Hello guys and a very happy wedding to one and all I hope I'm audible now. I was trying to do the same topic, but I think I was not audible at that time. So I had to cancel that. So, please let me try to have a word with brother mesh there. shocker Look, sir. Can you hear me hybrid the Mishima audible to you? Yes is ever able to me, right? Yeah my breath away. Oh, yes is I'm doing great sir. It's a pleasure to talk to you because I have been waiting for so long to talk to you. Who is it? You know, I was just waiting for we're just go to your notification as soon as I click on it so that I can get connected first. Okay. So in fact, I started a podcast of the same topic, but at that time my voice was not audible, so I had to cancel that one and reset the Goo goo so those are basically like what you do like you do like you should pause or you like you do podcasts and all that. Yes, I mean like I'm an English tutor motivational speaker and an author of a book called as understanding woman is easy for Google and for any movement is easy. Okay, that's good. So, what was it? Like, how do you like it is your profession right to like to write books and all. Yeah, it's not my profession that in fact, that is my first book which I have written and by profession. I'm a software engineer on Google and yeah visual effects and filmmaking. So how long you have been working like which company over for you now? So right now I'm not working for any company and have already told in open talk to that. I have a quick my job. It's like 15 days make it is maybe because I had some issues with our last company and I'm about to join the new company, but you know about Corona right? So it's going to be so I'm still on hold with my job. Writing books and all see there are when it comes to like Computer Engineering a first of all when I completed my SSC and it was like I was so scared of mathematics that I don't want to take the plus 2 in the first place. So I took diploma and diploma. I took psych for Computer Sciences and day. I was very much interested into the computers and that took on a different role and even though I had to face Matt there too, but it was much easier for me to when it comes to like Computing with So that's how my patient profile Computer Sciences, but I was not able to fully accomplish with the jobs, which I was doing after I have done. My bachelor's in computer science is so I had to take a different app then I did some animation courses then I joined one more institution where I did my PhD in visual effects and filmmaking. And Guru, please our tell me about your book. Like what is your book, you know, if suppose a waif I read your book. So what I will take it from, you know, whatever the context the content is very simple. We men have a different kind of mindset and perspective when it comes like women Google but what what my books is that how we can tweak into our mind and change the first the bit for the time being whenever it is necessary so that we can have a view at the point. We were the situation from a woman's perspective. By doing so we will be able to understand their side of point and by doing so we can accumulate our thoughts and our process so that there shouldn't be any conflicts in our upcoming like it could be with like our mother sister and our life partner colleagues friends, whatever it is, but like any woman there are thinking perspective completely different. It's branched when comes like man's mind is completely straightforward a single way. So I just gave a brief about how we can tweak it your mindset to understand women. And that's very quite simple. Once you go to the book you'll be able to understand that it's quite simple to understand women. So like how early early like figure out, you know life know like you should write books. So what triggers you do know to write this book, So when I first because of my last job when I joined I called it delivers creative content to the students. So I used to train the teachers with 21st century skills and design thinking ideation creativity. So this will as well as a manager that was my role and call as LMS learning module system in our company and we get our training from their online and we we had the small College blog. No one ever used it still no one is using that block session. So what I what I did was I started writing my entire day's task what I have done in particular day into that blocks. So few people started reading it for the company and they will a congress leading me on like have a very good point of like riding the things and everything. So one of my friends he was like bit sarcastic and funny to watch it. And he said I call retracting a bookkeeper so much interested in writing. So that is why I write a book then I was determined to write a book, but I was Should I care what topic should I be writing though? Lately see many things that understanding woman is completely impossible. They'll be showing like a big size of book like understanding woman just the brief this kind of facility that we won't be able to understand women in a common perspective. So don't like why can't go on this one when I have so many female friends throughout my life. I started doing research on that topic. I started reading the books regarding like other people who has written books. On that one. I started interviewing all my friends who are married what relationship were facing the issues and what have Minds that are what are they cooking from main door to understand them. It was not that easy. We had quarrels we had files debates and finally people like to eat vegetable. Okay. I'm going to give two years to write to write this book and the book is not huge. It's only 76 Pages 76 with the so what thoughts are when you're like that time what thoughts were going on your mind when you are writing that book. You knew no while writing that book. Well when I started to speak then bit open-hearted. I'm not a I'm not allowed to disclose their names anyway, so when I started to speak with them, then I started to realize that what we meant. I think in our context so I literally put the word straight forward to them am going to speak you as a man and you have to speak as a woman and all the things whatever it is, whatever it is, you're feeling it's your affection is your traction. It's a jealousy, it's your beliefs. Whatever it is. You have to open and Frank with me and I said that Completely take it as a professional word. So I'm not going to reveal anyone's the names here. They're already have to do this condition such a way. So that is the reason so I had a started to literally record their audio. It was not easy for me to get a point. So I used to record the entire then when I go back to home I start to really listen to that all the collection and started to bring down the points were talking about acquire. What is this happening and why it is this happening and comparing those points with my men's mindset and like, okay. So this is the point which has to put in this way. So I started writing paragraphs on that one then again, I have to chop the paragraphs to put it in the sequence. So it was a Hectic work because that was my first and I'm not a professional book writer, but instantly once my was done I submitted it for a publishing it was instantly approved and now it is available both in Amazon and Flipkart. So in future you what you must be thinking of writing more book, right? Yep, definitely. I will so what will be your next book? They're like, do you have any plan over? Like I'm planning to have a book on like self-help Google self of yeah that is really important. I will select for today's annual photo. Especially Young Generation who want to know like could get into any kind of career, you know, all that food for them. It will be really helpful like on a cell phone. Yes. Definitely. So I'm still planning on that one. Like I want to put my contacts simple straightforward and applicable in real life it is Want to go with the theories as to want to go with the real