Let's start out with you're story fine to talk a little bit about your background. So Anand I come from a family father was a defence services I was born in Siliguri and I was born in the Army Base Hospital and born they're born brought up across, you know across the country actually right mostly in the North after Silliguri, but it was Bareilly after Bareilly it was Jammu it was Ganga nagar after Ganga nagar was Hyderabad and I have you know, three siblings we have four of us. I have three sisters and you know, I'm the the youngest of all and we hail from a place called Chicago column in the in this in the state of Andhra, which is about close to 120 kilometers north of vishakhapatnam and parents are right now settled in Hyderabad and Menda as schooling happened across the series of Army schools across all these places and you know while I was actually stepping into my eleventh the entire construct was in the family with the South Indian family. It was always about that. They should be one doctor in the family and Engineering Etc. So is actually picking up a medical stream right because my sister had tried to actually become a doctor and she actually He did not, you know clear that particular entrance exam. So it was more like a dream that can you have someone from the family but my parents did not allow that and then it was more like what do we do? Right. So if I'm going to pick up engineering, what should I pick up at that time I did not even actually have heard about IITs and then we were picking up the engineer the math stream and then it was all about that. Okay, which coaching should you do right and then the whole I hope he's got decent 10th class number. So you should do the any of the best coaching's so I just joined in my IIT coaching that's how it was more very unaware beginning site. And I think my for my for our parents, you know, it's always been about children's education like think that's how most of the most of us in this era are coming from right where the middle class backgrounds where parents for parents. It was nothing but kids education and their only assets are four of us and for of our education's and I was lucky to get through JEE in the first year. right and took up Metallurgy and during the entire Journey at IIT Kharagpur. I mean IIT kharagpur is something the context which I miss her about IIT kharagpur is the happening life. I think they're I tried out some 20 different things right in sports. I played like Mungus anything right from I was asked to play I was in a entroll level in basketball. I should have pole vault right? I practiced hockey. I should to play football. I stood dramatic sided choreography I did add design. So everything and anything you could just go do right. You know, at IIT and back there was not clear what I really wanted to do, right so Metallurgy, so anything you picked up can we do better at that? Right? So I did a research in done not really feel that was made up for the research kind of a feel third year hence shifted gears started reading operations because I was very, you know, passionate about things around, you know leadership and know managing large teams and then knew that operations, Is that area where typically you know on a shop floor you have like 2,000 people whom you have to you know champion and you know manage production Etc. Then I went into a went for Rio Tinto Alcan for my internship did an operation intern liked it. But depth is too much breath is not there right then I was like and then I but operation was great for me. Then I started reading about it more discover the feel like supply chain, which has more breath operations is a part of it, right? Then I 4th year right for internship in supply chain right data supply chain intern with a company called Schindler's elevators lifts in elevators. You would see so many Schindler Elevators everywhere read a supply chain strategy intern right phenomenal right I decided that was this is the place where I have to start my career and see what happens because everything is broken that company I went as an intern I completely change the supply chain of a particular product line and change it in a way that the cost reduced by 20% damage is reduced by about 70% right for this to have so many damages. Damages the way the supply chain of these products are structured. So great opportunities were available. And that's where I think the person who interviewed my back at ITC. It was actually right person right place right time. Everything came together. I got a supply chain role and ITC was posted into a place which did not have supply chain. And yeah, that's how it all started and that's how Logistics happen to me and it's all BlackBuck got founded. That's very helpful. Maybe one follow upon that did you have any entrepreneurs in your family or did you have entrepreneurship as a plan when you started out so my dream job when I was at ITC hitting hard was to be a chief operating officer as early as possible. So I never dreamt of because I thought I'm not a CEO material. I used to I knew has graded operations, right? And this is something which you know this one story in And reflection it's so is it feels very good, right? So I was so Mr. Shiv Kumar who is the founder of E- CHOUPAL I had actually once gone to receive him at the airport because he was visiting Guntur to our office and while of the way back after I was you know accompanying him. He asked me a question, right? What do you want to do in life? Right? So I said, you know, I want to be the Chief Operating Officer of a large company and I really want to run operations you like. Yeah, that's good. That's what a milestone but What do you what is that you want to achieve? Right? What does that hidden outcome? So I said, okay, how what I want to do then. I told her that if if let's say my photo comes in Forbes where I am radically changing this industry, right the logistics industry of India, right? That's all I want to do as well. And if that comes below 30, then it's an outcome for me. And yes. Yeah last year we came in forbes 30 under 30 exactly than I actually had picked him and told him that you know, I think it's so yeah, it's coming back to your question Anand I think know entrepreneurs and family The View was always to be able to do something really big something really large right that we would always started and really wanted to have a story attached to my life, which essentially, you know, I could sort of this site and tell right and so and larged story right very clear and large story large impact right leaving a mark kind of a aspect was there always and I always thought very clearly that I'm not a you know, I knew about I am a little self-aware. I know that I'm not that creative. So it's very clear that there's going to be always a plan where there's gonna be somebody you want to say that we would need to do this and I'll jump in along with him as his co-founder and I can really do the CEO to him, right? This is how I used to think till I found it BlackBuck, right and they will hence there was in a founding team was an aspiration from CEO perspective as well. Right and but yes heavier rate, that's super helpful. Thank you.