Malini, you know what time it is what it's a time for chop-chop round. Okay, I'll ask you a few more questions and you would have only one word or one phrase to say not more than that. Got it.ready? Yeah, great. Who is your role model? And why. are you two having today? Because she's created the Brad. What's your biggest strength? My enthusiasm.What's the one personal habit that contributes to your success? Fomo fear of missing out. What's the best book you read so far? It's by Tom Robbins called still life with woodpecker. If you would like to invite 2 Indian entrepreneurs for dinner, who would that be? in a business sense Tough word, I think RR Mahindra and Mr. Tata. If you have to place all your bets on one quality of an entrepreneur, what would that be? leadership What is the one online resource you would recommend to our listeners like Evernote Facebook something like that? I quite like prophecy because it really helps you track your social media. What's the one other blog you follow at the moment? refinery29 Twitter or Facebook Instagram. iOS or Android iOS Good, you didn't say windows my last question for you on the mighty mindset Malini is I want you to think for a minute before you answer. If you could time travel back to where you're 25 years old and you had one minute to speak to yourself with all the knowledge and experience. You have at the moment. What would you tell your younger self? I guess I tell my younger self. You know, Don't change anything do exactly what you're doing. Everything is going to be amazing and I just want to come back and high-five you because you're going to be awesome. And your life is going to be awesome back on the Hi-Fi. You awesome. Awesome before I let you go.Malini What's your best advice for people who are starting up in the same pot as you did exactly what I said, you know follow your passion do what you love don't do it for the money and the money will come. Follow your passion and money will come great advice. Malini. You have a great story. I'm sure people want to connect with you. Where can we find you miss malini.com and everywhere and social media miss malini and miss malini snaps on Snapchat. You are now snapchat now. Of course, awesome. It's getting big, isn't it? It is great. Malini.I would like to thank you very much for your time. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you all luck.My pleasure. Jai good talking to you. Great talking to you. All right, bye-bye.