life the things which they can be applied in the real life from day to day and want to keep them as simple as possible as small as possible. I don't want to write a book about 300 degrees because yeah context does matter but until and unless it is applicable in life. I don't believe that it is of any help to us and said I want to sleep. What was your motivation no to write this book, you know, like what was your motivation to keep, you know, keep going to record keep going to writing books and oh like now we are going to write your second books. So what motivates you to write books Sam self-motivated with the thing is that whenever I lost my confidence many times while I was writing the book because many conversations took me to dead end where I was unable to find a point. Where how can I put this go to the man so allows more confidence many times, but I was like, at least I'll find a different path may be a different woman solving my issue maybe a other person might be having a different point of view. So many times I face the challenge of like I should quit it now. It's not going to happen then but still I thought It'll give it a try. At least I will be having some information which I can gather for myself. If I'm unable to publish the book a case. I'll be having an information for myself for which I am working like that that kept me going. So you must have also like fail you must have also failure feel like you must have also like a face failure like while writing book. No. Yes, I feel at some point of time. So what do you do? What did you learn from? Failure? See like if I'm like, I am student. So I fail manier times whether in studies. Oh, no, so I'm not able to like get rid of that failure. I keep thinking about that failure. So I want to see the thing that failure and Let me tell you one thing very clearly about failure and I'll love failure. Why do I love failure? It's very simple. For example, let's take the my concept my example here that I want to write a book on like understanding women in Beijing and while I start doing that while I start any well, I think the initiation of writing the book I started to face the problems which I consider as failures. So like how many parents would I be facing to achieve my goal? So first failure many moments are not ready to answer to my question because they were quite In depth second failure is to point of view from same woman won't be matching when it comes to understanding what happens when I picked each and every failure that failure was eliminated from there was I won't be repeating the same mistake. There is an end to the failures because I kept on going. So the number of sales for example, imagine that you have a hundred problems handed failures before you reach to a success. You don't know that that what is the number but still here People on trying each time you eliminate one failure eventually the 99 failure the hundred senior road is next success. Yes. So this is the process. In fact their failures are not the things which are stopping as they are the Milestones which tells us that we are getting closer to our goal. So I don't think many people know like many people do get dwell on dwell on two failures. No, they are not able to get you know, get up after the once they know hit rock bottom in their life. No, they are not able to like get up a note like fight again you definitely but we will come to this can be getting an example of a boxing ring. If about your opponent hits you once and you fall down it is up to your choice whether to stand up and fight again or lay down their countdown is done and you do hear the opponent is not defeating you you are different. In Yourself by choosing not to get up again So acceptance of values is completely different and understanding of failure is completely different. If you accept the failure, you stop yourself if you understand the failure you move forward and so what do you say is now? Look how old you are. Not about 23 27 27, it's okay. What did you learn from your like Teenage, you know that has helped you in your career right now. What did you learn from that face? You know when you were like 20 years old knew that thing strike. What did you say sorry, like the only thing which I learned from my life from the beginning of the college to till now is that being stoic is the only answer to the cruel world do your framing of query click first time over twice? What is the meaning of it? See the strike means like you do your thing your unresponsive towards the emotions and the feelings which are negative towards you. And how do we how you deal with naysayers know there must be lot of nature through your book will not publish a know you will how you will become writer you are from software engineering, you know, there must be naysayers in your life, right? So how you doing? I said strike. I don't have any of the negative comments in the negative emotions flow into my life that will be affecting me from doing the thing which I love to do. See, this is the retina keep challenging myself. I had a job of like getting one lakh per month and I quit that job immediately to get another job, which was paying me only 25,000 because I was not paying the importance to the money which I was running because if I can earn one like now I can earn one like in some other years to but what I can learn getting into the job where the company is paying only 25,000. Is that what I am so the company that was into a tea for me to like take a creative step. So I a little bit every point because people still don't me you quit a job one lakh to join a company only paying you 25,000 what you achieve see money not what we are achieving from a company the amount of time you're putting in a company that things you are learning in your company and the challenges that you're facing in your company is the thing what you're learning so I may prefer like more of the startup companies because they have unimaginable challenges which you have to face and why do you do I'm pushing myself Self to the limits by testing my skills that how am I able to delete the challenges that will be taken to the next level? No, but like what did you lie? Like, how do you like? What did you two do take that step? No take the tricks, you know so many people are afraid to take that Rick's Restoration frustration. Yeah. I was frustrated with my life. I was frustrated with working with Infosys and Wipro the same old job. So while I was in like in madurai for Infosys, then I work also transfer to like Bangalore while I was doing my stupid work, which I was doing every single day. I came across one line. Still don't remember but being the same day every day 365 days and calling it life is not alive understood at that moment that what I was doing wrong with my life. I'm still young. I'm energetic and I can learn many things. So why don't I use this opportunity to explore myself and do the things which I have the most if I'm facing the face in that direction again, I come back again. Come back to the same field, which I was working with now I'm stable at one point then now it is my chance. To try the things in a different way if we if those are not working out again. I can come back to the same place where I'm working. So I have a platform Along Comes. Like I don't have a platform and a steady mindset that what I'm going to do next that is going to show him. But whenever I start a new work, I don't turn behind. I don't know. I don't know back. Yeah, that's right. And so like bodies are like a video series. Where do you see yourselves in? 50 years old like where do you want to see your search? In the 50s all means getting along with my wife having a sip of coffee drinking having a sip of coffee and join the nature of our grandsons playground us happiness. And how do you think your life must have? No pan out, you know come again. How do you think like, you know life should have been pan out when you were 15 years old. How do you think like what you shared your life should be pan out. I don't