like, you know where people can connect. Otherwise that is the beauty of poetry, you know, big binds people like that. The reason why people go and listen big big poets because somewhere they talk about their experience which they are relating with which they are facing and once that strike then there is another saying can I if you if you yes place for it, then it goes like this like this Sherry you see Caleb opacity. Sherry you see Caleb obesity. So it is like, you know, when you put through this failures love failure heartbreak of many things that experience teaches you something that experience, you know, it makes you something and then when you put it in words and people are relating with it, they get more attracted to it. Okay, fine. We want everybody in somewhere. We want someone to talk on our behalf. Someone didn't something which can Define our feelings and this is what poets they'll do. They'll Define our feelings in their own words, which are more beautiful and they're so exquisitely placed right? Whenever you remember this version you smile at it though. It isn't painful painful memory. But when you relate with this, it is explicitly set of beautiful me. It's like, oh my God, this is wonderful. This is what I can do now, but it's job. Is that him? Exactly. I always wanted to write but again that it is like my schedule my things and whenever I sit for writing and I get blank, so I want to write I want to like I want to be in this because this is a very creative field you title III talk about writing also how to be a writer. That's another show which I do so maybe you can join that and less wonderful. I will I will show you if definitely again, so if you can just throw me a question or two something which I can talk about more or you want to share some of your experiences or some kind of feedback that Camilla not exactly feel better was about to go on to the next topic which was talk to yourself. What do you think? I mean should should a person talk to themselves in English. Now does it help or not? It does it does it does many of the times when I'm driving when I'm do what do you say when I'm working out or when I'm walking around. I always talk to myself. I always take up a song. What I always take up a talk to each topic or my whatever upcoming agendas are there in my to do list. I take up one and I start talking to myself about it. I feel as if you know, I'm talking about it to someone and there is always this Consciousness in my mind either. Am I giving there are two things which I'm doing either. I'm giving an interview her I'm taking a knee or the next thing is like I'm giving a session. I give a lot of sessions whenever people come in to the organization. They are being sent to me so I have to analyze Engage like how much their understanding is according to the language and the organizational requirements. So I helped them in understanding and I also make them understand that what could be done to make things more effective. So I always do this and I also say them the more you talk to yourself the more you will get a kind of confidence is installed. Not only that but you also can understand when you're listening to yourself as you said that when you record a missing yourself You get to know a few things you get to know the pronunciation you get to know the sentence formation, you know, the for grammar the weight is going and after doing this all people they do one thing which is very wrong. They try to use heavy vocabulary, but I would say heavy vocabulary is a decorative thing and that can be taken into consideration only when you're good with children's formation grammar. Clarity First vocabulary is like a about the grammar part. I generally advise people that you know, try to keep the drama out of it. I'm in slowly as you start talking more and more and more it will fall into place. I mean English grammar is no rocket science people are exerting. It was kind of it. Someone just suggested, you know, talk in front of a mirror. It helps a lot. It doesn't talk to yourself and it's not animal mirror is Okay, maybe you know you ate my time in the initial days. Maybe you can do that. But then the mirror is it becomes redundant after awhile you even if the mirror is not there, I think that you know, you can talk to yourself you can and one more thing. I I suggested primarily because it helps us to translate words into English and and then the translation process slowly becomes faster. Exactly. Exactly. Another thing which I want to add on here. All those things are important. But one of my teacher he quoted me, once in order to learn something you have to get Shameless so that struck me because it was an order once which he gave me. He said that being he'll have to get Shameless when you're learning something which is why would he says so then he, you know covers up that part. He says that see when you're learning something you shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes most of the times this happens, you know, Krishna, we people only get scared of committing mistakes and that's the reason why we don't want to learn or we end up being NG an and decompress ourselves, so then he says I always say the same thing again once I got to know that I say that in my sessions it made mistakes but make new ones because with that mistakes only learn and he says then you have to ask about that like when you have a doubt no matter