For the audience loved to start with your story. Maybe let's go back wherever you want to go. Send start and share your story sure. I was born in Taiwan and my family and I immigrated emigrated to the u.s. Specifically Los Angeles when I was 13, and then I was very fortunate to be able to go to Stanford for my college and I was there between 89 and 93 I believe. Leave Peter Thiel and the whole PayPal gang were right there around the same time and they were very active with us ever review. And I think Jerry I was also on campus even though I didn't know any of them. We know no of them by name and obviously in 94 Jerry an endoscope under started Yahoo. So tagua being like Malcolm kawakawa saying that, you know right place right time you you end up seeing that Birth of a new era with internet happening around campus Solana Network and knowledge insights you that you pick up just through osmosis ends up being quite never related. My career took me to Banking and growth investing which span New York Hong Kong and Taipei and that's when I see that the tech sector is a global sector in the u.s. You have people who manage the brands and Outsource manufacturing to Taiwan. And then a lot of assembly was done in sinchon and Taiwan was upgrading from PC to semiconductors and you see evolution of text ecosystem emerging from u.s. Into into Asia. Then I did start up to internet where startups as a co-founder for the next 3-4 years both have ties to the US. It's specific Circle Valley and it was interesting to see how their Fusion of PCR internet go. Silicon Valley to Asia and back then everything was copying from the US for sure and as this is going on and realize that Asia specific China over the next 10 years could benefit from having VCS who understand both East and West so in 2004 2005 and up joining Bessemer was in the valley for four year and went to China in as I was in China. On ground for eight years and that's when I was first with Bessemer. And then with another firm by the name of Jimmy and I when I was swimming I had the fortune of backing co-investing into Legends startup and 2010. There was a shower and then in 2013 and made a decision after careful analysis that I think that for the next 10 years exporting Chinese business models and ideas in Chinese experiences coupling with A Silicon Valley u.s. Branding and talent and ideas could build Global businesses. So in 2013 partially because family reason partially because my career thinking I end up moving back to the Bay Area and I've been enjoying GTV. So I've been what you do for last 6 years and helped develop a platform become more Global over time and that's where it takes us to hear. Ya. Look at India don't want to be helpful to the The Eco India ecosystem as well. Well, that's an amazing journey there. So you've worked with more than 15 unicorns in the last decade and a half. Yeah. Maybe these are all the best myths I may eat and I've been fortunate to be part of well, congratulations and then seven times on the Forbes Midas list. Thank you. So the so love the Indian audience would love to learn from your Chinese Journey ring. So you had you had the vision to go to China mid-2005 6 that time front so walk us through the Journey there. They're like if Understand outside and there have been three phases of the Chinese startup because internet startup ecosystem initially with the PC then the mobile phones and now the high-speed internet enabled smartphones, right? So and you've worked with successful companies across all three not so maybe walk us through that Journey right when I went to China and Hong five knee question that was on everyone's mind was are we five years too late or Fiber too early because the the PC See internet era was happening. But it happened. It happened earlier started in 99 98. That's when Ali Baba tencent by do those companies were found Sorry by 2005 did we miss that first wave and this Smartphone hasn't happened yet iPhone was not announced until 20 2006. So it was probably five years too early before somebody knew, what would it come up and I wasn't from China originally. I was born in Taiwan. So going to Mainland China is also a Country relatively speaking, but I think what was interesting back then was that you can tell something was was happening in a way that was different the house. I've been finding you might imagine China should be a lot of people are so I think that China Chinese Internet space Guru because there's a Chinese wall the that way China firewall. There is a discrimination against us company. So make China a more protective Turf what it learned. I'm And was that China has probably Fierce competitive market driven by market practices in market dynamics even more Fierce that I would say in subcommittee intense battles that Audubon a ten-cent engage engage against each other and in every category every starter was that we see in PC and Ira they are 20 30 40 companies that get funded that all compete against each other and the more the ferociousness. The companies compete is almost have not seen anywhere else in the world at that time. And so during that year, I think GG and was fortunate to be able to invest in Iowa in 2003. And I know that she's evicting quite well and the work that Steve has done with our Baba over the years. It's impressive how I love about grow up from a company that was doing be to be listing for some suppliers to reach out to foreign buyers to Topo that's a seriously Marketplace to Timo in 2008 that becomes a shopping mall for Branded goods and with a lot higher barrier to to to enter in the the the hotel and coasters International System grew up with a consumption pattern of the emerging middle class in the degree of urbanization of happened in China at the same time what the government did with High-Speed Rail with Subway in the a lot of basic infrastructure. Need Ecommerce possible and other things happen made me realize that this is very similar to Halt. I won't develop semiconductor industry back in the 90s very similar how the Koreans and Japanese spent time in the 70s and 80s built up their infrastructure. So when I see that happening in China, it gave me a lot of confidence that this is a great growth engine that would be around for a while because they're people who understand you. He's not just about one company or one industry but are providing that Iron Man for the ecosystem to emerge so in the first internet era I learned by working and spending time with the Audi the baidu's attention to the world in the second year at the one you mentioned is the mobile 1.0 era. I think that's when by backing working with someone like they dreamed it is team and show me you really see smartphone take off in China and the lessons that we learned from both era both. You know, I want a year or two is that you have to figure out a way to provide. Solution Services that are cheap in terms of cost but high quality in terms of customer satisfaction, you always want to see Customs expectation and he always want to figure out a way to serve mass-market this very end of this. That's a contrarian thinking in India India. You can focus more on the top 50 a hundred million internet users because that's the one have a higher Steepy per capita in China The Lesson Learned was that sure the mass Market people have learned disposal income, but they have more time. On their hands therefore they are more willing to spend time on your services and you need those people on the platform first to allow the whales to emerge and be able to feel good by interacting with other people who may not have the money but are willing to cheerlead to make the whole experience more interesting. So how to make sure the nose have money. We also wanted to spend the money and have other people who don't have money, but we'll make this place interesting popular exciting. Active so that people want to spend time here that managing those kind of Dynamics becomes extremely important to build a successful gaming company successful social networking company built a successful even e-commerce company because even when I look at a product, I want to see lot of people gaming reviews they may or may not have bought a product but their Impressions there are thinking get me the one to spend more time and the people who do spend the money you want to make sure they become more of a Heroes on your platform. So people say are they actually people on the money spending money? Here is Trust Every platform I can go and spend money to so getting that Dynamics right and focusing a lot on the mass Market was the key to a lot of success of Chinese companies in the first era in the even a mobile that one out of second era. Got it. Okay.