think I believe how like, how do you think your life should I will pan out, you know, when you're 50 years old like more you have must have dreamed you have achieved. Your dreams and all you know like that. See for me. The every single day is Target is that they next up when I wake up in the morning. I should have a smile on your face and I should be taking positive and I should be challenging myself to be the most productive day of my life. Now see when I plan myself to be the most productive day of the life. That means I'm putting all our efforts to do the best and if I keep on doing that life will be equal to the things which I deserve. Like many of people have seen were like 30 or 40 years old. No, they are not happy with their job, you know, you know, you must have also gone through the district or quit your job. You must have also gone through same, you know, like many people 30 40 years. They are not happy with their job. They are just doing for the sake of money, you know like that. Yeah for the sake of money money will come to you eventually if you keep doing the things which you love with a passion if you like playing guitar then played with passion not just as a hobby kid. They just passed that one day that really feel that Shouldn't be that lovable audio ton of money. Yes, you make it like passion to profession. Definitely if you if you are living the dream, which you love that means you won't be tired if I love reading books. But whenever I start reading books and never feel tired, I never feel sleepy. I never feel drowsy. I don't need coffee or tea tea myself like energetic while reading the books because I love reading books and that was TP going on. Like I have to finish the book. I have to finish the book and that is the reason I have put a target of that leading 150 books every year. And I have a Target to reach that 150 books. Then I have to read these books at this many times and these are the type of generator, which I'm choosing. Okay. So this is how it has to go when I love something then I put all my energy and my brain will be supporting them as opposed to supporting it. Yes these guys loving this thing to do. So as a brain, it's my responsibility to support him so that he can have enough energy to do that task which will affect you see don't love something you are interested or that work will not be working out. You're just working. The time being for the sake of the life. And what's your thoughts on like subconscious mind? Subconscious mind as I said, it is Gabe. It is the gatekeeper of our minds Comfort Zone. Look if you put negative on that thoughts, you know in that subconscious mind, we will be negative. If you put positive thoughts in our mind and will be very positive. Now. I want you to hack your subconscious mind by doing some positively by doing the things which are helpful to you. Yeah, dr. Chynn, Sandhya. Mr. Later. So anything else would you like to ask me because I still I didn't start my content the topic which I was is going to go to discuss. So which topic we're going to discuss the gatekeeper of your mind, which is subconscious. August also a final question. I want to ask you if so, how long should I allow improve my communication skills know what is that is the main motive they don't I install this application Note 2 so that I can expand my communication skills or no? practice practice I don't give any other suggestion. I don't give you any other tips because see the more number of people who speak with the moment more number of topics you choose to that is reason you're practicing. I'm not settling about English. I'm not talking about Hindi communication is a different mean it's about sharing the information between two people in a effective way that you understand with each other the way you put the information to the other person is communicating. So the only thing by you can achieve your next level of communication skill is by practicing practicing it a lot. You don't need any tips. You don't need any tricks and you don't need to understand the what you have to do. Next. You have to communicate a lot. We have to communicate with you how to communicate with youngsters. You have to communicate with the Youngblood. You have to communicate with the the elders the way you are able to put your point in front of them in an understandable way is the best skill practice for your communication. If you are able to convince a person on a point that how you are able to get that in a positive way. That's it. You are complicated. Yeah that absolutely like I have to give my wondered and 20% every day so that I am answerable to no one. Yeah, and you should be confident about it while you're doing that. If you are do if you're constantly communicating with people in that will create a positive vibe in your mindset. Okay, brother machine guns. Would you like to ask don't know if that's I got to learn so much from you now. Thank you. And how was work our hose over or conversation? What how was it? How was our conversation? It was informative. Okay, sir. Thank you, sir for your time and thank you for calling me sir. You can call me Amy. You can call me dr. B no problem with that one, and you follow me on open talk will be having a lot of conversations are coming future Yogi. Thank you now wonderful day. Take care. Bye. Okay guys, so we had a lot of this question with Bertha Mae sure and come on. Let's get into the topic. And as I said in my previous, I don't know but I started a previous podcast on the same topic, but I was not audible. So let's get to the topic once again. Let's get into the topic and I'll try to keep it short. Yes, but the mesh it was very informative talk and thank you so much. Yes Eco you are right. I can pay with your subconscious mind. If you're not conscious enough definitely, right? So your brain is veiled to reinforce and regulate your body. Your subconscious mind has something called as like static impulse and what is this homicidal impulse it regulates functions, like body temperature heartbeat breathing. Okay, so throughout your automatic nervous system of nothing guys automatic nervous system. I'm stating is the same for most out of impulse. I think is not different one. Okay, so maintains a balance among the hundreds of chemicals in your billions of cells that you can entire physical machine functions to the complete Harmony most of the time but like what many people don't realize is that as your brain is built to regulate your physical self as does it try to regulate your mental self to your mind is constantly filtering and bringing to your attention that information and stimuli as well as presenting your repeated thoughts. As the impaled that will be mimicking and mirroring which we have done in your past life. That is why I am saying your subconscious mind is the gate Gate Keeper of your comfort zone. Why am I seeing is why you do our gatekeeper? Because subconscious mind is also the realm in which you can either habituate yourself to expect and routinely see the action that you have been held and reinforce it with a great success happiness wholeness or healing your life, too. Get this one very clearly be willing to see the change unchangeable changes. You should be willing to do that. The first thing in creating massive change in your life is not actually believing that it's possible. It's been willing to see if it's possible. You're not going you're not going to be able to jump from like being a complete skeptic to a wholehearted Believer. That's true. The step between those is just be like open to seeing what could be possible. What is the possibility you could maybe like trying to send a few scary emails to to maybe like a client for a proposal. The thing is that We asked are to send the mail because we have this fear of getting rejected. But the taking the initiation to see whether we are able to send the mail is the possibility. The billing of possibility Ness is very important when it comes to like getting your things done. What happens like in which