how stupid that output before you don't think that but get a rectification for that first. If you don't get a rectification, you will be hovering around that locally will not go ahead of it because you'll be stuck there. Do you know what that that trying to tell people that you know mistakes? I make a mistake. I have to go back and change the sentence even after having a conversation in English for so long if I can make a mistake then someone who's learning is or bound to make mistakes and it's completely fine. I mean, you know, stop worrying about the other person's judging you they do not have a right to judge you exactly exactly I see the same. But you know, I mean even if they are then that's their problem their Lookout it in their judgment is not affecting your life. You're doing this for yourself. So go ahead and do it. Yeah by this, I remembered another couplet if you want I can share It's becoming a poetry session more than English. I have a very political person. Yeah, but I'll just try to relate our time to lead with that. That's the reason why I'm making a cross here and try to put things together. So it's like ghost like, you know. In San the jewelry by in Saint Paul. Well at first no Soroka Juba and Son Well, if you want to gain experience, you have to commit some mistakes and then it is you learn by that. This is how life is it doesn't teaches you first. It gives you an exam and then it teaches you. so this is how things are like you have to you shouldn't be scared of committing mistakes. You should try to get the experience out of it. And after that experience definitely have to learn by that so this is what I feel like is like very important making mistakes learning from them and not repeating those mistakes is a very good part after it. Also. There is another part which is like the council like when we are committing a mistake we have we have we don't have this positive many people do not have the positive surrounding around them whom they can get guidance from when they can get down. some from didn't commit a mistake people laugh at them and they get there, you know that wisdom that pushes them into the Tessa Mystic state if someone someone like you like who's good with it who sees the lighter side of the positive side of the life and then they seem to find your committed this mistake no issues we can talk about something else we can do this thing like this that kind of motivation will help a person to you know evolved to ain't because the You not as is you're breaking up and Hari Krishna wants to join so maybe you know after Hari Krishna you can charge it again. Yeah, you're breaking up Hari Krishna also wants to join to just give me a moment. Okay, I can only have one person on this. I don't know why so I'll add maybe you know, maybe after because he's been waiting for sometimes. Okay. Can can you can you read I'll after I finish talk show with the show. Thank you so much. So now let's connect with yeah. Hi. How are you? Yeah, can you give me some tips to how to improve your accent accent? You see a for accent? You'll have to follow the same, you know, listen to English surround yourself with English and that would help you get the right pronunciation and accent. Listen to English songs watching leash movies and even talk with talk find a conversation partner. It's pretty much the same thing that I just spoke about till now. If you do all that, it will help you over crawl in terms of your accent your pronunciation your English your confidence everything. Yeah. Got my mom. Can I know about yourself, please? Because this is my first conversation with you. Well, I am also a poet and a writer. So I think that about sums it up. Yeah, I think this is the one of the greatest person the helmet in this application. Thank you. So yeah, ma'am, this is Hari Krishna. I am from Hyderabad from mechanical. As I said, you will have to do all the things which have just mentioned in this talk and and and earlier talk if you About to listen to it would be in my profile, you know how to how to make your English better. So you'll have to do all those things and that would it would not have immediate results, but it would have a result in a longer run. Yeah, it's correct. But if you don't mind, can I ask you a question? Yeah, please ask so now I'm actually I'm very much interested in speaking English. So if you don't mind, please get any give a chance to collaborate with you. What and then the topic on which topic you are interested, so I will try to get some information. So I will try to have an open truck. Maybe, you know, maybe you can send me a request and we can take it from there. Okay, ma'am, in which type of topics you are very much interested man. You can check my profile the topics that have been talking and and even if it's not there, I mean whatever topic that you you feel that you want to talk about if I'm okay with that. I'll let you know that. Well, actually, I'm very much interested to speak in English only ma'am. That's why I'm yeah, so then maybe maybe you can we can do English opendoc. Not a problem something on a related to speaking in English. Yeah. Thank you very much ma'am. I didn't expect to the this much of response from you. But thank you very much from the early. Thank you, sir. Steak. Okay. Okay, so okay. Let me just quickly check. Did I miss a question very funny which company they should have like no, you don't need