proposition you are sending a mail to your client or the partner for something that they don't they don't have any reason to accept it. You might have a few dozen ignored messages. That's for sure, but eventually someone will respond the point. Is that your billing to see if it's possible. That's what will change your life. Give yourself permission to be successful. Why am I saying this is you have to give yourself the permission to be successful instead of regurgitating the same old Narrative of believing. You will be happy. Once you are like 10 pounds. We once you get the promotion or like once you have to live events in your life, then like once you get the dream vacation with your planning for no that's not going to work out that easily work on changing your inner monologue to like I allow my life to be good. Definitely allow your life to be good. You have to take the stand for this one give yourself permission to be happy and successful and not feeling guilty about it. If you have a subconscious association between like success being immoral or or corrupt. Of course, you're not going you're not going to do what you need to do to live the life you want to lick. It is quite simple instead give yourself permission to step into a whole happy healthy grounded and meaningful existence. So Echo is saying it is very easy to manipulate or instance. Somebody subconscious. That's what big companies are doing because they know that you are not in a Consciousness. Yes, eyeko. That's a hundred percent true. I'm going to read a course comment once again. This is technically to go. It is very easy to manipulate on for influence. Someone somebody's because of conscious that that's what big companies are doing because they know that you are not in conscious state. so so what should we do next to her have like a positive sequence is mine under control over it. So don't allow other people's field to cast Shadows of the doubt the way people respond to news of your successful tell you have they are really doing in their own lives. Okay, if you announce your engagement people who are having like a happy married life will be a little for you people who are unhappy marriages will warn you that it is difficult and you have and you should enjoy your remaining Life as a single. Going to do good the contest is that other people's fears are projections of their own situations. They have nothing to do with what if you are unable or like you are capable of something. So next surround yourself with positive reinforcements and guys, I do believe on this one and I do this every single day and I believe that this truly help for sure. But it's like having affirmations every day. I was there for loving someone for someone coming zombie. How can I handle? Okay. So I'm just trying to tell you about how to have a positive reinforcement environment for yourself. We can do this by like keeping a bottle of champagne in the fridge changing a warning alarm on your phone to read the messages like congratulations. Make sure that the item that you see and touch most often bring you positivity and hopefulness keep an inspiration note on your computer desk unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself and follow those who are constantly positively like positive and post. Motivational messages and interesting ideas make your newsfeed a place that can Catalyst your growth. Okay, instead of that lessening your perception of your work. Speak your success as a present fact, not a future plan though. You do. You shouldn't be saying like I drive a convertible or like oh, I am a CEO of a company after company and if they are not in fact to do start speaking about what is you want by just give me a second? What was I saying? I just forgot my pain what I was saying. So anyway, so we were talking about like talking you a success as present, isn't it? So instead of saying like I hope to do that do that on one day. It's like I hope to go on to Paris one day which is a dream and I want to work in a big company as a manager. So instead of like I'm going to do that one day say I'm strategizing how to do that now instead of thinking like a I will be happy when I'm in a different place in my life. Thank in such a way that I am completely capable of being happy right here. And right now nothing is holding me back we had Visions base that will be helping you a lot. So being able to imagine what is it to you want in your life? Is absolutely for creating it because if you don't know where you are going you won't know which way to turn First Once you have a crystal clear image in your mind for what is you that you want and have it is you want in your life. You are then capable of beginning to enact and created. How to be more realistic instead of living in a virtual world so the lodge I didn't get your point like what kind of virtual world you are thinking and what is your point here? So if you're still has your torn between what you want, you will be rendered into incapable of like taking a real meaningful action towards anything. So guys whether you use a Pinterest board like blog notebook or board put together words and images that represent what you want and how you want to live. identify your resistance So whenever some point is find holds us back from pursuing something that we love it is because we are holding a conflict belief about it. Like to identify your resistance question yourself, ask yourself why you feel better when you procrastinate or like why getting what you really want could actually put you in a place that makes you feel more vulnerable than ever find a way to meet those needs before you proceed. I have a master plan for your life. Like forget I'm like I have heard this like many times. It's like give yourself the five years and keep working on your dream. I do believe on that one, but still forget five years or ten years plans so much changes over time. It's nearly impossible to set goals that you'll be able to keep. Most likely like new or even better opportunities will surface and through your life. You won't be looking like a true it so you'd better be you are much better for that one guys. I don't believe in like having a steady fixed mindset of planning for the quote you want to do but having a flexible approach towards your goal will be helping you a lot instead of having instead. Just just just try to have a master plan identify your core values and motivations ask yourself. What is the Ultimate goal of what you want to accomplish while you are still alive. Imagine the kind of Legacy you want to leave behind you once you leave this time? As you're telling her to do this and consider about yourself. How to convert in reality Vision to reality dolls living in a virtual world. It means you're trapping to your own psychological process. You're not into licenses. Echoes then how do you want to put what life processes when it's compared to like virtual world? So guys once you have a big picture value identified then you can make decisions for the long-term that align with your true self. and like to start a gratitude journal the best way to start putting yourself into headspace of having rather than wanting is to be to begin radical practice when gratitude being thankful to what you have and being thankful to what you have received by expressing. Thanks for all that you that you do have like you shift your mindset from the Hungry For Change to feeling sad where you are at. Nothing magnetizes abundance to you like the Gratitude as they say that once you believe you have enough you are open. Receiving more and more and more and more and guys. This is undoubtedly true. So what were we discussing? Gratitude, so guys welcome to get here. Thank you so much for joining with me here in this podcast today on the topic, which is like the gatekeeper of your mind subconscious. I'm really thankful for you each and every one that you have joined with me here and we having a vote on that one. So I'm really thankful for you guys to support the way you're supporting me the way you are loving me. Thank you so much and guys, if you are loving the content then please do hit the heart icon which you can see near you texting column that will be Would agree to come up with some fascinating and every single day and I love you all and thank you so much for joining with me. And what should we be speak more about this one? I believe that your job is to identify the water and then work in tandem with other people's for the how these lines are not mind. This was sent to me by my inspiration about this. I he's a wonderful guy and I literally noted down those points and I'm still reading those every single day. I'm going to repeat that once for you. Again. Your job is to identify the what and then to work in tandem with other people for the half. Like if your goal is to work remotely and run your own business instead of giving up if you attempt if you first attempt and you fail try reimagining how else you can achieve your ultimate Vision in a new way that is more financially lucrative. So the point is that life will always surprise you with how things come to fruition instead of like been obsessively attached to every little detail working out the way you think it should be be open to potential and possibilities guys, even even even if you even if you like something you never imagined before so try to have a possibility and potential view towards the things happening rather than looking into each and every detail. Surround yourself with allies. So guys. This is a very important point in the entire conversation in and that is going to be traveling to be surround yourself with allies and that is for sure and why am I saying this because you have you should have your allies with you because even when it comes to like a plaid social media learning platform like this open Talk surround yourself with allies. Does you have blue on this? Okay, it does if you have believe on this dolls Corner Logic on. so ago you are saying that is what analysis doesn't work everywhere and always saying that if it does if you believe on this So guys I want to have a point from both of you that how does dolls believe that it is possible if you believe in it and I I think the all just correct here and Echo, I would like your point on like white doesn't work everywhere. Design, my doubts. so start spending time with people who are ambitious supportive and creative even if it is open Talk. Don't let the if you're hanging out every weekend with people who are likewise like as unhappy with their lives. You aren't going to receive an abundance of support. If you try to break free and do whatever you want to do things. Remember that you will truly become who you spend the most time with then that is how you can choose who the truly in very carefully. You don't have to believe on this whether this whether you know, or do not know if you do not know try to find elaborate and this is what I'm doing every single day. And I truly believe that these possible when it comes like guys whenever you're commuting or if whenever you are on your commute each morning, listen to motivational speech on podcast. I suggest you I request you and I believe there is definitely do this through this at least for one week every day. I'm coming here with some content and every day I'm talking about something some points are deliberately incorrect which are being suggested by your listeners and I'm learning new things from you too. So guys, this is what I have learned in my life. I've been doing this for like two years when you are on your commute each morning listening to motivational speech and motivation podcasts while you're doing the dishes while you're driving while you're like having some free time or while you are tuning into the talk show. At least two type of business you are trying to do Infuse your life with as much affirmation and motivation as possible guys. You need to hear the lessons more than once definitely but they will seep into your brain over time and eventually you will find yourself acting or wisdom receive from those who are where you want to be. in your life in future Thanks, Josh. So guys make sure you do this one because just let me grab my diary once if I can find it and I never lose my diary and every single day. I have these affirmations with me. And for now. I'm going to read my affirmations for you. Once which I do every single day and I have stated it as like diarrhea formations from a positive attitude. So what my formation states are like I have unlimited power. I'm living to my full potential. I'm happy and Free because I'm me I'm learning to trust the journey. I'm a powerful create. I acknowledge my own self-worth and I'm willing to act and face my fears. I trust my intuitions. I will celebrate each goal accomplished. I'm energetic and enthusiastic confidence is my second nature and creator of my own life. I manifesting amazing things. I'm attracting wealth and success into my life. I understand that. I have the knowledge and the tools I'm focused on the things that I can control and I'm at ease with the things out of my control and creating a beautiful life for me. I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally the whole universe. And in time mankind is conspiring to make me prosperous and abundant abundance and prosperity is my Birthright and I have it I let go of all resistance to prosperity and it comes to me naturally. I'm in a state of fulfillment. I have abundant love and joy in my life and I'm free to do whatever I wish to do. I'm happy. I'm healthy. I'm wealthy. I'm loved I'm smart. I'm secure. I'm worthy. I'm blessed. I'm positive. I'm grateful and beautiful and confident and God. Is I'm excited about today. Guys, this is the malformation which I read every single day every single day. Affirmations really work to accomplish the goals. I tried with my Angela and I'm on ladder to achieve all the things that I wanted. Wonderful those dolls. Wonderful really great. So these are the formations which are read every single day every morning. And I have this few pointers that I have on hand this issue of like anger management, but when it comes to like another management, I'm doing pretty much well these days I have few pointers, which I do every single day, like don't criticize the or complain give honest and sincere appreciation arouse in other person's equal to 1 become genuinely interested in people. and smile smile a lot a person's name is most important to him. So always try to remember the person's name be a good listener and encourage others to talk almost about themselves talking terms of others persons interest make people feel important and do it sincerely never argue avoid arguments. And this is the point which I fail drastically many times because I can't stop myself. And abiding in argue inspiration is the source of motivation, which is temporary. What are you doing? What you are doing? You are the source of its Ultimately, you're the source of inspiration that motivates you but still like a what is your last point that motivates you so motivation is necessary to though. It is temporary but given the temporary instructions every single day to your subconscious mind. It is becoming the permanent things which your subconscious mind will be accepted. Infusing these virtues and implementing them into reality. Yes dolls, you absolutely right guys. Let me read dolls comment once again and using these virtual virtues and implementing them into reality 856 people listening. Thank you so much guys. I love you all. I really admired and I'm really happy to be a part of open-top family and the way you're showing your response towards my podcast the way your shower your love on me. I'm really happy and I'm really thankful for you guys. And there are so many pointers, which I have even learned from like Twitter. We humans we made levitating trains and open world games made houses smart turned for into art pending self-driving cars and thought bought to play guitars. It's true. We have done a