a mirror just talk to yourself and then that would do the trick. Okay. Okay. So now as if you want you can join again. Otherwise, I am almost done with the might with my topic. I just read trade or you know list fact the things again that you know how to improve it first is find an English-speaking partner conversation partner, which is very important so that you know, you can talk in English with that person all the time make sure that your listen as well as speak. So whenever you're having a conversation with your conversation partner Try to try to not just be a listener B. We have a conversation, you know, it needs to be a back and forth conversation recall your conversation practice. It's very very important because whenever you listen to it again, you would be able to improve you'll be able to know what what kind of mistakes are you make or you know, what kind of a man you would learn new words you learn new new new Prince EA Shinzo record your conversation surround yourself with English again a very very important thing watching this. Uh sure English news watching this movies. Listen to English song. He have an English environment as much as possible practice with music and move movies. You know, now everything is available in September with subtitles. So try to try to watch it with subtitles. If there is a problem in understanding of following the language and Music sing-along, you know, that helps a lot when it comes to your pronunciation and accent reading aloud. That is also a great way. You practice speaking when there's no conversation partner available. It gives you a chance to focus on pronunciation for that out special recommend go and do Ted go and listen to that talks. You have the option of reading from because you get the entire transcript there so you can read it aloud and also go back and listen to the speaker of that talk as to how that person was pronounced that word. What was the right usage and last but not the least for this talk is talk to yourself it-it-it help. Oops a lot because when you talk to yourself in English, so you you translate I mean the translation process becomes slower from your native language to English and it helps you build your confidence. It helps you get a fluency in the language when you know your pauses and brakes are less. So talk to yourself more in English. It would help a lot and it means idea. They did it need not even be like, you know conscious effort that you do while sleeping. I mean before sleeping after waking up it Be while you're driving to work and if you are afraid that you know, what will people think if you have when you going in a public transport to work and you're talking to yourself and just put on a headset, you know, people would not even notice everyone everyone's busy in their life known as the time to notice anymore. So and please get rid of you know in the Visions is to what will people think if I make mistakes go ahead and make mistakes. That's how you learn and do not I mean people do not take do not I mean, this is your learning you are in charge of it and do not bother about you know, what what people would judge you as because it does not matter. Honestly, it does not matter. It does not make a difference in their life. So do not do not focus on what will people think about if you make a mistake let them think whatever they want, you know just don't care. So if now I am almost at the closing of this. Does anyone have any question or this is the last question that I'll Taking and then I'll be ending this open talk. So if anyone has any question okay, let me just I don't think so. Did I I'm not missed any question. I'm just going to this. Nope, I don't think so. I've missed any question and no one wants to join the conversation anymore. Right? So I think I'm almost done. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation and I hope you guys practice so all the points mentioned and if not all at least, you know a few of them and and and keep keep keep having English enrollment in a talk in English. Listen to English. It would not have immediate effect, but Would help a lot in in in in some time. So so okay are these wants to join? So this is the last call and this is the last yes. Hi Aziz. Hello back. How are you? I'm doing good. So any last parting advice that you want to share parting tips? Hello. There's a problem in the connection. Hello, I can't hear you is is I think I'll drop the call and Okay, so well as he saw there was a problem. I'm not sure why I had to deserve those your voice was not coming so you can try one more time if we'll see if it works. Otherwise, I think we can end this open talk for now. And I would do this again sometime next week. So yeah. Hi again now, I think it's better for me. So For that. I know they're gonna call the discomfort. No can't do that. No, I got that thing the conversation part of the to set but makes a lot of sense but how to get a conversation partner is a very important bill. So the best thing is like talking to yourself that helps a lot you get a conversation partner very easy. We can easily might you know can easily match that kind of mental compatibility which one possesses with Another so that is one thing but case this I personally feel you know fish not there should be some centers not the spoken English centers, but some centers wearing, you know, where people come to talk only to talk like support