lot. But are we done? No, we are not. Guys hit the heart icon. If you are loving this content do press the heart button, which you see nearest upon that will be motivated me to come up with some like fascinating and every single day. Okay, so in a society in which reasoning is accepted as a main method of processing information, we are reasoning but we usually do not think about reasoning itself. So think about reasoning guys think about raising that will be helping your room. We humans we found you for diseases perform Symphonies probe. The ocean flows made machines do our chores the considered quacks study great white sharks. It's true that we have done a lot. But are we done? No, we are not. Dolls Ghana, can you elaborate 80/20 rule doctor? Yes dolls Ghana, but The thing is that I'm really sorry that I don't want to put any word on 80/20 rule because this is one of the topics which I am going to come up with in a brief. So that is reason I don't want to discuss about 80 to reroute at the moment and please I request you to join with me H tomorrow tomorrow, maybe like, I don't know what topic I am going on to work on tomorrow. But soon I'll be having a topic on this one because now planned the schedule accordingly. So I want you there at my podcast on that time. So we'll be having a word on the first sure and today. I'm not quite in a good mood. That too and I'm having I'm running out of time to so that is the reason I was like more into like have a word with everyone and put the content which I am. I was flying to have chair of the job. And yeah. So those gonna I'll be I'll be more than happy that if you if you become the part of the Open Talk, which I am trying to have a knot on 80/20 rule. It is very I believe that it is it is very important when it comes to like having our practical and productive life. So I have this dream theory about or 80/20. So let's put it for that particular topic and a special session. So guys, if you are loving the content, please do hit the heart icon, which you can see at X2 column that will be motivated me to come up with some passing the content every single day, and I love you all. Hi Channel. Thanks Dodge. And guys, I'm unable to accept the calls because I have this pouch over my mobile. And when I am taking on to like to cut it with the call, it's not connecting started to rain here. So I had this pouch. So sorry for that. I was not able to have a word with you. And guys, thank you so much for joining with me here on this podcast today, and I'm really loving it. and we'll be having for podcasts on body language on the hi. Johnno. Okay, John. Oh, I'm done with the topic. So please do send your request. Let's have a word. And turn it send me requests in just 5 minutes because right now I still I didn't remove the pouch over my phone to protect it from some rainwater through with Josie. Send me requests in five minutes Channel 2, then I'll be rich you to someplace safe where there is no drizzle like realization is the ultimate motivation the more you realize the more you move the more you motivate. The more you experience. The most realized realization is the ultimate motivation the more you realize the more you are motivated. The the more you will be motivated. What is it? You are motivated or you will be motivated the more you experience the most realized. John I think is wrong with my phone and I have one more pouch over it to protect it from rain water. So I still didn't remove it yet. And that is the reason just this call may just in your equation couple of minutes. I'm trying to unzip it. Hi, Zoe of our Wiki Zora. Can you have a word with John? She's having a conflict with me and I'm greatly I mean literally sad about it. It's been long since I flipped through the pages of my diary really see that have it in lot of information here things speak Act is one of the wonderful rules successive state of mind if you want success. Start thinking of yourself a success. Was it by Joyce Brothers? The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude in mind said by William James or SRS document amazing. Thank you, Iris. So we like when we heal ourselves, we like we heal the Next Generation that follows pays pass to the Family Lines until someone is ready to feel it and heal it and let it go. If you also close with John then tell her to solve the conflict with me. Why is she so angry about the things which are very pesky. Walk with a smile spring in your steps and a very positive outlook on the world. It should be plain for everyone to see your body language and poster reflects your optimism. Isn't that wonderful guys? So whenever I go to a book a self-help book, I try to get the pointer sort of this book and it's not possible. I try to repeat the lessons again. And again, I have this one more information guys. So let me tell you this one more information. Which I do it every single day. But yeah, I love myself. It feels so good to me. I love the way I look I love the way I think I'm unique. There's no one like me. I feel so blessed for being me. I love my personality my talents and abilities that I have. I love myself even when I'm making mistakes. I'm worthy of Love Jai Shri Barrow. Hi Jeffrey. I'm full of energy and I'm doing my best every day. I spread positive energy and encouraged all that those that need it. I love helping people. Well, I'm proud of whom I'm becoming my actions make a difference and I'm on the right path. So this is one of the information which I love lot and have so many affirmations but the one which I said previously was the one which I like and these are the words which I had with Advanced design. Hello. Hello. You want your name? Dentist is again guys. The topic is officially ended now. So the discussion which I'm going to have is like talk conversation. So I'm done with the topic. If you have any doubts, you can go to the recorded version which will be available in a couple of hours. You know, I was upset right after all that I've done not fair of knees any idea. Job, MacArthur was like, yeah. I didn't do anything. What did I do? You know how much I'm missing you. If that means that the demand for know that they're gonna make it now quality of cool. Was it doesn't mean that I don't like you anymore. I'm not calculator. How do you say? I too feel the same and I say Nicky. What do you mean that I do feel the same manager here? We could go bald round. so weather update Vito reader Valley broadcast This time I'm going to the hello. I'm here. No, this is it. Hello, I'm sorry. Hello. I said John. Oh, I'm sorry. I don't need your sorry. What do you need? See, you know, right. I'm a short temper radiate. I get raised don't like few things. I'm still trying to control my emotions. I'm sorry for that. This is my first time I really mean it. Really sorry for that. I didn't expect this to you. You did draw what you did wrong. Yeah, I can understand I did wrong and I'm really feeling guilty about it. I've been decided. I've been decided. Don't say like that. I'm really sorry for what happened. See I was literally off the mode. So I thought if I pick your call again, I'll be scolding you or maybe like we might fight again. That is the reason I didn't pick the corn, but I was missing you to the Core. Just let it be we'll discuss it later but not there. Wherever it is my love for you won't be changing. I love you, John. Yeah, they kept yeah. I mean it I was angry for a reason just forgive me for that and I really mean it. I love you John. Oh, thank you. Journal yes. I'm sorry. I don't need your sorry, but I need you. I got up committee directed I said I was upset. Now I am upset. Don't be yes. Yes. Already, I'm craving for you from morning this morning, but I'm sorry now. And I'm just gonna read it up Daniel. Jenna I'm sorry. I don't need your sorry, you know I need but I need you. No, no, no don't say like that. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes. Do you want to say something? I want to say, I'm really sorry and I love you so much. Anything else and I want to get it again. I'll try to have hold of all of my horses for now from now, huh? I'll hold on to my rage and anger from now on I won't repeat it again. Sorry nobody. John I'm sorry, no need don't you need me? Yes how much but Donnie? batani I love you, John. I love you, too. This is in its incomplete incomplete. There's something missing when Ebola. another for a Bola I love you Jenna. Hello YouTube now, it's complete. So let me tell you once again. I'm really sorry for what have done today and I won't be repeating that again. And this is the word from me to you. Picanha. Hookah, and you are very important very precious to me than anyone and everything. Like this, you know, yeah Erica did I? Hello. Yeah, I know. Oh my God, girl. Relax, forgive me and love me. Nadir the mavi namely the Mako the cliff dinner. So what should I do for that now? Oh my God. Don't do this. Please shorten up our data. You know, honey. Like I have this few lines for you. Okay, Daddy. Mia Hamm are repeated licking my theory picture. I literally mean the mean does the lines. Okay, actually mean, you know, you mean it. Yeah. Oh, geez. Hey, you know, I think I wanna marry you. Connection issue may be no Wi-fi. Take them clear a I had the same shoes when I was like in a jiffy magenta podcast, Madonna Mia buffering Bordeaux. Open open. Anika what the hair? But still maybe the next update on the keyboard subset Olga. Next update going up without me. Google Danny you will do one thing or below provide a permute signer, but you can't hear me right? No. This is like a now. I'm a God because do you have with your mom? Go Mario? Alejandro, Luna. Maybe what do you need? Typing come in a chicken. I'm hot because it's around. You hold on. Inherent Iqbal, I'm Hera. How did you see that Mom Degrassi cry bakshi? Because if I die, yeah, ah it because yeah. Because you're basically does yoga. I'll be as bitter as at the oven as podcast behind you. Yes now. I love you. Crazy talk with bottom again. You know that I am back to city council and I'm change here only profiler. Very good art. I guess, you know napolitana a PC or could broadcast By Request correctly. I'll go do it do it you. Josh Clark How was your Friday? And what what's happening in Bangladesh Friday? India go India who's got a Delta II. Dr. Amy you gather? I didn't you because you still wonder about your dad's awake podcast Katana it contain a data sample. Not just his broadcasts or skin is a did not be Nikolai Ghana South Africa. But la banda openly title like our I Opera me, but lava I heard your Bundaberg winnicott ishod. Maybe I don't know kissing a boy like you were gonna play no use just just ignore that and of podcast My name is Curt class Leah broadcast closed car. Wadia my rainbow key, but there was me. Yeah. Nathan I love being a tonight. I mean I say comment session by Jana and Anna Mae Super Bowl and Isaac radio connect. Jacqueline is at us another podcast start cutting your upper Gauley college career. Frustration with Nikolai Salonga paper frustration their currency value, but but I let them do whatever they want to do. I've got a Calico 30 podcast because they have I or primitive in my care carniola homie. So as you're my friend, you're my brother. I'm telling to you and to all my listeners guys avoid such kind of podcast they're of no use. If I had when I was younger popularity means yeah. Here's me. I think it's a publicity stunt and publicity strategy though. I still don't go encourage conditions. Are that psych? I'm gonna go put that in a day or two, but the putana actual cash is substantial reopen topic, but love Julia Chuckles like a cougar crooked o4g cargo hooks a massage every movie was funny but funny bad guy, but this is what hello. Mm. Oh, well, yeah. Yeah. I guess what do you have needed on a case is start without the take. Kasich Wichita, he had me we got this up your class later. Yeah, we conquer Josh copy my class leotta all bendiga class. You gotta ignore ignore. I better janaballah a cabana with the follow car that the scope to create a strategy for getting popular in open Talk by not working hard. Anyway, guys, I suggest you one thing ignore such kind of podcast a John boutté pay attention pane. Click a jar a podcast original budget sarahbooth. You just been am I have my open talk about content around I have my Johnson. So these are the things which I consider most and most of the most I consider my job. That's it. Yes now that garlic right now caught up my book. What does the hop-up to walk a behold Lo Creo Que? Sakura at mikoyan academic made him a while, but he didn't know I'm a Google keyboard say in detectors that are like the babies were to type here English same way. We can type in YouTube. Anyway, it's gonna get bored stubborn about the Hindi technically both other Tunisia. Can you believe it? Starting to understand why my now couple of us, it's not show off comfortable guys. Don't start here. Okay many markets in my inner Chaka Khan podcast compensation get started on Josh relax bakshi by men in black children. Toga inaudible hungee guys. If you're loving the content then please do hit the heart icon, which you can see in your testing column that will devote already meet with come up some fascinating content every single day. I love you all Angelo. I love you. I love you, too. I'm having some water wipe it off. What if you're not cheap but that but I do hydration. The hunt tomorrow and dr. Coleman a jacket - hey Martin who is for put go to please a bit, but she my little book a bowl a bowl, right? Becky immediate up not reply Kiana, it's enough for me my boy job. Nahi chahiye image of Kabbalah, okay. What'd I miss? Let me guess is some Dell. Yeah Yeah medium medium nature time but full romantic most, baby tika tika possessiveness did it happen? stable dinner you don't have no balls. That's good. Advice that Buona Sera here. Let me take out a vegetable. Dye my hair blond yours you do right there Blondie agglomerated get on and hated doctors voice input me. It came out there. Wow, that's good. Doctor. You're doing really great work and don't talk about such a toxic people ignore them. That's what I'm doing Rocky. That's what I'm doing. But bakshi my brother here. He took a stand for me. I was not an open talk at that time and he gave a nice dose according to him and I really I don't I don't encourage such kind of things guys. If you really me come to my podcast have a word with me explain what you me if I'm really bad. I'll accept it. I'll change change for myself, but if I'm not I won't change for Anyone, in fact, I won't change for anyone. That's what true but still don't increase it such kind of people who are coming with like strategy popular de stategy a scale Funda orgasm. Bobby please be dr. Amy. He's my bro. That's why I can't be beat. Please try to understand me and in bakshi to bowl week is about huh everybody for till Bobby Jon or maybe recently Bobby. Grinding stone, huh? grinding stone Grindings other half stone grinder. Yeah Some of these. Mm-hmm. Maybe guys you have Maria Richard. Good after that. Yeah, we got yummy saganaki. Rocky ball, right? Dr. Amy Merryweather of said Jehan go a keyboard. Oh God, they will like that. I and Rocky you know, right I think tomorrow you have an interview with on a long with lavish. But I wear in Authority better road is the output parameter is to Hannah the what happened Perfection is everything but the party's be anchoring are touching. It feels a job a part-time job as a good sector though. The form fill up give a high performing a bother equation or the image area near to the like a subset Catia expand share your experience with us. Okay. Wait, let me see start or take word. I don't wanna use the word start operating what you say Bachata catapults up coach. Could you be like commitment commitment - commitment commitment is really making a commitment identity at licking my disability. It is relationship cut it just like I need to take a deep breath. Huh? But yeah boy. What is good? Yellow yellow border