groups are there you see the support groups where people were backing some kind of a tank addiction they come in to that support group. They say share their story. Similarly. There should be support groups like this people who want to improve their communication. No, but I think it's already there. I mean if you look at tools like meet up and all you have groups who come and talk about such things. So and that's when I said, you know finding a conversation partner partner in English in in the today's generation is not a big hassle because there are groups you have meetups you have clubs, you know, you have almost I mean access to I mean, it's there are online groups from this and I think it's very They easy and if not that then you know in your in your in your in your setting I mean in your office or college or you know in your in your apartment, there would be someone is it just that you know, we need to go and make that connection. But again the breaking the ice that is a very difficult thing talking to I'm sorry, but if you're talking to a boy boy to boy, I'm talking before voice talking it is easy for them that casualities there but a boy talking to a girl that is a different thing he gets. Reschedule once I initially then I started up I used to get scared to talk to girls. Like I used to find it. So then find out find a find the same partner, you know, if that works because at the same elevation even a girl has when she's trying to talk in English German or alone the language, but then in that case, you know find find a comfy I mean and then that's when I say the conversation partner you have to be comfortable with otherwise, you're not be able to talk so fluently or you know without without without any any any Any feel so like are we like are you working on something any other normal or something which is like going to get published or something, which is coming. I know I am I am I am but that is kind of a buzz right now because I'm doing something else also, so I am by the way, also you you work somewhere right though on the same lines. So I do work. I work at night accompanied. So when I'm when I'm not working I end up being a counselor. So that is also good thing. We're in what sometimes what I think is like, you know, when you listen people you find this one thing in them and you made that point here someone in the comment section also type that but we people, you know, we forget to listen you only want to talk and I feel personally feel that majority of the problems of this world of because of this of you don't listen to each other we only talk When because when we talk we feel as if we are right. So most of the issues problems they could be resolved once a person sits and listens. So well, I would say that Society problem as a society or tolerance levels have become not even see birds gone to negative and the Business Leaders to you know, when I give the solution to people then this will be we always miss you so I say that you listen but there's the they don't hear there's a difference between listening and hearing They just listen they don't hear so I said I said the same thing I said that you don't Implement them. If a person says he has a problem with something of yours. You have to at least height acting or concealer and put some time because you can't change it some habits you acquire it and it gets very difficult for you to leave them. But at the same point of time, you should release love someone if you want to be with someone with the best thing you can at least you can try to pretend you're not doing it for some time and make that person understand also. See, this is how I'm happy to waited. You have to under make me understand and you have to make hope up with all these things. You have so hard to give me that leverage where I can practice this habit of mind, but I should also make sure that it doesn't get sin defensive way. It doesn't hampers. Anybody's well-being. That is one thing which I have which I feel whenever I listen this counseling part whenever I listen to people that this is not happening that is not happy. And I also see them, you know, we have to start with All things in order when it comes to implementation beat anything learning developing learning or whatever it is. You have to start off Small Small Beginnings because they keep you on the track the keep you focused and you when you have small targets, they're easily achievable and they you know, they keep you click. Ok, fine have achieved this you have this again anxiousness of curiosity. But tomorrow, I'll try to achieve something else if I walk the mile today. I'll try to walk a half or one more. Again tomorrow and keep myself in shape or something like that. They have learned to words. I'll try to learn three tomorrow. So the target should be small but yes, the process should be consistent. You should continuously do it should be that Rhythm that is what I feel and discipline is required in any any learning method. And another thing is like I'm very greedy when it comes to conversation with people who are having this kind of intellect who write on the stand people. Because writing is what we are take observations from others. We observe what is going around and then we put it on the paper. So when I I was like seeing that introduction of yours or the description the caption Richard described the name below. I was like, okay fine. This could be a very