many Bola. real commitment I can already now, okay. Okay, literally. Oh, no, someone already silly of me. I was going to let you go flat cap. Wow, then whatever Lon I'm sorry. Well, are you can use let you know Paula. I'm sorry. Do you get according to him was the ball at second the older guy? You know, this guy kurata road is a gesture or female. I hope it's her choice. It's her choice. Hi Neha, dhupia. Anyway, see you again is her choice to have 90 boyfriends in her life is her choice to decide to be with whom and in what time it's her choice to share the bed with what the idiots they want to be liked, but they had to be a jesolo retina - why can't we interview Sonata but with Arizona? How to react at that situation if a person is loving someone with the bottom of his heart and he's been cheated with not just one but nine other people those because she open cavity. Okay phone they so check out the Joe Maddon Gigi bath or use mercury per capita. gentle How about no hmm a boy a boy Ayanna my after she died wrong. Hmm. Oh my god, he has no I got one. Neha dhupia folks May sometimes appear logical architecture Bonnie had to be organic. Hi, Jack. Okay are like module 3 like that. Most people don't like as any I came and ready to go. Together we did you say that then maybe the world whose it was wrong. Would you select them out? You can speculate on uh-huh Tom. Would you made a good debate care of me now? Hi there, big guy. Yeah, Jack how many times he's got that the confusion continues over that the any Jack Jack Jack Silverlight guy who gave me Jackson going Michael Jackson number I cannot so I guess we should be getting jacked article brodnik or Tasha. Now it's got a jacket into the wind. Yo. if you go back what happened me, as I is after broadcast / if you guys didn't Capilla de yeah. Look the heck. We as a question. They had discussions about a week of autonomy are my dear smart very and a koala because you know, then use mud gotta have me shot Jack Michael Jackson Michael Jackson. I'm sorry and I'm Trigon tika tika. Okay, Jack. Is the Kelly Kanata attorney Hadoop Janka action? Hi Deepak, Bobby. I don't mean to say, you know do it should always I if it's him then they pull up shut up a move. Blah, they're donating famous to Nano Nano could take a ticket. He's got the bobcat. Donald Sterling you saying you don't know but they got a Bengali language my job may depend. You can bring my language. With a or Bengali language metal at home. You can look at the Circle Bengali Riya enable dialog enables English Mabel then Huh legging got a legging shut the air. He will happen should Hindi is the one he Ki Jaya. What about the other should be about career? You don't have my basic you pajamas? Reasonable mistake Anil Kumar Bose Dot 3 me get you care of your subconscious. I sometimes get you gave gatekeeper know that your Watchman hotels. You got there you go. So high up now you can talk about it. It's about agent Dunham. It's got you guys a topic while gatekeeper of your mind where to go. Educational content the study per second. How does a La Reina? education her nasal VA to Korea then we second kill. number two Yeah and feels but God has his but for any bad guys will not only night. Maybe I think people in Nevada City Airport. I don't have any passport. For that for you? Now placard. Oh, okay. It is a sort of like a turtle. So I think yeah, it was good. To make a hearty a child. Maybe they will be singing / adoption. Even the other were they thinking could you be how do you say wrapping in Hindi or it is like a wedding in this is kehinde Wiley occurrences of Jannah. Grammar golden Hindi grammar go is it down? We didn't even thousands of dichotomy Bangladesh 96 people listening to us and you're scolding me in front of everyone was affected. Bono But it has a great car. No problem. Dunya is subset this computer Summit Key mother say America by ganic NE SS at the third. Ow. Chapter the compounds. We are configured so Generally Pooja Pooja Kumar Vijay Kumar after cops'll be Elena has literally drag you. He said the rat poison in hello. Rat poison look at the possibility or a bitch. I didn't have any cash in the sky that I don't go. You okay? Sorry that going to save two hours video show you I'll show you I'll show you I'll show you I'll show down. Hello, dear. Started in budget but with the Ahmadi, huh? Yeah. Apollo 1 volt cheetah polyphasic shortness of breath A swastika lie, huh boy, I give up. Trust me. tomato they call me. I'm Coco Chanel. I'll make we got in here. You can use these here to Pooja after the break. These are what buried in Ikea got me to say he's up there. Deborah I wish I had to go carter Etta may be sad. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, it is but not by Jojo. Huh? G Huh? How many artistic shot today? Did it did I say this channel put the Cato? Hi. prediction prediction Yeah, yeah, uh-huh the Lago de Nicaragua in Africa. Um, c-could you marry Billy. I'm Samuel chapter II kaori loves a real cop. Yeah, but don't make home any good because you go copy together, Johanna Johanna. That you should hold it. Okay, I get it up my club. We are all listening. So be careful as name and we are very careful about what we speak and how we are speaking and it's a limit State one thing very clearly to one and all who are listening 1345 listening and Giorno. I love you. Yeah. I love my neighbor Le Journal. I love you. I love you too, baby. Nanu nanu p.m. Eastern on oh everyone in the previous and then if you can relate What was that? I think Kim Pewaukee City said it will Dana big block is. We're not maybe Ducati John Gotti. clay vodka So I'm Mika. I got Palin carnaby. Engage a bad deal keyonna zuba Privateer. Could you be? May go Tsubasa. Okay, I need to know. You little only the car but that mean karateka is Coco only donate go donate color. Madonna on the border Maverick a gift Huh? Huh? McCarthy a Bangladeshi, I'm every culture. Oh, Monica Monica hot I like boys wasn't Grand Cara. Okay, many sanitizer made Ibaka. Wow. That's it. Artist people you can sign up for these people. Hello to replace people. Yeah, who did these people? What's up with any other variety variety named kiss at unique name case are adamant. Love rubies see Indian currency these guys like they're okay. Do you have this one guy did his mind made up? yeah, yeah qualification qualification After that was funny how the gotta he the mega Guru what our Jeep gentle has in my Prada. Hi. Just an apple techno you when I put you like turkey. I'm techno human emotions behind it. Applejack Do you believe that the automatic to human Jesse return of Corey these contact or even contamination in Africa? Yeah. Well, but how can I DT minibike? Magician the automated binary minibike adults table with Chimera by kaltaka function that year the Mahabharat go. How do you want to make up with her after under all these dudes? Huh 2 Order the idea is essentially to be going to need a yard on the Kaya identity card - give it a nice bread or guy. So yeah, but then it desperate Panda America Dominica when you bundle up he gambled my suit also called off till 31st, this Corona. The screen should be 31st of bondage. You got Kournikova Jason yet 31st kebab. Cowboy living lifetime fata Morgana jumper Bay Area mijitos is obscene 31st of gold dragon. Man is the Nike sculpted version idiomatic planting until medical happened. They gotta YouTube / - let's not talk about career and everything because we have asked two minutes left which we need to go to Bali needed a bada. And then I cook all Cortana rather. But Katie K. Korena. Yeah the hoagie. Yeah. botany Club Breaker, huh? The Nia have made a picture click in my theory picture, but not but not leave me dijo que got to get this method though, Saturday Gabby a podcast and guys 1,400 people listening. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day. I love you all. Take care. Tata. Bye. Bye. See you signing off doctor. Gimme, your no Angie. I love you. I love you too, man. Im a job. So I'll call you now. Okay? Yeah.