interesting conversation which it is and the interesting part is so the pleasure is all yours. And thank you so much so so much for giving me a chance to talk something over here. It is really it was like fun fun. Fun talking to you and learning things. They are couple of things which I can take here and Implement in my jaw know that yeah, this can be more effective. What is so much going before going. I have this bad habit of collecting things. I try to collect slovenians as much as I can because whenever I look back I try to leave it at souvenir with that thing. So whenever it comes to a conversation, so I ask that person whenever I'm ending up the conversation or whenever I'm finishing up a session. I give everybody a piece of paper and I want them to write two lines. Who lens with which I can relate these two lines will be that definition and that kind of sense of feeling which you have or what you felt while having a conversation with me or while while you were talking to so just two lines from yourself about you not about me, but it could be generally clear if there is a message or something like that which would be a description of yours anything that description of me really? Well my descriptions already there a dream or a and maybe a mystery a mystery and a dream but anything which is like okay fine with this. Okay, Krishna here rather than the cat on the hunter. Yeah. So for that I am a mystery of I am a mystery and a dreamer that that about sums it up all trying to put it that way. But still I don't I don't believe in using words unnecessary. I'm a writer too much is giving out too much. So no, this is a I think this could be could be could be could be could be but yes again having said that you're getting doing a very good job people. I don't know but after coming onto this platform I have used bodytalk the We're both this visit which is the predecessor of this particular thing so over there it was difficult for me to find people to talk. But here I'm like, you know, the three idiots scene is going on with me like the other hand. He's running from one class to another like this William. I'm running from one conversation to another and thick. Yeah, a lot of wonderful people who are doing things in a very wonderful way. I followed one or two of the following a person called Sunny have following a person called Vinny. They will be also hosts and now I'll be following you as because this is how it is. This is a very huge State. We are doing the so you're doing service to humanity and doing service to humanity is doing service to God, so please keep up the good work really, you know, it helps because if someone from here takes two or three things, which are really very effective Implement in the life, and there is a lot or a huge change in the life. Definitely. Then you have done a wonderful job changing life touching lives. It's a very difficult thing, but if you're doing that, okay, I hope so, please. Please do continue. Thanks. Someday and if you figure like I hope because when you follow I just want to understand this but if you are some following you do I get notifications of the upcoming talks. Well upcoming talks or whenever I have it. Yes, because now this is I about writing and the communication part. I do a solo talk or when people join so the guy said if there is a schedule talk when someone has sent me a request, I think you will get a notification that this talk is coming. Albany when I have it, you'll have your little show up but I generally do it. I mean weekly once so now since today is Monday, I'll do it next Monday again and what about the writing someday sometime on Thursday or Friday? I'll have the writing 100 this week. I'm very much looking forward to the writing one. Soundly. I want to understand how the parameters work over there. I hope I won't take up much of your time. No. No, thank you so much. It was great talking with yours. He's serious savior pleasure is yours. Bye bye. Thank you. Bye. Bye. All right. So someone wants to join this is the last call after this. I am ending this open top. So I would I would rush for this conversation. I'm sorry meant but hi, can you hear me? Okay, Sunjai. I would be I'm sorry, but I would have to rush up this conversation. Hi Sanjay. How are you? Okay, I'm not sure why it's getting dropped Sunjai made. Both of you guys tried to connect I clicked on connect it showed connecting but then it just connected. So maybe you know next one day when I have talked again or maybe Thursday Friday when I'm if you guys are interested in writing then do join that talk. I'll have the stock again. I'll have a writing session talk on Thursday or Friday. Maybe you can join there and the about communication I would be be doing the talk again next Monday. So thank you so much everyone for listening to me and I hope you guys do Implement few things which we have spur which I spoke about today and it would it would be a slow learning curve but it would have results so someone had asked me that you know here I've done everything but it doesn't improve but then you know, you've done everything you need to consistently keep doing it and it would have an impact. Maybe you not realize it immediately but people who converse with you would re I would have chicken notice. That the change so keep keep practicing and it would surely have a result. Thank you so much everyone. Have a wonderful week ahead. Bye.